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Lavender Oil Is The One Step Solution For Hotspots & A Lot More In Dogs

Making the dogs domesticated could bring in the problems like weak immunity. Weaker immune system in dogs could make them vulnerable to the common dog diseases. The most common among them is the hotspot, which could happen due to so many reasons. Hotspots are simply the skin sores that arise due to allergy, scratching, skin injury, or toxins. Whatever the reason might be, lavender oil comes as an angle for their rescue. Lavender oil works in many ways to keep the dogs calm and feel good.

Effects of lavender oil for hotspots in dogs

  • Soothing: The oil can work on to soothe the affected area. The antibacterial effects of the oil will ward off the infection and there are all chances that the dog will be relieved within a few days. The lavender oil can also work on to reduce the pain in the area.
  • Mind soothing: Lavender oil is one of the popular oils for aromatherapy that can positively affect the mind. The dogs affected by the hotspots could be anxious and agitated. The lavender oil can keep check on them and make them calm and at peace.
  • Reduce inflammation: Lavender oil reduces the inflammation and helps in faster healing of the affected areas. The dry skin is often succumb to scaling and could cause hotspots due to excessive scratching. Bathing the dog in water mixed with lavender oil could keep check on this.
  • Skin regeneration: The hotspots will leave the dog skin patched. The lavender oil can help in the regeneration of the skin tissues and cover up the patches faster.

How to use lavender oil to relieve hotspots

Lavender oil can be used in many ways, but do note that all these ways lead to only external application. It should not be taken internally. It could be added in the bathing water, make into a body spray or apply directly over the affected areas.

For bathing, mix a few drops of lavender oil in about one liter of water and use it as the last wash over the dog.

Body spray: Mix a few drops, about 5-8 drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle full of water. Mix it well and use this to mist over the affected areas on the dogs. Spray this mix several times a day. Spraying the same on the dog’s bedding and blankets would also help them soothe. This body spray could be applied on wet or dry skin. Use a liberal spray over the affected areas until its starts curing.
Continue to use on the hotspots until you see new cells are developing. Spraying the same inside their kennels would also help them greatly.

Direct application can also be done on the dog’s skin on their hotspots. Apply the oil directly behind the ears and also on the affected areas to help soothe them and to help the injured areas. Never apply the lavender oil directly into the dog’s eyes, ear canal, lobes or in their mouth.

Lavender oil for other skin diseases also

Lavender oil could be used in the same manner for other skin diseases as well. It can cure sunburns, small cuts or wounds, injuries etc. It could help in faster healing as it helps with the cell regeneration. The same oil can also resist many bugs from attacking the dogs. It can soothe the nervous canines and puppies. Add one drop of lavender oil in the bathing water daily, to keep the dog skin healthy and shiny.

Remember, the goodness of lavender oil stays only till its skin. It is ok that the oil is absorbed through the skin but never through other openings.

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