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Kidney Support Gold
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Kidney Support for Kidney and Urinary Tract Health in Cats

The kidney problems in cat or kidney failure is one of the leading causes of feline death. It is one health condition that has no real symptoms to detect at the early stages. The kidney failure is only detected and diagnosed through the vet’s visits. Failing to go for a regular vet visits makes the situation worse for many cats. The symptoms appear only when the kidney is irrevocably deteriorated to do its functions.

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Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for dogs & cats

Kidney Support Gold is an herbal formula to assist the cats to maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract. Diet plays a major role in causing many kidney diseases. The toxins from the diet are removed by the kidneys and when they fail to perform their duties these toxins get accumulated causing other diseases as well. Making the Kidney Support Gold part of the daily diet will ensure proper working of both kidneys and the urinary tract health.

Kidney problems in cats can occur due to various reasons. There are the ones which occur due to an injury or an accident or those which are gradual, Which occurs due to the effects of environment and diet. Both the cases of kidney problems are treated with similar remedies as the symptoms are nearly the same and the importance is to bring the pet to better condition by improving the weak kidney.

Causes of kidney problems in cats

Looking at a few causes of kidney problems in Cats is important so that you understand what triggers kidney conditions.

Major causes of Kidney failure include:

  • Injury to the abdomen
  • Sudden Loss of blood or dehydration
  • Heart Failure due to Constant Low Blood Pressure
  • Diet and toxins in diet.

Though most of the above looks like an accidental kidney failure symptoms, its not essential that they be all accidental. For instance a diet with high toxins over a period of time will take a toll on your cat’s kidney ultimately putting its health down at risk. Excessive toxins are bad for the cat altogether.

You can see specific signs of Kidney problems in cats. For instance, There is Brownish Red urination. usually very stenchy. Other signs are imbalance in cats , Poor diet and often uneasiness and a lot of crying. This may be due to the pain in the tummy area of the cat.

Treating Kidney problems in cat should be first consulted with a veterinarian. Self medicating, even natural medicines without consulting a vet is not recommended. These natural medications for Kidney disease in cats tend to take effect almost immediately and sometimes may alleviate effects of other drugs which are administered to the pet already. Your vet should be able to guide you and advice you before you Consider administering drugs to for kidney disease in cats.

Today Our pets are more important to us than some of our regular possessions  We may like our car and the house but we may never want to part with our pets. Unfortunately a lot of problem comes with love and a lot more with using all those products which are advertised on Televisions.

You do see ads of McDonalds and KFC on television but doesn’t mean that you are going to feed your kids the Fast food joint meal every single day. Its simply not practical to feed our kids with the high fat, Low nutritious food. Likewise, Feeding Commercial Cat food for our cats could be a disastrous. Our cats were designed to eat meat and fish. they simply love it and they are meant to eat just that. Cooked food and a lot of other ingredients may just be right but the key is the meat and in its right and fresh form

Packed commercial food contains the worst ingredients ever possible obtained and processed to make cat and dog foods. They are neither nutrition nor healthy, and instead making it one of the biggest health hazard for our pets. Avoiding packed food will also avoid Addiction towards branded food, Avoid Diabetes and other diseases which were un heard of a few years ago. The causes of Feline kidney disease begins with food, Environment and water. IF we can address these key issues we can be sure that our cats will live a healthy lives.

Pets like dogs and cats are also vulnerable to kidney diseases. The causes can be due to genetic, bacterial, or fungal infections, trauma to the kidneys, any kind of blockage in the urine flow, cancer, toxins, autoimmune diseases, or even some drugs. There are all the various causes to show symptoms like frequent urination, increase in thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, blood in urine etc. The symptoms may be expressed easily or are suppressed for a long time before showing.

Diagnosis & Treatment

There are medicines to treat the kidney diseases. They must be given regularly along with periodic checkups and monitoring. They can help in relieving the symptoms and healing any infections that caused the kidney trouble. The disease is curable if it is caused by intervention of any external factor. But most of the chronic kidney diseases can incurable but drugs can help maintain a steady health and make the pets feels better than they actually are.

Most of the treatment methods involve fluid therapy to prevent dehydration due to frequent urination, vomiting, and diarrhea. The subcutaneous fluid delivery is given most of the time. This can be done at home with some clear instructions. Sometime IV fluid is also necessary to balance the minerals. These treatment methods are the same for both dogs and cats.

Clean water and proper diet must also be followed. The diet protocol is to include proteins, avoid salt as it may risk high blood pressure that can be harmful for kidneys, control phosphorus, reduce toxic food habits, include vitamin and minerals in the diet etc are a few steps towards better kidney health.

Apart from medications there are many herbal and homeopathic supplements that can help manage the kidney health. These supplements are made with natural ingredients that are proven to be helpful for kidney functioning. These kidney supplements will help eliminate any infection, reduce blood pressure, boosts the kidney functions, and are proven to be beneficial for an overall health to the pets. All these methods can work well if the disease is diagnosed early. So keep a close watch on the loved ones to know about any slight change in their lives.

What is Kidney Support Gold by Pet wellbeing?

Kidney Support Gold promotes the overall urinary tract health and supports the kidneys and endocrine system. This herbal product ensures proper hormone production and maintains the normal levels of some particular hormones that helps in the kidney health. It also helps in the regular waste excretion that is usually formed from the metabolic activities in various parts of the body.

The waste excretion help by the Kidney Support Gold helps regulate the blood pressure as well. The proper functioning of blood and heart promotes kidney functioning. The waste disposal plays a part in strengthening the immune system that helps avoid some common diseases.

The waste comes from within the body as well as from the diet. These waste particles circulate all over the body through the body and their accumulation may be harmful to the organs. It is kidney’s duty to remove them from the blood. This single job makes kidneys one of the most important organs in the body. Kidney failure in cats can make them seriously sick. The primary symptoms of ill health of kidneys are frequent urination, excessive thirst, weight loss or gain all of a sudden, vomiting etc.

Kidney Support Gold is one natural product that can help maintain healthy kidneys by making the background strong and functional. By regulating the hormone levels Kidney Support Gold ensures the proper functioning of both the background activities and that of the kidneys.

Ingredients of Kidney Support Gold

  • Burdock is a herb that can regulate the fluid inside the body. it also helps the kidneys to have the natural fluid movements and toxin flushing. The blood sugar levels are also regulated by this herb.
  • Dandelion contains many vitamins and minerals. It naturally promotes the appetite of the cats and the fluid regulation keeps the normal blood sugar levels.
  • Cleavers can support the urinary system in its functioning and maintenance.

Dosage & Directions – How to use Kidney Support Gold

Kidney Support Gold is a liquid medication. The drops of Kidney Support Gold can be either dropped directly into the cats mouth or mix it with the food. Both the ways are effective. The dosage is 2-3 drops twice or thrice a day as per preference. Slight kidney malfunction symptoms are relieved with this formula; otherwise the Kidney Support Gold is a good maintenance supplement for the cats.


The kidney diet should have more protein with less phosphorus. Meat has more phosphorus so restrict feeding meat to the cats. Include cooked egg whites in the diet that has good amount of protein but less phosphorus. Reduce the instant cat feed and serve them home cooked as much as possible. After all they also deserve to live on a healthy diet.

Kidney Support Gold helps the endocrine system and promotes the production of hormones related to red blood cells thereby helping the immune system. The increase in metabolic activities is also improved. A proper diet suitable for kidneys would help at this stage.

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