Kidney Support Gold – Dog Kidney Disease Support

Kidney Support Gold is a herbal preparation and it helps to maintain the normal functioning of the kidneys and also in normalizing, urination, thirst, appetite and overall immune system. It also helps to maintain general vitality in dogs and provides proper immune support.

Kidney Support Gold by Pet wellbeing is the best gift one can give to their canine friend. As heart is the most vulnerable organ of humans while aging, kidney is the organ when it comes to the dogs. Kidney Support Gold is a liquid supplementary medicine that can be given to the dogs to help them recover from any kind of kidney troubles. The most common kidney troubles of dogs are kidney stones and kidney failure. The kidney failure may be caused by toxins and is mostly irreversible and the stones formation is a result of calcium deposition.

What is Kidney Support Gold from Pet Wellbeing?

Kidney Support Gold is a herbal preparation and it helps to maintain the normal functioning of the kidneys and also in normalizing, urination, thirst, appetite and overall immune system. The ingredients are chosen as per scientific research of their extracts. This formula is highly beneficial for the aging dogs. Kidney Support Gold is more like a tonic. It balances the fluid and electrolyte levels, maintains the urea and creatinine levels in blood, supports nephron health, supervises protein excretion, and helps develop a better immune system against microbes. Kidney Support Gold is safe to use for a longer period of time and when it is difficult to maintain a normal kidney functioning.

Kidney Support Gold is an effective medicine for treating kidney related issues in dogs. There are many people who are unaware of the fact that their dogs if aged, die due to kidney related problems. Kidney Support Gold is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as an organic product rich in herbs that are build in organic sources. Kidney Support Gold fulfills all requirements essential for a pet’s diet supplement.

Kidney Failure and Kidney stones are the two major kidney related problems found in medical history. Kidney stones are caused due to kidney infections or urinary infections. Kidney failure is a situation that comes when the kidney stops its normal functions. These functions include blood purification.

If you come to see your dog suffering from any kind of kidney diseases, please consult with your vet doctor to get treated. The treatments can be in the form of dialysis, kidney transplants and consumption of various drugs.

Kidney Support Gold is a natural medicine developed to cure your dear dogs who are suffering from kidney health issues. If proper treatment is not taken at the right time, it will even lead to death of your pet. Kidney Support Gold proves to be an effective solution to cure these types of kidney problems in dogs. This was developed after a thorough scientific study and laboratory tests. The ingredients used in Kidney Support Gold are organic. The herbs used in Kidney Support Gold are made from organic sources without losing its main extracts and quality.

How does Kidney Support Gold really work?

The Kidney Support Gold can support the kidneys of your pets during the two most common kidney problems: Chronic Kidney Failure and presence of kidney stones. These problems arise as they age, although they can occur younger ages as well. These are the main causes of chronic illness and death in dogs and cats.

Kidney Support Gold for dogs – An herbal supplement which is made out of complete herbal ingredients such as astralagus root, rehmannia root, and dong quai root that helps in motivating your dog’s immune system, cleansing out the toxins, regenerating the renals and supporting normal functions. Another good ingredient called cordyceps mycelium is beneficial for liver and renal support.

Ingredients of Kidney Support Gold

The herbs that are used in the preparation of Kidney Support Gold are Cordyceps mycelium, Rehmannia root, Dong Quai root, and Astragalus root. These four ingredients are beneficial for kidney health and have been used in traditional medicine for a long time. They help in improving the immunity and manage the normal kidney functioning and flushes out any toxins. This liquid medicine is to be taken orally and the dosage depends on the weight of the dog. Kidney Support is not to be taken along with any blood thinners. It may not be safe to use on pregnant and nursing dogs.

To prepare the Kidney Support Gold, organically cultivated and wild harvested herbs are used. They also use proper manufacturing methods, certified by the GMP in order to prepare the medicine. Also, the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs used in preparation are preserved in the product so that you get a high quality and fully potent medicine for your pets renal kidney health. The labs making the medicine are also FDA approved and certified. All the batches coming out of these labs are tested for quality.

As mentioned above, Kidney Support Gold makes use of natural herbs that brings effective result in solving kidney problems in dogs. Following are the ingredients used in Kidney Support Gold:

  • Cordyceps mycelium: These are funguses that are used to treat coughs, a remedy for strengthening the immune system, improving athletic performance. Highly rich in Vitamin B. It also contains amino acids, some minerals and enzymes. These are used as a tonic for proper liver functioning. It plays a major role in supporting all body systems.
  • Astragalus root: Astragalus root or scientifically Astragalus membranaceous is a common herb used in Chinese medicines for over centuries. It is used to treat upper respiratory infections like cold, cough. It is an overall solution for maintaining health of the body. Astragalus root when compared with Dong Quai root results in normalizing gene expression
  • Rehmannia root / Dihuang: It is a flower type medicine for supporting the female fertility. Rehmannis is also used to promote the menstrual cycle, remedies for kidney problems. Rehmannia also reduces inflammation and uterine pain. Also helps in treating heavy blood loss. Astragalus root is rich in Vitamin A, B and C. Also helps in maintaining the normal energy of the body. Helps in supporting normal urinary system.
  • Dong Quai root: also known as Chinese Angelica, is used as a powerful herb to treat female health issues. Dong Quai purifies the blood to manage joint pains, hypertension and infertility. It is also used as a treatment for the loss of skin color. It carries oxygen to tissues and support normal blood flow.

Benefits of Kidney Support Gold

Kidney Support Gold is a natural medicine for the normal functioning of the kidneys of cats and dogs. It is safe to use and can be used for a long term to support renal functions. The medicine contains time honored herbs which are used in traditional Asian medicines for good health of kidneys and for the overall health.

The Kidney Support Gold can do the following functions:

  • The blood urea and creatinine will be maintained in normal levels.
  • Normal fluid and electrolyte balance can be maintained.
  • The nephrons health is also supported by this. Nephrons help to filter blood in the kidneys.
  • The protein level in the urine is maintained.
  • Promotes normal response of the immune system to bacteria, viruses and other infections or diseases.

In addition to taking Kidney Support gold, it is recommended that you give your pet sufficient amount of water. This very important for the health of the kidneys as this is the medium to remove waster from the body. The phosphate and protein quantity in the diet has to be low, for the undisturbed functioning of kidneys.

It is recommended that the Kidney Support Gold not be used along with blood thinners (other medications). There is also a 90- day money back guarantee on the product. You will definitely start noticing the difference in your pets’ lives before that!

Side effects of Kidney Support Gold

The results of using Kidney Support Gold may be instantaneous or may take a few days. Normally the results are visible after 1-2 days. The effect may vary with individual dogs. There are no side effects reported so far and can be safely use as a support medicine for as long as desired. Any negative effects visible must be given immediate medical attention.

Healthy Diet Foods for your dog

Here’s a guide that gives you an exact picture as to what precautions you should take when your dog is suffering from renal disease and the natural diet foods you should follow to ensure positive feedback and sound health from your pet.

Renal (kidney) disease is one of occuring diseases in older dogs especially in breeds like bull terrier or german shepherd. Nine out of 1000 dogs suffer from renal disease. Though there are treatments currently available, there are medications and natural dog foods that will alleviate the pain and give your dog the motivation to get back into life.

A dog’s food plays an important role in growing or hindering your dog’s health. There has been a lot of controversies going on regarding inclusion of proteins in your dog’s food. A recent research showed that inclusion of high protein diet even in dogs with renal disease do not pose any threats. When the protein based foods is digested, it utilises the protein and releases nitrogen as a by-product and are simply excreted by the kidneys. Hence, there is no so-called damage to the renal area of dogs and low protein based food can be included in your dog’s diet unless and until it has been strictly prohibited by your dog’s Vet. Some of the low protein foods are:

  • Artemis Fresh Mix Weight Management
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Senior
  • Dave’s Naturally Healthy Senior
  • Eagle Pack Adult Reduced Fat
  • Holistic Select Weight Management
  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets
  • Premium Edge Senior Dog
  • Professional Adult Low Fat
  • Pure Woof Gold Senior and Weight Management

Along with dog foods, it is important to restrict the intake of foods that contain phospate, sodium, calcium (reason behind renal stones) for better renal health. High level of potassium and omega fatty acids (3 and 6) can be included. Water is beneficial for all living beings, so appropriate measures of water should be given to your dog from time to time.

Instead of opting for antibiotic medications, choose herbal supplements such as Kidney Support Gold for dogs which is made out of complete herbal ingredients such as astralagus root, rehmannia root, dong quai root etc. that helps in motivating your dog’s immune system, cleansing out the toxins, regenerating the renals and supporting normal functions. Another good ingredient called cordyceps mycelium is beneficial for liver and renal support.

Warnings / Instructions

Kidney support gold can be used for dogs who are pregnant or intend to breed but DO NOT use them on dogs who are consuming blood thinners. Always consult your pet’s vet before ingesting any medicine or dog food for pet’s well being.

Uses of Kidney Support Gold

  • Kidney Support Gold is used to support the flow rate of fluid rate in your dog’s kidney.
  • Kidney Support Gold helps your dogs in maintaining the normal level of blood urea and products excreted by the kidney.
  • The immunity power of your dogs will be maintained so that it can defend against all normal bacteria and viruses.
  • Kidney problems arise when dogs don’t drink sufficient water and which leads to no passing of urine. Kidney Support Gold makes your dog have consistent thirst and urination.

Kidney Support Gold Reviews

The product has received majoritively positive reviews from users. People claim that the product is excellent and works amazingly on the pet.

However, there are few Kidney support gold complaints as well. Few users claim that the product doesn’t work at all.

Here are few of the reviews.

Kyle & Rachael – “I have an 8 year old lab who is diagnosed with acute kidney disease. After some research I decided to try this kidney support supplement. I waited at least 6 months to review this product so I’m giving my true experience & thoughts. My dog went from drinking more than a gallon of water a day and urinate so frequently to proper normal drinking of water a day and not worry about going outside. This is a great supplement that has helped his kidney function properly. It helped him overall. Will continue using this.”

Amazon customer – “Diagnosed with 4th stage kidney disease. Tried everything what the Vet offered. Even 3 days at the Vet for flushing & treatment. Her bun was still 4.2 after treatment and a week of meds. Started this product with homemade dog food diet and within 2 weeks her Bun fell to 2.4. She is obviously feeling much better and back to normal. Thanks for additional time with my 9 year old dog. We love her so much,”

LT76 – “I strongly suspect this product isn’t good for pets suffering from liver disease. I might be wrong. The milk thistle product was good. I would just seriously recommend speaking to once before feeding this product to the pet.”

calgalhg – “My girl has been taking this for a month or so now and I have seen no change. It doesn’t seem to be hurting her in any way. I won’t repurchase anyway.”


For those who are looking for a product to alleviate risks of kidney function and maintain healthy renal, Kidney support gold from pet wellbeing is best recommended.