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Kidney Health and Natural Cure for Kidney Problems

This is an article regarding the symptoms of renal failure in Dogs and how it can be cured by Kidney Support Gold from Pet Wellbeing.

Kidney is one of the vital systems of human and animal bodies. Keeping kidneys on the better side of health is important to excrete waste from the blood. If this process doesn’t happen the waste will accumulate on the blood causing more troubles. Kidneys also produce three hormones that are necessary for red blood cells production, blood pressure regulation and maintaining the calcium for bones and balancing the chemical balance of the body.

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What is Renal Failure in Dogs & its symptoms?

Just like humans, a renal failure means when the kidney goes haywire and causes the bodily functions off the track. In certain cases, kidney stones reflect on the body. Almost nine out of 1,000 dogs are victims of renal disease and succumb to it. Some of the symptoms include:

  • loss of weight
  • lack of bladder control
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • fatigue
  • blindness
  • hematuria (which is seeing blood during urination)
  • increase in urination due to increased thrist
  • seizures
  • depressed mood
  • wobbled walk

Often dog breeds such as bull terrier, german shepherd, english cocker spaniel are easily prone to renal failure.

Though there are many diagnosis such as urinalysis, blood profile, blood count etc., sadly there are no treatments available. The antibiotic treatments often include over the counter medications to alleviate the pain/symptoms and provide temporary relief.

Why not turn to herbal products for your DOG when you do the same? Ask this question to yourself and try Kidney Support Gold for Dogs who are showing symptoms of renal disease. Here are some reasons why Kidney Support Gold will work for your dog.

  • It is a complete herbal product made from actual herbal ingredients such as rehmannia root, cordyceps mycelium, astralagus root etc. that contain immune modulating agents, support the urinary tract and kidneys (renal) reducing the symptoms to a great extent. Dong Quai root purifies the blood and increases the vitality in your dog.
  • Though it is not approved by FDA, it is made under FDA registered facility and ensures healthy and clean manufacturing.
  • Comes with a relishing bacon flavor which your dog will love.
  • You can even give Kidney Support Gold to dogs who are pregnant or kept for breeding.
  • It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which means if you think the product is not delivering fruitful result, you can return the product and get fully reimbursed.

Do note that Kidney Support Gold should not be given for dogs who are using blood thinners. Also, if you want to have a second opinion, consult your pet’s Vet before ingesting the medicine.

Kidney troubles can be of many types. They can be minor or major troubles like kidney stones and kidney failure. The minor troubles are changes in urination frequency, pain, or difficulty during voiding, presence of blood in urine, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, shortness of blood etc. Most of these troubles are caused due to accumulation of waste or toxic chemicals in the blood. Sometimes the kidney fails to produce the necessary hormones or over-produce them. Both the cases can be troublesome. Kidney infections can cause fever, feeling cold and arouse pain at the lower back. The pain can be unbearable at times. In short anything wrong happens to the kidney the whole body gets affected.

How to improve kidney function in dogs and cats

Pets are part of lives, they are considered family. Care must be given to them as we give to our children. One of the most troubling instances will be when the pet dog or cat is attacked with kidney trouble. In order to avoid these situations a closer watch on their lives to find any unfavorable sign will be beneficial. If any disease is detected earlier it is easier to treat successfully. It is important to know what we can do to improve their kidney health both as a preventive measure and as curative.

In order to improve the kidney health one must be aware of the causes for kidney diseases. Kidney diseases are presence of stones, any urinary infection, kidney failure due to aging or injury etc. Sometimes the breed of the dog also plays a part in poor kidney health. There are a few dog breeds that are susceptible to kidney disorders. What are the steps to healthy kidneys for pets?

  • Look for any signs that might be due to kidney diseases and find medical attention immediately.
  • Some kidney troubles are caused by some drugs so make sure that the drug that is given to the pets does not cause any more troubles than there already are.
  • Find out if the breed you own is susceptible to kidney disorders and make its lifestyle and habits to suit a better health.
  • Often lack of enough fluid intake results in kidneys stones so make the pets drink as much water as possible.
  • Reducing protein intake can help minimize the wastage in blood and will ease the kidneys with the function.
  • For aging dogs and cats, consult with the vet and plan a proper diet regime that supports kidney health and try to get supplements that can support their failing kidneys.
  • Regular exercises or walking would be good for dogs and cats.
  • Keep the surroundings and belongings of the pet clean and hygiene to avoid any infections.
  • Allow them to have more frequent potty breaks.
  • A strict routine can be less stressful and can eliminate any stress related adversities of the kidneys.

Natural Cure for Kidney Troubles

Natural cure is always the safest way of dealing with any diseases or troubles. It is safe and easier and hardly any side effects as well. This holistic method of curing is more beneficial to other parts of the body also. Since the prescribed drugs contain chemicals and cannot be used by one and all, natural remedies are getting popular and so are the homeopathic preparations. There are quite a few herbal supplements for keeping the kidney fit and fine. These supplements will help rectify any troubles cooking behind and also in enhancing the kidney health. A smaller dose can keep the good health going as a preventive measure.

Diagnosing any troubles with kidney at the early stage can be more beneficial when going for the natural curing method. Natural cure can take more time to actually wipe the cause out but it is more effective than any prescribed drugs. The natural cure will deal with any other minor problems the body has been suffering from.

Kidney Support Gold is a holistic approach for dogs with renal or kidney failure. It is manufactured by Pet wellbeing that uses herbal blend of ingredients. This is to reverse the effects of kidney disease and assist in promoting healthy function.

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