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K9 Calm liquid Herbal Calming Formula for dogs and cats

K9 Calm Liquid Herbal Calming Formula For Dogs

K9 Calm liquid formulation helps in Calming Jittery Nerves, provides relief from Panic Triggers, and helps to cure Your Dog of Separation Anxiety.

K9Calm herbal liquid calming formula is an excellent natural alternative to dangerous drugs and chemicals. This formulation consists of naturally found Herbs and the best part is that you might also find them in your pantry. These herbs were traditionally used to calm the nervous system and the entire body since centuries. They are beneficial for both humans and animals alike and this product has the right doses of every ingredient to increase its effectiveness. This highly potent liquid works effectively to calm both dogs and cats.

The makers of K9 Calm claim that it is a simple remedy and a Time-Honored Blend of ‘Most-Recommended’ Naturally Potent Herbs.

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What is K9 Calm TM calming formula for dogs?

K9 Calm is a liquid herbal formulation that includes a culmination of highly potent herbs that are commonly used in the field of natural medicine. This formulation contains exactly four ingredients and nothing else such as dangerous toxins or sedatives. This liquid calming formula for dogs and cat’s aims at preventing the following issues such as 1) panic attacks 2) unnecessary fear, 3) separation anxiety.

This remedy is the first ever product that has offered stunning results to cope separation anxieties in dogs and cats. It helps to calm these animals without inducing any side effects

Dog and cats – panic triggers and separation anxiety – symptoms that you must notice

Most of the symptoms are seen when the guardian is away and the animal seems to slide into its own imaginary world.

Symptoms of aggressive behavior in both dogs and cats

  • Urinating and defecating abnormally when the owners are away is a common symptom. The animal will tend to urinate and defecate at unlikely places. Sometimes they even go extreme and end-up eating their own excreta.
  • Barking, or making sounds absolutely for no reason especially when they are left alone
  • Chewing, scratching, and destroying everything around them when left alone. At the same time, they tend to behave normally as soon as the guardian arrives as if nothing has ever happened.
  • Causing self-inflicted injuries by extreme actions and movements
  • Moving around in certain patterns such as circular motions, repeating the same path or doing the same thing over and again
  • Digging is one of the common symptoms that can be seen with dogs and cats that suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Lastly, dogs and cats tend to escape from their confinement when they are left alone. You can notice that the exit points would have scratches and marks caused by their paws and nails.
  • Some even behave abnormally out of fear when exposed to strangers, while visiting a vet or even during a loud event.

Ingredients used in K9 Calm TM for dogs and cats – liquid calming solution

  • Valerian Root – This herb has sedative properties and it helps to improve sleep levels. If you have restless dog or cat then this herb can seriously lend a hand to prevent all the symptoms of insomnia. Valerian extracts help to improve the GABA levels in the brain, which in turn helps in reducing the brain activity.
  • Passion Flower – Passion flower is an excellent herb that has been used for centuries for its extraordinary calming effects. It helps to calm down the central nervous system and improve blood circulation. In addition to that, it also helps to manage issues such as stress, anxiety, seizures, and hysteria. Lastly, it also helps to improve sleep patterns and boost the immune system.
  • Chamomile – this is a traditional remedy, which offers a wide array of health benefits. This herb helps to calm the central nervous system and bring tranquillity. It also helps to support the brain and the body. This natural herb is a great stress buster and helps to provide relief from tension and anxiety. It also helps to prevent inflammation, panic triggers, promote blood circulation and prevent insomnia.
  • Ginger – This herb is used as a natural remedy for a wide range of health issues. It helps to soothe an irritated digestive tract, helps to suppress inflammation, and provides relief from pain. It also helps to detoxify the body and support the immune system. This natural herb taken on a daily basis will help to improve the functioning of the immune system and promote good health.

Dosage Instructions for K9 Calm liquid herbal solution for dogs and cats

For all breeds of dogs, you can follow the same dosage or as directed by your vet specialist

You can mix the recommended dosage with any wet food or directly use it their mouth

  • Cats and Small dogs up to 20 lbs: one dropper
  • Medium dogs 21 to 40 lbs: 2 droppers
  • Large dogs 41 lbs. and up 3 droppers

Precautions using K9 Calm TM and Side effects K9 Calm TM

Do not use more than twice the suggested dosage within a day or follow the suggested dosage as told by the veterinarian. Keep this product out of the reach of children. One Bottle of K9 Calm TM contains 40 servings and is enough to for a month for a medium size dog. This remedy is not recommended for pups and kittens below the age of 6 months, elderly dogs/cats, pregnant and lactating mothers.

K9Calm liquid calming solution side effects

This product includes all-natural ingredients (precisely four ingredients). Therefore, it is safe and does not cause any adverse effects on the body.

Customer reviews – K9 Calm herbal formulation for dogs

K9 Calm herbal solution for dogs is an excellent product as it does not cause any side effects and contains any four simple yet highly potent ingredients. Most of the customers say that this product is easy to administer and to use.

  • “ my cat always gets frightened and behaves oddly whenever someone visits my home. Initially, I did not understand the problem, but later I knew that my cat was having some anxiety issues. I was asked to give this supplement by a holistic practitioner. Now I feel that my cat is calm and somewhat relaxed unlike before. “
  • “I have a dog that is totally normal as long as I am with it, once I leave to the office I do not understand what happens to him. He seems to howl a lot and even dig the garden. My vet said it might be due to dog separation anxiety. I have started using this product after searching for a lot in the internet. I am confident that this product will work as there were many positive reviews out there.”

Frequently asked questions

Why is this product better than other products?

Most of the drugs and alternative remedies available in the market contain toxins. They also pose problems such as lethargy, sleepiness, and droopiness. K9 Calm liquid herbal solution for cats and dogs helps to deal with all the above issues without causing any of the negative effects or adverse effects. This herbal liquid formulation helps animals to maintain a state of tranquillity and remain composed even during stressful situations. Most importantly, it contains only simple ingredients.

A Certain ingredient used in this product has sedative properties. Will it induce excessive sleep?

Yes, chamomile and valerian root exhibits sedative properties. However, both these herbs are included in the right doses that it does not cause any side effects such as lethargy and drowsiness. It offers optimum amount of sleep and helps to improve the brain functions.

My dog suffers from digestive tract issues. Is it safe for my dog?

Yes, this product is totally safe and will not cause any issues. In fact, it might help in managing the digestive issues as it contains ginger and chamomile. Both these herbs are excellent for digestive disorders.

K9 Calm money back guarantee offer

K9 Calm liquid herbal solutions offer a written satisfaction guarantee on every iron clad, bottom-of-the-jar, and it is as follows “Every jar or bottle of K9 Calm TM is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or will return your money back! Simply return the unused portion of the bottle to Natural Wonder Products within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund (less Shipping &Handling charges). No hassle, no questions asked. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”

Buy K9 Calm TM liquid herbal solution

This product is available only at the official website of nature wonder pet store. This is a great product and you can easily order online at their official website without any hassles. The k9 calm liquid herbal solution is not available at any local stores or with online portals such as The official website offers exciting deals such as BUY1 GET 1 offer. They are giving huge discounts and gift certificates when you buy in bulk. Unfortunately, promo codes or discount coupons are not available for these products as they already come at cheap rates.

Conclusion: K9 Calm natural liquid calming solution is one of the best remedies for both dogs and cats. It helps to prevent panic attacks, anxiety issues, and separation anxiety. If you wish to offer your pet, a natural alternative when compared to toxic drugs, then buy K9 Calm liquid herbal solution.

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