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K9 Calm Herbal Calming Formula – 160 Capsules – 500 mg – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

K9 Calm Herbal Calming Formula

K9 Calm is a certified organic blend that inculcates both modern and traditional aspects of herbal medicine. This product has an extensive research backing to support its claims and its effectiveness.

K9 Calm herbal formula is an age-old Blend of that comprises of natural Herbs that are highly potent. This formulation helps with certain conditions such as Jittery Nerves, Panic Triggers, and mainly helps in dealing with your Dog’s Separation Anxiety.

Want to know more about this only one of its kind blends of naturally viable herbs, the one-stop solution “ K9Calm”…. Read to know more… In addition, the makers of this product claim that it helps to achieve an optimum balance of tranquillity and makes the dog more alert. This is more like an educational experience rather than imparting training to your dog.

Separation anxiety – common issues faced by pet owners

Separation anxieties are often extreme sometimes it can result in self-injury and destruction of the surroundings. In majority of the cases were dogs suffering from separation anxiety become restless and disturbed when their owners get ready to leave. Some dogs start showing tantrums or look depressed well before their guardians prepare to leave for work or when their guardians are not around them. You would have also noticed that some dogs actually make a fuss and try to prevent their owners from leaving. In some cases, dogs panic and show restless behavior while boarding a flight, visiting a vet or even while travelling to an unknown place.

As soon as the guardian leaves, a dog suffering from separation anxiety will start showing signs such as barking, indulging in distressing behaviours, scratching at exit points such as doors and windows. However, once the owner returns back the dog shifts to its normal behaviour and acts as if nothing had happened.

It is always important to deal cautiously with a dog suffering from separation anxiety. The underlying motive should be to teach the dog to deal or tolerate the loneliness and to control the anxiety levels. There are many ways and natural remedies available for the same.

So how do I know that my dog has separation anxiety symptoms?

Various symptoms may indicate separation anxiety, however, not all dogs suffer from this issue. If you are not sure about the whole issue, you can always have a word with the vet specialist to find out the underlying problem. You can also watch for the following symptoms to understand whether your dog has separation anxiety.

Urinating and Defecating

Urinating and defecating is very normal when done in presence of their guardians. In addition, it is normal if they do it as per their routines. However, if the dog urinates and defecates in an unusual way in the absence of his guardian then it might be separation anxiety. Some dogs actually start urinating defecating inside the house out of fear. Some dogs also tend to eat their own excreta when left alone. This behavior is called as coprophagia. This is however very rare and not all dogs show this symptom when left alone. If that is the case, then dog may show this behavior only when left alone and not in the presence of their owners

Barking and howling

Most of the dog’s bark and howl, it is quite normal for them to do so. However, when a dog suffers from separation anxiety, it will continuously bark or howl. There would not be any other reason other than being left alone or his guardian is away. This is a common symptom seen in most of the dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Chewing and self-inflicted injuries

Dogs with separation anxiety start chewing on objects that they are not supposed to chew or play with. You can see them chew on mats, window frames and other household items. They chew on everything and anything that may lead to self-inflicted injuries. All these symptoms happen in the absence of their guardians.

Pacing behaviours

Some dogs tend to walk in straight lines back and forth, while some walk in circular motions when they are left alone. You can actually find patterns in their movements when left alone. If a dog does not show such behaviour in the presence of his guardian then there are chances that the dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Digging and destroying things

Dogs with separation anxiety may be seen digging in the soil without any actual purpose or destroying things around. If this behaviour is common while you are away, then it definitely points out that the dog has separation anxiety.

Trying to escape

A dog with separation anxiety may show symptoms such as trying to escape from his home where he is kept, especially when alone or away from his guardian. The dog will try to cut loose, chew through the doors or windows or any other exit points. You can also see them jumping up away the fence and running in a distressed mode. All these can result in self-injuries such as damaged paws, face, nails and teeth. Make a note that this tendency happens only when the guardian is away from the dog.

What is K9 Calm herbal calming formula for dogs?

K9 Calm is a natural formulation that is free from any dangerous drugs/ chemicals. It helps to deal with conditions such as panic attacks, fear, and separation anxiety and helps to calm the dog without inducing side effects. It will not cause issues such as lethargy, drowsiness, and droopiness in your dog. K9 Calm is probably the only natural alternative for calming the dogs safely and gentle. The best part is that most of the ingredients found in this natural remedy might be seen in your kitchen as well.

Ingredients of K9 Calm for dogs – natural remedy for calming the dogs

K9 Calm for dogs is a proprietary formulation that consists of four unique and widely popular herbs across the world. The herbal sedatives used are

  • Chamomile – this herb is an age-old remedy for many health issues. It helps to calm the nerves, brain, and the whole body. It also helps to prevent panic attacks, improves blood circulation, and is one of the best health tonics.
  • Ginger – This is again a common ingredient in most of the cuisines across the Asian continent. Ginger helps to bring down stress and tension. It helps to calm the digestive tract and improves the immune system. Ginger tea is commonly used across the world to provide relief from pain and inflammation.
  • Passion Flower – This calming herb helps to deal with problems such as anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and hysteria.
  • Valerian Root – This sedative herb used for centuries helps in the treatment of insomnia. Valerian helps to increases GABA levels in the brain, helps to reduce brain activity, and allows users to fall asleep easily. It also helps to calm down the nervous system.

K9Calm TM delivers the correct level of doses of each herb and provides relaxed alertness to the dog

Dosage Instructions

Following are the dosages for all breeds of dogs

  • Small dogs (up to 20 lbs.): one capsule or one dropper
  • Medium dogs (21 to 40 lbs.): 2 capsules or 2 droppers as needed
  • Large dogs (41 lbs. and up): 3 capsules or 3 droppers as needed

Warnings K9 Calm Herbal Calming formula

Do not give more than twice the recommended dosage within 24 hours or follow the dosage recommended by the vet care specialist. Keep this product away from the reach of children. One Bottle of K9Calm TM contains 40 servings for a medium size dog. : This natural remedy is not recommended for pups under the age of 6 months, elderly, pregnant, and nursing mothers.

Side effects K9 Calm

This product contains all natural ingredients at the right dosage and it does not cause any side effects. If you find any discomfort or irritation, stop using the product right away. There are no reported side effects mentioned on the official website or anything mentioned in customer feedbacks.

Customer reviews – K9 Calm herbal formulation for dogs

Most of the reviews by customers are highly positive and they say that it works without causing any side effects. Most of the holistic practitioners recommend this formulation for dogs with anxiety issues. Many customers say that this formulation has helped to deal with separation anxieties and sleeplessness.

Below are a few self-submitted reviews from customers:

  • Dog separation anxiety is a serious issue and it has to be taken care of. Initially, I never noticed the problem and my neighbors used to tell that dog used to bark consistently without a pause for long hours. I later checked out myself and found that my dog was showing irritated behaviors when I am not there. I spoke to my vet and that is when I knew about this dog separation anxiety stuff. He recommended this supplement and now I am giving him the same. In addition, I am taking him to a trainer for educating him. I find certain changes in him and my neighbors say that he is not barking as he used to do before.”
  • “ I have tried many drugs to calm him but most of them cause lethargy, laziness and he was asleep most of the time. I felt like I am giving him some sleep medication, so that he sleep until I am back. I stopped all those dangerous drugs and started K9 Calm for my dog. I would not say that it works instantly and shows miraculous results. However, it is showing some positive effects, my dog seems to be calmer and gets normal sleep. He also seems to be composed and gentle when left alone.”
  • “This natural remedy is definitely one of the best when coupled with dog training. It offers the best sleep, helps to calm down the dog, prevents panic attacks, and help to prevent separation anxiety. It is worth buying for its effectiveness and side effects free results.”

Frequently asked questions

Is this medicine safe for dogs with allergies?

Yes, this medicine does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial sedatives. It contains all natural ingredients that are four highly potent herbs. It does not cause any allergy and helps to calm down the frayed nerves. In addition, it also helps to boost the immune system.

Does K9Calm come with a money back guarantee offer?

Thousands of satisfied and happy customers have high regard for this product and their company. The makers claim that this product offers best and completely amazing results that none other product will offer. They have written their satisfaction guarantee on the iron clad, bottom-of-the-jar, written guarantee as follows:

“Every jar or bottle of K9 Calm  is guaranteed to meet your total satisfaction or will return your money back! Simply return the unused portion of the bottle to Natural Wonder Products within one month for a full refund of your purchase price (less Shipping &Handling charges). No hassle, no questions asked. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”

Buy K9Calm calming solution for dogs

You can start using this natural remedy without any prescription and it is very safe. It is now easy to treat dog separation anxiety with K9 Calm . You can use it anytime when you feel there is a need for the same. All you have to do is order the product online from nature wonder pet store online. This product is not available at or pet nutrition stores. You can buy from the official website and get huge discounts. Currently, they are offers BUY1 GET 1 FREE deals exclusively for its customers. Hurry up the offer is only for a limited period.

Conclusion: Now you can find your dogs stay calm at places where there are firework displays, thunderstorms, while on a visit to the vet clinic, or even while boarding a flight or for a ride on a car. Your dog will start behaving normally when surrounded by strangers, new family members, or even pets. He will come up with separation anxiety issues and start having a normal breath of air. K9 Calm works and it is worth buying.

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