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Hexazole Shampoo for dogs

Hexazole shampoo is a unique combination of two essential substances namely Chlorhexidine and Miconazole. It is also popular with another name Biohex. This product from VetBiotek is an antiseptic shampoo that contains advanced ingredients. It helps to treat skin from various conditions and manages allergies.

What is VetBioTek Hexazole shampoo?

BioHex or Hexazole shampoo from VetBioTek is an antiseptic cleansing soap-free formula made for dogs, cats, and horses. This product contains micro silver and ceramide III that helps to treat various bacterial conditions including MRSPI.

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Who should use Hexazole shampoo?

Those cats, dogs, and horses that undergo various conditions such as seborrhea, allergy, and bacterial infections should try using this product for effective results.

What sizes are Hexazole available?

Hexazole shampoo comes in an 8oz and 16 oz bottle. Hexazole wipes are also available for quick use.

What is the use of micro Silver BG in Hexazole?

Micro Silver BG has a wide spectrum of benefits, and it shows powerful antimicrobial activity with no known bacterial resistance. This is one of the proven long-term antimicrobial residual activities used for its therapeutic benefits.

Micro silver protects the skin and surface of wounds against bacteria and fungi. It penetrates deep into the skin and prevents the formation of biofilm. Biofilm is a layer where you can find a dwelling of microbes ready to harm your skin. These microbes stay protected from antibiotics and other treatments with the biofilm barrier. Micro silver helps to destroy these barriers and prevent chronic infections. It kills the bacteria and infection-causing organisms. Moreover, the silver used is pure medical based and nano-free. It is EPA approved and safe for use.

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What is the use of ceramide in Hexazole shampoo?

Ceramide III prevents water loss from the skin and helps restore the natural lipid barrier. The lipid barrier is essential to protect the skin from various conditions. However, due to various factors such as aging, environmental stressors, and genetics, this barrier becomes disrupted. This will lead to water loss and lipid structure damage. Also, the skin will be prone to allergies and sensitivity. Ceramide III helps to prevent water loss through the epidermis and works as a complete skin-identical compound. It helps restore the natural lipid barrier and reinforces the skin. It also helps to prevent the penetration of harmful allergens, decrease sensitivity, and reduce skin infections.

What are the active ingredients of Hexazole shampoo?

Hexazole shampoo contains mainly four ingredients micro silver bg, Ceramide III, Chlorhexidine and Miconazole.

Are there any side effects for this Hexazole Shampoo?

Hexazole is generally safe and does not cause any side effects. However, there are chances of skin irritation in rare cases. So if your pet experiences any such issues, then discontinue use and have a word with your vet.

Precautions and directions

Wet the body of the pet and lather the shampoo over the entire body. Allow staying for around 10 minutes and then rinse with water thoroughly. You can use this bi-weekly for better results and later reduce the dosage to once a week. For more queries regarding the use, you can have a word with your vet.

Store this product at room temperature. Intended for animal use only and keep away from children. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Hexazole Shampoo reviews

This product is one of the favorite picks when it comes to maintaining healthy skin and coat in pets. The majority of the customers say that it is easy to use and the dosage is appropriate, unlike other products that demand daily usage. They also say that it is highly effective and clears off infections, allergies, and many such issues within a matter of a few days. They also like the pricing as it is highly cheap compared to other similar products. Some people get confused with the names but remember that Hexazole and Biohex are both same.

“This shampoo works brilliantly for my dog’s itchy skin. This Vet recommended shampoo is the best I have ever bought and cost less when buying online.”

“Dermatologist prescribed this shampoo for my dog’s allergic skin, and it was a breakthrough product for me.  It smells good and is easy to apply.”


Do you want to help your dog, horse, or cat to feel better and have a healthy skin? Hexazole is the product that you ought to buy to soothe almost all skin conditions. People strongly recommend this product, and vet approved with proven results.

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