Healthy Gums for Canine Periodontal Health

Healthy gums for canine is a product that comes with herbal and nutritional ingredients. These additional nutrients will help in fighting against those microorganisms that causes gum inflammations and infections in them.

Provide a healthy diet and lots of chew toys for your dog to ensure a healthy gum and hygenic teeth. Lots of dogs show signs of bad breath and gum diseases by the time they are four years old. Don’t negate your pet’s health.

Healthy Gums For Dogs

You can check your dog’s teeth by testing their breath. If it is foul-smelling, check his gums and teeth. If the gums are pink, then your dog’s teeth is fine. If its white or red in color, it means the gums are having inflammation and it is better to see a vet. Give a proper diet to your dog rather than foods which form plaque and tartar which can result in gingivitis. Usage of a tooth brushing kit especially made for pets can make your job much easier. If you want, prepare a special toothpaste yourself by mixing baking soda with water for your dog. Do not use fluoride toothpastes or toothpaste recommended for people on ANY PETS. It can indulge with the enamel or can irritate the pet’s stomach.

Some of the mouth disorders found in canines are Periodontal disease, gingivitis, halitosis, mouth tumors etc. which can cause nasal discharge, bad breath, tooth pain, bleeding gums, malignant lumps in gums etc.

Natural way to satisfy the craving of your dog to “bite on” is chew toys. Benefits of chew toys are, they massage the gums and teeth while your dog gnaws on. It also helps in removing the tartar in mouth. Also, do not feed your food or left overs to your pet. Instead, lots of doggy recipes and candies are available at Walmart such as Dingo Mini Bone Beef, Smokehouse Chicken Chips etc.


Are there any side effects yet reported from the users who have used this Healthy Gums natural cure? It has been stated that the formula is free from all kinds of allergic effects – including no chemicals, detergents or artificial flavorings of any kinds.

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Healthy Gums for Canine Periodontal Health is a product manufactured by A typical herbal product with additional nutrients for total oral health. With a combination of herbal products such as Marshmallow root, Calendula flower, Licorice root etc. along with Vitamin C, zinc etc. and coconut oil as a base, Healthy Gums builds the immunity resistance while keeping up the healthy gums. Healthy Gums soothes the membranes and prevents building up of tartar and plaque in your dog’s mouth.

Petwellbeing manufactures all its products in a FDA registered facility that adheres to CVM’s guidelines and good manufacturing practices. As it is made by holistic veterinarians who stick to 100% herbal products, Healthy Gums induces no side effects. But we do request you to consult a Vet before ingestion of any medicine.