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Why getting a Dog is one way to get your messy life straight

I have often wondered what life would be with a pet. For a person who works from home, Sleeps during the day and works long hours, it’s not often a liberty to take care of anyone. I have been alone for a long 14 years. I don’t take responsibilities. I pay my bills in time but that’s all i do. I don’t own a lot of things which needs regular services. My hobbies are limited to sitting in front of a computer and doing nothing! I eat when i like, i sleep on the couch or sometimes on the carpet. For a 30 year old, these may seem a lot out of place. But trust me this is what it is.

And then one fine day it happened. I saw this lovely Doberman pup. Less than 2 months old, the pup was quite grown for its age already and full of life. The energy it sent out was amazing. I wanted it. But I remember Cesar Milan’s tv show which says the energy level of a dog should be on par with your energy levels. A Doberman is usually a high energy dog and I am a low life, low energy human. i don’t remember hitting the gym in the past 2 years. My last quarterly gym membership went with over 90% non attendance. I was a bit doubtful about getting a Doberman, but boy, Was i in love!

I am known to do things out of instinct. I would go out , walk the streets and find a lovely bike and if i liked it and if i could “think” of a way to arrange the money, i would go ahead and get it. Its just random but all these random things are the ones which makes me happy and life full of surprises. The pup was a new surprise for me. A gift which i never thought would come into my life. A bundle of joy in everyway.

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And Soon Life changed. It was all good the evening Zorro landed (i really liked that name the previous owner had given him and did not change it). He was all over the lawn, marking his place and even barking the hell out. It looked like he belonged. My excitement led to a lot of energy. I was feeding him bits of dog treats, running around with him, playing and i was really happy for once. But then i realized that dogs are like kids. They can play and play and play. Hardly want to sleep. Especially when they are small.

I was tired by 8 and this guy was still wagging his little butt around. The only thing i could do was to feed him and hit the sack, which i did. It was not more than 3 hours when the whining started. Guy was home sick or missed his mom. I had to wake up and pat him around for a few hours. Feed him and play for some time. Then back to bed again. For a person who wakes up at odd times, it was good to have company at 3 in the morning. After coffee and some cuddles, Zorro was off to explore more of the house. The toilet seemed to attract him more!

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Problems… Big problems.
It was in the morning that i realized that the little guy had pooped on the front carpet. You know the feeling when you see poop in the house for the first time. and for a person who hasn’t had pets or kids at home, that’s not good. This is when it hit me, that i had probably went ahead and taken a bigger bite than i could swallow. Was i really into taking care of a pet?

The cleaning was just the beginning. I had to feed the dog in time, take it for a walk everyday and bathe him twice a week. Vaccinations had to be in time and I was looking to be a full time dog sitter. I realized that it was time to change my time. It was time to change myself

After just 4 months with owning a pet, i see myself as a different person. I am much more energetic (thankfully the energy of the dog was transferred to me) and i woke up in the morning. Late nights were gone automatically. My food was mostly healthy and home cooked. I realized that i had to cook for the dog, so i might as well cook for myself too. I have lost over 6-7 pounds in the last 4 months and I don’t know why but i feel a lot happier.

It’s not just the fact that I have a pride in taking care of a life, but the dog has changed my life in a bigger way. in many ways I wasn’t ready for a relationship but now i see things differently . May be soon I would find a partner too and take life in a completely different way. I should say i am blessed with a dog; I am blessed with life.

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