GentaSpray For Dogs: Review Of A Remarkable Product

Shirley, my labradoodle, is such a lady; she hardly ever goes hard against something, except she thinks I’m in danger. So, imagine my shock when I saw her going hard against an itch on her skin. There was nothing ladylike about her reaction to that itch, and when I checked it out, the red patches I saw confirmed that my baby was in discomfort, and I wasn’t going to take it easy on whatever bacteria caused it. 

I reached out to the vet and one call later, the pharmacist handed me GentaSpray for Dogs after checking out the vet’s prescription. Shirley has returned to her calm and collected state, and I share with you what you need to know about GentaSpray for Dogs and the reviews online by some other pet parents.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Anti-Itch Topical Spray For Your Dog

One thing I suggest that you do when you find out that your furry pal is in trouble is to calm down. Don’t do things in a rush so that you don’t make the situation worse than it already is and then blame panic for it. 

Before heading out to get an anti-itch topical spray to bring relief to your dog, there are a few essential things you should consider.

  • Dog’s age

Whatever dermatological therapies you resort to must be age-appropriate as several products on the shelves in pharmacies are not suitable for puppies under 4 weeks of age. Whatever you do, read the label of the topical spray you intend to buy to be sure it’ll work for your dog.

  • Dog’s allergens

Trained vets understand that some dogs can have allergic reactions to certain ingredients contained in some of the anti-itch topical sprays available. Consult with a vet who is familiar with your pet’s medical history or one who is easily accessible to check your dog out if an emergency arises. 

If one ingredient doesn’t sit well with your dog, vets know other substitutes that can be more friendly to your dog.

  • Dog’s lifestyle and environment

The pets, people, and environment your dog is constantly exposed to as they move around also determine how well they respond to treatment and the likelihood of future infections. Are certain parasites common in that vicinity? Is there likely to be a case of resistance to some preventatives?

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GentaSpray Topical Spray For Dogs

GentaSpray, now known as Gentamicin with Betamethasone Topical Spray, by Henry Schein Animal Health, is an anti-itch spray that delivers intense antipruritic and anti-inflammatory action. It is vet-recommended for treating dogs suffering any surface lesions caused by bacterial infections.

The name of the topical spray points to the two active ingredients: Gentamicin sulfate and Betamethasone valerate. While the former is antibiotic, the latter is anti-inflammatory, and they both work to get rid of a variety of dermatologic bacterial infections.

Gentamicin sulfate is an aminoglycoside antibiotic that eliminates bacterial infections by preventing the growth of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. Aminoglycosides are able to pass through the cell wall of bacteria, curb protein synthesis, and eliminate the bacteria.

On the other hand, Betamethasone valerate is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid that activates the natural chemicals found in the skin to soothe itching, swelling, and redness in different skin ailments like dermatitis, and rashes, allergies, and eczema.

So, if you’re looking to treat skin infections in your dog or looking to soothe itching and inflammation by using a topical spray, then Gentamicin with Betamethasone Topical Spray will do your dog much good.

Directions for Use

  • Clip off any excess hair around the infected area.
  • Clean the lesion and surrounding area to prepare for treatment.
  • Hold the product bottle upright about 3 to 6 inches away from the lesion and press the sprayer head two times.
  • Administer the treatment 2 to 4 times daily for a week.


  • Use the product on dogs only.
  • Please ensure that you follow the vet’s prescription instructions for your dog.
  • Do not use it on pregnant dogs as corticosteroids can have an adverse effect on offspring, sometimes proving fatal.
  • Do not use it for more than a week except on express instructions from the vet.


  • Effective for treating dogs with allergies and sensitive skin.
  • Quickens the healing of canine skin infections.
  • Its sprayer makes it easy to use the product.
  • Perfect for rashes and hotspots.


  • The synthetic corticosteroids contained in the product may result in side effects such as increased urination, polydipsia, diarrhea, vomiting, or weight loss.
 Is Genta spray used for hot spots

GentaSpray For Dogs Features And Benefits

  • Manufactured for dogs

The spray is suitable for dogs alone and was not tested on other animals.

  • It is anti-inflammatory and antipruritic.

Your dog will experience fast relief from itching, swelling, and associated discomfort when you use this topical spray on them.

  • Effectively treats skin infections in dogs.

While bringing your dog quick relief from the unpleasant symptoms, the product will also treat the root cause, eliminating the skin infection.


Veterinary Formula Antiparasitic Medicated Dog Shampoo

If you’ve got a dog suffering from skin scaling or flaking caused by mange, seborrhea, or other fungal dermatologic illnesses, using this Medicated Shampoo produced by Veterinary Formula will do your dog a world of good.

It offers gentle healing so even your dog with sensitive skin can find relief. It works fast and has a long-lasting healing effect. Unlike GentaSpray for dogs, you don’t have to use it on your dog daily. As it is a shampoo, using it 2 to 3 times a week will be effective for your dog.

Earthbath Hydrocortisone 1% Spray

This Hydrocortisone 1% Spray from Pet MD is another beautiful alternative for your dog to get gentle relief and treat infections.

Unlike GentaSpray, it is made with only natural and organic components, bringing your natural pet healing.

Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray

If you’re worried about your dog licking, clawing, or biting the infected area, this Vetericyn spray will come in handy in bringing fast relief to the discomfort your dog feels.

Unlike Gentamicin with Betamethasone Topical Spray, there is no pre-cleaning requirement when using Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray. The spray also cleanses the area, thereby reducing the risk of the infection further spreading.

Conclusion On GentaSpray For Dogs

Now you know how my Shirley was helped. Your dog doesn’t have to suffer long bouts of discomfort from skin infections that gentamicin can get rid of. Whatever you do, be sure to follow your vet’s prescription to keep your dog healthy at all times. You might also be interested in reading Betagen Topical Spray For Dogs: A Product Review

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What is Genta spray used for in dogs?

Genta spray is an anti-itch spray that acts on intense antipruritic and anti-inflammatory processes on the skin of a dog. It is recommended for treating surface lesions caused by bacterial infections.

Can dogs lick GentaCalm topical spray?

Dogs would definitely lick themselves even when topical sprays are applied to any part of the body. If ingested, the amount will be very low and relatively safe for the dog. You can watch and wait, and do well to report any abnormal signs immediately to the veterinarian.

Is Genta spray used for hot spots?

GentaSpray performs antipruritic and anti-inflammatory functions. Hot spots are inflammatory processes and may contain pus. The anti-inflammatory properties of GentaSpray can tackle hot spots.

How long is GentaSpray used for?

GentaSpray for dogs should be used within 7 days, with proper monitoring. Any administration beyond this time frame may cause prolonged wound healing. If symptoms persist, consult the veterinarian.