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Garlic Ear Oil For Dogs – Uses & Preparation

Soothes itching and irritation naturally. Safe. Nonallergic and free from chemicals.  Guards against repeated ear problems and infections.protects from bacteria.

Equinox Mullein Garlic Ear Oil

Equinox Mullein Garlic Ear Oil helps in softening earwax, stimulates circulation in the ear, and ease irritation and pain in the ear. The herbal ingredients with including garlic, calendula, yarrow, and natural vitamin E oil addresses various ear problems.

Recommended Products For Dog Ear Infection

Garlic oil is universal medicine for localized infections and infestations. Garlic is strong antibacterial agent and can also work against the fungus and mites. Ear infections in dog are the common disease of them. Though it starts mild, it can grow into chronic conditions. The best treatment method is natural and there is nothing better than garlic oil for the same. Garlic oil can provide the temporary relief and serve as a permanent solution. No matter what the cause of the dog ear infection is, garlic oil is the best answer. Let us see how it can help the dogs with their ear infections. 

Uses Of Garlic Oil

Garlic oil can be used to clean the dogs’ ear. It can kill the bacteria or fungus inside the ears. It is also capable of eliminating any foreign bodies inside the ear. Use garlic oil to clean the inside and exterior parts of the ear and the nearby areas. The oil can remove the microbes, dirt, and other objects.

Soothes itching and irritation naturally. Safe. Nonallergic and free from chemicals.  Guards against repeated ear problems and infections.protects from bacteria.

How To Prepare Garlic Oil

Garlic oil can be prepared at home with the simple ingredients. Peel 9-10 garlic cloves and clean them properly and wipe it dry. Slice the garlic cloves into slice pieces and add them into a clean and dry glass jar. Pour some olive oil into the jar and make sure the clove pieces are completely covered in oil. The glass jar should have some empty space at the top. Cover the glass jar with a cheese cloth or an airy cloth. The cloth should not touch the oil. Cover it tightly and secure it in place with the help of a rubber band.
Place this glass jar in sunlight for 5-10 days. The heat from the sun is enough for the infusion. After this curing period, remove the cover and strain the oil over several layers of cheese cloth and transfer it into another glass jar. Keep it aside for a day at least to allow the sediments to settle own. Strain only the top layer into another jar and close it tightly with a clean lid. The garlic oil for any ear infections in dogs is now ready to use. This filtered garlic oil can be kept in the dark, away from heat for a long while. It can also be refrigerated if needed.

Administering Garlic Oil

Garlic oil should be warmed before it is used. Just make it warm and not hot. This slight heat is enough to remove the infection causing microbes or for dirt. Use the garlic oil twice daily until the infection is treated completely. After it is cured, use this oil to clean the dog’s ear regularly. After pouring a few drop of this garlic oil into the dog’s ear, gently rub the base of its ear in circular motion. This will allow better penetration inside. It also loosens the dirt or wax in them. Use a cotton swab to clean the spilled or over flown oil from the ear.

Garlic oil can be used as it is for the dog ear infection or used with other suitable oil as natural ear drops for dogs.

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