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Garlic for Dogs | Is Garlic Safe for Dogs? Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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I love the flavor of garlic and onion to spice up my food and so my doggy “ jimmy”. Its good, but only if given in low dosage.

Garlic belongs to the Allium family. One of the healthy supplement including benefits like anti-bacterial properties, Flea and worm control and digestive support. In the ancient times, this was considered as a safe medicinal plant for both humans and pets. But recently, the safety of garlic has come under exploration. Garlic contains aliphatic sulfides. These sulfides when eaten by the dogs affects their red blood cells.

What are the health benefits of Garlic for dogs?

There are 30 compounds present in this garlic which are useful for variety of conditions like skin disorders, cancer.

  • Boosts the Immune system: Stimulates immune function by increasing the activities of killer cells. Thus is highly beneficial for dogs struggling with cancer.
  • Fights Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections: This one of the powerful antibiotic and antibacterial effective in destroying various forms of internal and external organisms. Fresh garlic helps to fight infection of the throat, mouth, stomach and respiratory tracts. Crushed garlic diluted in olive oil can be applied as a topical antiseptic for ear infections.
  • Lower Blood Cholesterol level: Uncooked garlic is beneficial in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in dogs.
  • Enhances liver function: Garlic has properties of detoxification. It prevents the accumulation of toxic substances which may lead to the development of cancerous growth.
  • Cardiovascular Tonic: A compound present in garlic is beneficial in preventing blood clot formation. It also reduces fat accumulation in the arteries.
  • Tick/Flea Repellent: The little buggers don’t like the taste of it. Garlic in combination with the brewer’s yeast acts as an effective repellent.

Symptoms of Garlic Toxicity

  • Vomiting
  • Breathlessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Pale gums and collapse

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 

About the dosage level

Garlic is good as long as you are not overdosing this

Recommended dosage

  • 10-15 pounds: 5 cloves
  • 20-40 pounds: 1 clove
  • 45-70 pounds: 2 cloves
  • 75-90 pounds: 2.5 cloves
  • 100 pounds+: 3 cloves

Rotate the garlic cycle as one week on, one week off

Who Should Not Be Given Garlic?

Avoid using garlic for pets suffering from pre-existing anemic condition. Even the pets who are scheduled for surgery. Young puppies before 6-8 weeks of age should not be given garlic. Since they reproduce new blood cells only after 6-8 weeks. Moreover you should not give garlic to dogs with lupus or autoimmune diseases.

Which Forms Of Garlic Should You Use?

Overcooked garlic is likely to loose its medicinal properties and high percentage of its nutrients. Allicin, the compound present in garlic is unstable and dissipates easily when exposed to air, heat or moisture. Garlic in its raw form or garlic juice serves as a great nutritional supplement with desired results.

Garlic Is Good

I feed my dog with safe and beneficial levels of garlic. My vet knows about the level of garlic I use in jimmy’s diet. I take him for regular blood to ensure, he’s in peak form.

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