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Pooch Protect Bug Repellent
  • An effective, natural barrier for dogs and puppies
  • Nothing synthetic (DEET-free)
  • No toxic side-effects shown
  • No tea tree oil or cedar oil (natural but possibly unsafe for pets)
  • A non-sticky spray with no residue

Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs That Will Surely Capture Your Attention

TripleSure Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs

Do you own a dog? Then probably you will be aware of flea and tick problems. These tiny little bastards creep into the dog’s coat to suck blood during the spring and warm seasons. Taking care of dogs infected with fleas and ticks are such a painful task for both the owner and the one suffering from the problem. Read on to know all about Natural Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs.

Finding the right remedy is a hideous task as there are some products available in the markets. Do you want chemicals? They are available in plenty but are they good for dogs. Again there are different varieties of drugs termed natural, herbal and what not. But as a matter of fact, the majority of the products don’t work as said and cost huge in the pocket. I have tried some products for tick and flea problem in my dog but all in vain.Last time when I visited a friend of mine she recommended Triple Sure natural flea and tick spray for dogs. She said it was so effective and easy to use that now she finds her dogs in good health in spite of them jumping around the bushes and green pastures.

Recommended Products For Ticks and Fleas

As I was already getting mad trying different products I thought to give a last try by ordering this product. I checked the website named natural wonder pets and ordered 16 oz bottle and got a deal of buy 1 and get one free. I wasn’t convinced of buying this product but had to purchase as I was left with no other option. Want to know what happened after that? Well before that, you must understand how these fleas and ticks affect a dog’s life.

Tick & Flea Infestations In Dogs

Summer months are a dreadful time for pet owners as they need to deal with fleas and ticks. These small creatures love the warmth and cuddle along the dog’s coat sucking blood at their will. Fleas are wingless creatures, but they quickly jump on to their hosts causing many health problems. A single flea bite can create severe itching all over the body, and at times it can also lead to inflammation, hair loss, and other skin problems. Dogs have a tough time when a flea infestation occurs.

Fleas are copper colored and miniature sized creatures who hate to see the sunlight. Check the inner areas like thighs and belly parts.

How Do I Know Whether My Dog Has A Flea Infestation?

If your dog has fleas, then check for flea dirt in your dog’s skin. Flea dirt is nothing but a fecal matter that is mainly digested blood. Take some flea dirt and spread them on a white surface with some water or you can also use white cloth. If you get to see small blood stain like spots, then your canine has got fleas beyond doubt.

Fleas undergo various stages before they become a full-fledged adult. They lay thousands of eggs which fall of the pet anywhere around the house right from your carpet to beddings. It then forms larvae that turn to cocoon stage where they keep waiting for the host and the right time. Fleas are like those aliens that we get to see in the Hollywood movies. They detect heat emitted from the body and exhaled carbon dioxide. For them, it means partying time where they jump into the host body and start their journey of sucking blood.

Once they get a host, they start laying thousands of eggs (you can’t even imagine the numbers) and all that happens in just two weeks time.

What Is Triple Sure Natural Flea Control And Multi Tick Remedy?

Triple sure is a breakthrough product which is a blend of plant extracts backed my scientific research. It is the USA made product manufactured by Nature wonder products with local ingredients. This flea control remedy is manufactured to human grade standards, and that means you can prevent such infestations without putting your loved ones in danger.

TripleSure Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs – Works In Three Ways

  • It kills fleas, ticks, bed bugs as soon as on contact with the spray.
  • TripleSure shoos off fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects away from your pet.
  • Prevents further infestations

Natural wonder products have thousands of customers to its credit who are satisfied with its products and especially with TripleSure Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs. This product has become a number one remedy for many pet owners. They claim that it assists them in battling these flea problems on dogs with absolute ease.

How To Use TripleSure Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs

TripleSure is an excellent product that is so easy to use and is safe for both humans and pets alike. This product is a simple culmination of natural ingredients and the best tick and flea killer available. TripleSure is oil in water combination that you can spray on your pet to offer a way out of the ongoing flea problems.

For better results use this product every two weeks taking in care of certain factors like outdoor activities and other companion pets. Spray the solution from the tail to the complete body and run your hands around the fur from the opposite direction. It will help to spread the solution uniformly across the body ensuring maximum protection.

This Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs contains active and natural ingredients organically produced. The main components are cedar oil and peppermint oil which is harmless for both humans and pets. If you have children around and are scared to use chemical sprays, then Triple Sure is the best product you can buy. It is 100% safe for children and pets. This oil kills all the flea and ticks on contact and rest of the oil is absorbed into the hair follicles which help to prevent further infestations.

Unlike chemical sprays and medications triple sure does not enter the bloodstream and then kill the fleas but it does the job pretty well without even the need of getting inside the pet’s body.

Should I Use Triple Sure Inside My House And Other Areas?

Yes, you can use this product around your house where flea infestations are possible. They live under the carpets, beddings, crevices, corners and clutters. So you can prevent them from flourishing by keenly spraying triple Sure in such areas. Use this spray in your pet’s beddings, play areas, and cats if you have any.

Ingredients Of TripleSure

It contains botanical extracts of

  • Cedarwood oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Ethyl lactate
  • Filtered water

All these ingredients work together to kill these little bastards (bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites, and mosquitoes ) and shoo away from coming back to infest our pets.

Why cedarwood oil? It is a lethal weapon against venomous snakes and copious insects (a long list of insects can be included who are scared of cedarwood oil). This oil helps to calm the nervous system and helps to get relief from skin problems like itching. It helps to curb anxiety problems and an excellent solution for arthritis pain.

Why Peppermint Oil? It helps to get relief from pain, anxiety problems, itching sensations, and nerve regeneration. Peppermint oil helps to maintain the coat in good condition and nourishes the skin. It also has a great aroma that allows the pet to relax better.

Why ethyl lactate? It helps to moisturize the skin, reduce the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition to that, it also helps to fight inflammation problems.

Note: When you use this spray make sure to go ahead with caution if there is any white fabric nearby. Carpets and sofa sets with white fabrics may get stains as this product is made of essential oils. So make sure that your dog doesn’t roam around such areas.

Can I Buy Triple Sure For A Trail Run?

Of course, you can buy this product and try for a whopping 90 days. That means three full months, and you can decide whether it is working for your canine friend or not. By doing so, you won’t be losing your hard earned money as well as get to see the positive effects of triple sure right in front of your eyes.

Under this guarantee period, if you are not satisfied with this Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs, you can return the unused portion and get a full refund (shipping charges are not included). Also, this product is not costly at all compared to other flea killers or so-called pesticides which are harmful to the pets and humans around.

One 16 ounce bottle of this Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs can give a perennial supply for six full months, and there is a lot more to this product. If you buy one triple sure, then you will get another bottle for free which is a limited period offer. Both the bottles are more than enough to suffice your one full year requirements and that too at a meager price. Amazing isn’t it?

This veterinarian approved natural flea killer is a fantastic product which is

  • Low in terms of cost
  • Safe in terms of pets and humans
  • Effective in terms of killing fleas
  • Persistent in terms of retarding infestations
  • Natural in terms of ingredients

There is nothing to lose but only to gain as your canine friend can roam around freely outdoors without the fear of these tiny little vampires who love to suck blood.

Where To Buy TripleSure?

You can buy this Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs at stores but beware that you won’t be able to get the offer buy 1 get 1. In case of buying online, you will get a full one year supply with the sweet deal of buy 1 and get 1 for free. You can also ring your phone for orders in this number or queries 1-800-614-1401. You can also visit the site for ordering this product.

How Do You Ship TripleSure?

All the orders are dispatched with the help of US postal service, and that means you can get this product even in remote locations. They also deliver using priority mail and FedEx depending on the customer’s requirement.

TripleSure Flea Spray Reviews – What Do Customers Talk About Triple Sure Natural Flea Remedy For Dogs?

Triple sure for dogs is a 100% effective, natural flea control spray that’s powerful at killing the ticks, fleas, bed bugs and stinging insects from the pet’s body. Equally, it’s very safe to use and doesn’t cause any harmful side effects. Further, stated below are few honest TripleSure customer testimonials for your reference. Do have a look. It is going to help you with a more better understanding.

My friend who recommended this product to me says “this product is an eye-opener for those who have been using chemicals and what not to get rid of fleas. Triple sure keeps the pet’s health safe and at the same time helps to get off such irritating insects easily”.

Another customer whom I met on a dog health forum says “Triple sure is so easy to spray and I don’t get afraid even if the spray gets on my hands as it is all natural. Unlike other chemical sprays where we need to keep caution and have a tough time dealing with the dog, triple sure is all easy to apply.”

Few more reviews for your reference

Review 1 says “TripleSure natural flea killer is excellent. I would be recommending this to all my friends who own pets. We sprayed it in our home, and the combo is working great. All thanks to the manufacturer’s.”

Review 2 says “My vet recommended this product. I spray triple sure every week on my two doggies and check them out. All I can see is no signs of fleas or ticks on their body. Quite happy with the results obtained.”

Review 3 says “Both the product and customer service is great. It has prevented ticks and fleas.”

Now it’s my turn to talk about this product and how it helped my canine…

I seriously didn’t think that this so-called Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs would work for my dog, but it did. My dog is hypersensitive and do you know what that means? A single flea bites and he starts itching all over his body. That is the toughest time to deal with him as he will lose his cool when I go near. He also has some anxiety problems, so I need to deal with real patience with him. After I started using triple sure natural flea remedy I haven’t seen him scratching or getting allergies from these insects. This one is a boon for my dog, and I love this product. It is the only product that is cost friendly and at the same time effective. So I would surely recommend this product to all.

Summary Of TripleSure – Natural Flea & Tick Remedy For Dogs

I have been using this product for my canine friend since last seven months and trust me I haven’t seen any flea infestation in him. Also, I have found that his ear infections have considerably reduced. I guess this product is working as said. As preventive maintenance, it is more than enough if you spray this after every ten days. It will keep your dog healthy and allows it to play in the woods and green bushes without fear. I am pleased to have got triple sure for my dog as I can keep him safe from these little rascals forever. Kill all those fleas and ticks around your house by sending them to TRIPLESURE. Just kill them permanently.

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