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You Might Be Feeding Them Poison In The Name Of Treat! Know What Foods Are Fit For Dogs & What Are Toxic

Treats are the best rewards dogs love to have. It shows your love and also serves as an encouragement to them in training or anything that they obeyed. Homemade treats are the safest for the dogs and all pets. Before you head out to the kitchen to make some snacks for them, know the difference between a treat and a poison. Not that you are giving poison or toxin to the dog but could be giving him the wrong food in the name of treat.

Treats That Are Real Treat

  • Apples are the satisfying chew to the dogs with its crunchiness. It gives ample amount of fiber to strengthen the digestive system. The pectin in this fruit helps eliminate toxins from the body and also counter bad bacteria in the system. You can safely add it into the daily diet or dry it, bake it or use it in any manner. Just remember to deseed the fruits.
  • Blueberries: Frozen blueberries are superfood for canines. The antioxidants, fiber content, vitamins, and minerals like manganese provide part of the daily nourishment. Introduce blueberries in dog’s diet in very little amount. Too much of berries all of a sudden could cause a leaky gut. Add it in the treats or frozen it for some icy licks in the summer.
  • Carrots are another chew satisfying treat for dogs. It is best given raw than cooked. The crunchiness will satisfy the dogs and will also remove plaque from their teeth. Carrot treats are the best remedy for bad breath in dogs. The fiber and other nutrients in it are an added advantage.
  • Sweet potato is yet another nutritious vegetable that is for the dogs to eat. It contains many essential nutrients as well as good amount of fiber.

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Food Items That Are Poisonous

  • Cakes, sweets pastries: Cakes, minty chocolates, and sweets are not their cup of tea. The artificial sweeteners and the preservatives added in them are poisonous to the dogs that cause immediate side effects. they cause the sudden drop in blood sugar level; causing vomiting, seizures, failure of liver and could even cause them go into coma. Even ice creams are added to this list of harmful treats for dogs. Xylitol in chewing gums, minty sweets etc are also harmful.
  • Chocolates that we eat might be good for us but not for the dogs. It is one thing you must strictly keep away from dogs. Chocolate is a stimulant that can cause unnecessary diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, etc. The methylxanthines, caffeine, and theobromine in the chlcolate are the culprits.
  • Sausages only seem a best reward for dogs. But in real, the preservatives added in this and the sulphites could cause thiamine deficiency in them. This deficiency if prolonged can even be proven fatal.
  • Grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dogs that cause immediate effects. the toxicity causes sudden kidney failure, that too within 48 hours of consumption. The exact reason is not known yet but the fact is it is dangerous to dogs. It is yet another item to be added to the keep-away-immediately list.

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