Question : Is it painful for the dog when they are suffering from kidney problems and kidney failure?

Answer : It is the type of kidney problem which is creates pain and also the stage. kidney stone problems dont even show up till late, but when its either blocking passage of urine or in the renal canal, there is extreme pain. this is temporary at times and can last long spells too. if your dog is suffering from bacterial or fungal infection, you may notice no pain in the dog for the first few days. if the problem is left untreated , could lead to complications and extreme pain for your dog.

over 70% of the dogs are prone to kidney problems at some stage of their life. its usually when they are near their life span that its common to see dogs suffering from kidney problems. Often, these dogs are diagnosed too late too. We find that the dog is having a problem when they show some symptoms, like lack of appetite, vomiting or lethargy. By this time its not unusual to find that over 50% of their kidney is affected. The pain has already started and thats the reason the dogs are not normal.

Treating your dog for pain is going to create more problems for the kidney. Antibiotics do work for most dogs if they have viral or fungal issues. Kidney stones are sometimes removed through surgery. No matter what kidney problem your dog has, chances are that its painful. Not just for the dog, but also for the owner.