Overall Kidney health depends on a lot of factors. Some dogs will have kidney problems when they progress in age. Others may seem quite resistant to kidney problems. Some problems may be caused due to diet and food. Constant use of kibble of lower grade or quality will impact the dogs health in some way or the other in the long run. Canned food is known to be far better. Kibble is 10% – 12% water but canned food has approximately 60% water content.

When your dog is suffering from kidney problems, you have to ensure that there is very little stress to the organ. proper hydration, lower chemicals in food and medication , a proper diet and the right supplements all go a long way in improving your dogs kidney functions.

Depending on the diagnosis, You will be recommended on a course of action. for chronic kidney problems, chances are that you will not be able to cure the condition permanently. You could however delay the progress of the problem and provide a better lifestyle for your dog for as long as possible. a proper diet and a supplement has seen a lot of pets live a rather longer life than expected and its not new to see a pet diagnosed with chronic kidney problems live its full life. for acute Kidney problems, chances are that a course of medication may improve the condition of your dog. Rarely there are cases when a surgery is needed (Kidney stone Removal).The dog usually recovers in weeks if not days.

A proper diet with high omega 3 fatty acids and lower Phosphorous and sodium will increase your dogs kidney function. you may also want to add B vitamins to the dogs supplements. alternatively, there are plenty of supplements which are natural and can help cure kidney problems.