Acute kidney failure and kidney problems can be recovered from, but its not very common to see chronic kidney disease reversed. A major fault lies in the detection itself. Most pets are detected with kidney problems at a very later stage. With acute kidney problems , it is possible to reduce the conditions with supplements, medication and sometimes in rare cases, surgery.

The cause of kidney problems is a factor when it comes to the cure. If its bacterial or fungal infection, stones or dietary problems related to high protein or toxins, it can surely be reduced with little effort. But when it comes to damage in kidney filters, cancer or hereditary problems, chances are that you are going to detect it a bit too late. when the kidney tissues are damaged more than 50%, chances are that recovery is sometimes slow or impossible, specially with cancer.

With supplements, even chronic kidney problems can be slowed down. Progress can be delayed and your pet could have a good chance of reaching its full age. Though some kidney problems cannot be reversed or recovered from completely, there is a high chance that your dog will continue to live longer with the right diet and supplements.