Eyebright For Dogs – Amazing Review 2022!

You may have noticed that Trump – your dog- has had red eyes for a long time, you haven’t caught him crying into his pillow, nor have you seen him testing things on his face, so you wonder. You wonder what’s wrong with his eyes, and somehow, through a vet, or Google, you find out, maybe not what is wrong but what to use – Eyebright for dogs. At least, this is what led me to this multiple-named plant(that thing has over ten names). 

Eyebright is useful for so many other things, including conjunctivitis, epilepsy, jaundice, earaches, and skin diseases. Still, among these, eye issues are the major things the plant is used to treat.

Things To Consider Before Buying Eyebright For Dogs

  • Your Dog’s Health

Some drugs are not compatible with people who have certain health conditions; it is the same case with eyebright for dogs. If your dog has diabetes, for instance, it is not advisable to use the herb for it because it has been suspected to reduce blood sugar. Are you wondering how this makes sense because diabetic people are actually trying to reduce their blood sugar? Here’s how it makes sense. 

Trump (your dog) has diabetes, and you’ve always known it, so, it is probably already on diabetic medication, which is trying to help reduce its blood sugar. Now you have added another unprescribed sugar-lowering drug to its list; this may reduce Trump’s blood sugar more than is necessary.}

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  • Possible Side-effects

Before you decide to get Eyebright for your dog, you also need to know that it may have some side effects. Eyebright can be administered through the mouth, as a lotion, or into the eyes. Administering it through the mouth is considered relatively safe, while using it as an eyedrop may be dangerous. 

There is a lot of “mays” in this because Eyebright is simply a herbal supplement; it is not exactly scientifically tested and trusted. Applying Eyebright into the eyes can cause irritation and even further infection, which defeats the whole purpose of using it in the first place. Other side effects include drowsiness and sleeping problems.

  • Dosage

It is also important that you know that the dosage you administer to your dog varies with size. Ensure that you follow the instructions given on the package and don’t administer two doses at once.

Eyebright For Dogs

Eyebright is really a plant that has been used to make herbal supplements that are often used to treat eye issues like inflammation, irritation, and conjunctivitis. It is the generic name for Euphrasia Officinalis.  It is usually used for pets – dogs and cats especially. Eyebright is effective, although there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support this unless you want to consider the fact that it has been around for a long time and is still in use. This wonder herb, however, does not work for too long; it starts showing results as fast as possible. 


  • Usually effective
  • Fast action
  • Natural
  • Has many uses
  • Easy to find


  • It May have major side effects
  • Not scientifically tested
  • Is not for everyone
 Is apple cider vinegar good for dogs eyes

Eyebright For Dogs Features And Benefits

  • Multiple Uses

When last did you encounter a drug that was used to treat eye conditions, skin ailments, and allergies, all at the same time? I’m sure you can not remember, probably because you never have. Eyebright can be used for all these purposes, we are going by word of mouth, but these words are from a lot of mouths, so, we best believe it.

If Trump (which I’m now going to confess is actually my dog) has pink eye and a skin infection, say epilepsy, at the same time, then I do not need to get two supplements; Eyebright should be able to do both jobs. The herb also helps to cure coughs and colds, can you see how long this list is getting? Because Eyebright contains anti-inflammatory agents naturally is why it can treat these respiratory problems.

Not only does Eyebright treat, but it also prevents and protects. We have only talked about the treatment parts. It has been said to protect the liver from agents that may damage it, thanks to a certain compound that it contains.

  • Quick Action

Eyebright eradicates infections pretty quickly, especially conjunctivitis. If you administer the supplement to your dog as told, for the specified number of times, the infection should be gone in two weeks or less.

  • Effective

Even though using Eyebright for dogs has not been scientifically proven to be effective, the fact that it has been around for a long time and is still being used to treat eye and skin infections serves as a sort of proof. The herbal supplement treats all manner of illnesses.

Other Alternatives To Eyebright For Dogs

It will probably be rude to suggest that there is another herb that does everything else Eyebright does; there are not even many known herbal supplements that are used for eye conditions in dogs. However, here are a few other herbs that have held their own in the treatment of dogs.

Vetricyn has been approved for use in all animals and provides fast and safe relief for your pet’s eye problems. It is an antibiotic-free and non-toxic eye gel. It has been formulated to not burn or sting when applied and can be used as a routine eye care product.

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Akorn eye ointment has been approved for use at home for your pets. For dogs with existing eye conditions, Akorn forms a protective barrier to keep the eyes lubricated during sleep. It contains mineral oil and lanolin.

  • Aloe Vera Ear & Eye Pet Wipes for Dogs 

This is probably not shocking as there are high chances that you have actually used Aloe vera for medicinal purposes yourself. It can be packaged in the form of ear and eye wipes for your pets, as well as lotions soothing to the skin of your pets. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which will be useful for inflamed eyes. It is also more readily available.


Eyebright is a herbal supplement that can be used to treat a wide array of ailments, especially eye infections. You can use Eyebright for dogs that have inflamed eyes, jaundice, or conjunctivitis. It also takes effect fast, so, if you need a quick remedy, it is your go-to herb. Click here to check out the herbal supplement – Eyebright.

Can I use natural eye drops on my dog?

Before determining the eye conditions of dogs with natural remedies, it is important to consult with your veterinarian; to determine what sort of condition you are dealing with.

Commercial natural and herbal remedies are available for your dog. If symptoms persist after a few days, consult your veterinarian.

Is apple cider vinegar good for dogs' eyes?

Although apple cider vinegar is good for allergic reactions and supports joint health, it should not be used on the eye without a recommendation from a veterinarian.

Due to its acidic nature; the PH is between 3.1 and 5, it is highly recommended that it be diluted appropriately before use.

What human eye drops can I use on my dog?

Using the wrong medication on your dog's eye can cause significant damage and pain to your dog's sight, including blindness.

Never use human medications for your dog without a consult with the veterinarian. Human eye drops can do more harm than good to your dog, consult your veterinarian.

How long does it take for eyebright to work?

Significant reduction in the swelling and redness of the eye may be seen within 6-14days of usage of eyebright in dogs.