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Nettle EyeBright For dogs
  • Helps with seasonal allergies
  • Maintains immune activity
  • Reduces face rubbing, watery eyes, sneezing, breathing difficulties
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Eyebright For Dogs

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A special creation, Eyebright is a common name which is given to Euphrasia Officinalis. Its usage in dogs helps in reducing diseases pertaining to eyes. This is an herb which has many interesting features. It includes anti-inflammatory and astringent propertiesEyebright for dogs has a very efficient quality when it comes to eye…

This wisdom of the ages Eyebright drops is used orally and topically and has the same effects of herbal tea extracts. The main ingredients in the Eyebright for dogs include tannins, aucubin and quercetin.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Dogs with Allergies

Eyebright is an efficient remedy for the eye disorder in pets and is proving itself effective against all eye ailments time after time. The main ingredients in the Eyebright for dogs include Tannins, Aucubin and Quercetin.

Health benefits of Nettle-eyebright

  • In cases of eye inflammation: Eyebright tea is an excellent remedy for eye disorders. You can use in the form of tea as a cold eye compress which makes a big difference in the condition of the eye. This reduces the inflammation in the eye which can arise for many reasons.
  • Cataracts and bloodshot eyes: in the cases of cataract and other bloodshot eye conditions, an eyebright tincture can be used as eyewash which is capable of bringing effective relief in the eyes of the pet. The eyebright remedy can be taken in a time interval of 4 hours and can give you faster relief from the symptoms of the eye disorder. It is also necessary to seek a herbal extricate when going for an external application. Eyebright also works internally using tea and capsules. This process can help in speeding up the recovery stage in the treatment.
  • Effective for seasonal allergies: Because of the herbal ingredients in eyebright it is a better choice for curing allergies and respiratory discomfort. The astringent tannins in the herb have the potential to reduce the problems of colds and flu by making the mucous membranes tight. The defensive compounds in eyebright also help in the treatment of the seasonal allergies, coughs, cold, chest congestion and stuffy nose. The best way for the preparation of tea is by steeping the eyebright tea bag in boiling water for an about 5 minutes for best results.
  • Skin irritations: The antibacterial agents in the eyebright helps in reducing skin irritation in dogs and other pets. It works in all the modes for the pet. It is also a natural astringent which again helps in keeping the skin healthy away from all kinds of irritation.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold Dosages and Used format

The dosage of eyebright differs according to the severity of the condition of the eye in the pet. It is also however advised to the user that he takes the consultation of an herbal expert. This is more effective if used with a golden seal in a lotion. Alternatively, you can also ingest eyebright by mixing it with milk in the fresh state to increase the efficiency. You can use it in a liquid extract from which is from the plant leaves in its most fresh state when in flower. It is best collected during the times of July and August when in flower stage.

Eyebright is an efficient remedy for the eye disorder both in humans and pets equally and is proving itself effective against all eye ailments time after time.

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