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Enxadent Oral Care Chews for dogs (Large and Medium)

Is your pet suffering from a periodontal disease? Has he gone through tartar build-up and plaques on his teeth and gumline?
Then, here’s a product named ‘Enzadent Dog Chews’ for your pet. Since routine home dental care is important in keeping your pet and its teeth healthy. Further, read on to know more about Enzadent Dog Chews and its reviews…

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Enzadent Dog Chews

Enzadent Dog Chews is a perfect solution that helps in cleaning and polishing your dog’s teeth. It works by combining the enzymes occurring naturally in your pet’s saliva. Along with the natural abrading action of beef hide for removing food debris (before it becomes a trouble). Thus, it prevents the buildup of tartar-forming bacteria. Equally, its regular use will keep your pet’s teeth clean and breath fresh. They are available in four presentations namely – Petite, small, medium and large dogs. Containing 30 chews per bag.

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats is all-in-one solution for getting rid of stinky dog breath and also taking care of dog dental health in a natural way.

Benefits of Enzadent Dog Chews

  • Enzadent Chews yields a natural abrading action of removing plaque and food debris.
  • Similarly, it is enzymatically treated to help boost your dog’s own natural defenses (found in the saliva).
  • It is 100% natural US beef hides.
  • Alternatively, rawhide is a non-digestible protein hide (with no significant nutritional value).
  • Above all, Formaldehyde is not used in the manufacturing process.
  • Produced in food grade certified facilities.

Enzadent Dog Chew is treated with Digest-EEZE (an all-natural pre-enzyme treatment). This Digest-EEZE is scientifically proven to break down and dissolve raw side much faster and easier. It creates a tenderization process that once in the stomach dissolves the raw side 30-40% faster (in comparison to other rawhide treats).

Enzadent Dog Chews – Ingredients

The ingredients of Enzadent Chews are mentioned below

  • American Beef hide
  • Water
  • Flavor
  • Salt
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Primary Dried Yeast
  • Lysozyme
  • Lactoferrin
  • Maltodextrose
  • Glucose Oxidase
  • Dried Whey Protein Concentrate

Enzadent Dog Chews Calories (Guaranteed Analysis include)

  • Crude Fat (min) – 1.5%
  • Crude Protein (min) – 70.0%
  • Crude Fiber (max) – 1.0%
  • Moisture (max) – 18.0%
  • Less plaque build up
  • More pleasant breath
  • Soothing of the gums

Enzadent Chews dosage

As recommended by the veterinarian. Always remember that your dog depends (on you and your veterinarian) for all its healthcare.

Enzadent Dog Chews reviews

Overall, Enzadent Chews has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the users are happy with the product. They are saying, that it is effective in cleaning their dog’s teeth. Here, are some honest reviews for your reference. This can help you in choosing the right product for your dog’s health. Let’s have a look at them…

Thank you Enzadent

“I would like to give 5 stars for this Enzadent Dog Chews. My little doggy

‘Dolly’ had a severe periodontal disease. Later, my vet recommended her this tablet and it’s working. I give her one each day according to the prescription. She just loves it and finishes one off in about 3 minutes.”

My tiny dogs love them

“The product is very good and they really enjoy them.”

“One of the best oral care for my pets ever.”

“Good quality chews.”

Where to buy these Enzadent Dog Chews?

You can buy Enzadent Chews from and They are available at an affordable price. Besides, one can avail certain reward offers like $50.00 gift card on every purchase made from Amazon. Also, you may log in with the email address for all the latest updates and deals. So, hurry up, don’t miss this chance!

Enzadent Dog Chews – Frequently asked questions

Can I give this Enzadent to my cats?

No, it is not suitable for the cats. You may check for another product of the same brand for your cats.

Where are these chews produced?

The Enzadent Dog Chews are made in Mexico.


It’s true that after your doggy finishes a meal. Tiny food particles may combine with bacteria to form plaque. This plaque, if not removed, can get harden into tartar and can lead to periodontal disease. If left untreated it may lead to certain hazardous health issues in your pets. So, buy Enzadent today itself and help your pet lead a healthy life without any worries…

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