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Embark Dog DNA Test – Sale, Coupons, Reviews

Are you curious to learn about the genetic makeup of your dogs? Then, check out this advanced Embark Dog DNA test services. These days DNA testing in pets has become quite popular… as it helps you understand their breed lineage, behavioral traits, and inherent health conditions (if any). Embark is a reliable, highly accurate dog genetic testing kits that customers trust the most. It works fast and provides actionable insights into your canines health, breed and ancestry (when compared to other kits available in the market). Further, read out Embark results including Embark DNA reviewsto know more…

Do you know why doggie DNA testing is important?

Reviewing the genetic mix or ancestry of any dogs provides you an insight into their needs for a healthy life. The results will help you learn:

  • Appropriate diet and exercise needs, which suits your dog’s breed identification.
  • Diseases that are prevalent in your dog’s genetic breed.
  • How big your puppy will grow when it reaches the adult size.

Embark Dog DNA Test – Best Dog DNA Test

This Embark DNA is one of the biggest dog DNA test providers, which does a significant job at understanding the genetic health conditions of your dog.

Why people choose Embark DNA?

Embark is made by a well known genetic testing company, founded by two brothers Ryan Boyko and Adam Boyko (self-confessed lovers of dogs). They have a team of geneticists and veterinarians who are passionate at doubling the lives of your dogs through the reduction of preventable genetic disorders.

Features of Embark tests for over 250 breeds

  • Embarks can help you with breed ancestry – This Embark Dog DNA test results can identify about 250 unique breeds of dogs. It will give you an estimated lineage of your dog’s ancestors and your pet’s profile will be updated with the results of newly added tests.
  • Provides reports for vets – The test provides a detailed report for you to share with your veterinarian.
  • Ensures simple DNA sample collection – DNA samples are usually collected through cheek swab collection techniques.
  • 160 tests – Embark will examine your dog’s genetic sequences for any markers that are associated with potential diseases like dilated cardiomyopathy, multidrug sensitivity,
  • Embark is accurate – When it comes to accuracy, Embark Dog DNA uses about 200,000 genetic markers to analyze your canine’s breed heritage.
  • Provides a unique report style – This test delivers your pet’s DNA test results through an interactive guide. It’s user-friendly and can be viewed on your desktop as well as mobile devices.
  • Genetic age – Helps detect your dog’s genetic age, which is proven great for owners who are unsure about their dog’s calendar age. This helps you choose age-appropriate foods and know when to conduct health screenings for them.
  • Genetic traits – Embark also provides valuable info on genetic traits of your dogs – like coat color and type, body size, estimated adult weight, genetic age.

What comes in the Embark DNA test kit?

This Dog DNA test kit includes a collection tube with a swab and a pre-paid envelope for returning your dog’s sample back to the laboratory.

How does it work?

The first and foremost step is to order the test kit from its official website. There are certain tips to follow once you receive the test kit.

Activating your Embark kit

First, you need to visit activate to register your kit. Here you will find out some basic information on you and your dog. Then enter the number mentioned on your swab tube and the code stated on the provided dog tag.

Swabbing your pet

Now, get the DNA sample by swabbing your dog. The DNA sample needs to be taken from the saliva. So, just swab your dog’s lower gums for 30 to 60 seconds. Note – Remember, you don’t swab your dog after they eat anything or else the sample will get contaminated.

Send the results and wait

Once, you have completed this procedure – seal the tube, place it back in the same box you received the kit and leave it in your mailbox. Your Embark results will arrive within 3 to 6 weeks.

Embark Dog DNA Test Pros and Cons


  • Embark provides an in-depth breed makeup analysis.
  • Provides comprehensive genetic health screening.
  • Includes every single info on maternal and paternal lineages.
  • Help predict genetic age and weight.


  • It’s a bit pricier than other dog DNA test kits.
  • The other major disadvantage is the turnaround time (3 to 7 weeks as compared to 2 to 3 weeks for other DNA test kits).

Embark DNA reviews

  • Jeannette K says “I believe Embark provides a priceless service to the pet owners. One of my dogs Jinkies had a history of not being able to recover from anesthesia. After having the genetic test done with Embark we found that he had the MDR1 gene which is mainly responsible for his problems with anesthesia. Immediately we started further treatments choosing different protocols and anesthesia to remove his tumors. All thanks to the manufacturer’s for this unique creation.”
  • Cindy says “Worth every penny spend it’s highly recommended.”
  • Danielle DeVincent says “This is a fantastic test with valuable customer support by Embark. I submitted the sample and was directly emailed by a vet from Embark. He gave a wonderful explanation that my dog Lacy was at a risk of getting degenerative myelopathy as she age. The vet also explained the condition to me and also explained ways to support my Lacy now. “
  • L. Brown says “This is a great kit! I received it pretty quick on time. This is a fascinating stuff and I would recommend this test to everyone who wants to learn more about their dog.”
  • Rachel says “I am so happy that I purchased this Embark dog DNA test for my sweetheart.”
  • Jessica says “I have tried three dog DNA tests… but this one is the best for me.”
  • Steve says “The test is awesome.”
  • Amanda A Meehan says “I purchased this DNA test kit as I was unsatisfied with another company’s test results. For me, Embark is great, especially if you are interested in learning more about your dog’s ancestry and health information.”
  • Miranda says “Provides a detailed genetic analysis of the pup.”
  • Micheal says “Very pleased with Embark.”

Embark Dog DNA Test cost

You can purchase this Embark dog DNA test kit, including immediate test results as well as updated results for $199. In case, you prefer to have their 4 legged pack, then you can save the money by using their Embark DNA coupon codes.

Where to buy this Embark Dog DNA Test kit?

You can buy this top-selling dog DNA test kit from the manufacturer’s website or from third-party dealers like Amazon. Besides, the company offers 10 to 20% discounts on all the breeder products. So, you can save money by using their coupon code “PAL20” at the checkout (to avail $20 off).

Embark Dog DNA Test Amazon

Yes, you can buy this Dog DNA test with top-selling destinations like Amazon. They are available for a cheap price tag with interesting deals and promo offers.

Embark Dog DNA Test coupon

With Embark coupons you can avail $40 off on Embark DNA kits, 10% off on 2 kits, 15% off on 3 kits and 20% off on 4 or more kits. Further, refer their official website for more interesting deals.

Embark Dog DNA Test – Frequently asked questions

Will Embark share my dog’s information with the third party users?

No, your dog’s privacy will be kept safe and nothing will get shared with the outsiders.

How will my dog’s results given out to me?

Your pet’s results will be delivered online in an easily understandable, interactive manner. Additionally, the company provides a print report, which is available in the PDF format that can be downloaded and shared with others.


In conclusion, Embark is faster at getting the best Dog DNA results to you. Equally, they are good at providing an efficient dog’s breed history than any other tests can provide…

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