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Eliminate Your Fears & Doubts About Adjusting To Your Dog’s Loss Of Vision – Steps To Deal With Your Dog’s Blindness

Dogs are like humans who have the same health conditions like we humans have. When a dog gets old, he may begin to lose his vision and ability to hear. I know its too awful to witness that but it is much more stressful on the dog. Dog blindness is one of the worst things that can happen to your dog. The reasons can vary from illnesses or diseases to serious injury.

Signs of vision loss in dogs

Dogs whose vision has been lost may appear to be clumsy and disoriented around the house. They frequently keep tripping, bumping into furniture and stumbling around. A dog whose vision is deteriorating will have a harder time in locating things around the house. The situation can be even more worse when you try to pet them as they are not able to see you clearly.

As a caring and responsible dog owner, you have to know how to deal with your blind best friend. If your pet’s vision start fading slowly, he/she will experience more difficulty. So here’s how you need to deal with your pet when he is under this tough time.

  • Consult your vet: The moment you realize that your dog has lost his vision, consult your veterinarian or an expert dog trainer. Do not attempt to do anything without consulting them as the situation is something new both for you and your dog.
  • Go for verbal command: Replace hand signals with verbal commands as your dog will no longer see what you are doing. If you typically tell your dog to lie down by pointing at the ground, he might not do that. Instead if you start making him follow instructions by verbal command, like by saying “lie down” without showing it he might respond positively. Gradually your dog will get adjusted to the new verbal cue.
  • Feeding: Knowing that your pooch is blind and having a tough time eating sine he can’t see the food, you can set a fixed schedule for feeding. The bowls where you put his food and water should not be moved from a fixed place/ position not even by inches. If you are going to wash the bowls, place a marker on their spot so that you will know exactly to put them back.
  • Take him for walk: If your dog is blind, that doesn’t mean that you should confine him at home all the time. The more you get frustrated when you sit home idle, the same he also feels. He needs exercise and walking is one way he gets delighted. When walking with your blind dog, use the same route when he had his sight. This will comfort him as he will be familiar with the sounds and smells.
  • Familiarize his surroundings at home: Keep things familiar around the home – be his water bowl, food dish, favorite toys, bed and treats in the same place so that he can find it easily even with bis limited eyesight.

Being blind is one of the most frustrating conditions. Blind and dead dogs can live a normal life like the other dogs; they just require a little extra care and attention. Shower your dog with love and care and he will thank you for the uninvited happiness you give him. And yeah, don’t worry, your dog will adjust to life without the ability to see and will be able to continue his daily routines.

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