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Do you know that ear infections in dogs are so common that it is one of the major reasons for veterinary visits? When your pooch starts rubbing and scratching his ears then it is obvious that his ears are infected with something uncalled for. It is not a serious issue though but if left untreated can lead to many complications putting the canine’s life at risk. It is said that 20% of the canine population contracts this disease at any given period and is a common issue that can be treated with medications. Ear infections are also called as otitis externa and it is caused by many factors.

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In this article we will discuss about ear infections in dogs and how to deal with it. Also, we will discuss in detail about various over the counter ear ointments that are available to treat ear infections in dogs.

  • Causes of ear infections in dogs
  • Symptoms of ear infections
  • How can a vet help?
  • Treatment options for ear infections in dogs
  • Top five ear infection products for canines
  • Tips to prevent ear infections in dogs
  • Managing the dog after an ear infection
  • Conclusion

My Pet Julie And My First Encounter With Dog Ear Infections

I have a pet named Julie and she had a terrible smell coming out from her ears when I took her to give a kiss. Later I started watching her weird behavior like tilting and shaking her head frequently. It did not strike my mind that she might be having an ear infection but somehow I booked an appointment to sort out the issue. She had a real bad ear infection problem and it took around 5 weeks to totally get rid of the problem.

During this period she was given antibiotic ear ointments and the vet examined her routinely for further complications. He gave a list of prescription medicines to treat the ear infections and since my canine had an inflammation she was given ear drops called synotic ear drops for dogs. I remember this one name alone because it helped my canine to get relief from itchiness. She stopped itching and scratching her ears after administering the synotic drops for dogs prescribed by my vet.

After the whole episode of ear infections, I was keen that I should have a complete knowledge of ear infections in dogs so that I can take necessary precautions to prevent it. I am sharing whatever I know with you all so that you can help your canine when in need.

Firstly Who Are The Culprits Or Causes Behind Ear Infections In Dogs?

There are many causes behind ear infections in dogs and we will discuss one by one.

  • Parasites like ear mites are one of the reasons that cause infections in dogs and especially puppies. If your dog is kind of hypersensitive then forget it!! He is surely going to pull out his ears by constantly itching it. Ear mites can give a tough time to your hypersensitive canine friend causing swelling and redness.
  • Allergies are one of the major reasons why dogs have ear infections. If your dog has an allergy problem then probably unlikely foods or smell or other allergens may directly contribute to ear infections. Allergies cause an imbalance inside the environment within the ear which leads to secondary infections. This means that timely treatment is a must to prevent further problems.
  • Foreign particles like foxtails also called as plant awns and other plant parts that stick to the dogs coat can lead to ear infections. Imagine if any of these enters the ear canal and then nothing can stop the canine from traumatizing its ears. This may also result in ear infections therefore make sure to groom him quickly and steal a look inside its ears frequently.

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