Ear infection in dogs are common problems specially for those dogs with long hairy ears. dogs usually tend to scratch their ears when there is some kind of infection which bothers them. Ear infection is Not fatal if treated in time. If not treated, The infection could carry on internally creating problems sometimes fatal. Ear Dr is a treatment for ear infection in dogs. Its completely natural and free of any side effects. the ingredients are sourced and tested to be of best quality and even more better than most prescription drugs. The Treatment for ear infections in dogs may include cleaning the ear, massaging it and medicating the ears on a regular basis


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Most treatments will give you instant result. Ear dr. is one of the few natural medicine to treat ear infections in dogs almost instantly though being natural. The Tea tree oil removes the smell and can create a wonderful feel for the dogs. Most dogs stop shaking their head and act normally and sometime become playful just after the first treatment. you can purchase ear dr. Treatment for ear infections in dogs from petalive.com For more information check the details button below.

Ear Dr. is a natural medicine for ear infection for dogs. Dogs are most prone to ear infections and disease in the ear. The ear being an area which the dog cannot groom alone, requires additional help from the owners or other dogs. While most dogs do not groom other dogs even from their own pack, it becomes difficult to groom their ear and clean it off any parasites and dirt which accumulates in the ear. As a pet owner, Its our responsibility to take care of our pets health and hygiene.

Ear dr. is a natural remedy for cleaning your dog’s ears of any infection. A medicine for ear infection for dogs, but also a great way to prevent it from possible infections in longer terms, Ear Dr, is tested and proven to be safe in dogs. There are no side effects on long term use of Ear dr and best of all, your dogs will like the effect of it and the massage thereafter.

Ear Dr. is good for the dog and the dogs dont tend to shake it off as its less irritating to them as compared to prescription ear drops.

Ear Dr. The natural Remedy for Ear infection in dogs. When you look for remedies for dogs, the chances are your vet will introduce you to a range of prescription drugs. These drugs are excellent remedy for instant relief. Chances are that they may be cured quite fast too. Ear infection is one of those few conditions which re-occur very fast. You cannot simply avoid Ear infection in dogs and they cannot be completely eradicated. Using Prescription drugs as a ear infection remedy for dogs is sometimes not recommended. The chemicals present in most of the prescription drugs contain chemicals which could cause side effects in dogs.

Most dog owners with dogs tend to move away from Prescription drugs for obvious reasons. They find that these drugs are often cause of problems in dogs. Specially there seems to be a lot of side effects which create constant problem to them. Natrual remedies like Ear Dr is a great ear infection remedy for dogs with no side effects at all. The best thing about Ear dr. is that its natural, free of irritants and excellent ear infection remedy for dogs.


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Dogs with ear infection often tend to dislike prescription drugs. They tend to shake their heads vigorously , sometimes for hours on end, which is pretty painful for them. some prescription drugs are known to have certain side effects. some of the reviews provided by people who have tried ear dr. indicates that there have been results in as little as 3 days, while some claim to have seen results in just one single application.

Some reviews indicate that tea tree oil is toxic to dogs, while the same ingredient seems to make many of the dogs happy and actually cure the problem. People tend to like the odor of tea tree oil as opposed to the stench of the bacteria in the dog’s ears. Constant use of the product also claims clear of ear wax and reduction of it thereafter.

Ear Dr. is not recommended for cats by most people. I understand that cats don’t like the smell of it and often turn berserk. Overall the Ear Dr. is one of the best products people have used which is natural and free of side effects.

Ear Dr. is a natural remedy for problems with dog ears. Dog ears usually are sensitive specially when they are long or furry. A lot of infection in dogs are directly on the ear and its often painful. Ear mites are very common problem in dogs and is one of the most treated problems in the veterinary world

did you know Ear infections and problems in ears are caused due to unclean environment and poor diet? Prescription medicines often tend to cure these small problems quickly but leaving a trail of side effects on longer terms. Natural medicines are much more safer on dogs and can be used long term with great effect.

Ear Dr. Is one of the most effective medication for dog ear mites and infections. with olive oil based drops, You can easily administer this medication for your dog without a problem. They will quickly be relieved of itching and scratching sensation in their ears and often find it far more soothing as compared to prescription drugs.

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