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What To Do About Dog Wheezing? Know The Causes So That You Can Help Them

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Wheezing in dogs is caused by the same reasons as in us humans, the air pollutants. It causes the air ways to contract and makes it difficult for them to get enough oxygen. It could be caused by internal problems that are associated with the breed genetics or due to external factors.

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Either way, the trachea or the air pipe gets contracted physically or due to inflammation. The wheezing may last only for a little while, maximum 20-30 minutes. Prolonged wheezing is really a problem. The air borne pollutants are the main culprits here. Apart from those minute air pollutants there also are other various factors that could lead to the same problem of wheezing in dogs.

Causes Of Dog Wheezing

  • Allergies: The common allergens like pollens from plants, dust particles, minute spores of fungi, etc could cause wheezing in dogs. The household cleaning agents, detergents, chemicals, smoke are also problem for the dogs that are vulnerable for wheezing. The dog might suffer many allergic reactions and wheezing is just one of them. It is possible to control or prevent such wheezing in dogs by eliminating the cause. Having a humidifier will give the dog a better stand against these pollutants or better yet have an air purifier to clean the air.
  • Asthma is common in humans but a rare occurrence in dogs. It is not impossible but do occur. The cause is the same as the allergic reactions, allergens. Once again wheezing is one of the symptoms of this condition. Getting rid of the allergens is the best remedy.
  • Bronchitis: This respiratory disease makes the lungs and bronchial tubes swollen with inflammation. This causes difficulty in breathing making the dog wheeze. Here, wheezing may or may not occur. Losing weight would ease a little bit, if the dog is overweight. Otherwise anti-inflammatory medicines are the solace. Supplementing the dogs with vitamins and other immune boosting supplements can also ease and prevent such conditions.

Other Symptoms

  • Heart problems: Heart related wheezing happens after some physical exercises or efforts. Obese and older dogs are the ones that are mainly affected by this.
  • Heat stroke: Heat stroke causes so many symptoms and wheezing is one of the worst. Wheezing indicates that the health condition of the dog is worsening if it has been out there in the sun for a while. Wheezing might be followed by vomiting, seizures etc.
  • Kennel cough is a difficult respiratory disease in dogs that is mostly caused under unhygienic conditions inside the home or in pet shops. The disease is indicated by dry cough and wheezing. The coughing irritates the air passage that later leads to wheezing. The disease is spreadable and lasts for about 2 weeks. Most often it does not need treatment but providing remedies to ease the dog’s discomfort is called for.

If the dog shows other symptoms like cough, vomiting, panting, nasal discharge, pale gums etc are case of concern. It indicates the dog’s health has taken a toll. In some cases the dog’s gums might even turn purple due to lack of enough oxygen. So keep track on the dog’s health all the while and especially if it shows any kind of discomforts.

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