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What Every Dog Owner Should Know About E-collars In Dog Training

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Are you so much possessive about your dog that each time he nears the fence, you start running behind him? Do you feel that your dog is not active and vigilant when compared to your neighbor’s dog? Do you think he needs a training that you can do at your home itself? If this is what you are looking for, then electronic collars play a perfect role. Today, the world is moving on a very fast scale where everything works on remote control. The technology has been so advanced these days that even dogs can be trained with remote control. Electronic collars have been developed to enhance the training of your dog by exerting shocks. These shocks act as simulation. The device comes with lot of pros and cons – each of which are discussed here. But before we move on to the pros and cons of an electronic collar, you need to know whether your dog is fit for the training. Unless your dog is healthy and strong enough to manage his training, you are not going to enjoy the benefits of an electronic collar.

E-collars are used for dogs to

  • Keep them within our premises (also known as invisible fence or underground fence)
  • Stop dogs from barking – if he continues to bark on-stop the force and frequency of the shock will be automatically increased.
  • Train dogs from food aggression and dog aggression.
  • Teach dogs to stay away from dangerous animals and objects.
  • Dog’s diet for good health and training

When you train your dog, you can try different types of treats. A dog treat doesn’t have to be labelled as such on the package. Bits of cooked meats, hot dogs, dry cereal, cheese and even fruits and vegetables can be a rewarding treat for your dog. Try experimenting with different foods to know what exactly excites him.

The benefits of having e-collars

  • E-collars for tracking : You can use electronic collars in dogs to track where your dog is when he’s lost. This helps the owner to get back his pooch.
  • E-collars are fast in training your dog: The device has proven to be fast and less tiresome in training your dog than traditional methods. This is because a simple press of the collar button generates simulation.
  • Easy to use: These remote-controlled collars are easy to use and ensures that training takes place even at longer distance.
  • Cost-effective: When it comes to cost, you don’t have to count the bugs. They are affordable and less expensive when compared to hiring a professional trainer. This also takes considerable time to train.
  • Easy to understand: With e-collars, you don’t have to sit for long hours to learn the whole mechanism. They are comparatively easy to understand. Just read the user manual.
  • Easy control of the amount of pain delivered
  • Automatically delivers a shock correction in our absence

The negatives of using e-collars in dogs

Your dog is not a robot. He has a life with feelings as that of humans. There are chances that using e-collars on dogs can cause some ill-effects on him.

  • Fear and anxiety in dogs: E-collars for dogs can cause anxiety and fear in your dogs. Several researches have proven that the minor shocks have created anxiety and stress in dogs. These conditions persist for a longer time even after training is completed.
  • Aggressive nature in dogs is seen: According to Polsky’s study, dogs kept in shock containment systems can cause aggression in dogs. The results have also shown that automated e-collars may cause dogs to make wrong associations and learn wrong things.
  • The device can be vulnerable to defect: Like for instance some models are not water proof to avoid undue transmission of electric currency.
  • Dog’s weight matters: Before buying electronic collar for your dog, check your dog’s weight. In case there is a mismatch between the dog’s weight and the voltage required, an increased voltage will harm if your dog is less weighted. This in turn will put his health under risk.

Although there are some pros for electronic collars, its up to you to decide whether your pooch wants these shock simulating collars to train him.

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