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Natural Laxatives for Dogs: Home Remedy Laxatives for Dogs

Constipation in dogs can be a serious issue if to be addressed at the right time. There are many homemade dog laxatives which can be used for the treatment of this condition. Constipation in dogs can also be very harmful to the dogs as it can lead to canine hemorrhoid which is the result of the constant strain been put to defecate. Natural Laxatives for dogs is something which has to be used carefully as an extreme dosage can lead to severe dehydration and fatigue for the pet. Please be careful while selecting a method and also make sure not to combine more than one method.

  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin is an effective dog laxative homemade remedy that displays a laxative quality as dogs like the taste and consumes a lot at a sitting. Canned pumpkin is also available which also displays the same quality in dogs. The fiber content in the pumpkin helps the relieving of constipation in dogs.
  • Milk: Milk is another natural laxative for dogs in case of constipation. A small bowl will easily relieve constipation in dogs.
  • Olive oil or mineral oil: Olive oil is a powerful home remedy laxative dogs, and it is precisely why it should be given with caution as it has the potential to induce diarrhea in dogs which can again lead to dehydration.
  • Aloe Vera juice: Aloe Vera juice is one of the useful dog laxative homemade remedies that exhibits the same laxative qualities in dogs. However, this being said it is essential that the dog owner consult a vet before being ingested with aloe Vera juice.
  • Chicken and ginger broth: Broth is an effective food which can be fed for clearing constipation experienced by the dogs. Ginger is known to aid the whole digestive process and along with the fat content in broth helps in relieving of constipation and thus form a best homemade laxative for dogs.
  • Green Beans: Green Beans are also considered to be a natural dog laxative. It also exhibits the qualities of a component which can reduce the effects of constipation.
  • Water: Last but not the least, water is another homemade dog laxative that helps in regulating the bowel movements as it loosens the stool which aids in the easy passing of the stool from the system. Water has a lot of similar qualities is one of the best and free ingredients that are available.

These are some of the laxatives for dogs home remedies which can be used for easing constipation in dogs. There are also many other products for laxatives which can be used in serious cases of constipation. Some of the points which should be kept in mind are that it should be accepted by the FDA. It should be also made clear that all the ingredients are natural and also does not have any side effects. Many of these medicines should not be taken if the dog suffers from any sorts of kidney problems or any forms of heart conditions. It should be also made clear that the laxatives should only be taken of the dog hasn’t defecated for more than 48 hours. Constipation is fairly common in dogs and in some cases will heal themselves.


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