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BM Tone Up Gold
  • Mild food poisoning from eating spoiled food
  • Changes in diet
  • Viral infections
  • Parasites
  • Stress
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Pet wellbeing BM tone up gold for dog Diarrhea support – Reviews Ingredients

BM Tone up Gold for dogs are effective for dogs with Diarrhea and other stomach problems related to loose stool. Natural remedies like BM Tone up gold for dogs help clear their bowel functions efficiently in a natural way, giving them a better treatment and is easy on their body.

BM Tone-Up Gold For Dogs Ingredients

BM Tone-Up Gold for dogs contains Oregon Grape root, Red Raspberry leaf, bayberry root, mullein leaf, agrimony herb, marshmallow root, myrrh resin, thyme leaf and ginger rhizome which will help against diarrhea. In the BM Tone-Up Gold, the full properties of the herbs used are preserved to give full effect and the ingredients are individually tested for purity. In addition to this, each batch of BM Tone-Up Gold is individually tested to ensure highest quality and potency.

BM Tone up is a Natural And a herbal concoction of 9 herbs and roots.

  1. Oregon Grape Root (Berberis AquiFolium): The oregeon Grape root is beneficial for the Digestive system of a dog and its also beneficial for the liver. IT helps the intestine move in a normal rhythm and not in a spastic movement.
  2. Red Raspberyy Leaf : used as a uterine relaxant and cure for diarrhea for centuries. the Rubus Idaeus Leaf has gone through a lot of research in the field of medicine. It has specific benefits in gastrointestinal problems
  3. Bayberry Root : The root extract has the ptotential to address microbes that may have entered the body through food or water. Due to its high tannin content , it acts as an astringent. If there is excess mucus production, the bayberry roots help control it.
  4. Mullein Leaf : The extracts from the mullein leaf has been used as a traditional medicine since 2000 years. It was used to treat lung diesease, foot infection and skin problems. Though there are no scientifical evidence or research conducted on the extract, it has been proven to control bacterial and fungal infections in many cases
  5. Agrimony Herb – the herb is clearly used for stomach problems including IBS, upset stomach and diarrhea apart from skin conditions called cutaneous porphyria and sore throat.
    Side effects : Side effects of the herb includes low blood sugar. If your pet is expecting to have a surgery, Avoid the ingredient in any medication. if your pet is diabetic, avoid the BM Tone up gold medicine or use it in moderation.
  6. Marshmallow Root : The herb is found to be effetive in dogs having digestive problems. Ulcer, constipation and intestinal colic or heartburn can be effectively treated with marshmallow root.
  7. Thyme leaf : A common kitchen herb known to treat digesive problems and promote healthy bowel movement, the thyme leaf is safe and effective
  8. Ginger : Ginger is one of the oldest herb / root used to treat digestive conditions in humans. Its effective in gastric problems in humans and helps control digestive problems

bm tone-up gold – Dog diarrhea support reviews

BM Tone Up Gold was reviewed by 96 Customers on amazon and has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. on the website, the rating is 4.5. The reviews by customers show a lot of value for the product. Lets look at some of the cases of satisfied customers

8 Year old poodle with Digestive problems, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting was administered with BM Tone up gold and the results were almost immediate with Full recovery in 3 days.

A one and a half year old Labrador with Chronic Diarrhea was treated with BM Tone up gold and the results were seen in 5-7 days. The down owner had changed food multiple times and the vet wasnt helpful in treating until BM Tone up gold worked for her

A 10 year old Albe with Only half a bowel after surgery saw significant result in 2 days after being treated with BM Tone up gold and with no side effects at all.

A 12 year old Yorkie with Pancreatitis was cured almost immediately with BM Tone up gold.

A 9 month old Golden Retriever with Clostridium Bacteria was cured from diarrhea in a single day.

BM Tone up gold may look like a wonder drug but there are a few customers who havent been so happy with the product too.

BM Smooth Gold for Diarrhea in dogs is a supplement which is natural and Safe. It contains herbs and extracts from roots and leaves. The Drops is bacon flavored. It is easy to administer alone or with food or water.

Before you read any further its important to know why dogs actually have diarrhea. the Digestive system for dogs can be disturbed due to various reasons. it could be a side effect to a drug which you are administering. It is because you fed the dog something which it shouldn’t have eaten (packed Dog food which is contaminated) , water from a source which was not pure and drinkable. The reasons could be many and if you could point out the source of the problem, the treatment would be much faster.

If It is the dog food which is creating the problem, stop the food immediately. try a different brand or cook a meal for your dog the next 2 days till it recovers. Abandon the dog food completely and report to the vendor about the problem. You may or may not get a replacement but you surely don’t want to feed your dog that particular dog food brand or at least that batch. A lot of dog foods usually come contaminated and every year there are 100’s of recalls on pet food. IT is not uncommon but its important that you know there is a problem.

Sometimes the dog may be undergoing a drug interaction. If you are medicating your dog with something due to some condition and if the drug is interacting, chances of diarrhea may appear. You may want to stop the drug immediately and report it to your veterinarian. Chances are that they will suggest another drug combination for your dogs condition which will be safer and without side effects.

No matter what the reason for your dogs Diarrhea condition, the source if found would be important to know so you don’t come into the same problem again. Treating the condition is important and obvious and that’s where BM Tone Up gold comes into play.

BM Tone Up Gold For Dogs Dosage

1 bottle of BM Tone-Up Gold contains 2 ounces or 59 ml of the liquid and one of these will suffice a mid-sized dog. The drops are to be given twice daily. For best results to cure diarrhea, use one drop for every 2 lb or 1 kg of body weight up to 50 lb and over 50 lb, one drop per additional 4 lb or 2 kg. Shake the bottle well before use. The BM Tone-Up Gold drops come in delicious bacon flavor so that it will be easy for your dog to consume it.

If you are not so keen on medicating your dog with herbal remedies, the next best option is to find foods that actually help with Diarrhea. Adding probiotics to the dogs diet will usually go a long way. Try adding Yogurt to the dogs food. Cut down on milk and food that are acidic. Remove all food which has gluten in it. Cut down on wheat and other pulses on your dog food. High protein does cause stomach upset in some cases (not meat but pulses).

If you are feeding your dog raw diet, consider cooking it lightly. Add vegetables to your dogs diet. Rich fiber food will be helpful for your dog when it has stomach problems. Add string beans, pumpkin or other vegetables your dog may love. Pumpkins are sweet and its very good for stomach problems. The taste of a pumpkin too is sweet for the dog and they usually love it as a treat. Avoid food which has added sugar altogether for a while.

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Effective For

  • Mild food poisoning from eating spoiled food
  • Changes in diet
  • Viral infections
  • Parasites
  • Stress
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