The dog cancer is unlike human and requires best treatment to help them live a high quality life.


It is regular practice by the vet to give you curing options which are conventional treatment methods which may be successful sometimes but in most cases the opinion for likely course of a medical condition is not good.

The specific causes of dog cancer are not known always like for humans. It is known that they are partly hereditary, plus there are other contributing factors such as:

  • Diet (poor diet, food additives, etc.)
  • Environment (polluted water, impure air, etc.)
  • Advanced age and stress

The dogs’ immune system can be damaged due to these factors which may further weaken their body’s natural ability to fight cancerous cells.

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Your dogs’ positive mood and strong immune system will support their ability to deal with cancer making them feel comfortable and happy. Life gold dog cancer support will help you cure your dog.

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What is Life Gold?

Life Gold is our owned method developed for dogs to help them cure and provide with high quality of life. Powerful immune system and anti-oxidant protection is required during this time. Dogs with a suppressed immune system are more at risk for the increased effects of oxidative damage. During later stage of damage, disorders such as weight loss, lack of appetite, weakness, unexplained vomiting, abnormal growths or swellings, and many other symptoms depending on the area(s) affected may occur. If you find any of these or any other symptom or abnormality seek the veterinarian advice immediately.

Using both traditional and the latest scientific research of herbs, we have developed an all-natural product from the extract of herbs from around the world.

Life Gold helps to ensure that the dog’s body vital systems of detoxification are working fine. The liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs, and skin all work together to help remove the body’s waste products. The herbs in Life Gold also help to tackle the lymphatic system, a vital part of the immune system. Life Gold helps supports your pets lasting energy.

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Uses of Life Gold

Life Gold deals with a growing need to adequately address the effects of free radical activity in dogs.

Life Gold provides support for antioxidant function in the body and may reduce free radical damage. It is safe to use for long period and effectively helps the body to emit toxins normally using the elimination route in the body.

For healthy pet also Life Gold is recommended to be used once or twice each year, to ensure that the body’s detoxification systems are working optimally and to help reduce oxidative stress. This provides a foundation for long lasting good health.

At, we encourages a consultation with your veterinarian if you find abnormalities such as lumps, enlarged lymph glands, notice wounds that don’t heal for long, lameness, abnormal bleeding or other symptoms that are startling.

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What are free radicals?

Free radicals are unbalanced molecules in the bodies of animals and even humans that are looking for stabilizing on their own by pilfering from other molecules. Upon this process the new free radicals are created. This type of Continuous reaction for creating free radicals may sooner or later cause damage to the cells. Antioxidant support counteracts these free radicals by stabilizing them. Oxidative stress is equal to free radical damage.


Causes of free radicals in the body

Free radicals are usually present in the body but more gets accumulate as we age. Free radicals can increase when we come in contact to radiation, cigarette smoke, herbicides and toxic chemicals and also including many household cleaners and pollution.
Exceptional care should be taken for pets not to expose them to toxins such as food that contains herbicides/pesticides or meat formed with growth hormones. Inhaling cigarette smoke, cumulative radiation from many x-rays and strong chemicals from flea and tick management can all be causative factors to oxidative stress.

Is Life Gold guaranteed?
Absolutely yes, Life Gold comes with a hassle-free 90-day money back guarantee.

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Benefits of Life Gold

The Certified organic and ethically wild-harvested: The formula developed is entirely made from organically grown and wild-harvested herbs.

  • Excellent Manufacturing Practices: The formulas are manufactured in a high facility area that adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Full Spectrum Extract: The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure the effectiveness of the extract. All raw materials are tested for identification and purity.
  • Every batch tested: To ensure the highest quality and potency every single batch of our Life Gold is tested.
  • FDA-Registered Facility: Severe quality control procedures are carefully monitored and our manufacturing facility is FDA-registered.
  • FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines: conforms to the provisions of the CVM’s good guidance practices for pet dietary supplements. Hence, all ingredients and caution statements stick to these national guidelines.
  • Guaranteed product: In addition to the superior quality of our products we also offer you with our 90-day money back guarantee.

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Life Gold is made by? It was founded in 2001, with a goal to bring the knowledge and experience of our caring holistic veterinarians for your pet. We believe, when your pet is healthy you are happy.

To accomplish our vision, our on-staff, holistic veterinarians have developed this formula using conventional, traditional uses of herbs, and integrated the latest scientific research. It is our aim to produce the most excellent products for your pet that we can.

Ingredients of Life Gold



List of Active ingredients: 360mg per ml (20 drops / ml)

  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)**: A type of mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees, this fungus is known for its naturally occurring antioxidant content. It contains plysaccharides that are useful in maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Blessed Thistle herb (Cnicus Benedictus)*: A long-used traditional plant, the healing herb used for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, antioxidant components and cell regeneration.
  • Burdock root (Arctium lappa)*: Burdock helps liver (bile secretions), to support a healthy appetite, and for the maintenance of healthy cells in the presence of chemicals.
  • Red Clover flowering herb (Trifolium pratense)*: This flowers is used traditionally for purifying the blood toxins. It helps in stimulating the appetite and also contains small amounts of important vitamins and minerals that provide easily absorbed nutritive value.
  • Sheep Sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella)*: It includes high content of Vitamin C and minerals. This herb is widely used as a detoxifier for lymphatic health and for good health of the digestive tract.
  • Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra)**: It includes high content of mucilage, somewhat sweet tasting bark is used since centuries in North America for relaxing the digestive tract and absorbing toxins. It is highly nutritious with lots of antioxidants.
  • Turkey Rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum)*: It is used to effectively normalize bowel movements. This plant also known as Chinese Rhubarb is not related to the garden variety. It enhances this cleansing formula by gently helping the body to emit accumulated material through the bowels.

Herbs are:
*certified organic or
**ethically wild-harvested

Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor and vegetable glycerin

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Quantity, price and Directions of Life Gold


Life gold is available in bottle, liquid form. One bottle equals to 2oz (59ml), it is one month supply for most dogs (up to 50lbs).
Product price
1. 1 Bottle, original price $37.95, sale price $35.95, you save $2.00
2. 2 Bottles, original price $75.90, sale price $67.90, you save $8.00 and plus get free shipping on orders over $50
3. 3 Bottles, original price $113.85, sale price $92.85, you save $21.00 and plus get free shipping on orders over $50

Directions to use

  • Administer product orally twice daily.
  • Give one drop for every 2 lb (1kg) of body weight up to 50 lb and over 50 lb, add one drop per additional 4 lb (2kg).
  • Shake well before use.
  • Life Gold is enhanced with delicious natural bacon flavor. Animals are choosy so we recommend administration of the drops using a method that your dog will like the most.

Cautions of Life Gold

  • Discontinue product administration and consult your veterinarian if animal’s condition deteriorate or does not improve at all.
  • Prior using the product it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.
  • Do not use if the animal is pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not use with blood thinners.
  • Discontinue use if weakness and vomiting occurs.
  • Strictly for animal use only
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • In case of accidental overdose, immediately contact a health professional.