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Milk Thistle for Dogs
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What Should You Do If You Discover A Liver Disease In Your Dog?

Improve Liver health in dogs naturally. Works Great with other medications including steroids. No side effects

Are you one among those tired dog owners of hearing processed dog foods to feed your sick dog? Then you are not alone. I know many of the dog owners, including me, who would not love to feed our dog with supplements and other medical treatments. Instead feeding your dog with raw food is one of the most effective ways to keep your dog healthy. According to my personal experience, feeding your dog with quality raw food and following a dog liver disease diet will help your dog live more years than expected. Compared to processed dog foods and medications, natural ways help your dog’s liver function properly.

I know it’s hard to digest this fact and many of you might disagree to my point. Even I had this doubt when I came to know about this. But what else can make you believe when it’s a highly experienced vet who tells that feeding raw diet is an answer to treat liver diseases in dogs.

Liver disease in dogs

A dog’s liver is responsible for performing number of functions. It’s primary function is to eliminate toxins and waste materials out of the body during digestion. Also, the liver helps to store nutrients and regulates many important functions within the body. If your dog’s liver functions are not working properly due to cancer or inflammation or any other reason, your dog’s health is under risk. This can possibly lead to even death.

How to treat liver disease in dogs naturally?

Although there are many forms of natural treatment available for dog’s liver disease, it is important to research carefully before making a decision.

But before you know which foods to feed him, you must be sure that you should not be feeding your dog with;

  • Processed foods
  • Organ meat especially liver should be avoided
  • Low quality ingredients not fit for human consumption
  • Foods with synthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Foods with preservatives, additives, emulsifiers or other chemicals
  • Grains and starches

Homemade diet

While there are many commercial raw food brands available on the market that is more easy for the dog owner, I would recommend you to prepare food of your own for your dog as you can be safe about what he is eating.

  • Bones of raw meat and muscle meat are the base of any raw diet. Protein is critical for healing your pet’s liver functioning. Grass fed or pasture raised meat are best for a dog with CLD.
  • Vets recommend to feed your dog with diet that has up to 50 percent fat content. This means that you can give him cooked oatmeal, pasta and white rice.
  • Dogs with canine liver disease are supposed to follow a low-salt diet. Lowering salt prevents the build up of fluid in the abdomen. There are good supplements that may help your dog with CLD (canine liver disease). These include Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Zinc, Vitamin C for antioxidant action and Vitamin K for blood clotting.
  • Feeding your dog with only raw meat diet and providing all the essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive can help him stay healthy.
  • Feeding your dog with fruits and vegetables is a very good choice. But it depends on what you feel is right for your dog, your budget and diversity of what you feed.
  • Provide clean and filtered water. If you hesitate to drink tap water, why do you want your dog to drink the same contaminated tap water? Having a sick dog at your home means that you should even take care of the smallest things. Providing clean filtered water will help remove additional toxins. It also helps in the healthy functioning of your dog’s liver.

Before you try something of your own, I recommend you to learn all about canine liver disease and then take a holistic approach to treat it with proper diet and supplementation. Be sure to visit your veterinarian and ask his advice for treating naturally.

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