Dermawound Ingredients: Breathtaking Review 2022

Cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds may not come every two days, but they do come. Very often for some people; people with scratchy cats. Maybe it happens less often for regular people, from little slips, and falls. Especially if you have kids, you should have a wound cleanser on standby for disinfecting wounds. Any child can fall off a bike at any moment, your dog can also have wounds and scratches from playing around. Dermawound Ingredients and ointments come to play here!

If you leave wounds without disinfecting them, the risk of them getting infected increases by the second. This is especially true if the injury is located on open parts of your body, like your arm and leg, or on parts that are prone to have a lot of bacteria like your groin and armpit.

This need for a disinfectant and an anesthetic is where the Dermawound ointment comes in. Read on to find out more about this ointment.

Things To Consider Before Buying Antiseptic Ointments For A Wound

There is a variety of antiseptic ointments out there for you to choose from and it becomes a herculean task when you do not even have an idea of what exactly you are looking for. Also, sometimes, you may not know whether an ointment is appropriate in a certain situation. There are a few things you need to help you on your quest.

Look out for the ingredients that the ointment contains, what its specified uses are supposed to be, and, of course, its price. Checking the ingredients will help you find those you are allergic to and stay away from them.

There are certain situations in which dermawound becomes inapplicable to a wound. The first of these has to do with allergies. There are two ingredients in Dermawound ointment that dogs and people tend to be allergic to – iodine and benzocaine.

If a pet who is allergic to either of these comes in contact with dermawound, it can cause serious reactions. Furthermore, if a wound is severe, deeply punctured, bleeding excessively, or seriously burnt, it is best to consult a professional. Lastly, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid using it as it is not yet FDA approved and is, therefore, not confirmed to be safe for them.

Dermawound Ingredients

Dermawound is an antiseptic ointment that is used to disinfect and, at the same time, relieve pain in minor wounds like little cuts and scrapes. The most active ingredient in the dermawound ointment is benzocaine hydrochloride.

It is the component that blocks nerve signals to the brain, thereby, reducing pain and discomfort caused by a wound. It is basically a numbing ingredient which means too much of it can be fatal. Other ingredients in the Dermawound ointment include Iodine, Glycerin, Deionized Water, Calcium Carbonate, and Sucrose. The implication of this is also that whoever has an allergy to any of the ingredients – iodine and benzocaine, to be precise – should not come in contact with this ointment.

Dermawound should not be applied to wounds that are deep or excessive bleeding without consulting a professional first. Also, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and people who have methemoglobinemia should not use this ointment. Once you have ensured that you can apply dermawound to your skin, clean the injured area gently and then apply a moderate amount. As mentioned above, too much of it can cause complications. After doing this, it is advisable to apply sterile gauze.

 Does DermaWand give permanent results?

Pros of Dermawound Ingredients/Ointments

  • Relieves pain
  • Is an effective disinfectant
  • Non-irritating

Cons of Dermawound Ingredients/Ointments

  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Can have possible side effects
  • Can not be used by everyone for all types of wounds

Dermawound Ingredients: Features And Benefits


Dermawound has been proven to be very effective in wound cleansing. Several reviews have explained how it has been the one to take care of ulcers that they have been battling for years. Also, how it helps to keep their wounds safe from infection until it heals. The reason why this is possible is the presence of Benzethonium Chloride which is known to help in the prevention of bacterial contamination. Therefore, after washing a wound, all you need is this ointment and some gauze, as long as it is a minor injury.

 How do you use DermaWound?


Dermawound does not contain toxic components. The only thing you may have to fear is an allergic reaction to benzethonium or iodine. You will agree that as these are necessary for helping it perform its antiseptic function, there is no other way about it. So, if you know you have allergies to any of these substances, it is best to stay away from the ointment.


Dermawound does its job quickly and effectively, all with minimum discomfort. It cleanses and disinfects in the most gentle way possible. 

Alternatives To Dermawound Ingredients

This is an antiseptic ointment that also contains a local anesthetic. Apart from disinfecting and relieving pain, it also helps to improve dry and irritated skin. In addition, it is a mostly natural mixture, containing ingredients like zinc oxide, camphor, and lavender. This gives it an added benefit as most people will opt for more natural ointments. However, it is also not FDA-approved.

The main ingredients in this cream are phenol and chlorhexidine digluconate. It does the same job as dermawound but is cheaper, probably because it comes in a smaller pack or contains less active ingredients.

This ointment contains Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, Polymoxin B Sulfate, and Pramoxine HCl as its active ingredients, most of which are first aid antibiotics. It also has a no-sting formula which makes it a good choice when you want to avoid pain completely.

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Conclusion On Dermawound Ingredients 

Dermawound ointment is an antiseptic wound cleanser. It is what you need to keep infections at bay from minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It also contains a component that changes the signals that are being sent to the brain, thereby, relieving pain caused by injuries.

Dermawound ingredients include Benzethonium Chloride, which is the component that makes this possible. The Dermawound ointment is something you always want to have at hand or in your first-aid box.

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What is DermaWound?

Dermawound is an ointment for chronic and acute wound care. Its anti-microbial effect can last up to 48hrs.

How do you use DermaWound?

Dermawound can be applied directly on the surface of the wound. It's worthy of note that deeper wounds might need packing and/or coating with gauze.

Does DermaWand give permanent results?

Regardless of product quality, dermaWand does not give a permanent result. Results are however enhanced when used with other products.

Please consult with the vet to ensure you are making the right choices, and that you have the right information.

What is DermaWand used for?

DermaWand claims to reverse the aging signs, providing you with much younger-looking skin.