Looking for a natural pet oral healthcare product? Then, Dentasure Spray is an excellent product to fight cavity, gingivitis and maintain good oral health. Learn why I recommend Dentasure for cat and dog dental care health.

I was desperately trying to brush my dog’s teeth, but he doesn’t want me to do that. And I was struggling hard so that he could prevent any oral diseases. I understood that brushing his teeth is something uncommon for him.

One day, I was browsing, and my eyes ceased on an article on dog’s oral care. I read that at three years of age, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats may have some form of oral disease. And if left untreated, teeth and gums may become infected, creating bacteria which may pass into the bloodstream and infect other parts of the body. In a worry for my Pluto, the very next day I tried hard to brush and clean his teeth, but all in vain.

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray contains a scientific blend of well-known, certified organic ingredients. It includes ingredients that are tested and clinically scrutinize.

I knew that the solution to this problem is available on the internet. So I started looking for oral care products for dogs and found DentaSure. DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray is a brushless solution for multiple dogs and cat dental problems. It is one of the best all-natural oral care product which can prevent periodontal inflammation and infection which may lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney and liver disease, oral cancer and more. Keep reading to know more about DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects and more.

About DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats is a scientifically formulated product. It helps to whiten teeth, freshen breath, reverse gingivitis, remove plaque and tartar buildup, and maintain healthy gums and teeth. It is indeed an affordable, unique, innovative brushless dog/ cat dental treatment.

Dentasure contains all human grade ingredients and includes no harmful alcohol. It has a pleasant taste which your pet won’t resist. The best part thing about this product is that it requires no brushing and no dangerous anesthesia. It works on humans also. This product is available in a bottle containing 118 ml/ 4 oz with a natural taste that your pets will love. About 800 sprays per bottle.

DentaSure For Dogs/ Cats Benefits

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray contains a scientific blend of well-known, certified organic ingredients. It includes ingredients that are tested and clinically scrutinize. The proper combination of these active ingredients delivers a powerful dog dental care formula that is beneficial in the following ways.

  • Helps remove layers of harmful plaque and tartar
  • Strengthen gums and teeth for optimum good health
  • Freshen breath
  • Reverse gingivitis
  • Whiten teeth
  • Protects teeth against harmful cavities

DentaSure Ingredients and How do they really work?

DentaSure oral spray for dogs and cats contain the four most potent ingredients grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, propolis extract, pure Stevia, and Distilled water. Holistic veterinarians and dog dental hygienists recommend this product most often for best dog/ cat dental health.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) – For over 30 years naturopaths, physicians and veterinarians trust this miracle antioxidant ingredient for its various benefits. Derived from organically grown grapefruit, this multiuse ingredient is most frequently used for treating oral infections, plaque/tartar, bad breath and gum problems in both humans and animals.
  • Grape Seed Extract – This amazing, all-natural plant has bioflavonoid that strengthens and protects living tissue. It also helps in healing teeth and gums in animals and humans. Also, this powerful antioxidant strengthens blood vessels, improves skin, aid in blood circulation, and decreases the risk of cancer.
  • Propolis Extract – This natural medicine is a miracle mixture known as Nature’s ultimate antibiotic. The antimicrobial properties in Propolis actively prevent cavities. It protects against tooth decay and other forms of oral disease. Its regular use can also help you prevent winter colds, sore throats, canker sores, and boosts your natural immunity.
  • Pure Stevia – This natural sweetener has no calories, no sugar, no preservatives or any artificial flavors. It has shown to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Also, it helps to improve insulin sensitivity and increase insulin production in diabetic patients.

It does not contain harmful alcohol like grain alcohol (ethyl alcohol), unlike other dog dental health products available on the market. Holistic vets agree that alcohol, even in very small amounts, can damage the liver and kidneys. It can also cause harm to the nerve and may have other harmful effects on dogs and cats.

DentaSure Instructions on how to use

Shake the bottle well before use. Simply spray it on your dog or cat’s teeth directly on the plaque and tartar twice a day for the first month or 2-4 weeks. Thereafter, for maintaining white teeth and healthy gums use this treatment once a day. For best results, apply at least 30 minutes before or after meals. (Detailed instructions for cats and dogs of different sizes are on the label.) With the recommended DentaSure dosage you can watch the ugly plaque and tartar disappear before your eyes.

Is DentaSure Safe For Dogs and Cats?

Yes, DentaSure is all-natural formula made from organic and scientifically proven ingredients which are enitrely safe for human and animal use. Also, there are no reports of any harmful DentaSure side effects from the pet owners. Also, it does not need refrigeration and can last up to six years without losing its effect. It was found to be non-toxic and safe even in doses 4000 times stronger than suggested.

Where to buy DentaSure?

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats – 4 oz is only available online from its official website and some retail affiliates. The best place to buy DentaSure Oral Spray for Dogs and Cats is from its official website naturalwonderpets-store.com because you are assured to get the best price, genuine product and discounts.

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats Price

The official website displays the best price for the product. Its official store has all discounts applied without the need of any coupon code. One bottle 4 oz regular price is $39.95, and currently, you buy it for $29.95.

Is DentaSure Spray available on Amazon?

DentaSure is not available on Amazon. You can buy it from the official website only. However, Amazon carries other similar products which are also suitable for dog and cat dental care.

DentaSure Coupon Codes

DentaSure discount codes, coupon codes and special offers are widely available online for oral spray and all other DentaSure products. Currently, you can avail BOGO offers like Buy 1, Get One Free DentaSure oral spray (4 Oz. Alcohol-free) Bottle. Special offers like Up to 56% Off Dogs & Cats Oral Care Products, Up to $125 on Combo Specials and Get 5% Bonus Point on Your Orders at Natural Wonder Pets are available without any coupon.

DentaSure Before And After Results

You will really be amazed by the before and after pictures showing how efficiently does DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs and Cats works. You can look them online, and several pet owners are proud to post their pet’s healthy gums and teeth. The best way to answer Does DentaSure Really Work is through the before after pictures and customer feedback about the product.

DentaSure Spray Reviews

Pet owners love this product performance and share only positive DentaSure reviews. It is easy to use and cleans teeth effectively. Many pet owners are happy to get rid away from the brush. Most users recommend this product to their friends and relatives. Many users mention seeing visible results and improvement within 1 – 2 weeks of use. Some actual pet owners’ testimonials are

  • Fred bought DentaSure teeth spray for his cat, and after just three days of use, her scary-looking unhealthy brown teeth appears to be a light shade of yellow. He is blown away by its quick result. He is happy to use this all-natural product which has helped his cat’s teeth improve with minimal cost.
  • Robin is pleasantly surprised to find that this product works as advertised. His pets find it far less objectionable than the alcohol-based one which he tried last year. After only three weeks, his dog and three cats all have half the tartar, no more gingivitis, and their teeth continue to improve.
  • Samantha has been using this product for her dog and cat for about two years now. Samantha says it really works. She says it is non-alcoholic and does the job better than any other product. She recommends to her friends, and they love it too.


DentaSure 100% Natural Oral Care Spray is the best product for overall dental care for Dogs and Cats. Considering its number of benefits, organic 100% Natural ingredients, no known adverse side effects and number of positive customer reviews, this is a must-have product for your lovable pet’s dental care.