DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal

DentaSure For Cats/ Dogs contains all natural and certified organic ingredients. It contains no harmful alcohol, preservatives or other artificial flavors. It has a pleasant taste to which your pet won’t refuse.

For anyone who has already tried DentaSure Spray and Gel for dogs and cats, DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal is best of all. This option offers any mix of spray and gel, a complete solution for your pet’s dental health. Keep reading the Reviews on DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal, Side Effects, and more.

About DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray and Gel is truly an affordable, unique and ground-breaking solution for dog/cat dental health care. This is a “brushless” oral care treatment that is easy to use, no harmful anesthesia needed and have noticeable results within weeks. The best part is that it works on humans too. This is because it contains all human grade safe and effective ingredients. DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal – Any Mix of Spray and Gel – 4 oz EA choose below from the options

  • 1 Gel And 5 Sprays
  • 2 Gels And 4 Sprays
  • 3 Gels And 3 Sprays
  • 4 Gels And 2 Sprays
  • 5 Gels And 1 Spray
  • 6 Gels
  • 6 Sprays

DentaSure Benefits

  • Whiten teeth
  • Freshen breath
  • Reverse gingivitis
  • Remove plaque and tartar buildup
  • Maintain healthy gums and teeth

DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal Ingredients

DentaSure For Cats/ Dogs contains all natural and certified organic ingredients. It contains no harmful alcohol, preservatives or other artificial flavors. It has a pleasant taste to which your pet won’t refuse. Both DentaSure Gel and Spray contains Filtered water, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Propolis Extract and Pure Stevia. A natural, kosher, vegan, gluten-free Xanthan Gum is an extra ingredient included in the gel.

DentaSure Directions

This product is easy to use. Just spray or apply the gel directly to the affected teeth, two times a day for the initial month. You will see the noticeable improvement within 2-3 weeks of use. For maintaining healthy teeth, use it as a daily treatment and Spray/ apply it only one time a day. For maximum benefit, use it at least 30 minutes before or after feeding. Shake the DentaSure Spray bottle well before use.

DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal Side Effects

There are no known DentaSure Side Effects mentioned by its manufacturer. Plus, there are no reports of any adverse side effects by pet owners. It contains all natural and organic certified ingredients that are safe for Dogs/ Cats use. It is also great for human use.

DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal Where to Buy?

You can buy DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal – Any Mix of Spray and Gel from its official website or other retail online affiliates. DentaSure Amazon does not carry this product. But it is best to buy DentaSure from its official website as you get the best price, best discount, combo offers, BOGO offers, 30 days money back guarantee plus more.

DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal Coupon codes

DentaSure Discounts, Coupon codes, and special offers are easily available online. You can search for those current offers get 15% off sitewide use code ACCEPT17 and more. Or visit its official website and get the benefit of combo offers, BOGO offers, any mix of spray and gel offers plus more. On its official store, all discounts apply and no coupons needed.

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DentaSure Price

DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal – Any Mix of Spray and Gel regular price is $239.70 but after discount you can buy it for $114.70, saving $125.00. In addition, you can earn 115 reward points too.

Does DentaSure Really Work?

There are many impressive DentaSure Reviews from pet owners. Most pet owners loved the brushless concept of either spray or gel. They say it is easy to use and gives effective results within weeks. Plus, it comes affordable which is great for daily use. Many people appreciate this combo offer – which includes 6 bottles of DentaSure any mix of spray and gel. Plus, the DentaSure before and after pictures available online proves that it really works. Some real customer feedbacks for your ready reference are

  • Pam says her dog’s teeth were thick with a plaque. And to avoid heavy cost and risk of having an old dog putting under anesthesia at vet’s clinic, she tried DentaSure Gel. She followed the directions correctly and used it faithfully for 3 weeks. She noticed the plaque getting softer, which could be actually scratched. So she gave her dog a fresh marrow bone to chew and within 2 days her teeth were awesome. Now she will try it on her kitties.
  • Deborah found this product through a general web search and decided to give it a try. The results were amazing. After only one and a half weeks of using the spray his dog’s more than half of the plaque and the reddened gums have turned to a nice healthy pink. He is happy to see that this product really works.
  • Gentile is using the gel for about a month and the results are visible. The teeth are whiter and the yellow tongue coat is slowly clearing out.


If you regularly use DentaSure Spray/ Gel for your Dogs/ Cats, then you would not like to miss buying the best offer – DentaSure Half-Dozen Deal i.e. 6 bottles of any mix of spray and gel. Buy it today and stock DentaSure for next 6 months.