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Demodex Mites/ Mange symptoms in dogs

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Demodectic Mange

Demodex mites are the reasons for the skin condition is known by the name of red mange in dogs and cats alike. This is also known by the name of follicular mange or puppy mange. The Demodex mites either get themselves embedded into the skin of the pet or to the hair. As the mites number increases the dogs will find it itchy and irritating which generally leads to a skin infection.

As mentioned above Demodectic mange is also known as red mange, follicular mange, and puppy mange as it is mainly seen in younger dogs. The exact class of the mites would be Demodex canis. The mites can be noticed to be a similar structure to that of an alligator. They actually live under the follicles of the dogs. This is phenomenon is mainly caused due to the underdevelopment or as a result of the suppression of the immune system. This condition therefore has no relation to the house setting or the environment in which the dogs lives in. this is precisely why is it is found in younger dogs.

Symptoms related to Demodex mites infection

There are many symptoms which can be noticed to know whether your pet is affected by Demodex mite infected. These are the following symptoms which can be seen by dogs affected:

  • Demodectic mange always is accompanied with sever itchiness which is mainly caused by the yeast infections which accompanies the Demodex mites in dogs. The main results are loss of hair, scabbing and sores on the skin.
  • Mild fevers are another symptom which is related to Demodectic mange. Loss of appetite and lethargy are some of the other symptoms which accompany Demodex mite infection.
  • Vulnerable to diseases as Demodectic mite infection is a result of a poor immune system. This can lead to a lot of disease being faced by the dog.
  • It is also results in leathery skin and thick ear discharges especially in cats.

Treatment for Demodectic Mange

There are a lot of options to consider while taking up an action for treating Demodectic mange. The traditional treatment which is considered for treatment is to dip the dog in a powerful chemical pesticide which kills off the mites but also results in decreased body temperature, vomiting, diarrhea and so on.

The next treatment option includes lime sulfur dips which are characterized by a strong and pungent smell but is however an all-natural treatment mode. The ingredients used in the mixture are topical neem and cedar oil. Homeopathic treatments are also every effective against Demodectic mange. It can be followed by consulting a vet trained in homeopathic medication. There are many options in homeopathic medicines for the cure of mange in dogs. It is available online at attractive prices.

Demodex mites in dogs is a serious condition which has to be taken care of fast as it can weaken the immune system in the dogs which can lead to fatal medical conditions. Demodectic mange however is treatable with the right medicines without triggering any side effects.

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