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DailySure Multi-Herbal – Essential Herbal Extract for DOGS – Functional Food Drops

Now keep your dog “disease-proof” within a few months and add more years to its life. Daily sure multi-herbal functional drops for dogs serve all the essential daily vitamins and minerals. Want to know more about this unique product then stay tuned. Here is a detailed review of Daily Sure Multi-Herbal Multi-System Essential extract for dogs, ingredients, features, benefits, side effects & much more.

What is Daily Sure Multi-Herbal Multi-System Essential extract for dogs?

Daily sure is a herbal preparation that contains unique herbs and organic extracts. The scientifically proven formulation helps to boost the immune system, support the organs, promote the circulatory system, and offer a wide range of other benefits.

DAILY Sure Multi-Herbal – Essential Herbal Extract For Dogs

Read this article about daily sure multi-herbal functional food drops for dogs &  help your pet to stay healthy and get all the essential nutrients.

Ingredients used in dailySure Multi-Herbal

  • Turmeric Root – boosts the immune system
  • Dandelion Root – acts as a diuretic
  • Fenugreek seeds – helps in improving the coat and supplies essential antioxidants
  • Hawthorn berry – helps to improve the digestive system and promote the circulatory system
  • Bermuda grass – excellent health tonic used since centuries
  • Milk thistle seed – offers support to the bones, teeth and improves cognitive functions
  • Shitake mushroom – helps to repair damages and boost immunity
  • Ginko biloba leaf – excellent detoxifier and support liver functions
  • Wheat grass – supports healthy digestive tract and cardiovascular functions
  • Astralgus root – great for providing relief from nasal congestion

Dosage of Daily Sure Multi-Herbal Multi-System Essential extract for dogs

Following is the dosage for dogs and pups

  • Under 10 lbs. – 1/2 dropper daily
  • 11 to 20 lbs. – 1 dropper daily
  • 21 to 60 lbs. – 2 droppers daily
  • 61 to 100 lbs. – 3 droppers daily
  • Over 100 lbs. – 4 droppers daily

Use One “dropper” (equals one squeeze of the black bulb (1.0mL), which fills the pipette about half full) twice a day with wet food for best results. Refrigerate after opening the product to protect its potency and purity. Give DailySureTM for a lifetime; however, make sure to keep away for 2 consecutive days out of each week.

Daily sure functional drops for dogs – side effects

This product contains organic and all natural ingredients. All the ingredients are extracted using full spectrum method to ensure the potency levels. They are safe for use, especially for long-term use and do not cause any side effects. This is the best supplement ever made for dogs and you can ever buy a similar product for cats from the official website.

Where to buy Daily Sure Multi-Herbal Multi-System Essential extract for dogs

This product is available at and is not available elsewhere. You cannot find this product on Amazon, eBay or any other nutrition stores. You get this product at a price listed on the official website and no coupons are available for the same.

Daily Sure Multi-Herbal Multi-System Essential extract for dogs Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the product, then you can choose to return the same within 30 days for a full refund option. You will get your money back less shipping and handling charges. However, read the official website for more details.

Daily Sure Multi-Herbal Multi-System Essential extract for dogs reviews

This product has many reviews and great feedback from various customers. Many holistic practitioners and naturopaths recommend this product, as they believe that this is an excellent health tonic for dogs.

  • “My dog is getting all the essential nutrients through this simple and easy to administer the product.”
  • “Quite expensive for the size, but worth buying for the benefits it has to offer. Moreover, I find that the number of vet visits has come down after using this product.”

Conclusion: There are many health supplements available in the market and not all are worth buying. If you are looking for a real supplement that actually works and supplies all health benefits, then Daily sure functional drops for dogs is the best bet.


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  • Daily Essential Herbal Nutrients
  • Disease-proof your Dog


  • DailySure can be given for a lifetime, but for best results WITHHOLD for 2 consecutive days out of each week.

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