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DailySure Multi-Herbal Essential Herbal Extract- 1Dog 1 Cat

DailySure Multi-Herbal Essential Herbal Extract

The DailySure Multi-herbal is an essential herbal extract that can cleanse their system and also nourish them by providing the nutrients.

We all love to live long and healthy. We would like to have our wards or the pets to longer so that they can really enjoy the life. It is hard to maintain good health in such polluted environment. No matter what, we all are exposed to toxins all around us. The most we can do for our pets is to keep their good health in the green area. For their maintenance you will need to go natural and rely on herbal products to reduce their further exposure to chemicals.

The DailySure Multi-herbal is an essential herbal extract that can cleanse their system and also nourish them by providing the nutrients. It helps them maintain their health and also to counter any diseases or disorders they are encountering. Let us find out what is DailySure and how it works for the benefit of the dogs and cats.

What is DailySure Multi—Herbal?

DailySure Multi-Herbal is a herbal extract formula that can provide the needed essential nutrients for the dogs and cats that they are lacking with their domestication. The domestication of the animals poses this one threat that erode them of their chances or getting the natural nutrients.

The diet that we feed them lacks many of the nutrients unless you are sign extremely cautious ands careful with their diet. DailySure Multi-Herbal provides the daily portion of those nutrients that improve the pets’ health tremendously and faster.

Benefits of using DailySure for dogs and cats

As mentioned above, DailySure provides the daily nutrients for the pets. the herbs chosen here can affect and improve a wide range of internal organs and maintains their working and functions. The frequent illnesses, premature ageing etc that are seen in the pets can be reduced with the help of this daily supplement.

  • It is a liquid formula that is easy for administration and convenient for mixing it with the food or water for the pets.
  • There are several herbs that can benefit the pets in any ways than one. There are anti-inflammatory agents, antimicrobial, antioxidants, pain killers etc that work on a multitude of ways.
  • It improves the digestive system, detoxify the blood and body, boost the immune system, sharpen the brain , provides more energy for the pets , etc.
  • DailuSure works faster to bring you positive results and good health within 90 days
  • DailySure could cure minor disorders inside the body and can also maintain the good health.
  • Being a fully natural product there are no chances of side effects on the dogs or cats. The extraction is full spectrum which helps avoid any negative impact on the pets.
  • Finally, DailySure is suitable for dogs as well as for cats.

DailySure Multi-Herbal ingredients

DailySure is a plethora of nutrients in various forms. There are 10 herbs added for the formula but each of them are highly medicinal in value and possess multiple uses for the health.

Turmeric root is one of the most miraculous herbs in the nature. It has got several medicinal powers that make sit useful for almost every disease and disorder. Turmeric has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory properties and much more. It can receive the pain from arthritis and reduce the inflammations. It can fight atherosclerosis by deactivating the platelet activating factor. Turmeric can help in the detoxification process and also for the digestion of complex molecules. Turmeric prevents the gallstone formation by regulating the cholesterol levels. It can be an answer for the pets’ food allergies. It reduces plaque formation and bad breath.

Dandelion root is a liver tonic. It can promote the bile production helps in the cleansing of the liver. The extract is also helpful in treating liver diseases like fatty liver. The bile production also promotes proper digestion in the cats and dogs. The herb has anti-cancer property to fight the growth of cancerous cells. It helps in the detoxification process also. It can prevent the conversion of cholesterol into gall stones. Dandelion root can prevent many food allergies. It promotes oral health by reducing bad breath and gingivitis. It is diuretic in nature and promotes urination without causing much potassium. Dandelion has skin benefits that reduce eczema and promotes good health for the skin and coat.

Burdock root extract is one of the powerful blood purifiers in the nature. It contains several nutrients and minerals a polysaccharide named inulin. Inulin can increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium from the food. Inulin supports the probiotic bacteria in the gut and regulate the digestive system functions. It can fight hypoglycaemia and diabetes. It supplies many of the nutrients for the dog’s body. Burdock root extract can support the functions of gall bladder, kidneys and liver in cats. There are vitamins, mucilage, hemicellulose, neotigogens, choline, yamogenin, gitogenin, diogeniin , etc.

Other Major Ingredients

Fenugreek seeds are important for the blood sugar level. The herb is a natural blood sugar regulator that has insulin like property. It can regularise the blood sugar level, cholesterol and the blood pressure to maintain smooth blood flow. It can promote the good cholesterol HDL thereby keeping a check on the total cholesterol level. there are several polysaccharides, tannin, pectin and saponins from the extract that can bind to the toxins from the food and eliminate them before it affects the dog;s body. Fenugreek seed extract coma protect the mucus membrane of the dogs and cats’s intestine and can also prevent certain types of cancer.

Hawthorn berry extract is highly important for the heart health. it can promote heart health as well as improve the blood flow. This herb can act as a tonic for the cardiovascular health. The herb affects the blood pressure and regulates it. It can maintain an optimal level of the blood pressure and avoid the peaks and low. It regularises the heartbeat. Hawthorn berry extract can strengthen the weak heart muscles and reduce inflammations in and around. It clears the arteriosclerosis and the condition of nervous heart.

Milk Thistle seed extract is a natural detoxifier. It can promote the detoxification prices by the liver and increase the blood flow. It supports liver health by boosting the tissue regeneration of the liver cells and by counter acting the toxins that affect the liver. This extract can treat inflammations in the liver like liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and hepatitis. it can affect the blood lipids and balances their normal level.

Shiitake mushroom has been used in the Chinese medicine for a long time. It contains several amino acids and immune boosting components. It regulates the immune system as per requirement. Shiitake mushroom can boost the immunity as well as reduce it when needed. It has inhibiting effects on cancer causing cell. It also promotes the growth of the cell that fight cancer. This mushroom can regulate the cholesterol levels and support the cardiovascular system. It prevents clogging of the blood vessels and allows smooth blood flow through the veins.

Ginkgo leaf extract has been used as a general health tonic from the ancient times. It can work to re-energize the body and mind. It improves the blood supply to the brain and is powerful enough to reduce the decline in the cognitive health. The improvement in the blood circulation receives the lethargy or fatigue faced by the pets. It can also improve the memory power of whoever taking it. Ginkgo is an asset for the cardiovascular system and reduces the diseases caused. It reduces the chances of premature death due to heart related diseases. It has got the ginkgolides that can inhibit the allergic reactions in the body and can counter the respiratory disorders.

Wheatgrass is an excellent blood purifier that eliminates all sorts of impurities and toxins from it. It contains several vitamins, minerals and the nutrients. Wheatgrass extract can alkalise the body pH by supplying the needed calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. It also provides several essential digestive enzymes that can correct the digestion problems. There also are the enzymes like transhydrogenase that helps in the maintenance of heart health. It has 19 amino acids that help in the building of various proteins. it is also well known to prevent cataract in dogs. It is rich in antioxidants that could reduce the oxidative damage of the body cells.

Astragalus root extract is a natural adaptogen that helps the body to cope with stress and minimise the impact. It helps the pets to deal with anxiety, trauma, fatigue and general stress. Astragalus root extract helps in the balancing on the hormones that can usually go haywire. It helps prevent and reduce the allergic reactions by boosting the general immunity of the dogs and cats. Astragalus root extract can even deal with cancerous cells and prevent is growth. It normalises the blood pressure as well. It has antioxidants to reduce the ageing process that is triggered by the stress hormones and prolong the life of the pets.

DailySure Multi-Herbal dosage

DailySure Multi-Herbal is suitable for all dogs and cats. It can be served to the kittens and puppies also. The dosage depends on the size of the dog or cat. Dosage increases with the body weight. The DailySure Multi-Herbal is a liquid formation so the product comes in a bottle that has a dropper-cap.

DailySure for cats and kittens

The cats and kittens that weight 6 pounds or less can have just half a dropper of the dailySure liquid. The dosage is for daily, once.

  • Cats that weigh 6-15 lbs need 1 dropper full of the supplement, once daily
  • Cats that weigh over 16 lbs can have 2 droppers full of the supplement on daily basis.

DailySure for dogs and puppies

  • Puppies that are under 10 pounds in eight can have 1/2 a dropper of the supplement.
  • Dogs that are small and weigh anywhere between 11-20 lbs will need one dropper full of the liquid herbal extract.
  • Medium sized dogs that are 21-60 lbs in weight can take 2 droppers full daily.
  • Larger digs that are 61 to 100 lbs will require 3 droppers of DailySure daily.
  • Heavier dogs that are over 100 lbs can have 4 droppers of liquid daily.

You need to administer the daily dose for up to 90 days to have the clear results. The product comes in a glass bottle that needs refrigeration once it is opened.

When using for a long time, take 2 continuous days off in every week. so give them the dosage from Monday to Friday and take off days on Saturdays and Sundays.

How does DailySure Multi-Herbal work?

Many of the diseases and symptoms that the dogs and cats show may be due to nutrient deficiency. Their body is tuned to show certain symptoms whether is a lack of certain nutrients. We diagnose it as diseases. But more often than not, these diseases can be controlled with proper nutrition.

DailySure provides that nutrition to the pets to maintain their health. It fulfills any deficiency they are facing and can also rectify many malfunctioning happening inside them.

DailySure works by supplying the nutrients and doing the repair works inside the cats and dogs’ body. It not only rectifies but also maintains the good health and proper functioning. It detoxifies the body and re-instate several essential components back in their bodies.

DailySure Multi-Herbal 1 Dog 1 Cat

You can buy DailySure from the makers directly. there, you can get discounts or sale as per the season for a better deal for the product. Here is an option for the pet owners who have a cat and a dog. They offer the DailySure 1 Dog 1 Cat offer to have the good health of these 2 pets at the same time.

Though you will get products marked for dogs and cats separate, both have the same ingredients and formulation. It is only convenient to have separate bottles for them.

The need for DailySure for your dogs and cats

As much as the OTC medicines are fast working, they do have their drawbacks in causing side effects and exposing the pets to various chemicals that can later turn into toxins. DailySure not only does not cause any side effects or introduce toxins to the poets’ body, but can eliminate such toxins and impurities for the dog and cat bodies.

DailySure is easy to take in and can be absorbed faster than the pills and capsules. The liquid form is easily absorbed without fail.

Moreover, DailySure is needed in smaller quantity than most other liquid supplements. While you would need more than one dose daily to get best results for the products, DailySure dosage is once daily and you are done. The extract here is powerful to have only one dose per day. There are no side effects of using DailySure and is easily mixed with the dog food or cat food.


You will need DailySure if you are relying too much on the readymade food for your pets. It would lack the needed nutrients and can also introduce many chemicals into their system. DailySure helps in getting rid of these toxic substances and cleanse their systems.

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