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Critterzone air naturalizer & Purifier Reviews – UK, Canada

CritterZone has come up with an innovative technology named Air Naturalizers, to eliminate the unpleasant odors in any confined area or room. The CritterZone Air Purifier is capable of reducing the pet odors from any enclosed spaces. It can remove the chemical smell from new paint, furniture, cleaning agents or detergents, vinegar smell, cooking smell, etc.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer – CritterZone Air Purifier

CritterZone Air Naturalizer is a blessing for those who use it. CritterZone is one the best Air Restore Naturalizer with Organic Air Technology SystemCritterZone Air Restore Reviews specifies that it is beneficial in small as well as larger rooms. It has effectively removed any unpleasant smell or odor from the room within no time.

Be it the cage linen, litter box or the dog house, CritterZone air Naturalizer keeps the air clean and safe. It can eliminate all nasty smell that permeates the home for a longer time. Thus helps is making it a welcoming place for every person. We can place the air Naturalizer on the socket as a permanent fixture for regular air cleaning or can be of temporary use, switching it on only when necessary. The temporary use is also as effective as a long-term usage.

Read on to know more about Air restore reviews and Critterzone air Naturalizer reviews that will nudge providing a brighter outlook. Of course, I always honest air restore reviews or critterzone reviews from you any time.

What all can Air Naturalizer eliminate?

The CritterZone Air Purifier is capable of eliminating the pet odors from any confined areas. It can remove the chemical smell from new paint, furniture, cleaning agents or detergents, vinegar smell, cooking smells etc. All the scents are due to the presence of chemical vapors, and the CritterZone air Naturalizer depletes these vapors.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer – The Benefits

The benefits of CritterZone air Naturalizer are that it is easily portable. It is tiny so that we can plug it anywhere without distracting the pets and does not produce any harmful chemicals while working. It works very silently and effectively. A small unit can cover an area of 800 sq ft, perfect for a small apartment. A car adapter is available for its working inside the moving vehicle, which is beneficial when taking the pets for an outing and can still have fresh and odorless environment inside.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer – No Filter

The No Filter feature in CritterZone Air Naturalizer may surprise everyone. Well, the answer is, the technology of Mother Nature itself. In nature, there are no filters to create pure and fresh air. The natural breaking down of particles does not need any filters. Filters are means of storing the useless things that we can remove later while cleaning. Mostly these filters will not destroy the contaminants but only remove it from the vicinity.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer – No Chemical

The lack of chemical usage is the most admirable feature of CritterZone air purifiers. It not only avoids chemicals but successfully eliminates any traces of chemicals from the air as well. The machine does not emit any chemicals but only charges the air particles that have the natural ability to clean the air. The sunlight does the process naturally, and the purifying particles are charged to undergo a series of chemical processes to destroy any contaminant from the air. All chemical vapors from the various solutions and items, molds and mildew spores, pet odors, etc. are all wiped out to give a clean and fresh air.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer – Some drawbacks

The main drawback of CritterZone Air Naturalizer is that it converts the oxygen molecule into ozone. Though the ozone amount is negligible, the odor of it is sometimes notable in smaller areas but unnotable in larger cities. But these are no disadvantages when we compare the effectiveness in reducing strong odors inside any closed areas. But remember, this is no substitute for regular cleaning.

CritterZone has come up with an innovative technology named Air Naturalizers, to eliminate the unpleasant odors in any confined area or room. The closed indoors are the usual hub for many air contaminants, allergens and other chemicals coming from the many household items, furniture, cleaning products, etc. The air circulation inside has its limitations in removing these chemicals and using other chemical methods is also not advisable.

What the CritterZone Air Naturalizer does is to charge the airborne particles, so that it reacts with others and cause the breaking down of all the chemical and non-chemical particles in the air. The same process is occurring naturally by the sunlight, but due to lack of the same, indoor air particles are not destroyed in the same manner. The success behind the air Naturalizers is the features that are helping the process. It is not rocket science, but the simple, no filter, no natural chemical process.

How does CritterZone air restore air Naturalizer work?

CritterZone air Naturalizer for air purification is an excellent addition to the households, offices, schools, and cars to have clean air throughout. The machine can be plugged-in directly on to the wall socket or with the help of a cord.  We can keep it anywhere there is smelly stale air, and it will clean the air within a few minutes. It may be of use both as a temporary solution and as permanent long-term use.  We must wipe the air Naturalizer occasionally to keep it clean.

Air restoration is the process of degrading the chemical and no chemical contaminants in the air. Thus improves the quality of the indoor air. CritterZone adopts a technology, electrostatic technology, to restore the smelly and stale indoor air with fresh and clean air. The critical thing to note is that there is no use of filters that works mechanically and will need frequent cleaning or replacement. Air restoration requires more than air cover up, and long-term maintenance of healthy breathing air is essential for healthy living.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer

CritterZone has come up with a small and compact Air Naturalizers of size 4 ½ x 3 x 2 ½ inches. They are available in two varieties wall unit and corded units. They are portable and will fit into any space. Though it is tiny, it is powerful enough to clean the air around 800 sq ft. Be it the litter box, wet dogs, smelly linens, stinky pet beds, irritating cleaning chemicals, CritterZone air Naturalizer can eliminate any odor within minutes.

Things to Note

We should use the machine on high mode for maximum naturalization on an unclean home or room. CritterZone Air Naturalizing System reactivates the indoor air to clean itself, and as the air gets cleaned, the chemical reactions slow down. And then we can turn the machine to the low mode for regular cleaning. It can also work on a temporary basis, plug it in, and clean the air instantly.  But this will work only in rooms that are already in a clean state. And when we switch on the machine for the first time, it must be kept in low mode and slowly increase it to medium and later to high style, giving 24 hrs in between the settings.

Where to plug-in CritterZone?

This air restore air Naturalizer easy to plug-in to the electric socket near the area where the pet odor is more, near the kennel, urine, feces, pet food, or cages. Though the equipment is capable of purifying an area of 800 sq ft, it is better to keep near to the area of maximum contamination. The machine will energize the air particles to break down the odor-causing chemicals thus eliminating any unpleasant smell from the area. For continual odor elimination, it is advisable to keep a single unit for each confined area. Set the machine dial to low, once the air is naturalized,

How safe is Critterzone?

The Critterzone air purification system is a small wall unit that it does not distract the pet or disturb it. It does not produce any chemicals making it safe to use in any indoor living spaces. Care must be taken that the electric socket is grounded correctly to avoid any mishaps. The machine is quiet at work and does not disturb anyone. Though the unit is small, it is powerful enough to remove odor from linens or any other surface inside the room or home. The resultant air will be fresh, pure, and clean. Get this air naturalizing unit for clean air for all in the family from old to babies and for the pets themselves.

Critterzone air Naturalizer is a small unit that we can plug into the wall adapter and see that it eliminates all odors and chemicals from the air and thus make it pure and safe to breathe. Air purification and naturalization are different. Air naturalization is a process where the impurities and toxic chemicals in the air are thrown out entirely rather than entrapping them in filters. The Critterzone is applying the same technology in removing pet odors from home, cars, and offices. Pet odor can be troubling, and people find it difficult to deal with it in a more extended period. But the Critterzone pet odor Naturalizer is just what the pet owners need to keep the indoor air fresh and clean.

How does Critterzone air Naturalizer work?

The technology behind the naturalization is to energize the allergens and odor causing chemicals to break down on its own to form non-harmful chemicals or compounds. Since the naturalization is also occurring naturally, there will be charged elements in the air that can purify the air. But some will be standing idle. The Critterzone air restore air Naturalizer put these elements to work and do the breaking down process. Once these elements are at work, there are a series of chemical reaction unlit the air is completely purified.

The Critterzone air naturalizing unit works on the concept as the sunlight purifies the air outside. It energizes the natural air purifying particles to do the job. Thus initiates the chain of reaction where the contaminant chemicals in the air will deplete into harmless, odorless particles. The process will last for as long as the air is contaminated. To remove any excreta odor, clean the surface as recommended and plug-in the air Naturalizer unit nearby. All fragrances will be wiped off within no time.

Critterzone – The Working Mechanism

The working mechanism behind this air Naturalizer is that to energize the particles in the air that have the natural ability to clean the air. These charged particles will start a series of chemical reactions. These reactions are the breaking down of any contaminant chemicals in the air and making it breathing friendly.

Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic technology is to generate electrically charged airborne particles that are electrostatically attracted to other charged particles. These will undergo chemical reactions that go on continuously for a while. These reactions often create ozone but only in a small amount that is not harmful. As the responses are on, there will be different types of odors that depend on the contaminants. The process goes on until the whole room is purified.

How long my Critterzone air Naturalizer last?

These chemical reactions may prolong depending on the number of contaminants and the size of the area. An old house or office building might need immense air cleaning. The whole process of naturalization might be longer than usual. A single unit of Critterzone air Naturalizer can clean the air of 800 sq ft area. Once the area is free of contaminants, it will still work to keep the air energized to make itself efficient to clean. The atmosphere is ready to meet any more of the pollutants.

Just plug in the Critterzone air Naturalizer to the electric socket and watch the magic. There might be some smell around when it is switched on, but that is due to the chemical reactions that have started. Any odor from the pets will be neutralized immediately. If any accidents happen, we can wash the carpet of the linen. And the air Naturalizer will do the rest of the work to keep the air fresh and safe.

CritterZone has come up with a unique technology to eliminate the odors, chemicals, and allergens from the indoor air and to provide a fresher, cleaner air to breathe in. The process is air naturalization and not simply purification. Many of the purifiers entrap the odor-causing agents inside the filter or in the chemical sprays. These are most likely to stay inside and do not make the air cleaner. CritterZone has created two types of air Naturalizer wall plug-ins and corded units.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer Wall Units

The wall units are easy to handle. We can fix near any odor causing source or area without troubling the way or making any distractions for the people or pets. The unit is so small that one can wonder if it can do a bigger job or not. But there are no worries; it is useful beyond expectations. It does not make any noise and works quietly.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer Corded Units

The corded units are as same as the wall units but have a cord that runs for 10 foot. The long cord helps to keep the Naturalizer unit in places where it is difficult to reach. Pets reach almost everywhere in the home, and all those places will need naturalization. The small groups are capable of eliminating stronger odors that naturally exist when there are pets around.

CritterZone Travel Kit

The travel kit is convenient to take anywhere on the go. The package includes a corded air Naturalizer, a car adapter to keep the inside of the car clean and fresh, and a blue velvet carrying bag to keep everything inside.

The car adapter and the cord is also available separately, though the 10 ft cord comes along the pack of the cord unit.

What does the Air Naturalizer do?

The CritterZone air Naturalizer emits certain charged elements into the air that makes the air particles charged so that it lives up to its natural ability to purify the air. The charged particles will trigger a series of chemical reactions where the contaminant chemicals in the air are broken down making the air pure and safe for breathing.

A clean air to breathe is the better way to good health. If the breathing air is not pure, it can cause more problems. It contains many allergens, odors, chemical vapors from many items at home, which are sometimes harmful. Since a good part of a person’s day is confined to indoors most of the time, the air quality is essential. The wall plug-in air Naturalizer from Critterzone is the most natural and most effective method to eliminate any pet odor.

Critterzone Air Naturalizer V/s Air restore air Naturalizer

Choosing an air purifier is not a luxury, its basic requirement which needs to be completed at the earliest. Be it your apartment, a villa or a mini-van; it is vital that you get rid of polluted air. It’s because the air that you breathe. Currently many products in the market promise fresh and crisp air for you to breathe. Zeroing in is the hard part. So here are the top two products Critterzone air Naturalizer Vs. Air Restore air Naturalizer that are crossing swords to be on the top position.

To be fair, they are just two products that have the same functions which include the design too which looks similar. But some minor features make one above the other. Here are they.

  1. Air restore air Naturalizer vs. Critterzone air Naturalizer – Airrestore USA DEALERS:

While Air restore air Naturalizer can be bought via limited dealership only, Critterzone air Naturalizer, on the other hand, is readily available with some of the important marketing websites such as Amazon. It adds up a point to Critterzone because you can find genuine reviews from people not just from your neighborhood but all over the USA.

  1. Air restore air Naturalizer vs. Critterzone air Naturalizer – EXTRAS:

While Air restore air Naturalizer gives you limited products, Critterzone, on the other hand, comes with some extras such as travel pack, power cord, etc. that gives you an extra edge. If you tend to travel frequently, then travel pack works best for you. An additional travel bag will make your job easier of carrying it around.

  1. Air restore air Naturalizer vs. Critterzone air Naturalizer – Airrestore PRICE:

Everyone wants an economically priced product. When you tend to compare Air restore air Naturalizer and Critterzone, the latter has the upper hand for a simple reason – cheap. Air restore air Naturalizer comes at a slightly high price even though the features are quite the same as Critterzone. It is one of the reasons why people ask for Critterzone than air restore air Naturalizer.

Air restore air Naturalizer reviews Vs. Critterzone air Naturalizer reviews

One of the best things I love about a product is its reviews. It helps me to get a proper perspective about an item I had just zeroed in. Here are some of the Air restore reviews and Critterzone reviews.

Air restore air Naturalizer reviews 1:

A buyer from Florida says that he had friends over for snow crab boil. After the party was over, he put the shells and went away for a couple of days. The day he returned he felt someone died in his pantry. He plugged in the air restore air Naturalizer, and after an hour the stink was gone entirely.

Airrestore air Naturalizer reviews 2:

Another Air restore review is from a girl who had invited her friend for a cuppa coffee. She was apprehensive because her friend is suffering from the cat allergy. However, after plugging in Air restore air Naturalizer, her friend hung out for more than 5 hours without any allergic reactions.

Here are two of the reviews that people have to say about Critterzone air Naturalizer.

Critterzone air Naturalizer reviews 1: Airrestore Amazon Review

Taken from one of the leading marketing sites – Amazon, a buyer claims Critterzone was more than useful in eliminating the ammonia smell that his pets left around all over the home. Though he was hesitant at first, he has now installed Critterzone all around his house.

Critterzone air Naturalizer reviews 2:

Now this one is a combo of mixed reviews. While one say that the customer service provides top quality help, another one has the opposite to say. Another person claims that the unit’s switch broke within two days and though they got it fixed, the user claims that its a straightaway ozone generator and not an air purifier.

Bottom line about air restore air purifier

Both the product works best for you and has similar features, but if you are looking for an economical product, I say what the heck, buy Critterzone air Naturalizer. However, if you can afford Air restore, go ahead with it.

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