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Composure Pro Bite Sized Chews For Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats are surprisingly faster to respond to stress and anxiety with the slightest change in the environment. The Composure Pro bite-sized chews help these pets calm and adapt to the changes. These bite-sized chews are a calming formula that supports the fight against stress. It does not affect the emotional balance of the pets in any way. It contains only the natural components that aid the body to reduce stress-related compounds and increase that are beneficial.

Benefits of Composure Pro bite-sized chews

  • The Composure Pro bite-sized chews calm the pets without making them drowsy. It does not affect the nerves but reduces the increased production of the stress-related compounds.
  • It is highly useful in those dogs and cats that are too responsive to the environmental stress such as a new home or apartment, other animals in the house, deficiency of fresh air and sunlight, a slight change in daily routine, parties, and vacations.
  • Composure treats for dogs & cats are also helpful in preventing the stress, urination, and defecation.
  • The pets will also be able to cope with the presence of strangers.

Composure Pro Bite-Sized Chews For Dogs & Cats

Composure Pro bite-sized chews is an effective way to control the anxiety related behavioral disorders in dogs. Composure Pro bite-sized chews calm the pets without making them drowsy. It does not affect the nerves but reduces the increased production of the stress-related compounds.

Ingredients in Composure Pro bite-sized chews

Composure Pro bite-sized chews are made of colostrum proteins, L-Theanine, thiamine (vitamin B1), and tryptophan. There are inactive ingredients as well. They are canola oil, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, glycerin, rosemary extract, soy lecithin, and silicon dioxide, proprietary blend of altodextrin, brewer’s yeast, sodium alginate, and calcium sulfate.

All these are naturally taking part in de-stress process inside the body. By providing them additionally the stress levels will be reduced and that is shown in their behavior. These ingredients will not affect the pets in any other ways or by inducing drowsiness.

It comes as bone shaped chews to fancy the pets. It is added with chicken liver flavor to attract them.

Using Composure Pro For Dogs

Composure Pro for dogs can be served as a dietary supplement daily. The dosage is dependent on the pet’s size/weight. The number of chews per day increases with the body weight of it. the numbers are 1, 2 and 3 for the pets that weigh 26-50, 51-100 and over lbs respectively.

It can also be given as an instant calmer under highly stressed conditions. Composure Pro Bite dosage may also be increased twice or thrice depending on the situations.

Composure Pro bite-sized chews dosage

Composure Pro bite-sized chews are available in a pack that contains 60 chews. Use Composure Pro bite-sized chews for at least a month to have the right effects. A single pack may last for 1-2 months depending on the dosage for one pet.

Composure Pro bite-sized chews side effects

There are no side effects, reported until now. Further, check the site for more related info.

Composure Pro bite-sized chews reviews

Overall, the product has received 4 stars out of 5. Further, listed below are few honest reviews for your reference. This could help you at making a bright decision towards this bit sized chews…

  • Review 1 says “5 stars! For me, it’s really a good deal for dogs suffering from anxiety.”
  • Review 2 says “I will continue purchasing this for my dog. He just loves it…”
  • Review 3 says “No worries, absolutely safe!”


Composure Pro bite-sized chews dietary supplement is not safe for pregnant and nursing pets. Pets that are intended for breeding should also stay away from this calming formula.

Composure Pro bite-sized chews are not treats. It is only a dietary supplement to improve the health of the pets.

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  • Veterinarian Approved
  • Appetizing chicken liver flavor

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