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Chewzie chewz dog barbell toy and treat

Chewzie dog refills are the refill packs that contain rawhide chews for the dog. These refills go into the Chewzie dog barbell. These barbells can take one rawhide ring on each side of it. The dogs can chew them on safely to relieve their stress or boredom. These are natural and stay safe for the pets. These refills are available in 3 sizes to suit the size of the dogs. It is a natural and fun way to engage the pets and that also prevents them from biting or chewing on the wrong things.

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About Chewzie dog barbell & Chewzie dog refills

First of all, if you have a Chewzie dog barbell, you need to have this refill pack to keep your pet engaged. The dogs can chew on them and eat it with no concerns. For those who are new to this, Chewzie dog barbell is nothing but a dumbbell-shaped toy that carries one ring each on either side of it.

The barbell is made of vanilla flavored rubber and sturdy nylon that is safe for the pets. They are available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large for the suitably sized dogs to play with. The rings can be screwed into the space provided so that it does not slip out of it. The dogs are also able to chew these rings.

The rings that go into the barbell spaces are rawhides which are a natural and safe for the dogs. The Chewzie dog refills carry 16 rawhide rings in it. There would be 4 such rings that come with the barbell but when they get over, you need to have these Chewzie dog refills of rawhide rings.

What is rawhide?

Rawhide is the animal hide or skin taken from cow and horses. The animal hide is cleaned and cut into smaller pieces. These pieces are later pressed and flattened into the form of chewable treats, for the dogs. To add interest, these can also be flavored.

Rawhides are considered one of the natural and safe items as dog chews. Dogs need more fun and playtime to let them relieve stress or anxiety. They can easily get bored and they start finding ways to get rid of boredom. There are many toys for them to pass their time. These toys may not always be safe for them. Rawhides pose no health hazards of that kind and are safe and completely digestible as well.

Benefits of Chewzie dog refills

  • Chewzie dog fills are completely natural rawhides.
  • Rawhides keep the dogs engaged and also helps maintain clean dental health.
  • The flavored rawhides would prolong the chewing that discourages them from destructive chewing
  • It can stimulate the dog to be mentally alert.
  • It is also a fun way to have strong jaws, cleaner teeth, and fresher breath.
  • Chewzie dog refill can be used for the Chewzie dog barbells and also for the Chewzie dog propeller. Each of these is made in different shaped to make the dogs fun time more interesting. These refill rings would easily go into these toys.

Chewzie dog barbell refills availability

The Chewzie dog barbell refill is available in 3 sizes- small, medium, and large.

  • Small is size A that suits for small dogs like pugs, Jack Russel, Yorkie etc.
  • Medium is size B that is suitable for Beagle, Border Colie, Spaniel etc.
  • Large sized rings are for large sized dogs such as Retriever, Shepherd, Boxer and comes as size C

It is important to choose the right-sized chews for your pet. The rawhides can soak easily when the dogs lick them. This makes them soft.

Make sure that the chews are large enough so that it does not fit completely in the pet’s mouth.

Safety of Chewzie dog refills

Rawhides being a natural product are favored more over the other synthetic chew toys. The rawhides are viewed also as a vulnerable product owing ti the fact that they can be soft very easily.

The advantage of Chewzie dog refill is that they are in the compressed form. The compressed form is made of several layers of the hide that has more pressure. It is not easily softening as like thin products. This will also make the product last longer than others. In this way, Chewzie dog refills are considered, completely safe.

Chewzie dog refill customer reviews

The general review is that many dogs like the Chewzie dog refill. It did keep them interested to play with for longer. Many parents have used it on their teething pets. They lived the natural side of the rawhides and the fact that this lasts longer before it gets soggy.

Saundra used the Chewzie dog refill for her puppy that was teething. It keeps it from getting agitated and made a fun way to play as well. The dog liked the flavor and would chew on it with interest.

Catherine is also in favor of Chewzie dog refill as a teething toy. This would definitely keep them away from chewing on anything that they are not supposed to.

The only complaint is that the price could have been less for the Chewzie dog refill pack.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that of you are buying a chew toy for your dog, it better carries a natural chew like the rawhide in it. When you are at rawhide, you better choose Chewzie dog refills as it carries very few negative remarks, hardly any at all, than other chews.

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