Prescription drugs have been found to be effective in a range of conditions, specially when conditions are fatal and require immediate attention. Natural remedies on the other hand are for those ailments where the condition is not immediately fatal. Natural remedies rely on Curing the symptom from the root by recognizing it and removing it from the source.

Natural Cures

Belladonna for dogs

Belladonna for dogs Belladonna is one of the few medicines for focal seizure. Belladonna works on your dog to control seziure, reduce its impact and time, soothes your dog and controls the situation pretty well. Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Registration kits are also available with These kits include printable ID […]

Natural Cures

Rhus Tox For Dogs

Rhus Tox For Dogs Rhus Tox For Dogs is a Holistic remedy for Arthritis dogs. A poison Ivy Extract, Rhus Tox is used in homeopathy to relieve dogs with Arthritis and other Muscle and skeletal injuries. Primarily used for dogs with Pains and Sprains, Rhus tox is proven remedy for arthritis too with No Side […]

Natural Cures

Adrenal Harmony Gold For Dogs – A Review

Dog name : Madonna Breed : old boxer/bull-mastif Age : 12 Years Old Symptoms : Excessive Urination Severe Hair Loss Inflamed Skin Excessive Thirst Always Hungry Treatment since : 2 years Final Word : The dog has been treated for cushings disease for the past 2 years without much changes in its health. The symptoms […]