Dermachlor Flush plus spray, shampoo , rinse for dogs- Price use

Pets, when wounded, tend to scratch, lick, and bite the affected areas. They do so due to discomfort, uneasiness, and itching sensations. However, doing so will further worsen the situation, and the wound will not heal, as it should. Dermachlor flush plus is a topical cleansing antiseptic, and it does not require a prescription. It is an over the counter product and easily available.

What is Dermachlor™ Flush Plus?

With Lidocaine & Bitrex®, this Cleansing Topical Antiseptic discourages pets from biting and licking of Wounds. Your pet will feel better after applying this topical antiseptic, and he will not bother about the wound anymore. Dermachlor™ Flush Plus is a general cleansing solution that contains chlorhexidine and is the best topical antiseptic for pets. It helps to heal the wound quickly in dogs, cats, and horses. It helps to treat superficial skin infections and promotes healthy tissue growth. The Bitrex is a bitter tasting substance as its name suggests. Once you apply the antiseptic solution, you know the rest of the story. Your dog stays away from licking this bitter substance and therefore ignores the wounds.

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Dermachlor Flush Plus

Dermachlor™ Flush Plus is a general cleansing solution that contains chlorhexidine and is the best topical antiseptic for pets. It helps to heal the wound quickly in dogs, cats, and horses. It helps to relieve the superficial skin infections and promotes healthy tissue growth.

Dermachlor Flush Plus Ingredients & Benefits

Benzoic Acid, Lidocaine Hydrochloride 0.5%, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Chlorhexidine 0.2%, Propylene Glycol Glycerin, Fragrance, Bitrex, and FD&C Red 33 in a Water Base.

Butler Schein Dermachlor Flush Plus has powerful ingredients like Lidocaine & Bitrex. Lidocaine is a unique formulation that helps in providing local pain relief in the affected areas. It will help to soothe and calm the pet. Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that helps in faster healing of the skin from superficial infections. About Bitrex as I mentioned earlier, it keeps your dog away from licking and biting the wound due to its bitter taste. This solution has a fantastic fragrance that is not too strong.

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Dermachlor Flush plus Directions

Take some amount of the solution and apply over the wound evenly. You can use a cotton ball to remove the debris and puss if any. Let the solution to dry and reapply the antiseptic twice or thrice daily. You can also ask your vet about using the product. Make sure not to use more than three times a day.


Keep this product out of reach of children and is for veterinary use only. It treats only external wounds and makes sure to avoid contact with the eyes. If any discomfort occurs, then discontinue the product and have a word with your doctor.

Dermachlor Flush Plus reviews

Dermachlor Flush Plus is a useful product, and many customers vouch for this antiseptic solution. They say it is easy to use and the pet seems to be normal without bothering the wound. It has helped many customers to deal with their pets, and they are highly recommending this product to one and all. Derma flush comes at a decent price and contains high-quality ingredients.

Conclusion: Now you can keep your pet away from bothering the wounds and prevent unwanted licking. This solution has everything that can stop the pet from biting the wound and help in the healing process. Try this product as it comes at a cheaper rate and you are just one click away.

Allerderm efa z plus Cream and shampoo for dogs

Allerderm EFA z plus is a dietary supplement that helps to protect the skin and coat of pets. It is an over the counter product and easily available online. This product is from the Virbac brand and contains an essential set of ingredients.

Recommended products for allergy and Itching in Dogs

What is Allerderm EFA z plus?

It is a dietary supplement made for cats and dogs. Allerderm EFA plus contains fatty acids and essential mineral that help to protect the skin and coat of the pets. This product includes a list of essential vitamins and minerals that take care of skin health and repair skin damages.Administration and Dosage

This product is for veterinary use only. Administer once daily by sprinkling the recommended dosage on the food directly. Make sure to shake the product well before use. The recommended dose if for every 15 lbs of body weight you can use two pumps.

Allerderm EFA z plus ingredients and nutritional facts

Essential fatty acids from sunflower seed oil, fish oil, and borage seed oil, zinc sulfate for healthy joints, artificial flavors, alpha tocopheryl acetate (source of vitamin E), silica, propylparaben, inositol, pyridoxine HCl, vitamin A palmitate, methylparaben, and biotin.

  • Linoleic Acid – 510 mg
  • Vitamin A – 136 IU
  • Vitamin E – 1.9 IU
  • Zinc – 2.1 mg
  • Pyridoxine HCI – 0.10 mg
  • Biotin – 2.0 µg
  • Inositol – 0.38 mg

Warnings and precautions: Keep this product away from children and store in a cool, dry place.

Customer reviews

This product has positive reviews and customers are satisfied with the results. However many complain that most of the time, this product remains out of stock with online retailers. Rest stay assured that this product works and offers shinier coats and healthy skin with an essential set of ingredients.

  • “My dogs love EFA-z plus and its taste. It has improved the itching sensation and has given them beautiful coats that shine brilliantly. I feel that it has also helped them to ease their joint pain.”
  • “Both my dogs love this product, and they will not eat their food until I pump the solution into their plates. I administer this product with the afternoon meals, and they love the taste.  It is an affordable product, and that is what I like the most.”


There are many products available in the markets, but not all are worth buying. We have chosen the best based on customer reviews and feedbacks. This product is highly recommended and safe for pets. Try this product, and you will notice the difference within a few weeks.

Recommended products for Dog Skin

SulfOxyDex Shampoo For Dogs

There are many shampoos available today for treating skin problems in pets, but SulfOxyDex shampoo is something different and also has much more to offer. This is the only shampoo in the market that has a unique combination of micronized sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. Both these ingredients help in degreasing, follicular flushing and also battles against the microbial activity. In addition, it contains sodium lactate to promote hydration of the skin and coat.

Recommended products for Dog Skin

What is DVM Pharmaceuticals SulfOxyDex Shampoo for dogs?

This topical shampoo is a powerful antimicrobial, degreasing, and antiseborrheic formulation from DVM Pharmaceuticals. It has a unique fragrance and also enhances the keratolytic and keratoplasty activity. Using this product will make your pet’s skin soft and supple. It evenly hydrates the skin and coat, thus leaving it shinier than before.

SulfOxyDex Shampoo Active Ingredients include

  • Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% and Micronized Sulfur 2% and sodium lactate

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Who should use SulfOxyDex Shampoo for dogs?

This product is a great remedy for all skin problems in Cat and Dog Breeds.  If your dog or cat has itch or scaling issues related to pyoderma, seborrheic dermatitis and follicular plugging then try this product. You will notice positive results with a few days of usage.

SulfOxyDex Shampoo instructions

Shake the shampoo bottle well before use and apply on the wet coat thoroughly. After applying, lather the shampoo on the affected areas and evenly cover the entire coat. Allow the lather to remain for 10 to 12 minutes. Rinse thoroughly afterward and use this shampoo as frequently as advised by your vet specialist.

SulfOxyDex Shampoo warnings

Keep this product away from children. This product is for external use only and make sure to avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs then flush with water thoroughly. If there is any irritation or discomfort, then discontinue the product and have a word with the vet. Avoid contact with fabrics as it may cause color fading. Keep the product at normal room temperature.

SulfOxyDex shampoo reviews

This product has overall good ratings and also positive feedback from customers. The majority say that it offers positive results with consistent use. They say that it works as well as treats skin conditions without any side effects. SulfOxyDex Shampoo comes at a decent price and is available online easily. As a matter of fact, it is a great pick and there is no need for a second thought.

Conclusion: SulfOxyDex Shampoo is one of the best products with effective ingredients and also gives successful results. If your pet has any skin conditions as listed in the article then definitely try this product.

Recommended products for allergy and Itching in Dogs

Hexazole Shampoo for dogs

Hexazole shampoo is a unique combination of two essential substances namely Chlorhexidine and Miconazole. It is also popular with another name Biohex. This product from VetBiotek is an antiseptic shampoo that contains advanced ingredients. It helps to treat skin from various conditions and manages allergies.

What is VetBioTek Hexazole shampoo?

BioHex or Hexazole shampoo from VetBioTek is an antiseptic cleansing soap-free formula made for dogs, cats, and horses. This product contains micro silver and ceramide III that helps to treat various bacterial conditions including MRSPI.

Recommended products for Dog Skin

Who should use Hexazole shampoo?

Those cats, dogs, and horses that undergo various conditions such as seborrhea, allergy, and bacterial infections should try using this product for effective results.

What sizes are Hexazole available?

Hexazole shampoo comes in an 8oz and 16 oz bottle. Hexazole wipes are also available for quick use.

What is the use of micro Silver BG in Hexazole?

Micro Silver BG has a wide spectrum of benefits, and it shows powerful antimicrobial activity with no known bacterial resistance. This is one of the proven long-term antimicrobial residual activities used for its therapeutic benefits.

Micro silver protects the skin and surface of wounds against bacteria and fungi. It penetrates deep into the skin and prevents the formation of biofilm. Biofilm is a layer where you can find a dwelling of microbes ready to harm your skin. These microbes stay protected from antibiotics and other treatments with the biofilm barrier. Micro silver helps to destroy these barriers and prevent chronic infections. It kills the bacteria and infection-causing organisms. Moreover, the silver used is pure medical based and nano-free. It is EPA approved and safe for use.

Recommended products for allergy and Itching in Dogs

What is the use of ceramide in Hexazole shampoo?

Ceramide III prevents water loss from the skin and helps restore the natural lipid barrier. The lipid barrier is essential to protect the skin from various conditions. However, due to various factors such as aging, environmental stressors, and genetics, this barrier becomes disrupted. This will lead to water loss and lipid structure damage. Also, the skin will be prone to allergies and sensitivity. Ceramide III helps to prevent water loss through the epidermis and works as a complete skin-identical compound. It helps restore the natural lipid barrier and reinforces the skin. It also helps to prevent the penetration of harmful allergens, decrease sensitivity, and reduce skin infections.

What are the active ingredients of Hexazole shampoo?

Hexazole shampoo contains mainly four ingredients micro silver bg, Ceramide III, Chlorhexidine and Miconazole.

Are there any side effects for this Hexazole Shampoo?

Hexazole is generally safe and does not cause any side effects. However, there are chances of skin irritation in rare cases. So if your pet experiences any such issues, then discontinue use and have a word with your vet.

Precautions and directions

Wet the body of the pet and lather the shampoo over the entire body. Allow staying for around 10 minutes and then rinse with water thoroughly. You can use this bi-weekly for better results and later reduce the dosage to once a week. For more queries regarding the use, you can have a word with your vet.

Store this product at room temperature. Intended for animal use only and keep away from children. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Hexazole Shampoo reviews

This product is one of the favorite picks when it comes to maintaining healthy skin and coat in pets. The majority of the customers say that it is easy to use and the dosage is appropriate, unlike other products that demand daily usage. They also say that it is highly effective and clears off infections, allergies, and many such issues within a matter of a few days. They also like the pricing as it is highly cheap compared to other similar products. Some people get confused with the names but remember that Hexazole and Biohex are both same.

“This shampoo works brilliantly for my dog’s itchy skin. This Vet recommended shampoo is the best I have ever bought and cost less when buying online.”

“Dermatologist prescribed this shampoo for my dog’s allergic skin, and it was a breakthrough product for me.  It smells good and is easy to apply.”


Do you want to help your dog, horse, or cat to feel better and have a healthy skin? Hexazole is the product that you ought to buy to soothe almost all skin conditions. People strongly recommend this product, and vet approved with proven results.

Best 3 Antifungal Dog Shampoo Online

Just like the human body, pets especially dogs are more susceptible to a plethora of diseases. If you watch your dog itching regularly or chewing its paw frequently, then you should come to its rescue as these may be significant signals of yeast dermatitis or commonly known as fungal infection.

Fungal infection is the result of yeast overgrowth, commonly on around the pet’s paw, ear canals, armpits, jowls, anal area or parts having skins folds. Therefore, it is the pet owner duty to clean dog skin and coat regularly. You will find a wide variety of best Antifungal Shampoos for dogs available online to help you clean your pet thoroughly. So here I am to share with you the Best 3 Antifungal Dog Shampoo that is available online.

Recommended products for Dog Skin

What Should Be Considered On Selecting A Dog Shampoo?

  • Anti-Fungal constituents – Yeast is a kind of Fungi and it the most important thing to consider when selecting the shampoo. Select the best dog shampoo with a mixture of anti-fungal components. Dog shampoos with high antifungal and antibacterial properties are the best since they provide better dog yeast infection relief.
  • Natural ingredients – Usually a dog shampoo contains some chemicals that may strip your dog’s skin of its natural oil and color. At times, it may result in inflammation or burning of the skin layer. Thus, it is essential to choose a shampoo made from natural ingredients to treat a yeast infection surrounding the dog skin.
  • Price – Sometimes Antibacterial antifungal shampoo for the dog may offer no change on the underlying dog yeast infection. Often, these expensive dog shampoos cannot treat a yeast infection, resulting in a need for surgery. Therefore, experiment using antifungal dog shampoo and if you don’t see any improvement, then stop using them. Buying expensive shampoos which do not improve the dog condition is meaningless.

How do Antifungal Dog Shampoos help In Fungal Infections?

Antifungal Dog Shampoos are designed to either attack the symptoms of the fungal infection or the infection causing fungus. There are specially formulated dog shampoos to treat each kind of diseases. You may also find dog shampoos for general use, anti-parasites, antibacterial and many more. You can conveniently buy the best antifungal dog shampoo online that is suitable for your pet. However, antibacterial, antifungal dog shampoo contains some essential chemicals that are potent against some disease for a certain dosage, so you should consult your vet for the correct shampoo and the right dose to administer.

Best 3 Antifungal Dog Shampoo

From the vast collection of antifungal dog shampoo sold online, here are the best three you can try to help your pet to get relief from fungus infection.

PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo

  • Product Description – PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal dog Shampoo is a dual-action shampoo that fights bacterial as well as fungal skin infections. It combines two ingredients that are popularly known to help fight bacteria, yeast, and fungal infections. This easy-to-use dog yeast infection shampoo cleans and conditions your dog’s coat as well as leaves behind a fresh citrus scent.
  • Features – The PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo contains two active ingredients known to be antifungal and antibacterial. It effectively cleans and disinfects your pet against bacterial and fungal skin infections. This dog shampoo is a non-irritating and alcohol-free shampoo that is even useful for cats. It comes in 8 fl oz bottle.
  • Benefits – PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo is a pet therapeutic topical shampoo with dual action benefit. It is the leading veterinary brands compared to others. This shampoo offers excellent value for great price. Price of eight fl oz (236 ml) bottle of PetArmor comes under $10.

Additional Features

  • Ingredients – There are two active ingredients, i.e., chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole in PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo. The 2% chlorhexidine gluconate helps fight and kill bacteria, and the 1% ketoconazole helps stop fungus. Bacterial infections on pet skin tend to be moist, inflamed and often ooze whereas the fungal infections often exhibit scaling, crusting, raised lesions, hair loss, plus yeast-like odor. The PetArmor is Antibacterial Antifungal dog Shampoo that will stop the infection and cleanse the skin without causing further irritation.
  • Directions – Wet your pet’s coat for a few minutes with water, apply PetArmor shampoo and work it into a lather, carefully avoiding its eyes. Rub your pet’s entire body thoroughly, such as the neck, chest, hindquarters, and legs, but carefully apply shampoo the ear flaps, lip folds, underbody areas, the base of the tail and any other affected areas. Allow the shampoo to rest on your pet for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Cautions – If redness or irritation persists after regular use or increases, discontinue use of PetArmor antibacterial, antifungal dog shampoo and contact your veterinarian. Contact your veterinarian if your pet is not eating or drinking.
  • Precautions – This product is for topical use only. Avoid any contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. This product may be harmful if your pet swallows it, so keep it away from food, drink, and other feeding stuff. If at all your pet eats it, seek medical advice immediately and show the product container label. This product contains no substances which at their given concentration, are hazardous to health.

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Veterinary formula clinical care antiseptic and antifungal shampoo reviews

The PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal dog Shampoo has only positive feedback. On Amazon, it has received 4.9 out of 5 stars. The many positive feedback from customers includes – it did work for me, it is much better than the vet’s shampoo, and it is an excellent smelling anti-fungal shampoo. Almost all Customers using PetArmor are pleased as it helps maintain bacteria/yeast overgrowth and avoid excessive vet visits that would end up providing either antibiotics or steroid for pet skin infection problems.

  • The positive customer testimony from SusieQ – “Seems to be good so far, Dog smells good. He has a skin problem and needs this special shampoo. Fair price for the quantity and product. If your dog has skin problems, try it! It is amazing and better than the cost at the Vet. Make sure he isn’t allergic to anything in the product”.
  • The positive customer testimony from Randymoen – “My dog was scratching herself sore. After lots of visits to the vet and lots of money, I began using this shampoo every other day, and she has not had to go back to the vet she has been using this now for four months. I like it much better than the vet’s shampoo and a fraction of the cost.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo on puppies and kittens?

Yes, it can be used on puppies and kittens six months of age or older.

Can I use this dog Shampoo on pregnant or lactating dogs?

No. PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo should not be used on pregnant or lactating pets.

Can I use PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo on an older pet?

Yes. But, irrespective of pet age, if the condition worsens, contact your veterinarian immediately.

What is the difference between PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo and a regular shampoo?

PetArmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo contains active ingredients to help fight bacterial and fungal infections on the skin and hair coat. It should be strictly used only when bacterial and fungal infections are present.

Can I use this product if my pet is on medication?

If your pet is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using.

Can I use this product with other topical products?

Before applying any additional products, allow your pet to dry thoroughly.

Bayer Healthcare’s Malaseb Dog Shampoo

  • Product Description – Malaseb Shampoo is a unique combination of antibacterial and antifungal agents with coat conditioners. The shampoo helps your pet with dandruff, ringworms, yeast, and other bacterial infections. Malaseb Shampoo is a non-prescription (OTC) product.
  • Features – Malaseb features antifungal and antimicrobial properties used for skin conditions such as ringworm, and dermatitis because of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. This antifungal dog shampoo works effectively to help a dog with fungal and bacterial infections. It is a Fragrance and dye-free dog shampoo. It contains a coat conditioner as well.
  • Benefits – Malaseb is an antifungal and antimicrobial shampoo used for dermatological conditions such as ringworm and dermatitis caused by gram-positive bacteria, fungi, and yeast. This antifungal dog shampoo is beneficial to clean as well as decrease the pet coat. Treating ringworm and other yeasts and bacterial infections are useful. This dog shampoo can be used even for horses.

Additional Features

  • Ingredients – This Antifungal shampoo for dogs contains two active Ingredients – Miconazole Nitrate 2% and Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%. The component Miconazole Nitrate is antifungal and works against yeast and fungi. Chlorhexidine Gluconate is antibacterial and fights against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. When these two ingredients combine, it helps to remove scales, degrease the skin and kill dermatitis-causing microorganisms.
  • Directions – For dogs with any weight – Wet dog coat thoroughly with water. Apply and lather Malaseb shampoo over the entire body and allow a minimum of 10 minutes of contact time. Rinse completely with water. Use it twice a week until symptoms reduce or go away then use once a week or as directed by the veterinarian. Store this product at room temperature and in its original container only. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Cautions – If skin irritation develops or increases on the pet then discontinue use instantly and consult your veterinarian.
  • Precautions – This product is for topical use on dogs and horses only. Please avoid contact with eyes. To prevent ingestion, do not allow the pet to lick the shampoo while bathing.

Best dog shampoo reviews

There are plenty of positive customer reviews of Malaseb shampoo on Amazon. It has received 4.7 out of 5 stars. Most of the customers mention it to be an excellent product that had made a real difference to clear up frequent dog’s skin issues. Few owners consider it best dog shampoo for puppies as well. For many dogs, it had helped to reduce itchiness and other skin problems. Many pet owners also state that buying this antimicrobial dog shampoo instead of incurring massive cost on vet visits. However, some negative customer feedbacks include that the product didn’t work and not all dogs have the patience to stay in the shower for 10 minutes for the shampoo to work. Some even put up comments that the shampoo had no real improvement on pet itching problem.

  • Positive Customer testimony by Heather – “There is not a better solution if you have a dog with frequent bacterial skin infections, seasonal allergies, flea allergies, or reddish oily skin. People seem obsessive in calling everything a food allergy less than 1% of the time that is the case. Most often it’s just bad skin. Use this product every six weeks or every other day, until itching is gone for an instant cure! Vets prescribe wipes and other products with the same active ingredient, but this is the best method of applying and cheapest too.”
  • Negative Customer testimony by William Gilsing – “I was hoping with all my heart this would work for my dog. His itching is causing us both such misery. This antibacterial dog shampoo caused him to be worse, much worse. The dermatologist told that chlorhexidine could be an irritant to some. Used Malacetic Ultra and saw improvements immediately.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this shampoo for puppies?

Yes, this best antifungal dog shampoo would help puppies with bacterial infections as well as dandruff, ringworms, and yeast infection

Can I use the shampoo in the ear to treat yeast infection in ears?

No, avoid contact with eyes, ears and even ingestion by a dog. It is for external use only.

What size bottle does Malaseb shampoo come in and at what price?

It comes in 237 ml and 473 ml sizes, retail priced at about $25 and $38, respectively. Maybe after discounts, you can buy this Antifungal Dog Shampoo online by saving up to $10.

Where to buy Malaseb shampoo?

You can buy Malaseb shampoo from many online stores such as Amazon,, etc.

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Medicated Shampoo

  • Product Description – The Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Medicated Shampoo from SynergyLabs contains Benzethonium Chloride and Ketoconazole. This product helps relieve skin infections such as fungal dermatitis and bacterial pyoderma.
  • Features – This Antiseptic & Antifungal Medication Shampoo for dogs combines many powerful ingredients. Key ingredients include Benzethonium Chloride to help eliminate bacteria that causes irritation and odor and Ketoconazole to treat fungal infections. This shampoo is a product of the United States.
  • Benefits – This dog shampoo contains ingredients that are beneficial to eliminate bacteria, fungus, and odors. It comes with lanolin & Aloe Vera that is helpful to soothe skin and speeds healing. It comes in a 16 fl. oz. (473 ml). This product is useful to safeguard against allergies (flea, food, contact, hereditary), hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism, weakened immune system and trauma from grooming & scratching. The 16-oz (473 ml) bottle can economically be bought under $10.

Additional Features

  • Ingredients – It contains Benzethonium Chloride that has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. It also includes purified water; Coconut Oil base cleaners, Ketoconazole USP, Glycol Disterate, Lanolin, Fragrance, DMDM-Hydantoin, Aloe Vera, Tetrasodium EDTA and FD&C Red #40. It is a Paraben free and 100% safe product that many vets recommend.
  • Directions – Wet pet coat thoroughly. Apply shampoo and work into a thick lather. Massage well into a coat for full contact with the skin. Let it remain on the pet coat for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well. For best results, use this shampoo twice a week until skin conditions improve then once a week to prevent flare-ups.
  • Precautions – It is for topical use only on dogs. It can also be used on cats and horses. Use this product on animals over 12 weeks. Avoid contact with eyes. If skin irritation develops or increases, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

Petarmor antibacterial, antifungal shampoo reviews

The SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic Antifungal dog shampoo reviews are mixed. Many customer reviews are stating it to be an excellent product that works great. Many people also commented it to be great stuff that is effective yet economical dog shampoo. Most of the people mentioned that it helped the dog eliminate itching problems, smell better and makes the fur soft and shiny. This gentle yet strong dog shampoo had helped many dogs stop itching troubles. However, there are some negative customer reviews about it as well. For some dogs, there was no difference in their infection problems. Few negative reviews also mentioned that the dog condition got worst after using this shampoo.

  • Positive Customer testimony by FairyTails – “I purchased this shampoo for a dog with itchy, yeast infection prone skin. She had been on an expensive vet prescribed shampoo prior. I can honestly say this shampoo helps keep the yeast and infections on her skin in control at just a fraction of the price. At her last vet visit, the vet even said her skin was looking great for a dog with these issues. Of course, contact your vet before changing any medical treatments, but this shampoo was a miracle for my girl. Even being shampooed weekly, her skin/fur is not dried from this shampoo.”
  • Negative Customer testimony by Sooz – “My dog has a fungal infection from her allergies and licking her irritated skin. I have been using this product for two weeks, five washes, and my dog still has fungus growing up her paws and her legs. The infection is getting worse.”

Frequently Asked Questions

In what sizes does SynergyLabs Antiseptic & Antifungal Medicated Shampoo for dogs available?

It is offered in two sizes – 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) and a Gallon. (3.79 liters)

Does this product help against ringworm problems?

Yes, it helps the dog to reduce fungal infections such as ringworm, yeast, etc.

Does any ingredients in this product allergic to my dog?

Before using any new product, it is suggested to consult a vet as he/she can direct you better for any allergic substances for your pet.

Where can I buy antibacterial antifungal spray online?

Sites such as petarmor provide antibacterial, antifungal spray online at an affordable rate. You will also find that petarmor has Antibacterial, antifungal shampoos at a low price.

Can I order malacetic wipes from Australia?

Websites such as Amazon carry malacetic wipes at an economical price.

Where To Buy Antifungal Dog Shampoo Online?

The above mentioned best 3 Antifungal Dog Shampoo can easily be bought online. However, the best online sites to buy Bayer Malaseb Shampoo are from, Petarmor Antibacterial Antifungal Shampoo is from, and the SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo 16-oz bottle is from All these products are available online on Amazon. You can also buy them online from here to get product information plus honest reviews from the verified purchaser.

Homemade Antifungal Dog shampoo

Ready to use antifungal dog shampoo are available in lot variety, but sometimes it may not work on your pet. So, why not DIY Antifungal Dog Shampoo for your loving dog. Yes, Homemade Antifungal Dog shampoo is the best natural remedy you can provide it. A homemade mixture of the following things will work wonderfully on your pet.

  • 1 cup Dial anti-bacterial soap
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • Two tbs of water

It is the most common recipe to treat fungal and bacterial infections on dog skin. This affordable and effective shampoo for the dog will mostly treat the 3I’s, itching, inflammation, and disease for your pet.


Fungal infections in pets if left unnoticed may elevate to severe health problems. Thus, it is paramount to treat the fungal infection as soon as it is observed. Be watchful for any underlying symptoms of skin problems and select the best shampoo to treat your dog. Also, consider the allergies that your dog have before buying dog shampoo and see that it is best compatible with your dog. With the help of the above best three antifungals, antibacterial dog shampoo reviews, you can easily select your preferred brand to help your pet offer relief from fungal and bacterial infection.

Soos Pets Shampoo Reviews – The Best Product For Pets

Soos Pets Shampoo is the only line of pet shampoo in North America. Soos Pet Shampoo from the Sea Spa product-range is enriched with Dead sea minerals. The Soos Pets Shampoo is made with 12 essential vitamins that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Each product of Soos Dead Sea Spa products is specifically designed to take care of your pet while training their specific needs. Soos Dead Sea Spa company makes natural shampoos, conditioners, finishing sprays, topical creams, mousse and remedies for chronic pain, wounds, hot spots, damaged paws, skin conditions, acne, allergies, shedding, hair loss and yeast.

Here’s a list of contents covered under Soos Dead Sea Spa products for pets.

Soos Dead Sea Spa Products – About The Company

Soos Pets is a natural pet car company that offers natural pet care products. The company has a commitment to help pet owners keep their dogs and cats healthy and happy. All Soos Pet products are 97% natural, and cruelty-free. Soos Pet care products are enriched with Dead Sea minerals. The company is also equally committed to support rescue associations throughout North America. They provide support with a portion of all proceeds donated to organizations that strive to protect animals from negligence and abuse. Soos Pet Company was found by young Canadian entrepreneurs Jpoe Benayon (22) and Yemina Kaiman (24) along with their seasoned partner and mentor Shay Shvartshtein.

Soos Pet care products

At Soos, you get pet care products for 3 categories.

  • Natural pet care products for treating conditions that cause your pet severe discomfort like dry skin, skin irritations, itching and chronic pain.
  • Natural pet products for cleansing, styling and rejuvenating your pet’s skin and coat. These include pet shampoos, conditioners, fresh scents and styling formulas.
  • Natural pet products for gentle treatments that are tear-less and hypoallergenic.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Shampoo For Pets

Soos Natural Dead Sea Shampoos for pets are natural products for improving the skin and coat of your pet. The ingredients used for making Soos Natural pet shampoo are made with 12 essential vitamins, essential oils and over 71 different plant herbs and extracts. They are filtered and sorted with individual natural ingredient formulas. This allows each product to address a specific need. Soos Pets Shampoo improves the lives of dogs and cats. You get good quality shampoo and conditioners in this range. Soos Pets Shampoo are paraben free and cruelty-free. You will notice positive results after just one use. Likewise, you will find your hands become more softer.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Shampoo For Pets

Some ingredients of Soos Pets Shampoo include;

  • Tea tree oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Extracts of 71 plants, herbs and roots
  • Honey
  • Coconut oil
  • Burdock
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Dead sea water and more

Soos Dead Sea Pet Grooming Bundle For Dogs And Cats

Soos Dead Sea pet grooming bundle is North America’s first line of dead sea spa products for pets. They have been known for centuries in healing and revitalizing properties. In the past 30 years, the Soos have grown in popularity with mass fan base all over the world.

Every bottle of Soos Pets Shampoo strengthens hair follicles, promotes stronger, softer and healthier hair growth from root to tip. Soos Pets grooming Shampoo enhances thickness and shine. It cleanses and naturally disinfect hair, by removing the dirt, oil and bacteria. Soos dead sea pet grooming bundle replenishes moisture, thereby making hair hydrated and soft.

Soos Dead Sea Pet Grooming Conditioner Bundle For Pets

Sea elements have amazing healing and revitalizing properties. Soos dead sea pet grooming conditioner is made with dead sea salt, minerals and water. They are then combined with 71 plant, roots and extracts. Finally, they are then fortified with individual natural ingredient formulas. Each pet conditioner from Soos addresses a specific need. Best of all, Soos pet conditioner is concentrated so a little bit will go a long way.

Soos Natural groomer conditioner bundle includes three 250 ml/ 8 oz sized bottles of conditioner. Soos Groomer conditioner bundle promotes hair strength, softness and shine. They also easily address common issues like proneness to dirt accumulation, undercoat build up, shedding, bald spots and dry skin. They also help balance pH levels, replenish moisture and create a protective barrier against harsh elements.

Ingredients of Soos natural groomer conditioner bundle

Some ingredients include

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Grape seed extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Provitamin B5
  • Honey
  • Nettle
  • Extracts of 71 plants, herbs and roots
  • Dead sea salt, minerals and water

Soos Natural Dead Sea Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo

The Soos natural Dead Sea hypoallergenic is a non-concentrated formula. It is made with the same quality ingredients that you see in almost Soos pet products. Only natural ingredients. Soos natural dead sea hypoallergenic pet shampoo is simply not designed for dilution. Instead it will still provide the same level of cleansing and health benefits. You can buy Soos Natural dead sea hypoallergenic shampoo for pets only online.

It’s no tears formula is so gentle, thus avoiding irritation on eyes and other sensitive areas. Following are the uses of Soos Pets Shampoo:

  • The ingredients of Soos Natural dead sea hypoallergenic shampoo is specifically formulated for allergic pets. This formula can be used for pets with sensitive skin or chronic skin condition.
  • Soos Natural Dead Sea hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs and cats provide instant relief for irritated skin.
  • Soos Pets Shampoo is enriched with natural antioxidants, natural antibacterial agents and antiseptics.
  • This natural formula nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils.
  • Penetrates skin and hair to deeply hydrate.
  • The ingredients of Soos Natural dead sea hypoallergenic shampoo boost immunity.
  • It draws out toxins and impurities.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Hypoallergenic Shampoo

  • Pure citrus extract
  • Tea tree oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Thyme
  • Honey
  • Vitamin E

Soos Natural Dead Sea Anti-Itch Shampoo For Dogs & Cats

Soos Natural dead sea anti-itch shampoo combines all of the health benefits of Dead sea minerals with the natural antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of essential oils and certain vitamins. This natural ingredient formula provides instant relief from discomfort. It fights itching long after the shampoo is rinsed off.

Following Are The Uses Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Anti-Itch Shampoo

  • The Soos Natural Dead Sea anti-itch shampoo soothes from intense itching with Dead Sea minerals, zinc, green tea, chamomile and tea tree oil.
  • This natural formula for dogs and cats nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils.
  • The Soos Natural Dead Sea anti-itch shampoo possesses natural antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial effects.
  • It boosts immunity and cleans fur without stripping natural oils.
  • The product is paraben and SLS free.

Ingredients Of Soos Natual Dead Sea Anti-Itch Shampoo

  • Dead sea water
  • Thea sinesis
  • Chamomile extract
  • Dead sea salt
  • Vitamin E
  • Coconut oil
  • Dead sea minerals extract
  • Tea tree oil
  • Green tea extract
  • Rosemary extract
  • Vanilla extract
  • Caramel extract
  • Glycerin
  • Lauramide
  • Butylene glycol
  • Peg-6
  • Dimethicone
  • Bisabolol
  • Pyrithione
  • Disolfide
  • Xylitol Lactitol
  • Glycerin
  • Fragrance

Soos Natural Dead Sea Classic Deep Cleansing Pet Shampoo

Almost every pet shampoos come with harsh chemicals. These chemicals strip away the natural oils, leaving your cat or dog’s skin dry and damaged. To avoid this condition, Soos provides Soos Natural Dead Sea Classic Deep Cleansing pet shampoo. This natural Soos Pets Shampoo combines all the exclusive benefits of dead sea minerals with natural antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Classic Deep Cleansing Pet Shampoo Uses

  • It deeply cleanses, detoxifies and purifies your pet’s coat.
  • Soos Natural Dead Sea classic deep pet shampoo cleans fu without stripping natural oils
  • The natural ingredients of Soos Dead Sea Classic deep pet shampoo penetrates hair and skin
  • It nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils.
  • Soos Natural dead sea deep cleanse shampoo boosts immunity. It is safe and great for use on humans and pets.
  • The shampoo is paraben and SLS (sulphate) free.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Deep Cleansing Pets Shampoo

  • Dead sea water
  • Lemon extract
  • Thyme extract
  • Sea salts
  • Tea tree oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Honey extract
  • Lavender oil
  • Orange oil
  • Lauramide
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Glycerin
  • Decyl Glucoside
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Xylitol Lactitol glycerin
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Fragrance

Soos Natural Dead Sea Extra Strength Mineral Rich Pet Shampoo For Pets

If your dog has along hair, you need to make sure he has a healthy coat. For dogs with medium to long hair, require a special concentration of nutrients for a shiny, healthy coat. The mineral rich pet shampoos that are available on stores contain harsh chemicals. Soos Extra Strength Mineral Enriched Shampoo combines all the natural ingredients and benefits of dead sea minerals and natural ingredients.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Extra Strength Mineral Rich Pet Shampoo Uses

  • Specially formulated for dogs with medium to long hair
  • You can use this natural shampoo for pets with thick or oil prone coats.
  • Perfect for outdoor pets
  • Soos Natural dead sea extra strength nourishes skin and coat with minerals, vitamins and essential oils.
  • It helps to boost immunity in dogs and cats.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Extra Strength Mineral Rich Pet Shampoo

  • Lemon extract
  • Dead sea minerals
  • Vitamin E
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Glycol Stearate
  • Polyquaternium
  • Decyl Glucoside
  • Glycerin
  • Lauramide
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Fragrance

Soos Natural Dead Sea Two-In-One Pet Shampoo And Conditioner For Pets

The all new Soos Natural dead Sea two-in-one pet shampoo possess all the immune boosting properties and benefits of dead sea minerals. With the combination of natural ingredients and dead sea, this natural pet shampoo cleanses and calms your pet’s skin and coat, all in one quick step.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Two In One Shampoo For Pets Uses

  • Soos natural shampoo for pets are perfect for all hair types.
  • It gets fortified with Dead Sea minerals with coconut oil, beeswax, grape seed extracts, pro vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.
  • The pet shampoo from Soos nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils.
  • The natural ingredients of Soos Natural Dead Sea two in one pet shampoo penetrates hair and skin to deeply hydrate.
  • It boosts your pet’s immunity
  • Clears out all the toxins and impurities.
  • With Soos Dead Sea 2-in-one shampoo, you can clear your dog’s fur without stripping natural oils.
  • Its a 97% natural product.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Pets Shampoo

  • Pro Vitamin B5
  • Dead sea water
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E
  • Grape seed extract
  • Xylitol lactitol glycerin
  • Castrol oil
  • Cocamide mea
  • Phytocomplexes B
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Fragrance

Soos Natural Dead Sea Two In One Pet Shampoo And Conditioner For Pets

Soos natural dead sea two in one pet shampoo is excellent for pet owners who don’t have time for two step grooming. The shampoo combines moisture-rich immune boosting effects with benefits of Dead sea minerals. The natural ingredients of Soos Natural Dead Sea two in one shampoo and conditioner gently cleans and calms your pet’s coat and skin in one single step.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Two-In-One Shampoo And Conditioner For Dogs And Cats – Uses

  • This natural shampoo can be used for both cats and dogs
  • Soos pets natural shampoo and conditioner boosts immunity.
  • It protects against dryness and enhances softness and shine.
  • It is perfect for all hair types.
  • Soos Natural dead sea 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is fortified with natural ingredients and extracts from dead sea minerals.
  • Soos Pets Shampoo clears all toxins and impurities from your pet’s body.
  • It is safe and great to use on humans and animals

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea 2-In-1 Shampoo And Conditioner

  • Coconut oil
  • Dead sea water
  • Pro Vitamin B5
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E
  • Grape seed extract
  • Castrol oil
  • Xylitol Lactitol glycerin
  • Disodium cocoamphodiacetate
  • Cocamide mea
  • Phytocomplexes B
  • Cetearyl alcohol and Ceteareth 33
  • Clycerin
  • Cocomidopropyl betain
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Fragrance

Soos Natural Dead Sea Mineral Rich Mud Pet Shampoo For Dogs And Cats

The Soos natural dead sea mineral rich mud pet shampoo detoxifies and improves circulation. It aids chronic conditions with Soos Natural Mineral mud shampoo for pets. The product comes with highest concentration of dead sea minerals and antioxidants. It gives you the highest degree of dead sea benefits.

Uses Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo For Pets

  • It boosts immunity and promotes healthy cell growth.
  • Soos natural dead sea mineral rich mud shampoo aids in chronic skin conditions
  • It increases energy and improves circulation
  • The natural ingredients of Soos Pets mineral rich mud shampoo detoxifies and purifies all the toxins from your pet’s body.
  • Perfect for aging dogs who have less hair.
  • Soos Natural mineral rich mud shampoo treats feline and canine acne.
  • It can also be used as a body/face wash.
  • The Soos Natural Mineral rich mud shampoo is rich with dead sea minerals, oats, honey, pumpkin seed extract, Vitamin E, astralagus, tea
    tree oil and coconut oil.
  • It penetrates hair and skin to deeply hydrate.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo For Dogs And Cats

  • Coconut oil
  • Dead sea mineral extract
  • Nettle extract
  • Dead sea water
  • Avena Sativa L
  • Burdock extract
  • Honey
  • Dead sea mud
  • Extract of 117 plants, herbs and roots
  • Lauramide and more

Soos Natural Dead Sea Tear-Less Puppy And Kitten Pet Shampoo Value Formula

Soos Natural dead sea tear-less puppy and kitten pet shampoo helps your kitten and puppy grow up big ans strong with healthy and hydrates skin. Knowing that this is one of the crucial stages in a puppy’s/kitten’s life, Soos has formulated this natural shampoo. The shampoo for kittens and puppy comes with tear-free formula. It is gentle enough that they won’t disturb pH levels, irritate eyes or irritate your puppy or kitten’s sensitive skin.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Tearless Puppy Kitten Pet Shampoo Uses

  • It is specifically designed for puppies and kittens
  • The tear-less formula of Soos natural shampoo for kittens and puppy won’t irritate your pet’s eyes and skin.
  • Gently moisturizes sensitive skin and replenishes moisture.
  • Safe to use around eyes and other sensitive areas.
  • It nourishes the skin and coat with Vitamins, essential oils and dead sea minerals.
  • Soos Natural Dead sea puppy and kitten shampoo are safe and great for use on humans and pets.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Shampoo For Kittens And Puppy

  • Olive oil
  • Nettle extract
  • Oats extract
  • Burdock extract
  • Extract of 71 plants, herbs and roots
  • Honey
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Celery extract
  • Astralagus membranaceus extract
  • Fragrance and more

Soos Natural Dead Sea Ultra Creme Pet Conditioner For Pets

Buy Soos Natural dead sea ultra creme pet conditioner for strong and thicker coats. Its a natural foundation for your pet’s healthy coat. The thick rich creme in Soos Natural Dead sea ultra creme pet conditioner, locks in moisture and strengthens the hair follicles from root to tip.

Soos Natural Dead Sea Ultra Creme Pet Conditioner For Pets – Uses

  • The product is weightless and comes with intensely nourishing formula.
  • It provides smoothness, shine, thickness, volume and strength and polish.
  • Soos shampoo is rich with dead sea minerals, beeswax, honey, Vitamin C, E, olive oil, nettle and celery.
  • The ultra creme of Soos Pet conditioner penetrates skin and hair to deeply hydrate.
  • It is safe and great for use on humans and animals.
  • The product is 97% natural, pH balanced for pets and cruelty-free.

Ingredients Of Soos Natural Dead Sea Ultra Creme Pet Conditioner

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Honey
  • Coconut oil
  • Dead sea mineral extract
  • Nettle extract
  • Celery extract
  • Olive oil
  • Beeswax
  • Montan wax
  • Allantion
  • Cellulose atural
  • Decyl glucoside
  • Behenyl
  • Dimethicon Copeliol
  • BHT

Soos Pets Shampoo Customer Reviews

As there are so many products in Soos pets shampoo range, we have taken here the customer reviews on some products of the Soos natural pet shampoo. These were found in amazon. The customer reviews on Soos pet shampoo were pretty good.

Soos Hypoallergenic Dead Sea Pet shampoo Customer Reviews

“Love the Vitamins and natural elements in this dog shampo” says Brittany. She adds “ Having 2 dogs, I am always trying to keep any unnecessary chemicals away from them. So when I was offered the opportunity to review this in exchange for my honest, unbiased review, I jumped at the chance. T start out with, I love the idea of this dog shampoo. I think it’s wonderful that there are so many vitamins and natural elements in the shampoo.

Even though my dogs don’t have allergies, I thought it would be great to try the hypoallergenic shampoo because it would expose them to less harmful ingredients. My dogs were definitely clean after using and this didn’t cause any dry skin that other shampoos we have used has caused. However, I did find that the bottle was smaller than other dog shampoos that I’ve used. I found it pretty watery. I will definitely keep using this shampoo, but just a warning for other purchasers that you may no receive the same consistency as other dog shampoos.

Soos Two-In-One Dog And Cat Dead Sea Shampoo And Conditioner Customer Reviews

I would definitely use this shampoo again and recommend it to friend. He says “Pleasant scent didn’t react poorly with my dog’s skin. Left the fur very glossy and soft. I would definitely use this shampoo again and recommend it to a friend. Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

“Love it and will recommend” says another Amazon customer. “I just found about this shampoo from a friend and I love it, my dog’s fur look nice and shiny. Also best smelling shampoo that I have ever used. I will recommend this to my friends and family.

Soos Dead Sea Anti-Itch Pet Shampoo Customer Reviews

Excellent Soos anti-itch dead sea pet shampoo says user. “Excellent Soos anti-itch dead sea pet shampoo. I used this on my dogs and it has helped so much with their itching. This shampoo is thick and creamy and lathers up very well. It made their coats very soft and shiny. I love this ingredient list: Dead sea mineral, green tea, tea tree oil, lavender, chamomile and Vitamin E. This is one of the best pet shampoos I have tried. All natural and smells great. I received this at a discount for an honest review.”

“Five stars” – says Mayer.S on Amazon. “The best smell ever”.

Soos Pets Shampoo – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Soos pet shampoo manufactured?

Soos Pet shampoo is manufactured in Israel, right by the Dead Sea.

Is it safe to use Soos Pets shampoo for dogs and cats?

The company has a proprietary relationship that allows them to access to fresh, pure products. Many other Dead Sea products that are available in the market are diluted and stuffed with harsh chemicals. Because Soos pet products are made right next to the Dead Sea, they are the purest possible and authentically Dead Sea.

Does Soos pet shampoo and Soos products have unnatural ingredients?

Products that are made of natural components have a very short life. To preserve the effects of natural ingredients used in Soos pet products, the company has used a small proportion of unnatural ingredients; nonetheless, the company strives to keep the mandatory unnatural ingredients at the lowest possible levels. There are no harmful preservatives like parabens or SLS.

From where to buy Soos Pets shampoo?

You can buy Soos Pets shampoo online from their official webpage or amazon.