Stress Gold for High Stress & Anxiety in Dogs

Pets are individuals; they have their personalities, views, and opinions. The only thing they cannot do is to express how or what they feel properly. Thus, when they are in distress, they cannot just tell you that “Oh, am so stressed out, let me take some rest.” They express it in some other way. Besides, reasons for their stress can be many things like traveling, fireworks or thunderstorms, a new home or addition of a new pet, change in routine, insomnia, etc. So, are you looking for a natural remedy to cure stress in dogs? Then, you are on the right page of Stress Gold for Dogs.

Stress Gold – natural support for stress in dogs

  • 100% Natural
  • Product of
  • Guaranteed Results or Money Back

PetWellBeing Stress Gold is a golden opportunity for you to help your beloved ones to become free from fear and help maintain a stable and peaceful mind. It is a herbal mix that supports the nervous system to reduce nervous tension and restlessness. It’s a natural sedative without any side effects and is 100% safe. It acts quickly on dogs and does not cause stomach upset. This product does not contain alkaloids and is not narcotic. Stress Gold will help your pet relax and might make him sleepy.

It acts as the effective support for high-stress situations in dogs. Stress Gold works effectively when your pet is afraid of noises like thunderstorms or fireworks. Does your dog become nervous when

  • He is traveling
  • He is taken to the veterinarian
  • A new person/ pet comes to the home
  • There is a change in his daily routine
  • There is insomnia

We, if you find any of these symptoms on your dog, you can give him Stress Gold. Stress Gold is for stressed dogs.

  • Training your dog To obey
  • Address all issues from stress, anxiety and a lot more
  • Improve Dogs health and Temperament.

Stress Gold Ingredients – herbs of Stress Gold

The primary ingredients in Stress Gold act directly on your dog’s brain to produce a natural and safe sedative effect. The result is a calm reaction and decreased the tendency to hyperactivity. The class of herbal sedatives used in this formula is 100% safe and natural. The method won’t cause an upset stomach.

  • Skullcap herb (Scutellaria lateriflora):  A nerve tonic with antioxidant value, sedative and used for pain and soothing muscles.
  • Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis):  Sedative; works in case of mental stress, Besides, also acts as a tranquilizer.
  • Lemon Balm herb (Melissa officinalis):  Mild sedative, used for shock and stress, commonly used for anxiety and reactions to vaccinations.
  • Passion Flower herb (Passiflora incarnata):  A relaxant, mild sedative, pain reliever and normalizes heartbeat.
  • Hops strobiles (Humulus lupulus):  Acts on nervous system for longer time, sedative and relaxes the muscles; supports urinary system.
  • Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra):  Adapts the body to stress through adrenal glands.
  • Fresh Wild Oat seed (Avena fatua):  A nerve restorative.
  • Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla):  A mild sedative, useful for hyperactivity and indigestion.
  • Ginger root (Zingiber officinale):  For nausea or digestive symptoms due to stress.

Stress Gold Directions and Dosage

Advisable to use it not more than four doses a day. Stress Gold Dosage will be like one drop for every 2 lbs of weight up to 30 pounds. An additional one drop is added for every extra 4lbs. Can be given orally or mix with food or water of the Dog. The bottle must be shaken well before every use.

  • Train Your Pet like a Pro
  • Obiedience, Potty Training and more
  • Address behavioral Issues.
  • Expert vets and Professionals For support

Cautionary Notes

Do not use with nervous system depressants and, when the dog is under treatment for kidney diseases. Moreover, It is better not to use on pregnant animals. In case of complications, immediate medical attention is required. Similarly, do not use before anesthesia.

Stress Gold customer reviews – what the customers say

Overall, Stress Gold customer reviews show a positive impact. Initially, the product has helped their pet from getting over-reacted. Following are some of the customer reviews on Stress Gold.

  • Stress Gold review 1: A user from Ohio states that the product has worked well in treating anxiety and stress. They always keep stock of one bottle.
  • PetWellbeing Stress Gold review 2: “Calm for the pre-attack dog,” says Butch from WA. Their 3-year-old Chihuahua had some brain damage. As a result, he acts very ferocious and tries to attack anything, that he finds new. Finally, he was given Stress Gold. The overall results were terrific. Butch recommends the product to all his friends.
  • Stress Gold review 3: “Helped with our puppy’s stressful shaking on the car rides” by Jimmy from Cedar Key, Fl. H said that the product had calmed their puppy when traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stress Gold for dogs work?

Petwellbeing Stress Gold is a formulation by a team of holistic vets and pharmacists. It is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. All ingredients of Stress Gold are known to reduce mental stress.

From where to buy Stress Gold?

You can buy Stress Gold from Petwellbeing website or Amazon.

Does Stress Gold come with any side effects?

All the ingredients of Stress Gold are 100% natural. The class of herbal sedatives used in this formulation is safe. Thus, it will not cause the upset tummy.

Is Stress Gold shipped to UK?

The product is shipped to UK. You can either buy from or from Petwellbeing’s website.

How Your Dog Would Feel When You Leave Home – Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues


Do you know that your dogs get stressed when you leave your home or just leave him? This is one of the common phrases and conditions seen in dogs, and sweetly named as ‘separation anxiety in dogs’.

Have you ever got complaints from your neighbor for your dog barking non-stop after you leave for work? I rush to the office daily as I wake up after my alarm snoozes 3-4 times. The moment Tofler sees me awake, he jumps onto my bed and plays around with me. I know he can’t stay a single second without me, but my job profile demands me to go to the office daily. If I would have been provided with work-from-home option, Tofler would be happier than me. 

Separation anxiety in dogs is a dog problem behavior that arises when he is left alone in the room or house. The symptoms associated with separation anxiety in dogs include barking, scratching at walls floors and doors, excessive salivation, whining, destroying items in the home and trying to escape from the room.

Does your dog have separation anxiety?

To know whether your dog has separation anxiety, just watch him when you get ready for work or go out. If he has separation anxiety, he might act more restlessly. He will follow you around the house whining occasionally. Finally, when you pick your bag and keys, he will lie down on his bed ignoring the beef tendon you left for him on his plate.

When you get back home – be after an hour or 8 hours later, he/she will go wild with joy, shaking his tails, as if you came to pick him for a world tour. Then comes the worst part. You start smelling loose stool and find it all over the floor.

Separation anxiety – in 2 types

Basically there are 2 types of separation anxiety – simulated separation anxiety and true separation anxiety. Simulated separation anxiety is often manifested when the dog lacks leadership as well as self-control, whereas true separation anxiety causes the dog to experience real stress during the absence of his owner.

How to deal with simulated separation anxiety in dogs?

When they were puppies, we take them everywhere for socialization – for a walk, for a ride. But when they reach an age, we have to leave them alone. This is where the actual problem rises. We are the only source of confidence, security and love for our dogs. So a small change in their routines can create symptoms of separation anxiety. Each breed has their own purpose – like terriers are born to dig, retrievers to carry and protection breeds to protect. So when you hold them back from their instincts and drives, its a real mess for them.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

Works great for stress and anxiety in pets Like Trips to the veterinarian, Noise, thunderstorms or a new member in the family or simply travel

Experts always recommend dog owners to correct these problems by prioritizing his training schedule. First exercise, discipline and then only affection should be given. You need to balance patience, obedience and confidence in your dog.

How to prevent separation anxiety?

  • From the very beginning, teach your pup to be quiet and settle down for long time period. This way, he will learn patience and calmness.
  • 90% of the separation anxiety condition in dogs can be treated with obedience, discipline and proper training. This approach lets your dog know what is expected from him and help in improving his behavior.
  • Spend some time training your dog – not just one-week classes, but often and regularly. Train your dog to sit at the door, lie down and stay while you go out of his sight. Train him to sit and wait to be greeted by guests.
  • When you come back home, pay no attention to your dog, even if he bangs at the crate.
  • Your dog is as clever as you are. It is possible for him to recognize a series of actions you do. Change your daily routine – use different door, put your coat and bag in different places.
  • Your dog does not have to follow you everywhere. He should be independent and able to wait until you request his company. These little changes will help your dog attain self-confidence and thereby help in overcoming separation anxiety.

Composure Pro Liquid for dogs – By Vetriscience & Petsmart Reviews

Composure Max Liquid for Dogs and Cats Reviews

Stress is something that we encounter every day of our life. Life is almost the same for the cats and dogs also, at least concerning the stress. The impact of stress is different in the pets than us. They tend to be hyperactive, anxious, and nervous, shows a behavioral abnormality, etc. Composure Max liquid is a calming formula that is easy to administer. It is supplementary support for the dogs and cats that calms their nerves immediately upon administration. It reduces the stress-related functions inside their body and provides a pleasant composure to them, without affecting their personality or emotional balance.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

Composure Max Liquid ingredients

Composure Max liquid is made of components that have a direct effect on the nervous system and bring down the metabolic activities involved with stress. Doing so will not affect the other activities around.

Composure Max liquid does not make the pets drowsy. It works to the target and stays away from others. The ingredients help reduce the hormones or other compounds that are produced during stress and urge the pet body to produce the counters instead.

  • Assists Hyperactivity
  • Non Drowsy
  • Free from chemicals, All natural
  • No side effects

Composure Max liquid contains the active ingredients vitamin B1- thiamine, L-Theanine, and Colostrum, a calming complex made of proteins.

The inactive ingredients are cornstarch, soy lecithin, non-fat milk solids, glycerin, maltodextrin, guar gum, sucrose, sorbic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable oil, and water.

How does Vetri Science Composure Max Liquid for dogs works?

Vetri Science Composure Max Liquid for Dogs contains the vitamin B1 that can fulfill the vitamin deficiency, which in many cases are the reason behind the behavioral pattern in pets. As for the L-Theanine, this is a derivative of a neurotransmitter involved in controlling the stress hormones. The calming complex is made of milk protein hydrolysate which works along with the L-Theanine amino acid.

Composure Max Liquid Dosage / Administration

  • Composure Max liquid is easy to administer from the bottle given. The dosage is measured in teaspoons. The quantity differs according to the weight of the pet. All doses must be given twice daily. Do remember to shake the bottle well before every use.
  • For cats and small dogs, the recommended dosage is a ¼ teaspoon.
  • For pets that weigh 26 – 49 lbs, it is a ½ teaspoon, and that for those has 50 – 75 lbs, making it a ¾ teaspoon. For larger pets that weight above 75 kg, the dosage is one teaspoon.
  • The dosage may be increased under too stressed conditions and also as an instant calmer. The increase of dose can be doubled or tripled according to the situation and as per the vet’s advice.

When to use Composure Max Liquid for Cats?

Pets are easily prone to stress, and it is worse in the case of cats. Cats are too sensitive and get agitated and anxious at the slightest provocation. Even a change in the carpet is enough to make them anxious. Composure Max liquid is highly effective in calming the pets that are anxious to:

  • Environmental changes like a new home, or a new family member or the loss of any.
  • Boarding and kenneling also make them nervous, and they start licking or biting.
  • The vet visits are the most common cause of stress in dogs and cats.
  • Holidays, large parties with loud music, etc.
  • Separation anxiety, moving or traveling, etc.
  • Fireworks and thunderstorms also cause anxiety in the pets.

Composure Max Liquid for Dogs and Cats Precautions and Side Effects

Vetri Science Composure Max Liquid For Dogs and Cats are intended for nervous and anxious pets. It is only for Dogs and Cats. Is it safe for pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding? This is yet to prove, and hence it is safe to avoid for those animals. If the animal’s condition worsens or doesn’t change even after administration of Composure Max Liquid, it is better to stop the drug and take your pet to the vet.

It is recommended to keep out of the reach of children. Contact the vet if you encounter an accidental overdose of Composure Max Liquid to your dog or cat.

Composure Max Liquid is the best behavioral aid that helps in alleviating stress as the situation comes and does not have any harmful side effects. There are no reported cases of adverse side effects of Composure Max Liquid.

Where to buy Composure Max Liquid?

The best stress-related behavioral issues soother, Composure Max Liquid, is available online at the Vetri Science official website and also with various vendors. One of the prominent online sellers is It is a perfect soother for the stressed pet – dog or cat.

Conclusion: Vetri Science Composure Max Liquid

The Composure Max Liquid reduces the impact of these changes in their bodies without affecting their general health. The excessive scratching, urination abnormality, trembling, shivering, the destructive tendency, etc. can be troublesome. Composure Max Liquid can calm the pets that shows any of these symptoms, instantly.

Anxietrex For dogs – Natural Anxiety Support Supplement Reviews & Ingredients

Anxietrex is an FDA approved liquid for the treatment of anxiety problems in pets. Anxietrex for dogs is a product from the Vetionx– a well-known manufacturer of pet care products.


It uses the multi-directional process for the relieving of the various symptoms of your dog’s anxiety. Anxiety remedies generally come with some or another side effect.

But Anxietrex comes without any side effects.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

Anxietrex – Safe And Natural Anxiety Relief For Dogs

Anxietrex for dogs is a safe formula that quickly relieves your dog’s anxiety. It is one of the popular natural dog anxiety treatment products in the market. Anxietrex for dogs come in a liquid form. Hence, it is easy to add to your dog’s food or water.

Anxietrex – Anxiety Relief Formula For Dogs

Anxietrex for dogs is a safe formula that quickly relieves your dog’s anxiety. It is one of the popular natural dog anxiety treatment products in the market. Anxietrex for dogs come in a liquid form.

Anxiety In Dogs & Anxietrex

Our pets are just more than animals. They are our part and parcel of our family. To make them comfortable and loved, is what a real dog lover would like to do, especially when he is in bad times. If your furry friend experiences anxiety symptoms, it’s time to buy this natural formula for him.

Treating dog problems with natural products is the best recommended by vets. This is because these products are free from chemicals and do not possess any side effects. Natural dog care companies like Vetionx help the pet owners get the right product for their pets. They help them to provide natural solutions.

Like humans, dogs can also have anxieties and fears. A dog’s anxiety may not be the same with that of ours. But the physical reactions and symptoms are just the same. When dogs are anxious, they may show repetitive behaviors. Some dog anxiety behaviors may cause the pet owner to harm. It may include non-stop barking, chewing up furniture, walls, shoes, pooping or peeing in the house and being aggressive towards people or other animals.

Anxietrex from Vetionx – A Natural Remedy For Canine Anxieties

Anxietrex is an effective canine anxiety remedy on the market. Over 23 million dogs in the United States are suffering from anxiety issues and fears. Anxietrex is an FDA approved natural supplement that contains active homeopathic ingredients with proven effects. Anxietrex from Vetionx helps to calm your furry friend and balance his levels of energy. Vetionx is a pet care company that you can trust for. They specialize in natural pet remedies. Anxietrex has a line of 7 holistic pet treatment products for treating common dog problems.

All products of Vetionx come in a liquid form. This makes it easy for the owner to mix them in the pet food or water. So it’s easy to administer. Anxietrex for dog anxiety is officially acknowledged in the Homeopathic Materia Medica. Its an encyclopedia of homeopathic medicines. So you can rest assured that your dog is getting the benefits of natural herbs in treating anxieties and dog fears.

How Does Anxietrex Work – Does Anxietrex Work For Dogs With Anxiety Problems?

Before you understand how the product works, it is essential to know a few things about anxiety and its symptoms.

Some stressed dogs show signs of aggression towards humans or other dogs. While others have an aversion to people of a certain age. You can see some dogs responding fearfully to strangers or thunderstorms. Whether you know or not, there is a particular dog anxiety condition, called the ‘Separation Anxiety’. This occurs when their owners leave home. Separation anxiety in dogs can result in distress behaviors within a short time after the dog being left alone in the apartment. Dogs may experience fear and show symptoms during storms, fireworks and loud noises.

Anxietrex For Dog Anxiety

There are many natural medications for treating anxiety in dogs. If the anxiety has developed suddenly, take your pet to the vet, to eliminate medical causes. If these signs occur only on certain occasions, try to determine how long it takes for him to come back to normal.

Anxietrex for dogs anxiety supports calmness and balanced energy levels; it is a safe product to use, without any side effects. Anxietrex provides relief from stress, tension, whining, hypersensitivity, trembling, excitability and other related symptoms.

Features of Anxietrex For Dogs

Anxietrex is one of the best remedies for anxiety-related disorders in pets. Some of its highlighting features would be:

  • Anxietrex is formulated with officially recognized active homeopathic ingredients which are natural and comes without any side effects. The ingredients in the mix are known to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, fear and sensitivity in dogs.
  • The ingredients of Anxietrex does not use alcohol or any similar harmful substances which can cause a problem for the pets.
  • The format of Anxietrex is such a way that it can be easily administered into the mouths of the dogs which is a significant advantage for the pet owners.
  • Anxietrex is also an over the counter homeopathic formula without any sorts of side effects for the dogs while making them calm and relaxed.
  • It is for mitigating the risk of side effects is prepared with a multi-dilution process.
  • Anxietrex is manufactured according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices standard which makes it a quality product.
  • The medicine provides a wide range of symptoms relief for the pets. There are many symptoms which are showcased by the pets when they are experiencing an anxiety disorder.
  • The source of the formulation of the medicine is based on an intrinsic body response known by “Law of Similars.” This is to assist a natural relief of the symptoms by the use of recommended dilutions of the active homeopathic ingredient.
  • Anxietrex doesn’t have forms of synthetic additives, coloring, and flavoring. The formulae also don’t have the presence of any types of sugar in the combination
  • Anxietrex offers 100% money back guarantee.
  • It is an OTC supplement that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

Anxietrex Uses

  • Anxietrex is a safe, natural support for dog fears and anxiety
  • The homeopathic ingredients promote calmness and balanced energy levels.
  • It relieves stress and separation anxiety symptoms.
  • It eliminates nervousness, irrational fear, and mood swings.
  • Anxietrex works safely and naturally. It comes with no side effects.

Anxietrex For Dogs Ingredients – Herbs Of Anxietrex Formula

Anxietrex dog-anxiety supplement using natural ingredients. These ingredients are selected, based on their traditional use in homeopathic medicine. Anxietrex provides temporary relief from separation anxiety symptoms. It supports your pet’s lifestyle and helps to include proper diet and lifestyle. In short, Anxietrex ensures that your dog stays healthy and active.

Each of these ingredients has different properties. Following are the elements of Anxietrex drops.

  • Aconitum Napellus HPUS: for treating anxiety.
  • Alfalfa HPUS: is one of the main ingredients of Anxietrex. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Alfalfa in Anxietrex supports the proper functioning of your pet’s body. The herb contains magnesium, iron, protein, and phosphorus.
  • Argentum Nitricum HPUS: this herb helps to treat anxiety. Its a stock remedy in homeopathic medicine for dog anxiety. This substance is also known as silver nitrate. Several studies have shown that Argentum Nitricum helps to ease anxiety disorders.
  • Arsenicum album HPUS: also known as white arsenic. It’s an effective homeopathic remedy to treat dog fears and anxiety. Although this herb is effective in treating various other health conditions like gastritis, diarrhea, dry eczema, it’s medicinally benefited from stressed dogs.
  • Aurum Metallicum HPUS: It is used to get relief from depression, despair and lack of confidence. It helps your dog to lower blood pressure from stress and anxiety.
  • Avena sativa HPUS: Avena Sativa is used in homeopathic medicines to calm your dog from separation anxiety.

Other Ingredients

  • Baryta Carbonica HPUS: Dog stress and anxiety symptoms can be quickly relieved with the help of Baryta Carbonica herb.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica HPUS: Its a useful remedy used to deal with separation anxiety in dogs. If your dog shows symptoms of chewing furniture and other things in the house, give him Calcarea Phosphorica (calcium phosphate) supplement or Anxietrex.
  • Chamomilla HPUS: Chamomile’s sedative effect is used to reduce anxiety in dogs. It calms your dog’s belly and helps him sleep.
  • Gelsemium sempervirens HPUS: this homeopathic ingredient of Anxietrex helps to treat cute symptoms of anxiety in dogs.
  • Glonoinum HPUS: Dog who are stressed or suffering from anxiety may show symptoms like vomiting and weakness. If you find any of these symptoms in your dog, give him Anxietrex.
  • Humulus lupulus HPUS: This is an active ingredient sued in anxiety supplements. The component has a beneficial effect to deal with insomnia. It helps to reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • Ignatia Amara HPUS: Does your dog have emotional stress? Well, then Ignatia Amara is the recommended solution. Ignatia Amara in Anxietrex is used to naturally deal with anxiety, restlessness, separation anxiety, whining, and fear of loud noises.
  • Kali arsenicosum HPUS: Its an effective homeopathic ingredient of Anxietrex that gets rid of your dog’s fear from dark, insects, spiders and animals.
  • Kali Phosphoricum HPUS: Helps to calm your dog when a new family member comes to your home. Your dog will also show anxiety symptoms when he sees a new dog or new visitor in the house. To overcome this, its best recommended providing Anxietrex.
  • Muriaticum Acidum HPUS: Naturally relieves your pet’s stress and anxiety without any side effects.
  • Natrum Phosphoricum HPUS: If your dog has a condition arising from excess of lactic acid, Natrum Phosphoricum is best used. It helps to provide relief from trauma, shock, and restlessness in dogs.
  • Passiflora incarnata HPUS: this natural herb is used for treating insomnia and anxiety. The plant is rich in sterols, flavonoids, chlorogenic acid, and indole alkaloids.
  • Phosphorus HPUS: If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, try giving him phosphorus included Anxietrex.
  • Staphysagria HPUS: Balances your dog’s emotional behaviors. He shall be as calm and relaxed after taking Anxietrex.
  • Stramonium HPUS: Stramonium is an effective homeopathic remedy for separation anxiety in dogs. It also promotes a deep sleep for your pet.

The letter HPUS in the ingredient indicates that the components are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Way Of Administration Of Anxietrex – Usage

Vetionx Anxietrex comes in liquid form which makes it easier for administration directly through the mouth. It is suggested that the medicine is inserted using a plastic dropper which is not included in the package of the medication. The dropper should be kept clean and as safe as any contamination can be bad for the animals. Be careful not to touch the dropper’s tip to the tongue of the pet as it can lead to contamination.

Another mode of ingestion of the medicine is through the food. The drug can be mixed with food and served. It should also be noted to use a non-metallic bowl as metal can change the effectiveness of the product. After the use of the medicine, it should be stored in a cool place which prevents the medicine form losing its effectiveness. Avoid direct sunlight, and special care should be taken to finish the bottle within 60 days of its opening.

Vetionx is one of the primary competitors in the pet care industry, and all the products are manufactured under FDA approved facility thereby maintaining the standard for all the products. Anxietrex is one of the many famous brands from the house of Vetionx. Users can rely on Anxietrex for dealing with pet anxiety disorders in a natural and side-effects freeway.

Anxietrex Dosage

You must give Anxietrex to your pet every day. It is essential that you keep your pet on a consistent program to experience maximum benefits.

Anxietrex For Dogs Reviews

The customer reviews on Anxietrex for dogs show a positive result. The product has won the hearts of many dog owners. Many customers agreed that Anxietrex has helped their dog get relief from anxiety due to traveling and separation anxiety. Amazon also shoes many satisfied customers. There are too many happy cat owners who got great relief from cat anxiety symptoms.

Char from Mi says “That is good news for everyone.” Her first experience with Anxietrex was terrific. Her 12-year-old Boxer mix was looking calm and relaxed. He didn’t show any separation anxiety symptoms and also had a good sleep.

“He is much more relaxed. I see a big difference” says Jean B from Ontario. He bought Anxietrex for his 3-year-old Callum. Since using Anxietrex, Callum was found very active and calm. He is no more worried about strange people and dogs.

Anxietrex For Dogs Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anxietrex an FDA approved medicine?

Anxietrex is an FDA approved medicine. The active homeopathic ingredients are officially listed in the HPUS (Homeopathic Materia Medica)

Can I mix Anxietrex in the water that he drinks?

Yes. You can add Anxietrex to your pet’s water, or serve it directly into their mouth. Use only non-chlorinated, filtered water and non-metal bowls. Metal can change the effectiveness of the product.

Is it safe to use Anxietrex?

Anxietrex is made with natural ingredients. It is formulated to be safe to use.

Are there any side effects for Anxietrex?

Anxietrex has no reported side effects or drug interactions. It can be used with other prescription or OTC medications.

Is Anxietrex a herbal remedy for dog anxiety?

Anxietrex is not a herbal remedy. Herbal remedies are based on the herb’s use in traditional medicines. While in homeopathy uses the Law of Similars. FDA accepts homeopathic products as drugs.

Does Anxietrex offer international shipping?

Yes, all Vetionx products have international shipping. They are for personal use.

From where to buy Anxietrex formula?

You can buy Anxietrex from Vetionx official webpage or Amazon.

What do the Anxietrex reviews say?

The customer reviews on Anxietrex are pretty good to read. They say that the product has helped their pet get relief from anxiety and stress.

From where to buy Anxietrex for dogs online?

You can buy Anxietrex for dogs online from Vetionx official webpage or Amazon.

Can I buy Anxietrex for dogs from UK?

Yes, you can buy Vetionx Anxietrex from UK. The company offers international shipping.

Stress Gold For Dog Anxiety

  • Noises like thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Changes, such as a new pet or person in the home
  • Trips to the veterinarian
  • Stressful routine changes
  • Insomnia

Stress Gold for High-Stress Situations in Cats

Stress Gold for Cats is non-addictive and acts on the brain to produce a soothing and sedative effect. The herbs used are 100% certified organic. Stress Gold will calm the cats, making them feel relaxed and sometimes, sleepy.

Stress Gold for High Stress Situations in Cats
Stress Gold is an effective natural product made from pure organic herbs for cats under severe stress. The cause of stress could be due to travel, unfamiliar surroundings or physical factors like pain. Stress Gold is non-addictive and acts on the brain to produce a soothing and sedative effect. The herbs used are 100% certified organic. in the USA makes Stress Gold from certified organic and ethically wild-harvested herbs. It uses full spectrum, standardized extracts for the highest potency. Every single batch of Stress Gold is tested for quality. The manufacturing unit is FDA registered and follows high manufacturing standards and stringent quality control measures. It compiles with FDA guidelines for Veterinary Medicine for pet dietary supplements.

Stress Gold for cats comes with a 90-day money back guarantee

Stress Gold Ingredients

Holistic veterinarians using time-tested formulas have developed Stress Gold using the latest advancements in science. The ingredients of Stress Gold will not upset the stomach, do not contain high alkaloid levels, and are not narcotic.

When to use Stress Gold

Stress is detected in cats by their behavioral changes like frequent or insufficient urination, restlessness, non-stop meowing, pacing, biting, urinating outside litter boxes etc. The cats may experience the increase in heart or breath rates

Stress Gold formula for stressed cats is non-addictive and acts directly on the brain to calm the cats. Stress Gold is useful in the following situations:

  • while traveling
  • during high-level noises like thunderstorms or fireworks
  • when cats get a new home or when new people come home
  • during trips to veterinarians
  • changes in daily routines
  • insomnia
  • hyperactivity
  • when in pain from arthritis, inflammation or injury
  • old age
  • severe itching

Stress Gold will calm the cats, making them feel relaxed and sometimes, sleepy.

Stress Gold Dosage

Stress Gold can be administered before a known stressful situation or when cats experience stress. It can be administered up to 4 times daily. 1 drop of Stress Gold to be given for 2 pounds of cat’s body weight. If the cat weighs above 50 pounds, additional 1 drop to be given for every 4 pounds of body weight. Shake well before use.


Please consult a doctor before buying Stress Gold, if the cat is pregnant, or already on other medications, or if cats have cardiac or kidney problems. Discontinue if there are adverse symptoms. Do not use Stress Gold before anesthesia.