Hearty Heart Drops For Dog Heart Disease by Pet Wellbeing

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Hearty Heart Liquid Drops from Pet Wellbeing

Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease. Natural treatment for dog heart diseases. Check with Veterinarian before treatment or administering any medications for your dog if its suffering from heart-related diseases. No side effects.

Dogs like humans can suffer from heart disease at any particular age. It is not necessary that your dog should be old to get a heart disease. Symptoms of heart disease include panting, exhaustion, loss of appetite, bloated belly, blueish gums. If you think your dog is suffering from a heart disease, consult a veterinarian immediately. Do not administer medication for your dog without proper consultation and diagnosis. If your dog is suffering from Heart disease, make sure you maintain a good diet preferably low-fat diet and also your dog gets the right amount of exercises. Proper exercise should get your dog on the path to recovery with the right diet.

  • Training your dog To obey
  • Address all issues from stress, anxiety and a lot more
  • Improve Dogs health and Temperament.

HeartClean Gold for Dogs
Hearty Heart is one of the few medicines available in the market which is natural and has no side effects. Even though the medication is free from any kind of side effects.

Hearty heart is one of the few medicines available in the market which is natural and has no side effects. Even though the medication is free from any kind of side effects. It’s not good for dogs which are pregnant or lactating. Also it’s not recommended to mix hearty heart with other drugs your veterinarian has administered.

Heart disease in Dogs is not very common because its easily detected. You will notice that the dog is gets tired very easily with little play and fun. The panting starts almost in 2-3 minutes. Besides, even exhaustion can happen. You can see there is lack of appetite, lesser water consumption, and Swelling in Gums. It’s obvious that we can get worried with such large symptoms, and the Vets detect it easily.

  • Train Your Pet like a Pro
  • Obiedience, Potty Training and more
  • Address behavioral Issues.
  • Expert vets and Professionals For support

Recommended Products for Healthy heart in dogs

Hearty Heart for Dogs Heart Disease

The hearty heart medication is natural. Besides, it is also well known for its effectiveness. The natural content includes most of the ingredients which are used in Humans too. The effectiveness of Hearty heart is not questioned at all. You can see the difference in the dog’s health over a weeks time. Hearty heart is one of the few medications which can show you results so easy and best of all your dogs will love it. Regular exercise and Proper diet with a Hearty heart could put your dog on happiness way in no time at all. For more information on Hearty Heart for Dogs we recommend you check out the website at petwellbeing.com from the link below.

A heart, whether human or animal, is a network of interconnected veins, arteries, and capillaries. It carries blood to all parts of the body. As blood is the chief carrier any obstacles in its passage or in the pumping system – the heart can be dangerous. The heart is one of the important organs that should be in good working condition all the time. It is important to maintain blood circulation to have nutrients, oxygen etc all over the body. It also keeps up the energy in the body. In the pets, the lack of it can be first seen in their vitality. The pets with a poor heart will be less active and show fatigue.

Hearty Heart Combo Pack for Dogs – Hearty Heart (Liquid Drops) from Pet Wellbeing

Hearty Heart Combo pack contains a bottle of Heart and Circulation Tonic and a bag of 1 lb Cookie crunch of either Berry or CranApple. This combo pack is deadly for bad cholesterol and good for the dog’s heart. Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation tonic keeps the heart fit and fine by increasing the blood circulation there by reducing any risk of heart diseases. It also strengthens the veins and arteries. The cookies help reduce the cholesterol in the blood. These cookies and the tonic are also available separately.

One of the major Supplement by Hearty Heart

  • Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation Tonic: Heart and Circulation Tonic is a non addictive natural remedy to assist the heart to function normal and healthy. The ingredients in this tonic encourage better circulation. This is made with homeopathic and biochemical tissue salts that are of pharmaceutical grade. These ingredients help improve the heart functioning for a better living for the pets. The Heart and Circulation Tonic comes as granules and not liquid. These granules are easy to administer as it is absorbed fast into the body system. You can be directly put them into the mouth of your dogs or crush and dissolve them in the food or drink.

Other Supplements include

  • Hearty Heart – Berry K9 Cookie Crunch: Berry K9 Cookie Crunch is a nonallergic cookie. Specially made for the dogs. It helps to reduce cholesterol and also provides better cardiovascular health. It is made from human grade ingredients which are rich in nutritional values. The cookies are baled in low temperature to retain the nutrition. It contains vitamins and other essential minerals for the pets. The cookies are made from rye flour, cranberries, blueberries, vanilla, eggs, and canola oil. The number of cookies per day differs with the size of the dog, from 1-4 or even up to 6 treats daily.
  • Hearty Heart – CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch: CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch is also a help for the better cardiovascular health of the dogs. The making procedure is the same as that of the Berry cookies. The only difference being is that CranApple cookies are good for those dogs that are restricted from having high protein diet. The cookies are available in packs of one pound bags. This is excellent for dogs that are allergic to protein diet. It contains no preservative, additives that can be harmful to the pets or animal products, or other grain by products that can be allergic. These cookies contain a good amount of fiber in it because of the presence of apple. It can control the cholesterol and cranberries help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. It is made from oats, water, oat bran, cranberries, and apple. Oats is a great addition in the diet to control cholesterol and apple is fibrous that also helps in waste removal from the blood.

The Advantage of the Hearty Heart Combo packs

The benefit of the Hearty Heart combo pack is to have the two better options to have a healthy heart for pets. Both the inclusions in the pack work on the two way approach on the pet’s heart. The cookies keep the cholesterol under control while the tonic improves the body circulation, even to the brain. The blood circulation is not just for oxygen and nutrient supply but also for the removal of toxins and waste from the body as well. It also strengthens the blood vessels and arteries and will lessen the risk of heart disease. The cookie crunches provide the vitamins and nutrients for the dogs that are allergic.

Hearty Heart for Heart Disease in Dogs – Heart and Circulation tonic – Ingredients

  • Arnica internally is beneficial for your heart and is also works as a preventive for stroke. This is especially beneficial for elderly dogs to keep their heart in good condition.
  • Calc fluor is a biochemical tissue salt that has toning properties and supports the tissues. It strengthens the tissues and helps with their flexibility and elasticity as well. This property of this salt makes it a great addition for blood circulation and heart health.
  • Kali phos is another tissue salt that is regularly used for maintaining and supporting the blood pressure and heart. It supports the blood flow to the brain and heartbeat. It also works as an effective nerve tonic.
  • Lachesis has anti-inflammatory properties even that of acute conditions. Hearty Heart is an effective blood thinner that prevents blood clotting and stroke. It increases the blood flow and flushes out more toxins from the blood. It can also help with stress and anxiety and controls the heart rate and blood pressure.

Hearty Heart – Heart and Circulation tonic dosage

The Hearty Heart for Dogs – Heart and Circulation tonic is available in granule form. Administer it directly into the pet’s mouth or in its food or water. Only a pinch of the granules is required for pets under the weight of 20 pounds and 2 pinches for 20-50. Dogs over 50 pounds of weight should have ¼ cap. It can also be given to cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, mice, and gerbils. Since the pets respond differently to the product the period to show the results cannot be pinpointed. It is done in a holistic way so there is no fear for any side effects. The only thing matters are the recommended dosage given regularly. It can be used for a maintenance course.

How to Detect Dog’s Heart Murmur Symptoms

Young at Heart for Dog Heart Disease

Young at Heart for Dog Heart Disease is a gentle, natural supplement which is an effective support for your dogs heart.

Types of heart murmur in dogs

Heart murmur in dogs is the unusual heart sound that is audible when using a stethoscope. The normal heart beat has a rhythm and it shows the continuous blood pumping from the dog heart. Using Stethoscope it is very easy to identify any abnormality in the blood flow in a dogs heart. The loudness of the heart murmur in dogs is one of the factor which shows the turbulence of the abnormal blood flow, but it may not be accurate all the time. In many cases there may not be any clinical signs to know if the dog suffers this turbulence in its heart. Only a medical examination may reveal it. The sound may be like clicks, splitting sound, gallop, ejection etc.

The heart murmur in canines occurs due to physiological reasons as well as structural problems. This is a common occurrence in young puppies and in some breeds. Young puppies of the age 6-8 weeks show this condition and within months they outgrow it. This type of heart murmur has only low intensity and may not show any external symptoms and is relatively harmless. But if this condition persists even after the puppy attains 4-5 months of age then it can be a case of concern.

The heart murmur due to structural reasons arises when the dog’s heart has some structural abnormality. The heart has a usual way of blood pumping and blood flow, but under abnormal conditions the blood may flow in opposite direction causing turbulence. A dog can acquire this condition by birth also.

The third type of physical condition that can cause the heart murmur is functional heart murmur that is due to the extra cardiac reasons, ie, something that goes wrong outside the heart. Anemia or low red blood cells, low protein levels in blood, some types of fever, infection, obesity in dogs, pregnancy etc can also cause heart murmur. In low levels of red blood cells and protein, the blood is thinner and is more watery in nature causing the turbulence while passing thorough the valves. This condition is caused in puppies by some infection or infestations. Adult dogs which suffer blood loss may also have heart murmur which may cause even serious problems.

Certain breeds of dogs are prone to several heart conditions in Dogs like acquired mitral valve disease, congenial mitral valve disease; myocardial failure, ductus arteriosus, pulmonary stenosis, subvalvular aortic stenosis, congenial tricuspid valve, ventricular septal defect etc. Small breeds, Labrador retriever, German Shepherd, English bulldog, Golden retriever, English Springer Spaniel, etc are some breeds that are prone to heart problems that can cause the heart murmur.

Heart murmur depends on the loudness and there are 6 grades of it. Though this loudness is not a criterion for determining the seriousness of the condition but is very important while determining the treatment methods and procedures.

The grade 1 is very soft and will take a few minutes to detect and the grade 2 is also soft but is from to a smaller area and we can hear it distinctively. The grade 3 is somewhat intense and we can easily detect it in more than one point. Grade 4 is louder and will be at many areas on the chest, and there is no vibration in this case. The grade 5 is a bit of concern and is much louder accompanied with a vibrating effect pointing to a particular area. Grade 6 is very loud vibration and we can hear it even if the stethoscope is an inch or two away from the chest.
In most cases only the structural reasons may show some kind of symptoms. The general symptoms that point out that the dog has some heart murmur and related problems are,

  • Coughing
  • Bluish tongue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue, weak body and the dog shows lesser stamina, will have lesser endurance for exercises.
  • The dog may display agitation
  • The mucous membranes will be pale in appearance
  • Heart beat will be either too slow or too fast.
  • The respiratory rate increases and is with effort. We should pay proper attention to congestion or difficulty in breathing.
  • The dog may faint occasionally.
  • The belly may appear swelled like a pot.

Pale gums and fainting spells are cases of concern and these occur when there is less oxygen supply to the body parts due to decrease in blood flow. If these symptoms are seen, we have to seek medical attention immediately. These could be structural heart problems. Heart murmur itself is not a disease but just a symptom of an underlying problem.

If a heart murmur is detected during routine examination, the doctor checks the grade of the murmur and may ask you to bring the pet after a few weeks to see if it sustains. The heart murmur in puppies are relatively harmless if it disappears after a while and if it does not show any sign of disappearing, the veterinarian may suggest a few tests and diagnosis. The stress level of the pet also causes heart murmur and so it cannot be determined if it is due to any other problem. In such cases, the vet may advice you to come back later to have a re-examination. A structural heart murmur may show external symptoms which we ourselves can see. This is also taken into consideration. If these symptoms are visible the vet may take a few more tests.

  • Blood tests: A test to determine the counts helps detect if the problem is due to the RBC level or protein levels. It can also reveal any underlying kidney or other organ problems that may be reflected in the heart beat.
  • X-rays of the dog’s chest can give information about the heart size and shape with the blood vessels and lung patterns.
  • ECG detects the heart rate abnormalities, heart chamber size, and also the heart electrical activities.
  • Cardiac Ultrasound: An ultrasound shows the contractions, the chamber size, thickness of heart muscle walls and valve function. It can also detect heart-worms and tumors.
  • Enquiring about the dog breed is also a part of diagnosis. Certain breeds may have predisposed heart conditions that can affect the treatment.
  • The location of the murmur, duration of it and its timing in the heart cycle all are important part of a proper diagnosis.

Treatment for the dog’s heart murmur is done for the underlying cause. It may be caused by structural anomalies, blood counts, infections etc. If the real problem is detected, treatment is started to rectify the real problem. When the problem or cause is eliminated, the dog’s heart rhythm can be brought back. But the point to note is that while most structural problems may not be easily treated the other problems that cause the murmur is fully cured.

For physiological heart murmur problems no treatment is required. It is relatively minor and in most cases gets cured on its own as the time passes. The heart murmur caused by other problems may need prolonged treatment and medications. The duration is entirely dependent on the intensity of the condition. If the cause is due to any kind of infection, then in addition to medication, dental cleaning is also required to keep the entire body system hygienic. As long as there is no threat of a cardiac failure, the treatment may be conducted as an outpatient category. Only regular visits to the vet are required and there is no need for hospitalization.

  • Instead of heavy feeding, opt for frequent smaller meals for the dog to reduce the stress on the body to both eating and digesting the amount of food. It will also help control the body weight to a point as obesity is one of the external reasons for heart murmur.
  • The dog’s diet should be heart friendly and should have antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. The amount of salt should be low and without any chemical preservatives.
  • Make the pet to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and to flush out the toxins.
  • Make exercise a habit, it will keep the body weight in check and makes the body fit. Swimming, running, walking all makes a good workout time for the canines.
  • Additionally dietary supplements that help with better heart health may also be given, provided you consult with your vet and got a green signal. This will help prevent any future cardiac problems.

Dog’s Heart murmur is not a serious problem but that can be serious when it is being persistent. Choose the natural way of curing if possible as the drugs can have its side effects. Do not dither to seek medical attention if any serious symptom like fainting, collapsing, or purplish gum and tongue is noted. These may be very serious. Stick to a healthy routine for the dog, this helps the body to get used to the functions and work properly.

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Heartgard plus chewables for dogs reviews & rebate

What Is Heartgard Plus 26- 50 lbs?

Heartgard Plus 26-50 lbs is a beef flavored chewable tablet for dogs. It should be given orally only once in a month. It provides protection against heartworms and treats and prevents the roundworm and hookworm.

Recommended Products for Healthy heart in dogs

What Benefits Does Heartgard Plus Green Chewable 26- 50 Lbs Offers?

Heartgard Plus is for dogs at the age of 6 weeks or more and has no weight requirement. Its benefits are –

  • It is the tastiest beef flavor heartworm chewable tablet
  • One tablet protects your pet for one complete month.
  • It prevents the heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm efficiently.
  • It is able to destroy heartworm larvae at the starting stage.
  • The tablet is not restricted to any weight limitation for dogs over 6 weeks.
  • Buy from bestdealpetsupply.com to avail the best price plus only $ 3.99 shipping Charges.What Are Heartgard plus chewables Active Ingredients?

The only two active ingredients in this tablet are

  • Ivermectin (136 mcg)
  • Pyrantel (114 mcg).

Treatment For Worms in Dogs

How Does Heartgard plus Work?

Ivermectin, a broad-spectrum antiparasitic medication included in Heartgard plus helps to prevent heartworms. It destroys the heartworm larvae and pupae at the early stage itself. It also has Pyrantel Pamoate, an anthelmintic that helps in controlling and treating roundworm and hookworm. Once administered correctly, the medication goes into the body and destroys the immature form of the heartworm.

What Are Heartgard plus Dosage Directions?

Administer Heartgard plus once a month on the same day of each month year-round to prevent heartworm disease. The usual dose of the green pack for 26-50 lbs is 1 tablet/ month. Heartgard plus Chewables are for dogs only, so do not give to cats. It is not for swallowing in whole, but can be broken and fed to dogs as pieces, or crumbled and mixed with food.

Are There Any Warnings?

Heartgard plus tablets are not for swallowing, it’s just for chewing. However, the tablets can be broken into pieces while dosing. Watch the dog closely after dosing to ensure your dog eats the entire tablet to get whole month protection. If the dog does not swallow the whole tablet, give one more full recommended dose as soon as possible. Strictly follow the recommended dose of one tablet once every month. Even continue dosing during winter months. If the dosage gets a skip for more than two months, then contact your veterinarian to continue the tablet.

What Are The Cautions Related With Heartgard Plus?

Do not use this medication for dogs allergic to it. Perform Heartworm testing prior to the start of prevention therapy. If the animal is off this drug for 6 months or less, start the medication and test after 6 months. This is because, the microfilaria, may take 6 months to mature, and can result in a positive test report.

Are There Any Possible Heartgard Plus Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects of Heartgard Plus when taken in the recommended dosage. However, higher doses in dogs may cause tremors, dilated pupils, and loss of body weight and death. Heartgard Tablets are safe for all sizes and breeds of dogs. It is approved and safe for use in puppies as young as 6 weeks, small dogs regardless of weight, pregnant or breeding bitches, stud dogs, and Collies.

What Heartgard Plus For Dogs 26-50 lbs Best Price Is?

The Heartgard Plus from Merial is available in two types of packages. You can buy 6 pack or 12 pack of this product. Buy this product from bestdealpetsupply.com to have the best prices.

Why Is Heartgard Plus The Most Popular Heartworm Medications?

Heartgard Plus has the reputation of being the only FDA approved Heartworm preventive. Moreover, it offers a unique combination of soft chew and real beef that dogs love. Its formation is in such a way that it won’t look like medicine but a treat which makes easy for pet owners to feed their pets. Most dogs love the taste of Heartgard Plus as it has a beef flavor which dogs will easily chew like real beef.

Customers Reviews Heartgard Plus

Many pet owners are very happy with the Heartgard Plus effectiveness. Most of them say it is a great product, works well and has no issues with the dog. But there are few customer reviews saying the product is not preventive enough and their pets test reports were positive with heartworms.

  • Holly Weaver says she uses only Heartgard Plus for her dogs. This is the real stuff at a great discounted price.
  • Lynn has been buying Heartgard Plus for Charlie since long. She never had a problem with this product. This product works well as all his examinations are always clear. Moreover, the big plus is Charlie loves the bone inside the box, so he eats them easily.
  • MCPC says he is very happy with Heartgard plus chewable. They are easy to administer. His dog loves its taste and eats it so quickly and wanting more.
  • Vince’s dog loves these tablets so no need to hide in any other food to administer. He is using for more than 5 years and the dog has never had any issues during his yearly check-ups
  • Shout was shocked when his vet informed about hookworm in his lab. He was using Heartgard for over a year and administers it every month on schedule. The dog is his only dog and he does not visit Dog parks. He has very limited exposure and Heartgard was supposed to protect him from hookworm but it didn’t.
  • Ron is giving his dog Heartgard for over 10 years. And now it was diagnosed with Heartworms. Its treatment cost was very difficult and doesn’t fit his budget. So he decided not to treat him. He was spending money for the last 10 years on Heartgard and in the end, it disappoints him.

Heartgard Plus For Dogs 26-50 lbs – Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if one misses giving a dose of Heartgard Plus?

Give the missed dose as soon as you remember. But do not give a double dose of the medication.

What to do if an accidental overdose of Heartgard Plus occurs?

It is best to seek emergency veterinary medical treatment.

What to avoid while giving Heartgard Plus to my pet?

As humans can contract hookworm from animals like dogs, so it is important to maintain good personal hygiene. It is also important to get rid of fleas on the pet and in the household. Never feed the pet rodents or uncooked meat or fish. To prevent dogs from a recurrence of infection, regularly clean pet’s stool.

What other drugs can affect Heartgard Plus?

Do not give Heartgard Plus to your pet if already taking another heartworm medication.

Heartgard Plus (Green) For Dogs 26-50 lbs – Conclusion

This is one of the best and most favored medication for preventing heartworms, roundworm and hookworm in dogs. If you are looking for any heartworms preventive, then buy Heartgard Plus with full confidence.

Top Five Heart Supplements For Dogs

When you hear “man’s best friend” it surely means a lovely image of a canine has popped into your mind. They are simply great and unique creations of god who have inhabited this world since centuries. Living with humans has taken their natural skills away from them and they are no more the beasts of the wild. They are tamed and a part of the family who sit alongside us throughout our sorrows and happy moments. Dogs suffer most of the ailments that we humans suffer from and it is our responsibility to take care of these beautiful creatures. Scroll down to know the best canine Heart Supplements that will keep them happy and healthy.


Heart Clean Gold – Supports cardiovascular function. Helps maintain normal lung function and normal circulation. Protects blood vessels. Supports action of heartworm drugs.

Being an enthusiastic dog lover I have a hobby of collecting details about holistic and natural methods to treat dog problems. I love to share my knowledge with other dog lovers and I would to love to hear valuable information from others. Let us create a world that strives to bring the best for our pets. Read below to know more about best heart supplements for dogs.

Commonly Found Heart Problems In Dogs – Causes Of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases in dogs are caused due to various reasons and it affects them in different ways. Sometimes the dog stays perfectly fine in such problematic conditions but in certain cases the consequences can be fatal. In both the cases it is necessary to have routine checkups and expert guidance from a vet.

When the dog is fed an improper diet which is not meant for them then there are chances to acquire coronary artery disease. But this is uncommon and only a fraction of canines suffer from this problem which occurs mainly due to fat deposits in the arteries. Congestive heart failure is another progressive heart problem that might attack a canine’s quality of life anytime. In this situation the heart becomes incapable of pumping the liquid of life and across the body. When the blood circulation is affected then oxygen supply will be cut off which will directly put pressure on the organs. Heart diseases in dogs are mostly acquired and occur due to aging and normal wear and tear. Most of the problems are seen in middle-aged dogs and elderly ones. Another major cause of heart disease in dogs is congenital defects which are rare.

What is Heart Murmur?

Heart murmur is a congenital defect in the heart that hinders the blood flow creating a murmur sound. It is seen mostly in puppies which can be heard with a stethoscope. This is rare and nothing to worry about in most of the cases. In young dogs this condition clears off within few months on its own. There are other congenital defects like holes in the chambers, defects in the structure or improper development of the parts. In certain cases, if the defect is severe then it may affect the lifespan but not in all the cases.

On the other hand acquired diseases are pretty common like chronic valvular disease that occurs due to aging. In this condition leak occurs through the values due to wear and tear. Other diseases that are commonly found are myocardial disease (muscle weakening), arrhythmias and pericardial disease. In general whatever be the condition it is possible that the dog may live without showing any visible symptoms or major problems. In rare cases you might be aware of such issues when the problem worsens.

Prevention Of Diseases With Top Five Canine Heart Supplements

In this article, we will be discussing about top five heart supplements for dogs that you can give to your canine friend.

Heart problems are common in dogs and it is better to prevent such problems before they knock the doors. Most of the treatments that are given for sick dogs are only meant to treat the symptoms and extend its lifespan. These treatment methods are not free from side effects and only weaken the immune system of the dog eventually. So what is the way out?

The only way is to go ahead with holistic and natural methods to treat dog heart problems. Natural treatment methods are safe and help to improve the quality of life. These methods help to boost the immune system and prevent various problems from occurring. Below is a list of natural canine heart supplements that you can give to your friend (whether he has a heart problem or not) for preventing heart related ailments.


This herb is safe and it helps to protect both cardiovascular health and the central nervous system. It helps in improving blood circulation and prevents blot clots inside the body. It helps to maintain the chemistry of blood and elasticity of the blood vessels intact. Ginkgo is mostly used to treat heart problems like congestive heart failure in dogs. This ancient herb is safe and helps to improve the immune system.

Coenzyme Q10 

This is a naturally found heart friendly enzyme inside the body and is available from dietary sources. This enzyme is good for heart health as it helps the heart muscles to function properly. It makes them stronger and its antioxidant properties improve oxygen levels inside the body.


Hawthorn is the best herb which has been used since ages to treat pets and humans alike. It helps to strengthen the heart by dilating the blood vessels. It helps to stabilize irregular heartbeats and normal functioning of the heart muscles. Rich in antioxidants, hawthorn helps to remove the free radicals from the blood. It is actually termed as a heart tonic and one of the best Canine Heart Supplements which can be given for dogs.


This mild diuretic herb is safe and the best natural supplement to build a strong immune system. It helps to strengthen the internal organs especially the lungs, liver and kidneys. It also reduces the fluid build-ups inside the pleura and other areas which directly helps the better functioning of the heart. Dandelion is the safest remedy which does not have any side effects unlike other conventional diuretic drugs. This herb is rich in potassium and helps the heart to function promptly.


This is my all time favorite canine heart supplements. One pod of garlic a day can actually reduce fat deposits along the arteries in humans and pets alike. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels especially bad cholesterol inside the body. This herb can be used safely by both humans and pets alike as a natural heart tonic on a daily basis.

Conclusion: Heart is one of the main organs that control major functions of our body. Canine heart problems are mostly acquired and so there are chances that we can prevent the same. Using natural herbs and canine heart supplements are the best way to tackle such problems in a safe manner. Natural supplements not only boost immune power but also provide energy without any potential side effects unlike drugs.

Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs You Need To Stock Now

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

We were in an ultimate stage of shock when my dear Pluto suddenly collapsed one day. We rushed him to a vet clinic, just to find him having a serious heart problem i.e. congestive heart failure (CHF). Heart problems in dogs (or CHF in dogs) can be very serious and even fatal. Often they might be present without displaying any warning signs. They vary from congenital or hereditary problems. Some have to deal right after they are born with or as they age such as congestive heart failure. We were fortunate to offer Pluto correct treatment at the correct time. So he is still with us and lives happily. This article is all about to Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs.

All pet parents should be watchful of early symptoms of heart problems. Symptoms include increased depression, weakness, weight loss, breathing difficulties, panting excessively and a progressive cough. The symptoms of congestive heart failure (CHF) are easy to overlook, and this condition is often mistaken for other conditions, such a respiratory infection or the normal aging process.

In short, the condition is an inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs, because of a failure to adequately empty the venous reservoirs. Do not ignore any of the above symptoms of heart problems. Pluto was lucky to survive, but all dogs are not Pluto. So I am here to share with you the Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs You Need To Stock Now. Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs are used before or after any heart conditions. The content details are as below

Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs

Conventional treatment of heart problems in dogs’ means using medicines to counteract the symptoms in an attempt to extend the life of the sick dog. However, some conventional medications for dog heart problems can cause side effects which may put an additional burden on the dog’s body. And to avoid using them, natural Heart Supplements i.e. natural treatments to treat dog congestive failure are used. They can significantly improve the life quality of a dog with heart problems – without the side effects.

If your dog has been diagnosed with heart disease, consult a holistic veterinarian to design a natural holistic treatment program for the dog. In addition, prevention is better than cure. Even if your adult or old dog does not have any heart problems today, it is still advisable to try to strengthen his heart as he ages. This can easily and safely be done using Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs. Read on to know about the Top 3 Natural Heart Supplements you should stock now for dogs.

Natural heart care for dogs. Easy to administer supplements for heart disease in dogs. No side effects

Top 3 Natural Heart Supplements For Dogs

Primalix Heart Hardy By natural-wonder-pets.com

Primalix Heart Hardy is a natural formula containing herbal extract for congestive heart failure in dogs. It comes in easy to administer food drops.

What Are The Features Of Primalix Heart Hardy For Dogs?

Primalix Heart Hardy has many features such as-

  • It acts directly yet gently on the heart and circulatory system to help promote muscle strength, regularity, and normal blood pressure
  • Primalix Heart Hardy is the only drug-free, no side-effects USDA Certified Organic whole plant ingredients used
  • It works as a mild diuretic to reduce excess fluid retention
  • This formula helps reverse symptoms and effects of heart disease and CHF in dogs
  • It comes in functional food drops form.

 What Are The Benefits Of Using Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix Heart Hardy is among the top 3 natural heart supplements for dogs because of the below benefits it offers-

  • It is helpful for congestive heart failure in dogs, hypertension (high blood pressure) and edema (fluid retention).
  • There are no drugs, alcohol or artificial flavoring agents
  • It is naturally safe and effective to use
  • It causes no side effects and has no dietary restrictions

What Are Ingredients Of Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix Heart Hardy ingredients are:

  • Hawthorne Berries: They are both legendary and specific for heart wellness. This potent herb in apex position can restore healthy heart function.
  • Motherwort: This herb prevents the formation of blood clots while reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other diseases. It is also effective for hypertension because it relaxes blood vessels and calms nerves.
  • Coleus Forskohlii: It supports improving heart health, blood pressure, and increases oxygen transport. It works on heart muscles and in blood vessel walls to produce a more powerful heartbeat and helps to widen of blood vessels.
  • Ginger Root: From olden times, it is famous for lowering cholesterol and prevent blood clotting. It helps to treat heart disease where blood vessels undergo blockage, leading to heart attack or stroke.
  • Ginkgo biloba: This herb addresses problems such as poor blood flow by thinning the blood, reducing high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), blood clots, and heart disease.

Natural heart care for dogs. Easy to administer supplements for heart disease in dogs. No side effects

What Are The Directions To Administer Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix Heart Hardy should be given by mouth or mix with dog food. Below are the exact administrating details.

  • Small Dogs (5 lbs and under) – 1/2 dropper twice daily and (6 to 20 lbs) – 1 dropper twice daily
  • Medium Dogs (21 to 60 lbs) – 2 droppers twice daily
  • Large Dogs (61 to 100 lbs) – 3 droppers twice daily
  • Giant Dogs (101 lbs and up) – 4 droppers twice daily

One dropper is equal to 1 squeeze of the black bulb (1.0mL) which fills the pipette about half full. Refrigerate the bottle after opening. Primalix Heart Hardy Organic Herbal Medicine for Healthy Heart Support in Dogs can be bought from natural-wonder-pets.com to save up to $10. Its Regular price is under $50.

HeartClean Gold for Support During and After Heartworm Treatment in Dogs by petwellbeing.com

What Is HeartClean Gold?

HeartClean Gold is an herbal and enzyme formula to support the heart and lungs of canines with heartworms. This formula is not a basic treatment for heartworms, but it is ideal for supporting and maintaining both cardiac and respiratory health of dogs when heartworms are present, or in prevention. We suggest administering HeartClean Gold in combination with a heartworm therapy from your veterinarian. HeartClean Gold is also beneficial following heartworm drug therapy and to continue supporting healthy heart function.

What Are The Features Of HeartClean Gold Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs?

HeartClean Gold by petwellbeing.com features the following.

  • HeartClean Gold – Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs is a product made from organically grown wild herbs.
  • It contains the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs that ensures standards to protect its potency. All raw materials undergo proper testing for identification and purity. This includes every single batch of HeartClean Gold.
  • In addition to the superior quality of the product, you will also find 90-day money-back guarantee as a backup support.
  • It comes in easy to use drops form.
  • It is manufactured in the United States.

Natural heart care for dogs. Easy to administer supplements for heart disease in dogs. No side effects

What Are The Benefits Of Using HeartClean Gold Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs?

The HeartClean Gold includes number of ingredients that are beneficial for several functions such as

Supports circulation of the coronary arteries (the blood vessels that supply the heart) and circulation all through the body

  • Helps to maintain a regular heart rhythm
  • Helps preserve the integrity of the blood vessel walls
  • Supports breathing and open airways
  • Soothes the throat (from coughing)
  • Assists the body’s innate resistance to parasites
  • Helps to maintain a strong immune system

What Are Ingredients Of HeartClean Gold?

Here are few of the following ingredients of HeartClean Gold.

  • Quassia wood (Picrasma excelsa): Quassia bark chips are the common herbal anthelmintic i.e. natural remedy to combat parasites. It also helps with the secretion of saliva and digestive juices, slightly increasing the appetite and aiding digestion.
  • Mayblossom leaf, flower & berry (Crataegus laevigata): Mayblossom is a primary and gentle healer of the heart. It effectively supports the circulation of the blood vessels of the heart. It also helps maintain strong heart muscles without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Dan Shen root (Salvia miltiorrhiza): The taproots of this perennial plant have been used as a cardiotonic to support the overall function of the heart muscle, heart rhythm and the relaxation of the coronary arteries. Its antioxidant properties also help in preventing free radical damage.
  • Elecampagne root (Inula helenium): This herb is a respiratory tonic. It is also an anti-parasitic that is useful for supporting immunity in the lungs as well as cardiovascular system.
  • Hyssop herb (Hyssopus officinalis): Hyssop is normally used as a respiratory herb for reducing mucous and soothing the throat with a mild anti-parasitic act.
  • Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatam): This fruit is highly nutritive and is antioxidant. The nitric oxide in pomegranate aids blood flow to the heart.

Other herbal ingredients include-

  • Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare): They are a gentle and pleasant carminative, anti-fungal and antispasmodic which discourages parasites and helps the body to eliminate them.
  • Garlic bulb (Allium sativum): Garlic is a potent antimicrobial agent which is extensively known for different types of parasitic infections including heartworms. Garlic is also used as a hypertensive, anticoagulant and helps lower total cholesterol levels.
  • Thyme leaf (Thymus vulgaris): Thyme is similar to oregano that contains carvacrol. This ingredient is effective against bacteria, fungal infections & many types of parasites.
  • Cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum cassia): Cinnamon has an antimicrobial and anti-parasitic action which is used for digestive support and may possibly help normalizing blood sugar levels.
  • Other Ingredients: All the above active ingredients combine to provide 493mg per ml (20 drops/ml). It also contains Bromelain 2400 GDU/ml and Rutin 5mg/ml.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin is also included.

What Are The Directions To Administer HeartClean Gold?

Administer HeartClean Gold orally two times a day. Give 1 drop for every 2lbs (1kg) of body weight up to 50lbs. Over 50lbs, add 1 drop per additional 4lbs (2kg). Administer it strictly for a minimum period of 2 months for a maximum of 3 months. Shake the bottle well before use.

HeartClean Gold Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs also provides you pricing benefit. Buy it today from petwellbeing.com and save $3.00.

Cardio Strength By Vetriscience.Com

What Is Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength supports cardiovascular health and function in dogs. The product is famous to support heart muscles, reduce oxidative stress, thus supporting cardiovascular functions. Vetri science cardio strength also contains ingredients to support circulation and better utilization of oxygen.

What Are The Features Of Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs features 11 synergistic ingredients that are vital for maintaining normal cardiovascular function in aging dogs.

  • L-taurine supports a normal heartbeat, minimizes the loss of potassium and allows for proper electrolyte utilization.
  • Potassium is essential for maintaining electrolyte balance for normal heartbeat and blood pressure levels.
  • DMG (N, N-Dimethylglycine) works as an antioxidant and supports circulation and immune system health.
  • CoQ10 supports heart tissue oxygenation and heart muscle strength.
  • L-carnitine supports the use of fat for energy and oxygen utilization while also supporting fat metabolism and helping the body balance triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
  • Fatty acids like EPA and GLA supports circulation and blood flow
  • Vitamin E support normal clotting and healthy capillary strength while making Cardio Strength an incredibly inclusive formula for cardiovascular health.
  • It comes in 90 easy to give capsules form.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength is a natural formula supports cardiovascular health and function. It is beneficial for

  • Dogs with pre-existing, sub-optimal cardiovascular functions
  • Dog Breeds that are susceptible to cardiovascular stress
  • And as a support for geriatric dogs that are showing signs of cardiovascular weakness.
  • Each ingredient has been chosen for its ability to support cardiovascular health.

What Are The Ingredients Of Cardio Strength?

Cardio Strength combines the synergistic effects of 11 ingredients that are vital for elderly dogs. All of them work together to support cardiovascular and circulatory health of dogs. The ingredients include

  • L–Taurine: It supports regular heartbeat, minimizes the loss of potassium, supports the proper use of electrolytes, and it provides antioxidant support as well as help proper functioning of the immune system.
  • L–Carnitine: It assists body fat for energy and oxygen utilization. It supports fat metabolism that helps to balance cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as well as supporting the heart’s energy levels.
  • N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG): This ingredient acts as an antioxidant and supports circulation.
  • Vitamin E: It supports circulation, immune system health, and heart muscle strength. It is a powerful antioxidant that also supports tissue repair, normal blood clotting, and blood pressure and strengthens capillary walls.
  • Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q10 helps oxygenation of the heart tissue and helps protect against oxidation. It also helps strengthen the heart muscle as a lipid-soluble antioxidant.

Other Natural Ingredients include

  • Fatty acids: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA an omega 3 fatty acid) and gamma linolenic acid (GLA an omega 6 fatty acid) both are known to support circulation and blood flow.
  • Folate: This is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. It also supports capillary blood flow.
  • Magnesium: It supports proper functioning of the cardiac muscle and also regulates electrical activity for the heart. In addition, it maintains the integrity of blood vessel walls and normal blood viscosity (thickness). As a result, you will notice a strong normal heartbeat.
  • Potassium: It is vital for electrolyte balance, which is important for proper heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  • Selenium: This ingredient provides antioxidant support within the heart muscle. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase and works with vitamin E to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Rice flour, vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearate are also contained in Cardio Strength.

What Are The Directions To Administer Cardio Strength?

Administer 1 capsule per 30 lbs of body weight, daily. If giving more than 1 capsule, divide between morning and evening. Store Cardio Strength in a cool, dry place.

Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula by Vetri-Science can be bought for under $65.

Vetri Science Cardio Strength Reviews Of Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs

The customer reviews for Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs are amazing. Most of the pet parents found them to be effective as well as gentle. They are very much happy to offer the above top 3 natural heart health supplement as a preventive measure. You can use them in combination with other medications as well. Many customers found the drop form of supplement very conveniently giving to dogs. Most of the pet parents are now lifelong users of these natural heart supplements.

Some customers report few downsides of the VetriScience’s Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula. Overall, they feel satisfied with the effectiveness of the product. However, they just found the capsule too large for small pets as it was tough for them to swallow. Below are some of the customer reviews about Cardio Strength and Primalix Heart Hardy natural heart supplements for dogs.

Customer Testimonies of Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula by Vetri-Science

  • KC – I purchased this product when I came to know that my Pet dog KC was suffering from Sub Aortic Stenodis (“SAS). He has a severe heart murmur, class III/IV and after his ultrasound, I was told that he would not live past 3 years old. He is now 4. I give him cardio strength every day with his meal. I’ve been using this product for three years now. I believe that this product helps him with his energy and perseverance. One time I forgot to give the medicine a whole week. He felt very sluggish, I immediately ordered cardio strength. He was again happy, active and not sluggish.
  • Eva – My 11 years old mix ShihTzu has many health issues. After using Vetri-cardio heart support formula, my dog has more energy. He is blind, his breathing became more normal (he has the heart murmur). I simply sprinkle it with his wet food and he likes it. I will continue to use this product for the rest of his life.

Primalix Reviews – Customer Testimonials of Primalix Heart Hardy For Dogs By Natural Wonder Pets

Stan and Patti Mcmullin – My wife and I saw our 9-year-old collie change from a tired old bag of bones to a healthy, happy, active dog. He is very much alive thanks to Primalix Heart Hardy. The difference is unbelievable!

Mrs. R.D. Riggins – Our vet gave Primalix to start Wilbur on Enalapril and Lasix. We bought Heart Hardy instead and in 3 weeks his symptoms are gone and he seems to be growing younger by the day. It really works like you said!

Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs

Can my dog take HeartClean Gold with medications?

No, Do not use it with blood thinners. Absorption of drugs taken at the same time may delay the effect. Use caution with ACE inhibitors, NSAIDS and ASA.

Does HeartClean Gold come with a guarantee?

Yes! It is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What cautions to follow on using Primalix Heart Hardy?

It should not be given to animals with any other heart medication. This product should NOT BE fed to pregnant or nursing animals.

Where to buy Primalix Heart Hardy?

Primalix can be ordered via the official website. You can also order Heart Hardy at Amazon.uk.

What Risk-Free Guarantee does Primalix Heart Hardy come with?

Each bottle of Primalix Heart Hardy comes with herbal extract formula that promises to meet your satisfaction. If not, you will get your money back. Just return the unused portion to Natural Wonder Products within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H).

Is Vetri Science Cardio Strength chews available in UK?

Yes. Vetri Science Cardio Strength is available in Amazon.UK website.

What Warnings should I follow while using Vetri Science Cardio strength 90 capsules?

Safety measures of Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs in pregnant animals and breeding animals have not been proven. But be watchful, if your pet’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop Cardio strength administration. Make sure to consult your veterinarian right away. Also, in case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Are there any side effects of Vetri Science Cardio Strength for dogs?

No. So far, there have been no reports of any side effects of Vetri Science Cardio Strength. The product is safe and gentle on your pet’s health.

Is Vetri Science Cardio Strength for dogs available in India?

Yes, you can buy Cardio Strength from Amazon India website.


The Top 3 Natural Heart Supplement For Dogs are both effective and functional. These products are must for you to stock now. Check them out carefully and select the one that best suits your dog.

Young at Heart for Dog Heart Disease ingredients: Organically grown herbs

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Young at heart Drops for dogs and the need for it
Young at heart drops is a supplement for dogs hearts. Its herbal, 100% natural and contains no chemicals. There is added flavour and vegetable glycerine and even those are natural. Its safe for long term use and dogs of any ages can be administered with Young at heart drops. The question is Why do you need Young at heart drops.

Heart problems in dogs is common. It could be caused due to age, Diet or because a breed is prone to it. Heart problems are diagnosed by veterinarians based on symptoms and tests. While the symptoms may not be the deciding factor, the tests usually seal the deal. Symptoms of heart disease include shortness of breath, WEakness, Lethargy, Abdominal Swelling, change of skin color to a blueish tinge, yellowing eyes and in some cases fainting. Diagnosis may involve x-rays. Electrocardiography, Echocardiography and in very rare cases cardiac catheterization.

Heart diseases in dogs are very common to those in humans, but some breeds are succeptible to certain heart conditions than others. For instance a dilated cardiomyopathy is common in Doberman Pinschners, while a right ventricular cardiomyopathy is prominent problem among boxers.

Whatever the heart condition, an overall wellbeing of heart is what is to be focussed on. Young at heart drops for dogs just does that. It helps healthy and normal heart function, maintains a good blood pressure and circulation and improves heart muscle and rhythm. It may seem to be simple but each and every ingredient in the Young at heart drops goes a long way to achieve these goals.

The Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for dogs ingredients are

  • Mayblossom berry, buds and leaf (Cratagus spp): The berries of this plant have powerful flavonoids or antioxidants which are similar to those in grapes. They help fight free radical damage. The buds and leaves support the function and vitality of the entire cardiovascular system. It supports the heart muscle, valves, arterial system, the coronary arteries, blood pressure and improves general circulation.
  • Arjuna bark or Terminalia Arjuna: Helps maintain cardiovascular health and  strengthening the heart muscle, the heart rate, and rhythm. It can also support the blood viscosity and the elasticity of the blood vessel thus balancing the blood pressure levels.
  • Motherwort or Leonurus cardiaca: Normalizes blood pressure, supports the electrical impulses of the heart and also the blood circulation. It does the function of reducing restlessness and agitation as well.
  • Nettle herb or Urtica dioica
  • Fo-ti root or Polygonum multiflorum: This root can support blood vessels carrying the blood from and to the heart and maintain the lipid levels in the blood as well. Possibile side effects include liver damage if consumed in excess.
  • Schisandra fruit or Schisandra chinesis: high anti oxidant content, immunity support, liver health support,stress reduction and cardio-protective properties. Improves Blood pressure levels
  • Gotu kola herb or Centella asiatica: Promotes circulation and is effective in Myocardial infarction. Side effects are rare but may inhibit skin problems, allergies and stomach problems.
  • Ginger rhizome or Zingiber officinalis: This ingredient promotes blood circulation.

Young at Heart for Dogs – Pet Wellbeing Young At Heart Reviews

With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, the product is rated as one of the best natural cures and supplement for dog heart.  Its one thing to have customers vouch for a product, but its entirely another when a vet actually vouches for one. Veterinarians are not so keen on Herbal remedies and find it hard to recommend them for various reasons. But when it comes to Young at heart by pet wellbeing, they have actually been on the top list to recommend it.

Dog owners who have pets with problems with their pets have used and found success. Vets have actually asked the owners to continue with Young at heart because the problem re-appeared once the drops were stopped. Heart murmur is one of the few conditions which is effectively remedied with Young at heart drops for dogs by pet wellbeing.

Young at heart for dogs can be used for both Chronic Valvular Disease and Myocardial Disease. The drops will help improve overall heart health of the dog without any side effects. Its important to let your vet know that you are medicating the dog with Young at heart, specially if the vet has recommended any other drug. In most cases, The vets will not mind it as they believe that it wouldn’t interfere. If you see signs of the dogs health deteriorating, immediately stop Young at heart drops for the dog and contact your veterinarian. Its often rare to find a reaction with synthetic drugs and natural remedies but sometimes, some drugs do react adversely.

Most reviews online do indicate that the Yong at heart for dogs work well with other drugs recommended by the vet, as a matter of fact, they speed up recovery. Enlarged heart is also one of the common conditions which can be treated effectively with Young at heart drops for dogs.

Its also  equally important to treat Young at heart for dogs as a supplement and not a Medicine. Administering young at heart for your dog for a longer period of time will see better results. The drops is safe for long term use and does not have any side effects.

Heart conditions in dogs can occur due to several reasons. Age, Breed and diet play a major role. A recent study indicates that most of the heart problems in dogs these days occur due to fad diets for dogs. To start with many of the dogs fed a grain free diet have more chances of enlarged heart problems among others. When a grain free diet is introduced (not a meat only or raw diet), the food contains pulses which really dont go well with dogs. The additon of pulses, peas in the dog food seems to be the major cause for heart problems in dogs. Taurine deficiency in dogs is also a reason for heart problems in dogs.

Diet related heart problems can occur to any breed of any age. The FDA has identified a list of pet food creating concern to pet health and listed the breeds along with the conditions in a 78 page document . The list includes Acaa, Zignature, Kirkland, Blue buffallo among others. The document was last updated in 2019 April and should help you avoid the brands and the types of food for your pet. We at “the dog problems” recommend a full Raw diet for dogs with an occassional grain meal as snack.

For detailed reading on Heart conditions we suggest the following websites

  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation