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Natural and Safe Cure for allergies in dogs. From pollen allergies to food allergies, control symptoms with no side effects.

ImmuneSure for Dogs

  • Natural Remedy for Allergies in dogs
  • Improves immunity Naturally
  • All natural ingredients
  • Prevents Allergy among many other conditions

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Stimmune for Dog allergies is a natural blend of potion to relieve your dog of stress and painful condition during its allergic time.

Is it possible that dogs have allergies too? Yes. It’s true that dogs can suffer the same kind of allergies as human. Treat it with Stimmune for Dog allergies and your dog shall be thankful…

Dogs are essentially like the human when it comes to allergies. They can be allergic to anything starting from food to Dust and chemicals or right about anything which humans are allergic to. Their symptoms too are sometimes very much the same as humans though you cannot be assured that the symptoms will always be the same. For instance, a dog allergic to dust may cough out the whole day while another with the same allergy will have a bloated face and red eye, but no cough at all. Understanding your dog’s allergic conditions will always help you treat your dog with the right medication. Stimmune for Dog allergies is a natural blend of potion to relieve your dog of stress and painful condition during its allergic time. So its basically going to remove the symptom of the allergy after its been caused.

Stimmune for dog allergies

Stimmune is not a preventive medication and it will not cure your dog of the allergies. instead, Stimmune treats the condition after your dog has been in contact with the source of allergy. This way, your dog will have less impact on the allergy and soon it will build up its immunity towards to source. Stimmune improves your dog’s immunity to fight against the source of allergy.

For more information on Stimmune, please check the website at petwellbeing.com.

Natural and Safe Cure for allergies in dogs. From pollen allergies to food allergies, control symptoms with no side effects.

Take Him To The Vet If He Shows These Signs Of Seasonal Allergies – Dealing With Your Dog’s Seasonal Allergies

I can see a small pimple popping up on my right cheek. Last time the pimple came was on last December. My skin started looking dry and ugly. But this time the pimple looks much more big than the old one and has left a red spot. Each time I go and check in front of the mirror, Dona comes behind me and looks so awfully to the mirror, as if that pimple is on her face. But yes, she was right. The more I was concerned with my skin, the less I cared for Dona’s skin. I didn’t even think that dogs can also be affected by seasonal allergies. 


Seasonal allergies in dogs are caused by the same triggers that occur in human allergies. These allergens normally include mildew, mold, pollen and dust mites. If you don’t know the signs of your dog being allergic, here are 8 signs that lets you know that your dog may be allergic. If your dog has any of these signs, take him to the vet to get him the right treatment.

  • Itching: Dog itching is one of the most commonly seen allergies in dogs. Is your dog scratching himself? Well, its time to apply some natural remedies or take him to the vet as it can get even worse after you have been outside.
  • Red irritated skin: As I told before, seasonal allergies come up in the form of rashes and hives when exposed to changing climatic conditions or something they are allergic to. Look on their belly and feet, toes – in particular as these are the parts that touch the grass or pollen the most. Another part that gets inflamed due to allergies are the ears.
  • Continuous licking: If your dog is constantly licking, pay attention to his paws and belly. It is because he is bothered by something in his environment.
  • Rubbing face on things: Most often you might have seen your dog rub his face on the carpet, pillows or couches etc. Dona always used to rub her face on the carpet. She will start off with her face and end up with rubbing her entire body across the carpet to get rid of itchiness caused by allergy.
  • Hair loss: If you keep ignoring his allergies, there are chances that your dog might lose hair. Yes, he might suffer from hair loss if he is kept exposed to allergens.
  • Shaking of head: When he shake his head in front of you, you might think that he is responding to what you say, but no, its because his ears are being bothered by allergies. This also indicates that they want you to touch their head.
  • Skin redness: Dog allergies come in different forms, of which some get red skin near their mouth, paws and chin. In some circumstances the anus will also become red and inflamed.
  • Puffy eyes: Just like we humans, dogs when exposed to allergens often get puffy and red eyes.

How did I help Dona cope with seasonal allergies

  • I gave her frequent baths and made sure that all allergens on her coat are gone. I used a natural dog shampoo using apple cider vinegar. Always go with shampoos that are gentle on your pet’s sensitive skin.
  • Once I come back home, I wash his paws thoroughly and make sure they are clean and allergen free.
  • Once in every week, I clean and vacuum the floors and his bedding on a regular basis using non-toxic house cleaning agents.
  • As immune system plays a vital role in defending the allergens, it is important to keep your dog’s immune system function at its optimum levels. I make sure he eats a well-balanced diet, free of unnecessary fillers and junkies.
  • I recently read in one article that a diet low in grain can keep your dog free from allergens. A diet rich in carbohydrates is said to trigger and worsen inflammation.
  • Also, it is recommended that you keep your indoor air clean. This requires the job of an air purifier. Change your air conditioner filters every month or use a vacuum with an allergen filter.

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 

5 Home Remedies That Worked For My Cesar To Get Rid Of Allergies – Home Remedies To Help Ease Dog’s Allergy Symptoms

It really hurts me when I see Cesar suffering from allergies, his red eyes and red spots on the scratched spots are one of the most hurtful things for me. Although there are several natural medications available for treating our dog’s health issues, I always love to go for home remedies. When I had a sunburn on my face, I tried all those ointments and face creams to get rid of the mark, but found no results. It was when I applied aloe Vera gel on to the spot that I found a great relief. Now the mark is no where seen on my face and now I am a believer of natural remedies, be it for me or for Cesar.


My dog has a problem of getting allergic to a variety of things. If he is new to a place, he starts showing uneasiness. If its a hot sunny day, he keeps itching and licking. I wanted to know what actually was his problem and found out that these were his allergic symptoms. So how am I gonna treat his allergic symptoms with home remedies? Is it possible? Well, definitely YES. I had found some after googling and some from my vet friend.

Following are some of the home remedies that can actually help your dog ease from dog allergy symptoms;

  • Apply herbal topicals: Cesar used to scratch a lot and I used to bath him once in 3 days. But nothing found effective unless I tried applying peppermint spray. You can make it yourself at home. Mix 3 small cups of rubbing alcohol with a quarter cup of peppermint oil and allow the solution to get settled. Pour all the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on affected areas specially neck, back etc. To avoid fleas attacking your dog, you can also spray it on pet’s bedding and household carpets.
  • Clean your dog’s ears with white vinegar: My friend told me this idea as his dog had ear infections caused by allergies. He put a few drops of white vinegar inside his dog’s ear. He did this only after he was confirmed that his dog was suffering from ear infection. The possible symptoms of dog ear infection includes shaking his head a lot, your dog has a lot of brown-pink ear wax, scratching and rubbing his ears and has a nasty smell coming from them. Even if you take your dog to a vet, he would suggest you to pour a tiny amount of white vinegar inside the ear canal and gently massage the area before wiping the outer ear with a cotton ball.
  • Reach for apple cider vinegar: I searched for a remedy with apple cider vinegar to ease dog’s allergy symptoms and found one from google. If your dog’s skin has become so itchy that he has scratched a lot or licked his paws so much that a hot spot has popped up, then spray some apple cider vinegar directly onto the spot. This will help to dry up the spot within 24 hours and keep you from having to shave the area in order to treat it. Apple cider vinegar is also found effective for getting relief from liquid cough, runny nose and clear water discharge coming from your dog’s eyes. Adding a pinch of apple cider vinegar on his diet would also do the job. For a 50 lb dog, add 1 teaspoon twice each day to your dog’s food.
  • Switch on to a natural diet: During the end of spring, Cesar used to vomit badly. We took him to our vet and he said it was symptoms of diarrhea caused from food allergies. There can be many reasons why your dog isn’t ok with the food. The commercial dog foods that you get today are loaded with preservatives and additives that some dogs are allergic to. You can stop feeding him the dog food that you have been feeding him, instead prepare food for your dog using only natural ingredients. If you find any change in your dog , then he is probably allergic to one of the preservatives or additives. Either buy dog food that does not have those ingredients, or continue to prepare your dog’s food from now on.
  • Bathe your dog often: The common form of dog allergies is related to environmental allergies, which include pollen and dust mites. This can be eliminated if you bathe your dog with soothing dog shampoos ( not with human shampoos) and conditioners. It is highly recommended that you use dog shampoos instead of human shampoos as dog shampoos will keep irritants off your pup’s skin and coat. If your dog looks neat and clean and you think he doesn’t need a constant bath, wipe off hos feet and legs after he comes home. 

These are some of the remedies I tried at home instead of going for vet prescribed medicines. Keep in mind if your dog has severe symptoms caused by skin infections, blood in the urine or stool or pustules in the ear, you need to take him to the vet asap. For a healthy and long life of your dog, it is good to add olive oil to your dog’s food.

Allergy In dogs & Dog Allergy In Humans

Allergy is a common phenomenon in all forms of life. There are many forms and formats of skin infections which can affect dogs and humans. Here I would like to give you a brief idea about the different and the most common infections that is experienced by both dogs and humans.

Allergy in dogs

Just like people, dogs also get infected and show allergic reactions like scratching itching ad biting the skin. This is a natural response form the immune system which senses a presence of a foreign and unwelcomed presence in the skin. Some of the common skin disorders which affect the dogs are:

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD): This is a skin disorder which is caused due to a reaction towards flea saliva. This is a very common condition which is found in dogs. It has been noted that it is not the bite of the flea but the saliva that causes the itching in dogs. It only needs a couple of fleas’ saliva to cause some serious itching in the dogs.
  • Food allergies: Food allergies are another common allergy disorders found in dogs. Similar to human certain foods can cause or trigger an allergic reaction. There can be several symptoms which includes itchy and oozing skin, coughing or sneezing, irritated eyes and so on.
  • Environmental allergies: This is another major category of dog allergies. Our environment is a mixture of many elements and components. Many of them are suitable for humans and dogs whereas there are many which can cause some serious irritation in dogs and humans alike. There are many outdoor irritants in the form of ragweed, grasses and pollens along with many internal irritants like mold, dust mites, cleaning chemicals and fabrics like wool and cotton. Now this is a challenge where the owner of the pet should knows whether the irritants are indoor or outdoor bound. If it is an indoor irritant, the pet will show year around symptoms. Similarly if it is an outdoor irritant then the dog will show seasonal symptom.

Dog allergies in humans

Dog allergies in humans are a common situation where human immune system reacts to elements related to dogs.  Main factor of dog allergy in humans is Dog dander. It also doesn’t need a presence of dog for the triggering of the allergy. As dog dander gets everywhere even in places where dogs have not even been there. Some of the common symptoms which are showed by the allergy in humans are: coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes, itchy nose and sneezing. Some people also have some serious skin reactions when they come into contact with dog dander. Dog hairs can also trigger this reaction in humans like wheezing and sneezing which are pretty common.

Dog allergies and allergies in dogs are pretty common. It depends on the body as different body reacts differently for different factors. Allergy can be controlled to a great extent by keeping the surroundings clean.

Dog ragweed allergy treatment

Dog Ragweed allergy is a common type of allergy in dogs and humans similarly. Hay fever season is in full swing during the months of August and September and this is the perfect time when ragweed allergy gets potential. Ragweed allergy in dogs as severe itch and also combined with some coughing. Ragweed usually affects breeds like schnauzers, Irish Setters, and other terriers.

Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

Anti-inflammatory therapy is very effective against dog allergic reactions. The dosage of these agents can be selected based on the severity and levels of each case. A combination of antihistamines and the steroids can work wonders in bringing fast relief in cases of the pets. Antihistamines help in decreasing the number of steroids needed to provide the right relief at the right time.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Dogs with Allergies

Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Dogs is very effective support for occasional discomfort associated with season allergies in dogs. It also helps with symptoms such as face rubbing, watery eyes, sneezing, breathing difficulties associated with airborne allergens in pets.

Shampoo Therapy For Dog Allergy

Shampoo therapy is another famous mode of treatment in cases of ragweed allergies in dogs. Allergens enter the body through many parts of the body. Skin is one such part where the allergens are absorbed. Shampoo therapy helps in keeping the skin of the dog free from ragweed pollen. Frequent bathing using a hypoallergenic shampoo can reduce the amount of the antigen being absorbed through the skin. Thereby prevent and reduce any itching in the dogs. Shampoo therapy not only reduces the itching. But also helps in reducing the dosage of steroids being ingested into the dog.

Hypo-Sensitization Treatment

Allergy shots are best mode of treatment for allergies in dogs. Once the type of allergen is identified the appropriate antigen is entered into the body. The reaction of the immune system reduces as the treatment goes on. The itching will completely disappear in some dogs. In some, it will be reduced to a large extent.

Natural remedies ragweed allergy treatment for dogs

There are many natural and holistic measures for controlling the ragweed pollen allergy in dogs. Calendula is a herb which is a flower and has a very efficient anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial properties which makes it an effective relief for the itching in dogs as a result of the ragweed pollen. This along with natural medicines can help in the controlling of the irritation experienced by the dog.


Antibiotics are another form of dog ragweed allergy treatment. It can be adopted for giving the dog a relief from the itchiness and the scratching which is resultant of the ragweed allergy. This course can help in the removal of the pathogens which creates the irritation. Damaged cells are prone to the attack of pathogens which can cause infections in the skin.

Ragweed allergy is a common skin irritation, in dogs because of the ragweed pollen which can cause skin irritation in the form of itches and skin rashes. The above-said methods are effective against the ragweed pollen allergy. Ragweed plant is a highly adapted perennial one which makes it easy for the easy growth of the plants. Excessive licks and scratching should be noted. The timely check should be done in order to treat it as early as possible.

Ramadyl For dog Arthritis – Dosage , Overdose, Diarrhea, Panding Death and alternatives

Rimadyl pronounced as ‘Rim-a-Dill’ is a non-steroidal drug which is as an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is an arthritis medicine for dogs. Rimadyl for dogs is an FDA approved a drug which has been proven to be a major relief for pain and inflammation with arthritis. Arthritis in dogs is a complicated medical situation as medicines like aspirin can prove to be toxic to dogs. This fact was the driving force behind the creation of Rimadyl, and it has saved many dog’s lives with its treatment.

Arthritis and Joint Support For dogs

Arthritis in Dogs and Medication for Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is a tricky situation as dogs cannot communicate the pain which makes it challenging to address the issue. The key is to look out for any behavioral changes which can point out the irritation or the pain. Some of the main changes which can appear if a dog is suffering from arthritis would be:

Rimadyl For Dogs

  • No greetings at the door
  • A drastic decrease in the physical activities
  • Reluctant to take a walk or play.
  • Visible stiffness that affects the joints
  • Whimpering and yelping.
  • Difficulty to get up from a resting position
  • Personality changes as in being aggressive or completely withdrawn.
  • These are some of the likely changes which can be seen in dogs suffering or who is on the path to arthritis might display.

Rimadyl for Arthritis treatment in dogs

Arthritis help Rimadyl For Dogs with carprofen which is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which can reduce pain by a large extent. It is a progressive and degenerative disease which affects all the breeds of dogs and is a sad sight to watch a dog suffering the consequences. Rimadyl or carprofen has seen excellent results where it has been observed to stop the worsening state of the dogs. Arthritis, however, is not curable. But a careful and systematic medication can help in reducing the worsening state of the dog. Rimadyl has treated more than 24 million dogs making it one of the best NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) in the market with miraculous results.

A systematic plan for arthritis help with Rimadyl includes weight control and exercise. As the treatment progresses, there can be a definite change in the behavior of the dog. Your pet will be increasingly active than before and would have recovered from the pain and also would have preserved muscle mass and strength.

Rimadyl for arthritis help in dogs helps in treating pain and inflammation due to other joint diseases. Rimadyl is also used to reduce fever. If you want to give Rimadyl to your pet, you need to get your veterinarian’s approval. Rimadyl for arthritis treatment works by reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the dog’s body. It works well for treating inflammation and stiffness as a result of hip dysplasia.

Rimadyl helps in controlling the pain and inflammation caused due to orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries such as spays and dental procedures.

Rimadyl for dogs is not a non-prescription medicine.

Facts about Rimadyl Arthritis help for Dogs

  • Rimadyl for dogs was developed exclusively as help for arthritis for dogs by helping them gain back their mobility and also by reducing the pain that they feel.
  • Rimadyl was the first anti-inflammatory medication approved in the US for the treatment of dogs.
  • Arthritis help Rimadyl for dogs is a result of almost 19 years of research which naturally explains the full effort behind this product.
  • Rimadyl has saved more than 24 million dogs through its features.

The best price of Rimadyl for dogs starts from $37.99. The product shipping will be in one or less than one business day once you place an order for Rimadyl.

Rimadyl for dogs Dosage

Rimadyl has to be taken once or twice daily, depending on the prescription of the doctor. The dosage is also dependent on the weight of the dog.  If you miss a dose, don’t double the dosage. The manufacturer recommends 2 mg of the medication per pound of the dog’s weight, once daily or 1 mg. Per pound of the dog’s weight twice daily.

2mg per pound of dog’s weight once a day or 1mg per pound of dog’s weight twice a day.

Rimadyl for dogs – Overdose

The overdose of Rimadyl may result in symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach, panting, seizures, reduced urine production and sometimes slow breathing. It is advisable to seek immediate help from the veterinarian in case of overdose. The maximum dose is available in the instructions available when you buy Rimadyl from Amazon, or the veterinarian will suggest appropriate dosage.

Rimadyl for dogs Side effects

Some dogs may experience specific side effects while using Rimadyl. Some of the most common side effects are bloody or black stools or blood in the vomit. Dogs may also experience difficulty in breathing, stomach pain. Seizures, sudden weight gain, etc. If there are any negative symptoms after using Rimadyl, a veterinarian has to be consulted immediately and help sought.

Rimadyl for dogs Reviews

The general customer reviews on the sites are all positive. The customers who used this product are generally satisfied with this product.

Rimadyl (Carprofen) supplement is one of the best medicines which are available in the market for the treatment of Arthritis in Dogs through systematic care and medication.

Pet Alive – Allergy Itch Ease for dogs

Allergy Itch Ease for Dogs

PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease is a 100% homeopathic medicine. The ingredients has the capability to treat skin disorders from the cellular level.

Allergy Itch Ease is yet another medicine from the house of PetAlive for the care of Pets. Allergy itch ease is an FDA registers natural remedy. It consists of 100 percent homeopathic ingredients which can soothe and relieve any sorts of skin itches and other allergies. PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease has another feature where it supports the health system by maintaining integrity between the cells and the layers of the skin in cats and dogs especially.

Skin Itches

The skin of the pets contains a protective barrier which checks the itching by animal by regulating the itching sensation. Conditions like grass or food allergies can make way for the weakening of this protective barrier which can lead to infection and thereby itching. This weakening also leads to irritation to the nerve ending in the skin causing the itch. The mode of relief for the pet would be to scratch the itch which again can worsen the situation.

The skin is a very sensitive organ. It should be taken care very carefully as its health is dependent on the diet and the lifestyle. Natural ingredients are the best cure for skin diseases. The main remedies for the betterment of skin related issues are diet and exercise.

How to use PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease – Some tips for pet owners

  • Do not bathe your dog excessively as excessive bathe can make the dogs skin itchy and thereby lead to scratching which worsens the condition.
  • Gentle brushing is recommended. It should be clearly noted that scratchy areas will have sensitive hair which have to be dealt with care.
  • Do no use human beauty products on the pets as the components in these cosmetic products can harm the pets.

PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease – Going the natural way

All the ingredients in the mix for PetAlive Allergy itch Ease is 100 percent homeopathic and natural for giving that balanced and healthy recovery form the skin disorders. The main ingredients for making Allergy itch ease are:

  • Arum Triph: This is an ingredient which has been used in skin care for more than a century. It is a potent component against burning sensations and redness on skin.
  • Viola Tric: This is a component which helps in situation of afflictions to the skin. This is best for treating common skin irritations and is one of the wholesome ingredients of PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease.
  • Comocladia Dentata: Is mainly used in homeopathy for addressing the issues of red skin on the body.
  • Chamomilla: This is a soothing remedy for skin itches and any skin related irritations. These are particularly efficient against animals with scratching tendencies and also skin irritations resulting from the scratching.
  • Cina: The wholesome ingredient of PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease in particular helps in the relieving of skin irritations form the inside or from a cellular level. This is highly recommended for animals which have the tendencies to twitch and jump which can lead to skin itches.

In conclusion the PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease is a 100 percent homeopathic medicine. The ingredients has the capability to treat skin disorders from the cellular level. This product is a perfect combination for another PetAlive product which goes by the brand name of Akin and Coat Tonic which is again for the healthy maintenance of the skin in pets. PetAlive Allergy Itch ease is in granule form for the easy ingestion into the pets.

Homeopathic remedies for Allergies in Dogs

Homeopathic remedies for Dog Allergy

Homeopathic remedies for Dog Skin Allergies attempts to treat the symptoms in most cases. There is a range of medication which can be purchased off the shelf today and these include the homeopathic medications too. The homeopathic medication for dog allergy is the same as the ones which are used to treat humans.

The best part about homeopathic remedies for dogs and humans is that they are quite less in concentration and best of all, they have no side effects. While the prescription drugs attempt to cure symptoms of allergy in dogs quite fast and almost with immediate effect, the adverse effect and side effects of these drugs often play a major role of havoc in the later stages of life. Considering the fact that allergy can be caused at any stage and age of a dog, Creating Side effects of these drugs on the long-term is often not the best way to deal with the conditions. Homeopathic remedies for Dog Skin Allergies are often recommended because of its one of the safest ways to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle for your dog without any side effects.

Ingredients that help in Homeopathic Remedies For Allergy in Dogs

Homeopathy is a wider and a vast area of study these days and not just for humans but for dogs too. The same medication which is used in Humans is used for dogs too. The ingredients of the medicine are the same as that for humans with the dosage lower. Though humans can take a wide range of chemicals into their body, dogs are much more sensitive to the fact that chemicals be induced into them. The Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are far more dilute than what most prescription drugs and to make things even better, they do cure the conditions effectively. the ingredients of most homeopathic remedies for allergy in dogs include Arum Truph 6 HPUS, Viola Tric 6C HPUS, Comocladia dentata 6C HPUS, Chamomilla 12C HPUS, and Cina 6C HPUS. All the ingredients are in some way related to curing the symptoms of allergy in dogs. These are pure homeopathic remedies and I will attempt to explain the effect of these ingredients in the Homeopathy, and its effect on allergy in dogs.

Top homeopathic Remedies for dog allergy

There are a few natural remedies for dogs to treat Allergy. They have been discussed vastly and they are indeed wonderful. But since you are looking for the homeopathic remedy for allergy in dogs, I would like to list some of the products which are very effective in treating Allergy in dogs. I am also listing a natural remedy below to treat conditions which is related to allergy and its cure in dogs.

The product in question here, The Best homeopathic remedy for Dog allergy is none other than Allergy itch ease. There is a problem here though, allergy itch ease attempts to cure the symptoms which are caused by allergy and most of the symptoms are related to skin. So if your dog is having digestive problems which are food related, the remedy may not take the required effect. It’s imperitive that the dog is tested imperative make any treatment and this is essential to determine the kind of treatment best for your dog. If your dog is suffering from Skin related allergic conditions, like pollen or influence to dust, Allergy itch ease is surely one of the best product. The Food Related Allergy on the other hand creates a wider range of problems and determining the source of the allergy can create an option to treat the condition far better.

Allergies could be caused by various reasons. Some are food related but there are others which are related to the natural surroundings. Some dogs are allergic to cleaning household chemicals, others are allergic to the detergent you use. Aluminium and other cooking utensils are also cause of allergy in some dogs. Allergic symptoms could vary widely and could be diagnosed as other diseases without professional expertise. Homeopathy helps treat various symptoms of allergies with a range of medication. Very effective , homeopathy is known to cure a range of allergic symptoms. Some of the homeopathic medicines with symptoms are discussed below which are related to allergy in dogs.

Avoid using veterinary cortisone, as it inactivates homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Remedies for dogs with Conditions

For runny, reddened eyes and runny nose with no other symptoms, try Euphrasia.

Sudden blotchy rashes or swellings on the head or body respond to Urtica urens.

Rhus Tox is for the early stage of contact dermatitis, for itching, for burning rashes and particularly for poison ivy exposure.

Rashes of fine dry bumps, especially on the face, with the pet irritable and wanting to be left alone, respond to Bryonia.

Bee stings or allergic reactions that look like bee stings – the skin is hot and dry with angry red lesions, and the dog is depressed or irritable –  respond to Apis.

Sulphur may be helpful with any skin rash, particularly when other remedies fail.

First aid measures for anaphylactic shock include Aconite at first onset. This may end the attack if used immediately. Dr.Gloria Dodd also recommends Apis 6X and Nature’s Remedy (Rescue Remedy) rubbed into the animal’s gums, in acute cases, use every ten minutes for one hour, then hourly as needed.

Does Gentaspray sting?

Gentaspray is an excellent topical spray used in dogs for hot spots, superficial wounds and skin infections. You can only use gentaspray by prescription from a licensed veterinarian. As gentaspray comes in a spray form, it stings. One of the gentaspray user Theresa has commented on amazon that gentaspray stings a little on raw wounds. If you spray gentapsray before it gets that far, it wont create any burning sensation in your pet. The active ingredient in gentaspray topical spray for dogs includes ingredients like gentamicin sulfate, gentamicin bas, betamethasone valerate with a betamethasone base, propylene glycol, methylparaben and propylparaben.

Gentaspray – Shelf life

Gentaspray is a topical spray that is stored in a cool and dry place at a storage temperature of 2o-30o C. Shake bottle well before use. The gentaspray does not have a shelf life as long as the date explains on the product tube.

Wash your hands before and after use and make sure to apply gentapsray in a well ventillated area. The dosage of gentaspray is for 7 consecutive days. Do not increase the dosage of Gentaspray or use longer than instructed as adverse reactions and toxications can occur.

For a better shelf life for Gentaspray, it is advised to store it away from direct heat or sunlight so that the chemical ingredients stay as they are made.

14 Home Remedies For Dog Skin Allergies & Itching

This guide is completely devoted to you and your pet dog. If your dog is suffering from any skin problems such as allergies, itchy, flaky skin then here are some for Home Remedies For Dog Skin Rashes.

Man’s most faithful friend too needs help, but alas!!! he is not able to speak out his probmedications, frequent visits to the Vet can be one of the reasons why you are extending the symptoms. But I know as a pet parent, the last thing we want to see is out pet suffer.

Hunt your kitchen shelf and look for natural remedies. You will find that home remedies for dog skin rashes are much powerful and effective than prescription medications.

What To Do When Your Dog Has Itchy Skin

Check For Symptoms

Start by detecting the symptoms that your pet displays. For instance, check for any wounds, hair loss, rough or dry flaky skin, infections etc. caused by dog’s chewing or scratching. Symptoms are usually found in abdomen, back, tail, legs and paws.

Treat The Symptoms And Not The Cause

Usually called ‘summer itch hot spots’, chewing, itching or rigorous scratching happen during winter months. At times, the scratching can be so severe that the dog will injure themselves inadvertently producing more open wounds that can attract bacteria.

Get Rid Of Any Contaminated Items

If your dog is suffering from ticks or fleas make sure you wash their toys, bedding or any clothes they use.

  • Natural Organic ingredients
  • Safe and tested
  • Non Toxic, Eco Friendly
  • Helps Soothe Psoriasis

Home Remedies For Skin Problems in Dogs – Irritation, Itching Or Allergies

Vitamin E

Just like Vitamin E works on your wrinkles, similarly, it goes great for dog’s dry skin. This is one of the tops in Home Remedies For Dog Skin Rashes. Break open a capsule and rub the oil straightaway to your dog’s affected area. While you massage away the skin, your dog will relax the muscles helping easier penetration to the affected area.


One of the best home remedies for dog skin irritation is regularly feeding your dog with low-fat yogurt. It not only boosts the good bacteria in your pooch’s intestines but also fights away any yeast infections. It also raises the immune system that fights free radicals that affects the ears and skin.

Epsom salt

Third on the list of Home Remedies For Dog Skin Rashes is Epsom salt. A healthy warm bath with epsom salt can ease the itchiness in your dog’s body. You can even apply heat packs to reduce any inflammation of the paws or sores. Epsom salt is considered best for healing any small open sores especially when you combine them with any antibiotics recommended by the vet.

Evening primrose oil

A natural skin moisturizer, evening primrose oil contains anti-inflammatory agents that keep the “scratch-scratch” tendency at bay. Apply the oil directly to the dog’s skin. This is one of the best home remedies for pet skin allergies.

Eucalyptus bath

Take 1-2 tsp of dried/fresh eucalyptus and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Allow the eucalyptus water to cool and then wash your dog using it. Rub the mixture and towel dry. Do not rinse it again. The essence of eucalyptus not only repels fleas but also soothes any inflammation while keeping your dog cool. It also promotes a soft and glossy coat. As an alternate, you can buy eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner. But make sure that they actually contain actual eucalyptus oil and not just the fragrance.

Olive oil

Olive oil has many benefits than just in cooking. It also works as one of the effective Home Remedies For Dog Skin Rashes. Take 1 teaspoon and apply it directly to the irritated spot or just use it for dog’s food thrice a week. Note that large dogs need more than 1 tsp of olive oil to assist in immediate relief. Use olive oil as part of dog’s diet regularly to get rid of any itch or allergy.

Apple cider vinegar

One of the best home remedies for dog skin allergies is ACV or apple cider vinegar. Talk 50/50 proportions of water and ACV. Blend together and pour it in spray bottle. Use them to apply over for skin rashes.

brush your dog every day

The basic habit of brushing your dog every day can control rather eliminate the chances of getting the itchy and irritated skin. This is because regular brushing will get rid of any dead/loose hair. It will not only chuck off dander’s but also inhibit gathering of oil or dead cells on the skin that is the perfect home for breeding bacteria’s. Brushing can stimulate the skin and improve the blood flow that will help in getting rid of any underlying toxins beneath the skin that is making her scratch. The best remedy for any skin allergies on your dog.

Skin tonic

One of the powerful home remedies for dog skin problems from fleas is the lemon based tonic. It works overall to protect the skin from itches and any kind of allergies. Slice a whole lemon (thinly) and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Steep and keep it overnight. The water contains vitamin C, d-limonene and other healing compounds. Next day morning sponge it on your dog’s skin. Let it air dry and do not use a towel. Use this tonic every day to get rid of even the heaviest of flea infection.

Baking soda

Make a thick paste by using 50/50 of baking soda and water. Now apply it to the affected areas of your dog’s skin. Leave for around 20 minutes and rinse it off. Another way of using baking soda is to mix it with your dog’s bath water to soothe overall itching.

Herbal flea powder – Home Remedies For Dog Skin Rashes

Combine equal proportion (one part) of the following herbs (dried and powdered) –

  • fennel
  • eucalyptus
  • wormwood
  • yellow dock
  • rosemary
  • rue

Mix them and use the powder to the base of your pet’s coat. Make sure to brush the hair back and then apply the powder. Use them several times to get rid of flea infestation. Do note that it only repels the fleas and ticks, it doesn’t kill them. Keep your pet on the yard so as to prevent entry of tick in your home.

Ground oatmeal

An old age home remedy for even severe dog skin allergies is ground oatmeal. Pour the ground oatmeal in the bath or as a shampoo. It is considered the best home remedial dog shampoo for itchy skin. It soothes any inflammation on the skin and speeds up new skin growth. Your pet will love his oatmeal bath because it instantly gives relief to the irritated area.


One of the easiest Home Remedies For Dog Skin Rashes is aspirin. Crush two aspirin tablets and mix it with a mild amount of rubbing alcohol. Do not administer by mouth. Apply it to the affected areas using cotton wool or cotton swab. For best results use it in conjunction with any of the above home and natural remedies for dogs dry skin and allergies.

Give Your Dog A Bath

Many people think that giving your dog a bath can worsen the skin condition. It is a misconception. Many Vets treat skin disease with steroids and dose of antibiotics. If you want to stay away from drugs and its side effects, then natural remedies must be the first course of treatment. Your pet’s coat is like an infection magnet.

Use hypoallergenic, natural and moisturizing shampoo that acts as a barrier between your dog and infestation. Dead flaky skin, accumulation of oils, fleas, ticks, dust etc. are some of the problems that can attack your dog’s skin. Bathing your dog with healthy and natural shampoo and conditioner will alleviate any skin problems. They work as an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes irritation and speeden the healing process. It is one of the best ways to naturally cure any dog skin allergies.

I hope you will find peace with some of these home remedies for curing skin allergies in dogs. If you have any home remedy, do mention it below.