Best spill proof dog bowls for sloppy drinkers

In search for a water bowl which can help me prevent the mess my dog makes around it. While your dog makes the mess and has all the fun with a bit of water, you run around every time there is a puddle of water on the floor. Accidents or no accidents, its not fun to have more chores to do because your dog just felt like having a bit of fun. Occasional water spill is admissible but everyday? And sometimes more than once a day? 

For some time, i started feeding him an ounce of water every few hours. I realized that this was a problem because sometimes i forgot and sometimes my dog was more thirsty for the little water to quench. And I did not want to fetch water for my dog every hour! Surely not when i am in the middle of a long video call or when i am watching a movie…

So i decided to fix this problem for once and all. I know that i cant teach the four legged monster not to make a mess. Tried it several times and it did not work. He has slobbery tongue and his lips are wobbling and jiggling all the time. And when he drinks, he does not lick the water like most dogs… He more or less bites the water ! Thats different from most dogs. And that splashes more water around. Solution? Its easy if the water is little on the bowl. He will be forced to lick it and not splash it around. or the other solution was to get a really big water bowl. Really big water bowl was not a practical option because my dog loves water. I mean water not just for drinking but also playing with it. So a big bowl will mean a pool for him and i have no intentions of making a bigger mess.

Some bowls are designed specifically for slobbery pets. I am not sure about cats but surely dogs are slobbery. Mine is. A labrador at 1 year old is not very understanding to your requirements and needs. For it, everything is play and water is a really interesting toy, with the side effects of quenching thirst. So innovative designs in water bowls for dogs. 

#1 Heyrex Torus Filtered Dog & Cat Water Bowl ($76.88)

  • Holds up to 2 Liters of water
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Solid Construction
  • travel Lock for Spill free Commute

One of the first bowls which came to my attention as the Heyrex Torus Filtered Dog & Cat Water Bowl. A bowl with a knob which had 3 indicators. Slow water flow so your dog really does not have a lot of water to play or make a mess around. Thats a very good sign. Water storage and FILTRATION? Interesting. Easy to carry while travelling, Very interesting specially if i had to take it while trekking and while i need to travel with my dog long distance. it is skid proof. The plastic is safe. Looks durable too.

While the Heyrex Torus is an interesting water bowl, i do have a concern or two. The colors are interesting and wouldn’t be sure if my dog would just drink water out of it or make it into a chew toy. Especially the knob. That seems like an easy place to start chewing on. May be it will get to the body later! No matter how good the plastic is, i don’t think its going to take a lot of time for my dog to figure out a way to chew through it. 


  • Great design
  • Water storage
  • Water  filtration
  • Easy flow with just enough water at disposal
  • Easy to travel with
  • Holds up to 2 litres of water!


  • Concerns about dog chewing it.
  • You cant clean the inside (storage area ) of the bowl.

#2 The UPSKY Slow feeding water bowl ($15.99)

  • 3 Colors
  • Holds 35 ox of water
  • Simple floating design
  • Easy to clean

The Upsky Waterbowl has a very simple design. It has a bowl with a floating cover which prevents access to the entire bowl of water. The dog sees only a bit of water on the top. The dog is forced to lick the water rather than gulp it all. There is little chance of spills unless your dog is going to lap even that little water, which is quite hard. There is a downside to this bowl though. Especially if your dog is playful, it will figure out that pushing the top layer down will give it access to more water to splash around and play. If you have one of those few dogs which love to dip their snot into the bowl, push it and make funny noises, then this bowl is not going to be very useful. Sooner or later, the dog will find other uses for this water bowl. It holds up to 35oz and can be sufficient for a day for most dogs. The Bowl is easy to clean and can be disassembled. It is skid proof. Personally i don’t think that this is a bowl which i would love to carry around while traveling. It’s cumbersome and chances of spills are high. It’s perfect if you have a small to medium sized dog and for home use. 

Great for

  • Small medium dogs
  • Simple Design


  • Not so good for traveling
  • Plastic. I really dont enjoy plastic or rubber for my dogs especially when they are known to chew them

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#3 The Road Refresher No Slobber Water Bowl ($19.99)

  • Easy to clean , Dishwasher safe
  • Prevents water from spilling
  • Simple floating cover design

The Road Refresher Water bowl is a small upgrade to the UPSKY water bowl. With 3 different sizes for large,medium and small dogs, with different water capacity per bowl. The Non slib base keeps the bowl in place and does not allow it to move while the dog is drinking from it. The tapered lip  is clearly a good upgrade for dogs with a lappy tongue which can spill even the little water in the bowl. The Road refresher is dish washer safe and its recommended to be cleaned regularly. Your dog will require some training to start drinking from the bowl initially. The road refresher water bowl is not really the best option for traveling dogs. Though it does say that its great for traveling, chances of spills are high. More over its quite cumbersome to carry a bowl that big while you are one  a one day trip.

#4 Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow ($19.86)

  • encourages your dog to drink water
  • Oxygenates and Filters water
  • Spill free design
  • Easy to maintain

There is something about flowing water which encourages dogs to drink from them. A stream or a river is a great place for dogs and you would see them occasionally drink from them. Its quite natural for them to drink from flowing water. The Petmate Deluxe fresh Flow Water bowl is clearly a great option for dogs that are not keen on drinking water. Encouraging your dog to be hydrated is important and the Petmate deluxe fresh flow does a small part.The water bowl comes with a submersible motor which keeps the water flowing. Flowing water is naturally high in oxygen, which is clearly a good thing for dogs. The water bowl also comes with inbuilt charcoal filter, which keeps the water fresh and potable. The water dispenser holds 108oz of water, plenty enough for a day or two.


  • Dogs are encouraged to drink the water more often. 
  • Flowing water helps increased oxygen in it
  • Water filtration ensures your dog has clean water at all times


  • Requires a bit of maintenance
  • Chances of spill are a bit high
  • Dogs sometimes tend to be playful with flowing water

#5 The Neater Dog Water and food bowl. ($59.99)

  • Kick Proof, Spill Proof and Elevated
  • 2 Layers for easy cleaning
  • Guaranteed Results and Extremely durable

the Neater Dog Water and food bowl is an elevated platform for dog Food and water placement. the bowls are the normal stainless steel bowls. The Neater is more or less a container for both the dog food bowl and the Water bowl. whatever food or water which spills out seeps into near the mesh and drains to the bottom container. Accidental spills or slobbery dogs, the water never touches the floor. The Neater comes in 3 different sizes and is perfect for most dogs and even cats. The design is simple and being elevated, is often comfortable for the dogs. Playing around with the bowl is not an option anymore. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for traveling. So if you are looking for a bowl which can also be used while traveling, this may not be the right option. Apart from that, this is one of the best products which doubles as a bood and water bowl one. 

Pros :

  • Excellent design
  • Works great
  • Too big for the dogs to play around with.


  • Not so good when traveling.

#6 Kurgo Collapsible No spill water bowl ($11.69)

  • Easy to Travel With
  • Simple design but Works
  • good for up to 24ox of water
  • Lifetime Warranty

The silicon based Kurgo water bowl is one of the best things when you are traveling, especially when you are trekking. You want to reduce the weight and luggage while you ate traveling and having a compact bowl is a great idea. The Kurgo Water bowl is made of silicon. Its design is perfect for dogs who are slobbery. So if you are in a car, this is a perfect water bowl for your dogs. It does not skid and its a bit hard to spill the water around. The product is hard to break because its more or less like rubber, but that also makes it a bit dangerous for dogs that chew. This may be a perfect dog bowl for dogs when they have your attention and when they are not left alone. Traveling, in car, trekking could all make great use of the Kurgo water bowl, but its not a good option when you have to leave your dog alone for a long time. Chances are they will chew on it and that may not really be a good situation for you to be in , specially when you are on a trek and dont have veterinary help


  • PERFECT for travelers, trekkers and as a car bowl


  • Dangerous for dogs that are teething and chew.

#7 The Ordermore Dog Bowl and no spill water bowl Combo – $21.99

  • Perfect for small and medium dogs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Doubles as a food bowl and a water bowl
  • Spill safe water bowl design
  • Slow feed food bowl design

The ordermore dog bowl is a combination of both a water bowl and a food bowl in one. the slow feeder bowl helps dogs not gulp up food which is a cause for many problems including obesity and choking. The Waterbowl uses the float cover technique to prevent the dogs from accessing the full water resource. The bowl is good and effective for messy dogs and surely for dogs with health issues. The bowl is not good for traveling with but its perfect for dogs which make a mess at home. its easy to wash and maintain. 

How Long Can You Leave A Golden Retrievers Alone

How long can you leave your golden retriever alone? 

6 Hours. Now this is not a golden rule and you cannot expect a 4 week old golden retriever puppy to stay alone for 6 hours. That’s not practical or wise and it’s very irresponsible as pet owners to leave a young pet alone at home for even a few hours. Before you leave a pet alone for a period of 6 hours, it requires a lot of training. They need to feel comfortable with their environment, Food to eat, water to drink and activity of some form to keep them occupied. 

About the golden retriever and their socializing needs

Golden retrievers are family pets. They have a high need for people and pack around them. They love exercises. They are always eager to learn. Attention keeps them going. They are intelligent and caring but if you don’t train them to be left alone, they become aggressive, destructive and prone to behavioral problems related to anxiety and separation disorder. Excessive barking, chewing and destruction follows. When the golden retriever does not know how to keep itself occupied, it creates ways to be occupied. Chewing is the best thing dogs do and they love to do it. Barking is a way to show out their frustration. It’s also one of the few ways they communicate. Training your dog to be left alone is a time consuming process but important nevertheless.

Golden retrievers are social dogs. They are intelligent and most importantly they are working dogs. They need to be around people and doing things. They want to help and they love to do whatever it is they can to please their owners. Being without their owner around is a punishment in itself and punishing a dog for reasons it doesn’t know is bad for both you and the dog. 

Training your golden retriever to be alone

  • Month one – three.
    Your pup needs as much attention as it gets. Even if you feel that you are educated and well versed in puppy care, no one can care for the pup better than its mother itself. Professionals will tell you that a pup should not be separated from its litter before 8 weeks. 12 weeks is the right time for the pup to be separated from its mother. By this time, most pups can feed and groom on their own. They are happy and with enough attention will not suffer from the anxiety of being away from its mother.
  • Week 9 to 12.
    The Fourth month is usually the starting point for a lot of training. Potty training, Small tricks like sit and stay and even training them to be alone for a short span of time. Most dog owners find it hard to keep their pet alone for even a short span of time unless they are in a crate or caged. This is not a practice recommended for training dogs to be alone. They need to be out of the crate and in a comfortable zone to begin with. Use their bed as a space for them to be comfortable , safe and the go to zone. Encourage them to be on their bed for a few minutes. Move away . It may be hard the first few times but eventually. They will stay for a minute, then a bit more. This will continue up to 5 – 10 minutes. This is a good beginning. Don’t expect your dog to stay away for more than 10 minutes for the first month.
  • Month 5 -6
    Leave your dog alone in one room with the doors closed for a few minutes. When they start barking , command them to ensure that you are around, But let them out a minute later. Continue the practice, increasing the time a little more for a month or two. After a few weeks of practice, leave your home for 5-6 minutes with the dog in its usual spot. They will come out with the door open and not find you. Ensure that you are back and treat them. Increase the time by 5 minutes every second day. The dog will be assured that you will return soon and will expect you. 
  • Month 10-1 year
    Most dogs will be used to being left alone for 3-4 hours without a problem. Ensure that you pet your dog when you enter. Treat them well and feed them immediately. Take them for a walk and exercise them as much as you can immediately after you return. They always look forward to your getting back and this is the small treat for them.

Also ensure that you exercise them before you leave home. Draining their energy as much as you can ensures that they will be encouraged to rest. Leave them enough water and food for the next few hours. 

Be warned that dogs will occasionally chew on things they find interesting. Remote controls are often the enemy for my dog but it varies from dog to dog. If they can’t find something to entertain themselves with , they will entertain themselves with whatever comes in their way.

What happens if a dog is left alone for more than 6 hours?

Most dog owners are working parents. Our dogs need to be at home for more than 8 hours, sometimes longer. Is it even practical to own a dog when your responsibilities and time takes so much of a toll? Dog owners are like parents and we need to make the same kind of sacrifices and preparations that we take for children

Sometimes it’s important to have a pet sitter. Maybe we could ask the neighbour to help with looking after the dog when you are gone for the day or maybe just feed the dog and take it for a walk when you are away. If you cannot make arrangements for someone to take care of your dog when you are gone for a longer period of time, expect accidents. It’s not the dog’s mistake . It’s yours.

Dogs are social creatures. They need to be around other dogs and humans to fulfil their emotional needs. Golden retrievers are working dogs. They need to be active and around humans. The more the better. When you deprive them of their socializing needs, they will tend to show signs of anxiety. Incessant barking is the beginning of the problem. If your neighbours complain about barking when you are not around, just take note. This is the beginning of the problem and it’s time to take measures of correction. It’s not late yet and it will be sooner than you know. Don’t be angry or frustrated when you find part of your furniture missing or your favourite pillow opened up and shredded. 

Dogs left for 8 hours or more will start experiencing anxiety and separation disorders. Whining, barking and chewing are all signs of the same and if not corrected immediately it will become a practice which cannot be controlled. 

Use of crates while you are away

Using crates to train your dog to be alone is not a good option. Though pets can be trained to like their crates and feel safe in them, its bad for pets to stay in crates for extended period of time. Crates restrict movement. With lack of movement for extended period of time, your pets will face health issues including arthritis and other movement related problems. Dogs are active animals. They walk, run and play around the entire day and restricting them to a crate is like restricting someone in a small space 8 waking hours a day. Its more or less what most prisoners get when they are in isolation. That would be disastrous. We have a possibility of heart diseases, arthritis, joint problems and even depression if we would spend 8 hours in a space so small. For a dog this is a lot worse. 

Crate training should be limited and surely not used for keeping your pets alone while you are working. 

Hiring a Pet sitter or a dog walker

Pet sitters and dog walkers are available in certain areas. Find someone who can walk your dog 2 times a day or even once when you are gone. If you can find a pet sitter who can take your pet for a walk and care for him while you are away, its a great help for both you and your pet. You may never know, there are people who would love a dog but cant have them at home always for several reasons. They would Take care of your pet for an additional money and they may simply love it.

Find a home where there are kids (if your dog is trained to be with kids and is safe). Kids are usually full time partners for your dogs. Both , your dog and the child will find company in each other. Your dog sitter too will be forced to keep the dog longer at their place because it helps their child in several ways. Apart from having the child occupied, the dog feels happy around children. 

Dog walkers are not easy to come by and it requires someone you trust to leave your home keys with. Apart from the home keys, you need to trust the person with the dog too. Teenagers may be willing to take your dog for a walk for that extra money but they may not be good with dogs and lack the training to care for your pet. They may also be a bit careless. A dog walker needs to be responsible whatever age they are.

Day care for dogs

If you cannot find a dog walker or a dog sitter, find a day care for dogs. There are day care for pets which may feed and walk your dog while you are away. Your pets will have their entire day with other dogs and socialize. They will be taken care of and fed. Exercise is often abundant in most day cares for dogs and your dog will be eager every day to go to the dog day care. 

Some day cares are disney world for dogs. Plenty of toys. A lot of friends and food when they are hungry. Dogs love it and they are eager to meet you every evening when you return. 

Dog day cares will add up to your cost, but its a wonderful option for pet owners who cannot be at home for an extended period of time every day.

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic & Tips For People With Allergies

If you love dogs but find it difficult to pet them or be with them due to your allergies you may not be all out of luck but if your choice is a golden retriever, you may need to reconsider. Golden retrievers are not hypoallergenic. As a matter of fact, no dog is actually 100% hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to dogs, you are allergic to dogs. You will not be allergic to one breed and not the other. But the degree of allergic reaction will be a lot different from breed to breed. 

False assumptions

  1. Dog Hair and shedding is the cause for allergies : No. Not really. ITs not the hair which causes the allergy but the dander. Dander is more or less the dead skin which calls off the dogs body along with the hair. This is a natural occurrence in all dogs. Even if the dog does not shed a lot, there is a good chance that the dander will cause allergies to some degree.

    How do you rectify : Rectification of this problem requires a two pronged approach. Don’t blame the dog for your allergies, though its the reason for it. Keep your home clean, and air it out well. The best option for closed rooms are an air purifier. Try a hepa air purifier for your home to get the dog dander out and clean the air at home. This itself should control your allergies to a great extent. Think of every thing you can keep the dander out and your home clean. Avoid carpets and furnitures that trap dander and dust. IF you cannot remove the carpets, ensure that they are shampooed frequently. Do not allow your pets on the furniture, specially those which are poros and can trap dander and dust.

    Now to the dog. Shampoo and bathe the dog at least once a week. Twice is better but at least once a week is important. This ensures that the dander leaves the body of the dog and it does not shed it all over your house increasing the symptoms of allergy
  2. The second false assumption is that some dogs are hypoallergenic and others are not. The fact is that all dogs are a problem if you are allergic to them. Its just the degree of allergy which differs. Smaller dogs usually shed little dander than larger breeds. A Golden retriever is a medium sized dog and sheds quite a lot. Chances are you will have more spells of allergic symptoms with a Golden retriever as compared to a pug. So if you are allergic to dogs, choose a smaller breed. Smaller breeds like Shih Tzu with lots of hair are actually less allergic to people than short coated breeds like rottweiler or a Labrador or even the Golden retriever. Think Small if you are allergic to dogs. Its much safer and less allergic to own a smaller dog. The smaller the dog does not mean that the affection it gives you is smaller. They are always a bundle of joy, no matter how big or small they are.

Puppy vs Adult Golden retriever allergy

A lot of dog owners who were perfectly well with their dogs when they were young find it hard to be with them when they are adult dogs. Golden retriever owners and other big dog owners find this situation confusing and blame the breed for their allergies. They are also not sure why the allergy started off suddenly while they had no allergies a year ago when the pet was a puppy!

The reason for the allergy is the same as that of why people find smaller dogs more tolerable than larger breeds when it comes to allergies. Larger the dog, the more they shed. We are not talking about the hair that they shed but the dander. Puppies don’t shed a lot at all. They are growing, have wonderful skin and coat and rarely have problems. As they grow older, they start to shed hair and dander is common. So the golden retriever which was an adorable pup just a few months ago is now a cause for allergies.

Also Women may have symptoms of allergies if they are pregnant with dogs. This is not particular to any dog but is clearly related to the dander which is shed by the dogs. While these allergies are bad for the time being, it also helps build antibodies which may result in the baby being resistant to dander in the future. 

Can you own a Golden Retriever if you are allergic to dogs?

The answer is almost and always a yes but… but with some effort and lifestyle changes and may be a bit of interior decoration.  Owning a dog is more or less like bringing a baby home. You need to make the home baby safe. Ensure the electric sockets are covered, the hard edges are blunted out or covered with protective layers and a whole slew of measures. The same applies when you bring in a dog and especially if you are allergic to them.

You need to follow a procedure to ensure that your allergies are in control. The dog will eventually produce dander and shed hair at some point of time. Golden retrievers are known to shed and they shed a lot. Its not the hair you should be worried about, but the dander, the small specks of skin which is not visible to the eye. 

If you intend to own a golden retriever and if you are allergic to dog, prepare yourself for a daily and a weekly schedule, dedicated to the attention of your dog and your home.

  1. Bathe the dog : Ensure that your dog is bathed and shampooed at least once a week. Bathing removes all the dander in your dogs body and keeps it from shedding for the next few days. This will keep you without symptoms for at least 4-5 days
  2. Groom the dog : This is more or less a daily task. Spend 10-15 minutes a day to groom the dog. Brush the dog well, entangle the hair and ensure that the entire body gets the attention needed. Give special attention to the belly, ears and the tail. We often overlook some of these areas. 
  3. Restrict access : Ensure your dog has no access to certain areas of your home, specially those where you frequent more often. Ensure that they are not on rugs and carpets. Avoid access to the couch if they are made of cloth of any kind. Access to bedrooms should be restricted. 
  4. Invest in an Air purifier. Air purifiers are more common these days with increased pollution but its also great for people with allergies. IF you own a golden retriever or any large dog breed, an air purifier is an investment worth considering.
  5. Remove carpets or shampoo them frequently. If your home is carpeted, you may want to consider removing them altogether. If this is not a possibility, ensure that the carpets are shampooed once in a week, specially if your dog has access to the carpeted area. 

If you can maintain your home and your dog, provide a hygienic environment for both you and your pet, chances are you can still own a golden retriever and live quite well with it without a problem.

Diet considerations for dogs with allergic owners

If you are the one with the allergy, its the dog which needs the care and attention. Think of food which is good for skin. What really helps your dog have better skin and coat? These are the foods your dog needs to help YOU minimize allergic symptoms. Some of the common dog foods to improve skin and coat include 

  • Food with high omega 3. This includes Fish like Salmon
  • Coconut oil. Coconut oil is safe if ingested and also work great for topical application on dogs with dry skin. 
  • Avocado. Avocado is a great fruit not just for humans but for dogs too. Avocado is known to increase coat shine and leave the dogs skin moist and health.
  • Apple cider vinegar. For reasons unknown, apple cider vinegar is great for dogs overall health and even its skin. Adding a few drops of ACV to the dogs food or water can leave the dog skin and coat shining.

Certain unorthodox methods are also practiced once in a while to maintain overall health of the dog which benefits the coat and skin of the dog. Fasting the dog for 24 hours helps the dog clean out its bowel and detox efficiently. Fasting should only be done once a month and water should be provided at all times during fasting. Detoxing the dog can also help the dog maintain its skin and coat.

The most common dog breeds for allergic dog owners

Don’t Worry if you cannot own a golden retriever. There are plenty of other dogs which are less allergic to you than you would know. Some of these dogs are adorable. They may be as loving and caring as a golden retriever too. 

  • Bichon Frise : Bichon frise is a toy dog, small in size and a wonderful family dog. They get along well with children if trained to do so. They do not shed and are considered hypoallergenic.
  • Miniature Schnauzer : Miniature Schnauzer are small family dogs. Loyal, attention seeking and playful. They get along well with people and other pets. Though they look like lap dogs, they arent. 
  • Poodle : poodles are high energy dogs, need attention, constant care, exercise and socializing. Socializing is key to these dogs and should be done from the beginning. They are not kennel dogs.Proper grooming is mandatory. They are easy to train
  • Yorkshire Terrier : Yorkshire Terrier  are wonderful companion pets and work great with elders and those who are afraid to own a larger breed. They are devoted, loving and affectionate. They are great personal companions and family dogs.
  • Shih Tzu : If you have kids, the shih tzu is a great companion for them. They are great with children and great family pets. They have a docile personality. 
  • Maltese : The maltese is a big dog in a small package. They are small but has every quality of a dog thats big. They are alert, loving, caring affectionate, highly energetic and love to learn new tricks. Excellent family dog , barks with every unknown noise and always alert.
  • Portuguese Water Dog : the Portuguese water dogs are the introverts. They are affectionate to their own family and kids if they are introduced early in life. They are cautious with strangers but show no reservation when showing love to the members of its pack and family.
  • Scottish Terrier : the scottish terrier is yet another dog which requires little attention. Its also one of those few dogs which has a big dogs personality but a small body. They require a firm hand and a strong leader. 

interostop noise & Interomone Spray for Dogs – Meridian Animal Health

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

InteroSTOP Interomone spray is a method of controlling badly behaving dogs. This spray precisely contains pheromones from other animals which is repulsive to them. The pheromone used here is androstenone from pigs. This pheromone changes the dog’s behavior.

The InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray is a tricky device that tricks the dog. The InteroSTOP, when pressed for spray, makes a noise that sounds hissing but mimics the sound that the dog trainers make while training them. This works simultaneously and instantly, hearing this noise and the pheromone smell together makes the dogs behave well.

Features Of InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray

It works immediately. There are no side effects as the ingredient used is a synthetic compound to mimic the natural pheromones. It also contains the fragrance of lavender and chamomile.

InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray

InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray – Controls badly behaving dogs. It contains pheromones from other animals which is repulsive to them. The pheromone used here is of pigs.

It is eco-friendly with no use of propellants to spray. The shelf period is somewhat longer than other means. It stays safe and effective for three years.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray have been used by many veterinarians, pet owners, and dog trainers, groomers or behaviorists, etc. The uncontrollable and aggressive dogs are calmed down instantaneously when this device is handy. It is mainly used during training, examination, and grooming. Per owners mostly use it when taking the dogs for a walk. While walking, the dogs can be up to some mischief and misbehavior. With the InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray, that problem is taken care of easily. The lash pulling while on a walk is a constant problem, and this spray can control that.

InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone spray are packed in a 1 oz bottle. Though it is mentioned as a device, it is just a sprayable bottle that is made to sound hissing when the nozzle is depressed. The bottle comes in a bag-on-valve that helps with carrying it anywhere.

The pig perfume androstenone

The pig pheromone dearly called pig perfume is unpleased to the dogs that they choose to calm down instantly. It curbs the excessive barking and jumping in dogs that they show when going out or receiving guests at home. This pheromone has found its effect o dogs in calming them.

The dogs are tamed of their aggressive behavior with the help of this. The effect is instantaneous. If the dog has a habit of opposing to something particular, use InteroSTOP Noise, and Interomone spray each time while training it and as time goes by it will get used to the idea and start to stay calmer.

The pheromone used here is not natural but is synthetic, yet it has the same effects as the natural one would. The pungent smell of it is not so appealing to anyone for that matter. Though the smell is repulsive, it is surprising that the dogs show a calmer demeanor.

InteroSTOP Noise and interomone spray are effective in reducing the excessive and unwanted barking. It is not meant to stop the dog from barking at all. Know your dog well before trying out this solution.

Recommended products for Dog Stress and Anxiety issues

Why do girls love puppies so much?

They say it’s difficult to understand girls, I would say buy her a puppy and there is no more to understand. The relationship between a girl and her puppy is the simplest unbreakable bond in the whole universe. There are many reasons why, but I think the strongest reason is that somewhere a puppy brings out the dormant motherly nature in her. Trust me, if you see a girl who owns a puppy, I’m one hundred percent sure you’ll hear her calling herself his mother-“Come to maama”…”Who’s mamma’s good boy!!”. I have friends who are ready to own puppies instead of having kids in future because they’re scared of pregnancy.

Girls am spilling all the secrets-every single character that we want in our perfect guy is always one that our dogs already have. We want you to listen to everything that we say without being judgmental. If we ever have a fight, we want you to come back to us after the initial fire. We want loyalty and unconditional love. Most importantly, we want you to pose to the hundredth perfect picture, that we can post on Instagram. From being the perfect pillow during sad times to the crazy companion in the race down the hill, dogs have always been the ray of sunshine in our lives. No wonder about buying a puppy together is a big step in a relationship. To the girl, he might be everything but to the guy, the puppy is always “the guy she told you not to worry about”. They start getting insecure about the love their girls have for their puppy, wondering if their share of love has decreased. But let me tell you the solution for that, the moment you start accepting the puppy, the graph of respect for you in her mind just increases exponentially. That’s all you’ve to do-she is yours for life.

I’ve personally wanted to own a puppy since forever, but I couldn’t because my family was scared of them (I still don’t understand their logic). So, obviously, I never miss my chance to pet any pet available. It is like, I want an expensive dress really bad but I can’t have it. So, I spend as much time as I can wearing it in the trial room. But I’ve had a one night puppy. I know, sounds weird but you must appreciate my willpower of giving him up the next day. It was a really depressing time for me, everything was going downhill in life and that’s when my boyfriend decides to break up. I was walking back to the hostel, eyes puffy and nose runny when I see this really cute black puppy on the roadside. As usual, I went to pet it. I knew its mommy would be around and a stray like that would bite me to pieces if she sees me touching her child. But, I was so depressed, I didn’t care if I died that day. The puppy had a scar on its forehead in the shape of not a clichéd heart but somewhat like the map of Africa. It was very friendly and I decided to take him to hostel since his mom wasn’t around. I felt like I was rescuing him. Gave him a nice bath, played with him and sat by the window looking at the sun setting. He put a paw on my hand and I felt somewhere he was understanding my emotions. The next the warden forced me to return him back to the streets. It is funny that I met him after a couple of months (I identified him by the mark). He looked like a fully grown stray. I didn’t know puppies grow so fast. We must use technology to make evergreen puppies. He looked so nice, I was pretty sure he was a stud among his kind. Felt like a proud mother-Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham played in my head. (Yes I’m too filmy). See, this was the motherly nature I was talking about.

I think dogs are the best friends any man can get but to girls, they are never friend zoned. They are the safest living beings to invest our emotions in because you can always be sure of the returns. It is only when they leave us that we get crushed but we are almost never ready to give another puppy a chance. It is more difficult than moving on from a relationship. It is like losing your whole family, best friend and your lover all at once but time spent with a dog would be enough to cherish for a lifetime. Puppies not only makes you feel happy but makes you feel good about yourself, they remind you that someone is always waiting for you, someone is always there to love you and maybe that is why you should get a puppy for your next birthday.

My Dog is a therapist

We have all heard stories about how a dog pulled out a person from the rubbles of an earth quake site. There are others who have had experiences of bravery like a dog pulling a baby out of a car crash site. And then there was a story which turned out to be real for me. I have heard people talking about researches conducted on dogs trying to smell out certain forms of diseases. For instance, dogs were able to detect cancer in a patient. There were others which detected abnormal heart rates, blood pressure or blood sugar levels. There are cases where dogs were getting very disturbed hours before certain health events like a heart attack to its owners. Oh well these were stories which I never thought about twice. And more over, its normal for us to think that these dogs were probably trained to do so. Until… my mother in law’s black Labrador started acting a bit different one week before my mother in law had a major heart problem.

Dogs are usually playful, happy and a bundle of joy. When they are not acting like dogs, it usually means that they are ill. Some problem with their tummy, the heat being a bit too overwhelming or a probably disease which drains their energy. When you see no symptoms of a disease and yet there is an emotional turmoil in your dog, then there is something which we overlook. It was one of those few days when we sat around after lunch , chatting away happily while the black Labrador, came over to my mother in law and started sniffing her knee. For a moment, it looked like she had spilt some of her lunch on her pants, but there was nothing visible. It was repeated over 3-4 times the same day. It was unusual for the dog to behave that way and nobody thought of it the second time. A week later, my mother in law was hospitalized with High blood pressure. She was bleeding continuously from her nose. She recovered after a week at the hospital.

This was one instance which made me think. How could a dog know when its owner was sick? Was it a coincidence? It had to be because there was no real way to tell. It never happened again. The dog died 2 years ago naturally of old age. But Labradors are known to have special senses and sensitivity towards its human parents. They tend to know when things are wrong. Not just physically, but emotionally too. There are dogs, which will sit along with their owners for hours when the owners are mourning a loss, even far far away at a distant corner of the world. They understand that something is wrong and they feel it as much as you do. Some dogs even stop eating for a while others can be seen with tears in their eyes.

Dogs are also known to be great at relieving stress, depression and anxiety. Though not all dogs are good at it, there are breeds which can calm most people. A Labrador retriever for one can help people who are suffering from anxiety or depression. The dog takes their mind away for a short while, making them unable to think of anything but the dog itself. The chances of people going into depression are much lower with pets at home specially those which will require a bit of attention.

Its also a known fact that pet owners, specially dog owners lead a very long and healthy life. Since dog are required to be taken out for a walk, fed regularly and cleaned up, the dog owners get to be a part of the process. You will see that its normal for most dog owners to take a long walk once or even twice a day. They eat regularly and in time and its mandatory that they keep their home clean. Dogs usually litter and the owners end up cleaning whatever mess they create and also a lot more after that.

While most dog owner’s houses do have a different smell, that of a pet at home, you will also find that they take a lot of time to clean up their home every single day. It’s a process which makes the owners active and takes a lot of time away from their daily redundant activities.

Pets can be unpredictable. You can see them hopping on your new sofa one fine day or chewing your new shoe. Sometimes you can see them chewing your new shoe on your sofa. It can be a lot of pain but which will require your attention and almost immediately. This also requires the dog owners to take their mind away from what they are thinking, whatever it is that is making them anxious and attend to the immediate need.

Whatever said and done, the end results are amazing. Its not the dog you are training. Its you, yourself. Over a period of time, you can be assured to see a polite, calm and a completely loving person of you.

Understanding Dog Boundaries and Setting your own

I have seen Dog trainers and i have seen Cesar Milan. i have gone through every single episode of his tv show, downloaded the videos, ordered DVD’s and ripped them apart to understand dogs. I know that Cesar Milan is not a dog psychiatrists but most of the things he says makes sense. Most people treat dogs as though they were humans. It’s natural to bring a pet home and try to make them a part of your family. What people don’t understand is that, family for dogs is completely different from human families. And that’s one thing which made me click.

I find my dogs making boundaries. He marks his place. And then it made me wonder, if i would mark my place (of course I was not going to pee around), would he understand it. My smell in certain places should let him know that he is in my space and he should keep away. I really don’t like my keyboards or mouse chewed up while I was in the shower. Dogs usually chew up furniture’s. My mother in law’s Labrador chewed on the chair’s hand rest until it was gone completely. I did not want to lose out expensive furniture to my dog’s behavioral problems.

But then, it wasn’t behavioral problems. It was natural. Dogs needed to chew on something, but they needed to be shown what to chew on and what not to. Certain things had to be off limits. Those were where i was going to set my boundaries. I hate it when i see the dog jump on my bed leaving hair on it. The bed was surely off limits, but the dog was welcome to my bedroom. There were no restrictions to that. As a matter of fact, the dog bed was in my bedroom. He could sleep on his bed, but he is not allowed to jump on to mine.

Teaching your dog the boundaries is very important. I usually put the dog down when he jumps on the bed and block his way. It worked for some time but soon he thought I was playing. Getting rough was not the right way. Giving it a treat to stay out of the bed was not something which was going to be easy. I did not know how the entire trigger works for these guys! Keeping him completely out of the bedroom was not logical. This was surely not going to be an easy task and i had the feeling that it’s going to get worse.

I hate to beat a dog or for that matter, hurt anyone but then there are times when we all get frustrated and do things. It was one of those bad days and Zorro did climb on the bed. I lost it and smacked it right on its hind legs. The dog flipped, ran out of the room. The problem was that he did not know why he was hit. But he knew that he did something bad. it took me a while to get him back to come back to me. But then he soon forgot things and was back again being his normal stuff.

Something strange started to happen now though. Every time i lift my hand Zorro backs off. Strange but now i just lift my hand when he comes to the bed and he takes a step back. That’s good in a way. But then i realized that when i am at work or in the kitchen, Zorro sometimes, takes the time out to jump on my bed. I guess he hasn’t realized the space thing entirely.

I guess i have to be more dogged (pun intended) on getting him to understand and respect space. We all learn with experience after all.

Why getting a Dog is one way to get your messy life straight

I have often wondered what life would be with a pet. For a person who works from home, Sleeps during the day and works long hours, it’s not often a liberty to take care of anyone. I have been alone for a long 14 years. I don’t take responsibilities. I pay my bills in time but that’s all i do. I don’t own a lot of things which needs regular services. My hobbies are limited to sitting in front of a computer and doing nothing! I eat when i like, i sleep on the couch or sometimes on the carpet. For a 30 year old, these may seem a lot out of place. But trust me this is what it is.

And then one fine day it happened. I saw this lovely Doberman pup. Less than 2 months old, the pup was quite grown for its age already and full of life. The energy it sent out was amazing. I wanted it. But I remember Cesar Milan’s tv show which says the energy level of a dog should be on par with your energy levels. A Doberman is usually a high energy dog and I am a low life, low energy human. i don’t remember hitting the gym in the past 2 years. My last quarterly gym membership went with over 90% non attendance. I was a bit doubtful about getting a Doberman, but boy, Was i in love!

I am known to do things out of instinct. I would go out , walk the streets and find a lovely bike and if i liked it and if i could “think” of a way to arrange the money, i would go ahead and get it. Its just random but all these random things are the ones which makes me happy and life full of surprises. The pup was a new surprise for me. A gift which i never thought would come into my life. A bundle of joy in everyway.

And Soon Life changed. It was all good the evening Zorro landed (i really liked that name the previous owner had given him and did not change it). He was all over the lawn, marking his place and even barking the hell out. It looked like he belonged. My excitement led to a lot of energy. I was feeding him bits of dog treats, running around with him, playing and i was really happy for once. But then i realized that dogs are like kids. They can play and play and play. Hardly want to sleep. Especially when they are small.

I was tired by 8 and this guy was still wagging his little butt around. The only thing i could do was to feed him and hit the sack, which i did. It was not more than 3 hours when the whining started. Guy was home sick or missed his mom. I had to wake up and pat him around for a few hours. Feed him and play for some time. Then back to bed again. For a person who wakes up at odd times, it was good to have company at 3 in the morning. After coffee and some cuddles, Zorro was off to explore more of the house. The toilet seemed to attract him more!

Problems… Big problems.
It was in the morning that i realized that the little guy had pooped on the front carpet. You know the feeling when you see poop in the house for the first time. and for a person who hasn’t had pets or kids at home, that’s not good. This is when it hit me, that i had probably went ahead and taken a bigger bite than i could swallow. Was i really into taking care of a pet?

The cleaning was just the beginning. I had to feed the dog in time, take it for a walk everyday and bathe him twice a week. Vaccinations had to be in time and I was looking to be a full time dog sitter. I realized that it was time to change my time. It was time to change myself

After just 4 months with owning a pet, i see myself as a different person. I am much more energetic (thankfully the energy of the dog was transferred to me) and i woke up in the morning. Late nights were gone automatically. My food was mostly healthy and home cooked. I realized that i had to cook for the dog, so i might as well cook for myself too. I have lost over 6-7 pounds in the last 4 months and I don’t know why but i feel a lot happier.

It’s not just the fact that I have a pride in taking care of a life, but the dog has changed my life in a bigger way. in many ways I wasn’t ready for a relationship but now i see things differently . May be soon I would find a partner too and take life in a completely different way. I should say i am blessed with a dog; I am blessed with life.

Is Peppermint Oil Safe For Dogs?

Long ago I have heard stories from my grandma about how she lived in a village and how things worked out there. I have been born and brought up in a metropolitan city that I have no clue how a village life would be.

Now take the case of my pooch he really haven’t seen a dozen of plants as I stay in an apartment where only concrete buildings can be seen far to the farthest. Okay you might be wondering why am talking nonsense when the question posed above is about peppermint oil and its safety.

So the basic thing I want to point out is most of the wild dogs, or animals that lived in natural conditions knew about the use of certain plants and their healing capabilities. My grandma used to say that dogs used to chew certain leaves that helped them to deal with indigestion problems. Basically god created plants with encoded DNA’s that they had every bit of information to cure and heal problems in both men and animals equally.

Both animals and humans knew the importance of natural herbs in the process of evolution but somehow pet animals have lost that instinct. So it is our duty to introduce natural herbs and essential oils to pet animals to treat commonly found ailments rather than relying on medications.

Peppermint oil is natural oil that is derived from the plant peppermint which is hybrid variety of both spearmint and watermint. Like every essential oil peppermint oil is safe for dogs but with certain conditions and precautions to be considered always.

If you are using this oil for the first time for your dog then better introduce the oil by letting your pooch to smell it. Let it smell the oil and get acquainted for some time and watch for signs like whether he wants to lick the oil or trying to move back. If he doesn’t like it then take it real slow and never apply any essential oil on the nose.

Pepper mint oil is a strong essential oil that can be hazardous if ingested in large dozes in the case of dogs but why would anyone provide high doses so there is nothing to be worried. In other words I would say peppermint oil is a must to have in stock if you own a dog as it has hell a lot of health benefits.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits That You Can Derive Using Peppermint Oil

  • It helps to keep your pooch’s bad breath under control
  • Helps to fight indigestion problems and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • When your dog is overheated this essential oil can help to cool him.
  • It acts as an analgesic and treats small injuries
  • It is a first-class moisturizer for both skin and his shiny coat
  • If you want to get rid of insects, flea, ticks and mites from his body then this oil is the best thing you can hire to do the job.
  • This essential oil also contains anti-spasmodic abilities that it helps in blood circulation.
  • It helps to treat arthritis pain in elderly dogs and also treats motion sickness.

Precautions To Be Followed While Using Peppermint Oil

  • Always use only a tiny drop of this oil as large dozes are generally not prescribed. It would also be good to use other ingredients along with it to reduce its strong flavor.
  • Avoid using this in small pups as it has strong aroma
  • Never apply or use this oil undiluted and it is better not to use during breastfeeding or while pregnancy.

Conclusion: Like every essential oil peppermint oil is safe for dogs but always keep in mind that not only peppermint but any medicine given in large doses can be dangerous. But on the whole natural medicines work better if taken in right quantities.

Is Reverse Sneezing In Dogs As harmful As It Seems?

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Sneezing is a natural process of the respiratory system to expel the uninvited pollutants or minute materials. Reverse sneezing, as the name suggests, is the opposite. Normal sneezing, the air is expelled while in reverse sneezing the air is taken in. it sounds real dangerous, since it takes too much pressure that is enough to break the blood vessels.

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Reverse sneezing is something that is seen in dogs. If you find your dog is snorting, gasping or making some kind of odd sound and shows it is troubling to catch the breath, it is most probably reverse sneezing. This might happen sometimes, but when it happens too frequent for your comfort, it could be a problem.

Reverse Sneezing Not That Harmful, But…

Reverse sneezing is not the real problem; there are other hidden reasons for it to happen. The common allergens, respiratory infections, or something is there to block the breathing pathway. The pets usually recover themselves from the situation and it is no real threat to their lives. As said, it is not a life threatening situation. The only concern s when these episodes more frequently as that could be some serious problems underneath.

What To Do When You Find Your Dog Reverse Sneezing?

The scientific term for reverse sneezing is pharyngeal gag reflex or paroxysmal respiration. It is just the narrowing of the air passage when there is an irritant around, which will be relieved within a few more seconds. If the dog is finding it difficult to breathe properly, just hold down its tongue with force; be careful with your fingers. This will force more air to go through the nose and the spasm will go.

Another way to relieve them is to cover their nose; this will make them swallow which most probably will send the irritant down. You could also offer them food or water or even massage the throat to ease them.

No Specific Cause To Point Out

It is rather difficult to find what causes them to reverse sneezing. A vet can of course find it out but visiting him for an episode or two is not necessary. A vet is called for only when this happens too often. The cause can be anything from the pollen’s, dust, cleaning agents at home, spray, and perfume to the more serious cases like nasal cancer. Breeds also come to play for these cases. Breeds such as flat faced ones, Shih Tzus dogs, or boxers might often have this problem than other dogs.

Usually it lasts for seconds or up to a minute or two. Your pet may seem in dire need of air and even at the wedge of something serious, but it all happens natural and they can revert back to normalcy before you know. It is no time to panic but to extend your help for them. Time to panic is when there is any nasal discharge, blood coming from the nose, any deformity of nose, lethargy, or loss of appetite is noted.

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