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Car sickness in dogs symptoms

There are a few things you could watch out when it comes to car sickness symptoms in dogs. Look out for these general trends if you are able to.

1. Lethargy : Dogs tend to get tired like humans while travelling. The bumpier the ride, they tend to loose focus and move to a corner. This is obviously a sign of Car sickness and sooner or later the condition worsens. If they move out to a corner of the seat and are crawled up , uninterested in the view and whats going on outside, there are chances that your dog has lost interest because of the sickness.

2. Panting, Pacing or shaking : All signs of uneasiness, this is the point to expect a lot of other things including a bit of Whining . The chances of your dog going into a fit after this is coming where they start making noise and sometimes throw up / vomit. A few dogs are known to have diarrhea problems due to the stress created . You can also see a lot of drooling .

Watching out for car sickness in your dogs is important. Take them out of the car and help them relax for a while if its possible. Try to slow down your car and drive more comfortable. There are chances that bumpy and curvy roads create problems in most dogs and humans. Careful driving could help prevent most of the problems.

Alternative natural remedies for car sickness in dogs are available from vendors like Vetionx and petwellbeing which help your dog to recover from travel issues and also prevent them in many cases. Most of the medicines which are natural have no side effects and are efficient.

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