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Capstar flea tablets for dogs reviews

Capstar is a tablet for cats and dog that kill flea within minutes. This is the quickest remedy for flea attacks. If you spot even one flea on your pet, give them a dose of Capstar tablet and see fleas getting killed.

This Capstar 2-25lb dog cat flea treatment is meant for cats and small dogs, all within the body weight of 25 pounds. The tablet starts working within 30 minutes and will kill all fleas in about 6-8 hours max.

This one tablet suits both dogs and cats equally and same. The tablets are unflavored and small.

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Capstar Dog Cat Flea Tablets Ingredients

The Capstar dog cat flea tablets contain 11.4mg of nitenpyram. Nitenpyram is an insecticide that kills external parasites. This is a single dose tablet given each day or as per the guidelines from the vet.

The ingredient in Capstar flea tablets is strong enough to work fast and get results within 6 hours for dogs and 8 hours in cats. It
kills all fleas on the pet’s body.

It is one safe remedy to be used on pregnant pets that usually cannot take any kind of medications.

Capstar 2-25lb Dog Cat Flea Tablets Dosage

The Capstar dog cat flea tablets come in packs of 6 tablets. It is meant as a single dose per day. The effects of the tablet last for 24 hours and you need to repeat the dose the next day if needed.

This is one quick way to protect the pets from flea infestation and can be given while returning from any outside event where the pet might be exposed to too much possible contamination.

Though the tablets are safe for pregnant pets, the vet’s advice is highly recommended. It is not safe for puppies and kittens that are below 4 weeks of age. It should be administered to those pets who weight above 2 pounds of weight.

Capstar can treat only the fleas and not effective against ticks and mites. This is also for the pets only. You are still required to clean and keep the external areas clean and hygiene.

Possible Side Effects Of Capstar Flea Tablets

The Capstar flea tablets for dogs and cats can cause some minor side effects. It starts with possible allergy to the ingredient. The pets may be found scratching after administering the tablets. This is quite natural as it shows the fleas are getting killed. The scratching is only temporary.

The possible side effects are vomiting, diarrhea, hives, facial swelling, seizures, cold limbs, pale gums etc. If you notice any unusual change in the pet, get immediate medical attention.

Consulting the vet before administering the tablets would be ideal. It is even better if you are giving the tablets as a prescription medicine. Purchasing Capstar does not require a prescription, yet it would be safer if you get the approval.

There are no, known food interactions of drug interactions associated with Capstar flea tablets. It is completely safe to use with other medications including that of antibiotics, vaccination, heartworm medicine, de-worming medicines, shampoos, or any other flea controlling product.


Store the tablets at room temperature in a cool and dry place. If you have more than one pet at home treat every one of them promptly to avoid further infestation. Also remember to clean the pet’s environment, simultaneously with the tablets to get maximum benefits.

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