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Cannabiscuits For Dogs
  • Contains cannabinoids & terpenes
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • major pet insurers Covered
  • Offers a 30 day money back

Cannabiscuits For Dogs

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 

Canna Biscuits or CBD Biscuits and treats can help your dog with various health problems from arthritis, pain, cancer recovery and digestive issues. CBD or Cannabinoids are not the same as Marijuana which has high THC levels. CBD is non intoxicating and proven to be safe. Its a natural herb and a natural way to treat conditions in dogs. It has been tested widely in humans and pet owners have been using it effectively to cure or control conditions in dogs.

Canna Biscuits are easier for dogs to consume and it’s tasty. Its also easy for humans to administer the right dosage. Drops in the form of oil are available but could be tedious to administer. Though medicated, the biscuits are flavoured encouraging the dogs to eat them as treats.

Warning : Not all CBD oil is good. Ensure that the CBD oil is derived from Hemp and not marijuana. The CBD derived from Marijuana has higher content of THC which is toxic to your dog. THC is a psychoactive ingredient . High THC Levels will have adverse effects for your pet and sometimes may be fatal. A THC Level of 0.03 or lower is recommended for pets. 

Canna Biscuits ingredients, Flavours and More

Canna Biscuits are 100% organic. They come in 3 different flavours and are available in 227 Gram Packs. There are approximately 40 biscuits in a pack. Each biscuit is bite sized and easy to consume for your dog. They contain organic ingredients and the ingredients vary from each flavour. Unlike many brands which use flavouring agents, Canna biscuits use the ingredients in its natural form in their products. 

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 


Peanut Banana Apple Organic And vegan


  • Barley Flour, 
  • Peanut Flour,
  • Bananas, 
  • Applesauce, 
  • Peanuts, 
  • Flax Seed, 
  • Hemp.

Calories : 28 Calories Per biscuit



  • Barley Flour,
  • Farm Raised Turkey, 
  • Cranberries, 
  • Carrots, 
  • Cinnamon, 
  • Sage, Hemp.

Calories : 27 Calories per biscuit

Maple Bacon 

  • barley flour, 
  • cured bacon, 
  • maple powder, 
  • cinnamon, 
  • Hemp.

Calorie : 28 Calorie Per biscuit

Recommended Serving Size

Note : All Advanced Biscuits contain 2.4 mg CBD per biscuit

All ingredients are Organic and sourced naturally

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 

What diseases can be treated with Canna Biscuits and CBD

  • Arthritis: CBD is known to relieve pain in the joints for dogs and humans. Aging dogs, its found to be very effective. Results may be seen in a few hours and regular usage for up to a week can relieve arthritis-related pain to a good extent. Your dog will be able to move around normally and will live without pain for a longer period of time and all without side effects. Research at reveals that CBD oil serves as a protectant for nerves and essentially cures Arthritis over time.
  • Anxiety: CBD oil which results in activating CB1 which is related to THC is known to have cognitive effects. This usually results in Drowsiness and High. The CB2 component usually helps gain immunity but has a great effect in controlling mood and anxiety. Research shows that people with ARthritis were known to have 2-10 times the chance of being anxious. With CBD oil, it not only cures arthritis, but a lot of people have seen results with anxiety too.
  • Digestion: Overtime and age, most dogs will have a lower appetite. With Pain related to arthritis or other health conditions, dogs will tend to eat lesser. It’s a common way their body combats pain-related problems. Over time the pain will not reduce but their health will weaken. It’s hard to force a dog to eat and they have to be willing to do so themselves. With CBD oil, dogs tend to have more appetite straight from the first dose. Over time, it not only relieves pain but also helps the dog eat better, giving your dog more energy and nutrition to recover from health problems
  • Inflammation: An article ( on research on mice has shown evidence of how mice react to sciatic pain and inflammation. A mouse with the surgical incision is tested to show positive results in treatment with CBD oil. It has also been noted that the mice recovered from sciatica and there were no inflammation-related problems.
  • Cancer: Cancer is one condition that is known to affect a large number of dogs. While there is a lot of propaganda on CBD oil and Marijuana and the cure for cancer, most of them are not tested. CBD oil will not help with treating cancer and it’s not to be considered as a cure. There is no evidence of CBD oil or THC in curing cancer. But what CBD oil does is relieve pain related to cancer. Chemotherapy and Surgeries usually take a toll on dogs. Even if your dog hasn’t gone through treatment for cancer, the condition itself is very painful for your dog. CBD oil can help relieve pain related to cancer and cancer treatment effectively.
  • Seizure: 89% of dogs suffering from Seizures found immediate relief with CBD. the study by Science Daily ( How CBD affects dogs with seizure. The CBD oil used in the research was derived from hemp, the same plant which is used in canna biscuits too. 
  • Pain: With old age, there are problems related to pain. Chronic pain is a condition that is very common in dogs. CBD oil helps with pain-related problems. May it is arthritis or cancer, the results are the same. 

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Side effects of Canna Biscuits and CBD Oils in general

Though Natural , Some dogs (up to 3% ) show signs of side effects to CBD products. If you see any side effects to the CBD biscuits by canna pets, Stop administering the product immediately and consult a Veterinarian if required.

Side effects of CBD or Canna Biscuits include

  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Itching.
  • Dizziness

Though many of the research shows that there is no interaction of CBD oil or CBD products with other drugs, it’s often found that CBD could accelerate and increase the potency of the drug administered. Consult your vet if your pet is already on some form of medication. Your vet may help adjust the dosage of their medication or the serving size of Canna Biscuits to match the requirements of your pet

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