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Canna pet For dogs – Advanced CBD Biscuits, Dosage , Reviews, Coupon Code

Canna-Pet® is an organization that produces legal, and veterinarian recommended CBD products for animals which do not require a prescription. They provide nutritional CBD pet supplements which are purchased worldwide for cats and dogs with a diverse product range that intends to improve the lives of pets around the world in a safe manner. Canna pet has a team of dedicated professionals who include renowned veterinarians who work together to develop hemp-based products that are safe for pet’s consumption. Meanwhile, read on to know more about Canna Pet for dogs products, reviews and so on. It is a detailed Canna Pet review so that you can decide if its good for you or not.Canna-Pet: Hemp-Based Pet Supplements

Canna-pet® started it all and began enlightening professionals, veterinary world and other pet products manufacturers about Hemp CBD benefits for dogs. They showcased their proprietary information for those who never had any information about these products and just swept them off their feet. Canna pet are the first to have detailed information about plant hemp extracts other than the cannabis concept or widely known marijuana.

Canna-Pet For Dogs was the first to supply CBD hemp products that were safe and legal for animal usage which now people use happily for their pets. No toxins and chemicals and Hemp CBD products use only pure plant hemp extracts. It means no side effects for Canna pet products, unlike medical marijuana. The formula is a proprietary blend and developed after careful research and customer feedback.

Why choose Canna Pet For Dogs?

Many users ask “How do Canna Pet products work?” Here are a few reasons why you can rely on Canna pet and their products. Major pet insurers cover all the products.

  • Veterinarian recommended products
  • Purely industrial hemp-based products
  • 100% guarantee
  • Contains numerous cannabinoids with apt formulations and ratios developed after research
  • Proprietary formula
  • Offers 10-15X the bioavailability of various other CBD based products.
  • If you don’t like the product, then the company offers a complete refund policy
  • Exciting packages with offers from time to time
  • Dogs love their treats especially those flavored biscuits

Cannabis For Dogs

Dogs are also prone to various health issues just like us humans as aging starts. We, humans, depend on multiple medications and therapies to cope with many problems. Cannabis and CBD related products have been of great use, and to a certain extent, they can be used to treat epileptic seizures, pain, and cancer-related problems. There are reports that dogs have got better after using CBD oils while suffering from severe liver damage and cancerous stages. Even though there are many positive affirmations regarding this product, the legal system has never taken a stand and is still under the backstage. I don’t know much about cannabis products, but Canna-pet is now utilizing the same concept and developing CBD hemp products from non-psychoactive plants with the same use.

Products From Canna Pet For Dogs

Canna Advanced Formula Capsules

The Advanced formula was started in 2015 that offers the best products which are powerful and potent to support both giant breeds and smaller breeds. This product range contains high levels of CBD with two unique dozens of a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids essential for a dog’s health. The advanced formula comes in two different sizes making it available for any size dogs ranging from toy size to a giant breed. The formula is available in capsule forms which are vegan and contains vital elements like ß-Caryophyllene, limonene, and α-pinene along with cannabinoids.

  • Canna-Pet® Advanced Small for pets under 20 pounds
  • Canna-Pet® Advanced Large for all pets over 20 pounds – including Giant breeds

About Advanced Formula Capsules

This product is a fine powder packed in vegan capsules which are manufactured under cGMP practices. As a result, you get superior quality and pure hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. By consuming these products, your dog can get benefits of a wide range of hemp phytochemicals along with CBD. All canna pet for dogs products are made from hemp plants that are non-psychoactive, and this works as a natural cannabinoids supply for pet supplements.

Unlike cannabis varieties that are rich in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive compound that gives the “high” feeling in marijuana, Hemp, on the other hand, has low levels of THC. It means no amount of hemp can deliver the psychoactive effects of the cannabis. NO, Your pet won’t get “high” with hemp!!!

It is not a pharmaceutical product with side effects or any guidelines. A natural product extracted from plants, it is safe for your pet. Therefore, you don’t have to worry or be in fear while administering these Canna Pet For Dogs products.

To Feed The Dog

Open the capsules as per dosage and mix them directly with your pet’s regular food or inside any treat. If your dog doesn’t eat, then try mixing it in a liquid medium and pour it into your pet’s mouth. Make sure that you give the entire content as per dosage.

Ingredients Of Canna-pet for dogs Advanced

Canna advanced formula products are developed after careful research and many pet owners, dogs and veterinarians like the product. You won’t regret buying these products making it an excellent supplement for your dog.

  • Contains a wide range of hemp cannabinoids like CBD
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids

Recommended Dosage: Capsules: Canna-Pet® advanced Small – 30 Capsules

  • For a 20lbs (9kg), give around 1-2 capsules once every twelve hours on a daily basis. One bottle contains 30 tablets with 170 mg per capsule.
  • Contents: 30 single serving capsules, 170mg per capsule.

Note that Canna-pet advance small capsules are also available in 60 capsule pack that will give you a month’s supply.

Recommended Dosage – Capsules: Canna-Pet® Advanced Large – 30 capsules

30 single serving capsules in each bottle. Note: also available in 60 capsules packs which can provide a month’s supply.

  • For Pets around 20-95lbs (9-43kg): give 1-2 capsules daily every twelve hours
  • For Pets around 95lbs (43kg): give 2-3 pills daily, every twelve hours

You can administer the product two or three times a day without any fear as it is a safe supplement.

Advanced MaxCBD Products For Dogs

Canna-Pet MaxCBD products have now become Advanced and are called  Advanced MaxCBD.


  • Contains high concentrations of CBD
  • The higher level of other cannabinoids
  • Includes over two dozen terpenes with high levels
  • Improved levels absorption and bioavailability.

These products are vital for those want high levels of cannabinoids which are safe and readily absorbed by the body. This is the safest hemp supplement ever for pet dogs and palatable. You can administer this product without any tension or worries as it is a natural plant extracted product loaded with essential elements.

About Advanced MaxCBD

The new Advanced MaxCBD has higher concentrations when compared to the original MaxCBD and is available in two different sizes. Trust me each capsule contains more CBD than any other product available in the market.

Feeding Instructions

Mix it with the food or treats. If your dog doesn’t eat the food, then try mixing in a liquid medium and make sure to feed the entire content present inside the capsule for better results.

Capsules: Canna-Pet® Advanced MaxCBD – 30 Capsules (dosage)

  • 30 tablet in each bottle (510 mg each) for serving all dogs devoid of their size and breed. This is enough for one month supply for a 20-pound dog and 15 days for a pet below 20 pounds.
  • Pets below 20 pounds can be given one capsule a day initially split between two meals.
  • For pets above 20 pounds, you can give two capsules a day along with meals or juice.

 Capsules: Canna-Pet® Advanced MaxCBD – 10 Capsules (dosage)

  • Each bottle contains10 Capsules (510 mg each) which will last for 5 to 10 days. You can administer this freely to any dog regardless of its breed or size.
  • Less than 20 pounds – one capsule spilled between two meals
  • Above 20 pounds – two capsules per day along with the meals.

Canna-Pet® For Dogs – Advanced MaxCBD Liquid – 10ml

It is the only liquid based product in the whole canna pet products list.

Liquid products of Canna-Pet For Dogs have immediate effects when compared to solids and are ingested rapidly inside the body. Liquid-based MaxCBD is best suited for dogs that don’t eat properly. It is sometimes hard to make your dog eat a capsule in such cases you can rely on this liquid. Feed him/her around 3-4X on a daily basis. One full bottle contains 300 drops (10ml) which are more than enough for a month.

Majority of the customers prefer liquid products when compared to capsules especially when their pets throw a lot of tantrums. MaxCBD is best for pets with dietary restrictions as it is easily absorbable into the body without the need of digestion. It contains high concentrations of CBD and is easy to consume.

MaxCBD liquid has a dark green or brown shade which is semi-translucent and should be directly fed into the pet’s mouth sublingually for best results.

MaxCBD Liquid Dosage

  • Each 10 ml bottle contains 300 drops and will last for 20 to 30 days depending upon the usage.
  • For dogs below 20 pounds, administer 2-3 drops thrice or four times a day
  • For dogs above 20 pounds, you can give 3-4 drops thrice or four times a day.
  • You can also increase the dosage if desired.

Canna-Biscuits For Dogs

Try the new organic biscuits from Canna also called CBD dog biscuits!!

If you want to give your dog a treat, then CBD dog treats can be the best treat you can offer. These CBD pet treats are manufactured with different flavors so that your dog will love having it. For those who want more out of CBD then this is the right choice and the best product available in the markets. These hemp-based dog biscuits are relishing and best suited for all size dogs.

Try all new flavors and give your dog the best CBD products.

All the biscuits contain a canna pet advanced formula which is a mix of hemp cannabinoids and terpenes. It is a proprietary formula which includes a wide range of hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The biscuits are manufactured under cGMP practices and with full quality assurance. Your dogs will love these biscuit treats while enjoying them to the fullest.

Many use industrial hemp for making these products and the plants are non-psychoactive which means they are safe for animals. These delicious treats are baked in a non-GMO facility (located in the USA) with quality food ingredients. All biscuits are manufactured up to human grade standards are can be quickly taken along while traveling. Hence, it comes in three exciting flavors and below are the details.

Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced MaxCBD Maple Bacon

This biscuit is based on the canna-pet advanced formula but has a higher concentration of CBD in every biscuit. It is for those who want higher doses of CBD, and these cannabidiol rich biscuits do not have any side effects.

One box contains 37 to 40 biscuits (8oz/227gm)

Recommended dosage: for every 12 hours you can administer the biscuits according to the size of your dog.

  • under 20lbs (9kg): ½-1 biscuit
  • 21-95lbs (9.5-43kg): 1-2 biscuits
  • over 95lbs (43kg): 2-3 biscuits

MaxCBD Maple Bacon contains the following ingredients – Organic barley flour, cured bacon, organic maple powder, organic cinnamon, and cannabinoids from hemp.

Canna-Biscuits For Dogs: Advanced Formula Turkey Dinner

Here are another exciting flavored biscuits which your dogs will love to have. They are baked with purity and quality ingredients that your dog will never stop loving it. Each box contains around 40 biscuits, and each biscuit contains 80 mg of canna-pet advanced small formula.

Recommended Dosage: you can administer this product every twelve hours depending on your dog’s weight

  • Dogs under 20lbs (9kg): 1 biscuit
  • If your Dog is between 21-44lbs (9.5-20kg): 2 biscuits
  • Pet dogs over 45-95lbs (20-43kg): 3 biscuits.
  • Dog is over 95lbs (43kg): 4 biscuits.

Turkey Dinner Treat Contains The Following Ingredients

Organic Barley Flour, Farm Raised Turkey, Organic Cranberries, Organic Carrots, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Sage, Cannabinoids from Hemp.

Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced Formula PB&A (Peanut, Banana & Apple)

This biscuit contains flavors of mixed fruits like banana, apple and other natural edibles like peanut and flaxseeds. These biscuits are perfect for all sized pets and breeds with each biscuit containing 80 mg of canna-pet advanced small formula. It is ideal for those who love to consume high concentrations of CBD.

Directions for dosage: feed your pet dogs these biscuits every 12 hours according to his size.

  • If your pet dog is under 20lbs (9kg): 1 biscuit
  • Dogs 21-44lbs (9.5-20kg): 2 biscuits
  • If your pooch is between 45-95lbs (20-43kg): 3 biscuits
  • Dogs over 95lbs (43kg): 4 biscuits

Ingredients present in PB&A flavored biscuit: Organic Barley Flour, Organic Peanut Flour, Organic Bananas, Organic Applesauce, Organic Peanuts, Organic Flax Seed, and Cannabinoids from Hemp.

Canna-Pet Coupon Code

Canna-Pet coupon code and promo codes are available from time to time on various websites and promotional sites. You can also get such coupons at which is their official site. Also, you can obtain gift cards by referring a friend of yours. Refer a friend, and they will get 20% discount on their first order, and you will get a $5 gift card. You can even get gift cards when you subscribe to newsletters of Canna-Pet For Dogs. Keep visiting their site for more details and offers on a daily basis also do not forget to subscribe to their newsletter for exciting offers.

Canna-Pet Reviews and Canna Pet Testimonials

There are a lot of customers who have found Canna Pet For Dogs products useful for their canine friends. Many customers who are skeptical of using these products thinking that it is made use of medical marijuana. Canna-pet products are made of industrial hemp extracted from plants which are non-psychoactive and safe for pets. Furthermore, many expert Vets recommend Canna pet products who offer a wide range of products like dog treats. They say that regular use of Canna pet help dog with cancer. Finally, these products are rich in CBD and excellent when compared to products that contain medical marijuana which isn’t safe.

Canna FAQs

Where to buy Canna pet for dogs products?

You can buy canna products on their official website or affiliated sites. Before making a purchase, you can apply the coupon codes for discounts so that you can get the product at a cheap rate. Also, you can also buy different products in a package which comes with offers and discounted prices. For example, you can buy the liquid MaxCBD oil along with advanced small capsules.

Is Canna Pet available on Amazon?

Yes, Canna-Pet products are available at Amazon.

What if I don’t like canna product and want to return it?

Canna-Pet accepts returns. If you don’t like the product, you can claim a refund which will be reimbursed to you as soon as possible. Canna-Pet offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products. If the product is unused, you can wish to donate it to animal charities that work along with canna pet. All you need to do is contact canna pet. Contact for more details and refund.

How is the Canna Pet For Dogs products shipped?

The company will ship via US postal service from Monday to Friday. You can track your order status with the order number that the company will email you. Note that Canna pet products are not available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Are these products safe for my dog?

The products are safe, and they are not any pharmaceutical product that accompanies side effects and adverse reactions. It is made of plant-based nutrition, Therefore, be ensured that it is worth buying for your pet dog without any fear. Moreover, you don’t have to worries over allergy problems as this product is vegan and does not contain any chemicals. It is free from animal products, preservatives, gelatin, wheat, soy dairy, and sugar. If you are not sure, then you can have a word with your veterinarian for more details, and these are safe. If your dog has sensitivities, then try using capsules and liquid CBD than biscuits.

Are the cannabinoids present in these product extracted from natural cannabis?

The answer is a big “NO”. Canna pet after years of research has found that certain plant varieties can offer the same benefits as that of cannabis without any side effects. They have formulated this unique extract from diverse plant sources that contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. They have successfully separated CBD from flax and blew the minds of experts working in this field.

Summary of Canna-Pet

There are many testimonials for Canna-pet products which say that they love it and its results. They have a wide range of products that offer high concentrations of CBD. In general CBD related products are always looked up with suspicion, and many worry that they can become legal issues if not taken care of. As far as canna pet products are concerned, you don’t have to fear as they make use of industrial hemp instead of actual cannabis.

Canna pet products offer a trial period of a month and help its customers to see the results at their own homes. Also, it is tough to find any positive reviews or testimonials about CBD related products as FDA strictly prohibits it. According to FDA, all the products that belong to these categories should not display any treatment or healing of any disease. That is the main reason why you won’t find any detailed answers or why it is used.

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