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Cancer Cure and Care for Beagle

All Natural Relief from Cancer. No side effects. eases pain and helps slow caner.

NCCF (National Canine Cancer Foundation) states that One in 3 dogs are diagnosed with cancer. The mortality rate of dogs diagnosed with cancer is 90% caused by the condition itself. The life expectancy of a dog treated with surgical removal is 1400 Days (Approx) and 2200 Days if treated with surgical and radiation. The number seems to be a bit too high as we have noticed that most of the cases which were diagnosed were above 10 years.

Beagle and most smaller dogs are not common among dogs to have cancer. With that said, we have found no particular pattern to prove that cancer affects one dog more than the other.  Out of 95 dogs Diagnosed there were 5 poodles, 4 Pitt-bulls, 4 Mixed breeds, a fox hound , a Terrier and 2 beagles among others. There seems to be no particular pattern in cancer affecting one dog more than the other. Common Cancer among dogs included Lymphoma, Sarcoma and melanoma. Some of the dogs had cancer in the bladder, kidney and bone. Unfortunately, cancer is not really age related as nearly 30% of the dogs diagnosed were below 10 years old and some as young as 4 months.  Its not uncommon to find dogs being diagnosed for cancer at the age of 3 and 4 years old.

Diagnosis of cancer at an early age can help make corrections to your dogs and start treatment. Most dogs will live up to 3-4 years depending on the condition. Some form of cancer is known to spread faster than the others.

The research among 95 dogs found 2 beagles in it . One was 4 years old and the other was 11. There wasn’t anything common in the 2 dogs except for the breed. With 2 dogs it was also getting difficult to do a lot of analysis on the same. The 12 year old Beagle suffered from Anal Sac Cancer and the 4 year old was diagnosed with skin and lung cancer.

All Natural Relief from Cancer. No side effects. eases pain and helps slow caner.

Symptoms of Cancer in your beagle

Its not often that you spot any form of cancer in your dog in the early stages. Its unfortunate that most cancer in dogs are diagnosed years after they occur. Some form of cancer may be visible in dogs, for instance lymphoma which occurs as a lump in the skin. Most pet owners will not notice small lumps and its even hard for veterinarians to find them during your visit. By the time you notice , chances are that these lumps are 6 months to a year old. Some form of cancer are never diagnosed until your dog is ill, They stop eating , lose appetite or show other signs like vomiting or diarrhea. Symptoms of cancer could vary and look very unrelated. For example, weight loss, bloating, unusual odor and abnormal discharge!

Care for your beagle – Post diagnosis

So your beagle has been diagnosed with cancer. Panic is common among pet owners but your course of action should follow. If your pet is still in good health (eats well and plays, looks happy), Treatment should be considered. Chances are your dog will be able to undergo the treatment your vet recommends comfortably. If your pet is old and not as active as he was earlier, you need to make him comfortable and help him live the rest of his life as best as he can. You can always start with a lot of love, attention and care. Your dogs need very little from you. A good place to sleep, good food to eat and all the love you can give.

The food For cancer ridden beagles.

There is no particular food which can cure cancer, but there are a few foods which can add up life to your dog. Your dog will have a lot of side effects due to the cancer. Diarrhea, Lethargy, Vomiting, Loss of appetite, increased thirst, weakness and breathing difficulty are common among dogs with cancer. Assisting the dog with the right food which is easy to digest and remove inflammation could help your dog a lot.

  1. Add Probiotic – Yoghurt is a great source of nutrition for dogs even when they are not with cancer. Add a scoop of yoghurt to your dogs meal and it will help with digestion. Yoghurt helps with diarrhea and helps overall digestion
  2. Circumin – Turmeric is a natural source of circumin. Circumin is known to be an anti inflammatory agent. It has a string of benefits. Adding Circumin to the diet will help your dog in preventing a lot of other conditions which are caused by cancer. Do not overdo any herb, including turmeric. A teaspoon is good enough per day. You can add it to home cooked food and your dog will consume it without trouble. Read more at
  3. Apple Cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is rich in amino acids and antioxidants. Its not new that Antioxidants were touted to be one of the best sources to prevent cancer. Though the cancer cannot be cured, there is a very very small chance that it can be slowed down with ACV. ACV also helps in overall health of the dog. Adding a teaspoon into the water bowl will make a small difference to your dogs overall health

All Natural Relief from Cancer. No side effects. eases pain and helps slow caner.

Food you should completely avoid for your beagle?

  1. This is one of the few controversial topics but avoid all dog food in the market. It doesnt matter which brand or what type. Dog foods have all the nutrition your dog needs but it also has a lot of things your dog is dying of. Chemicals, Preservatives, fillers and a lot of ingredients which you have no control over.  Not all brands are good and no particular brand of Dog food is bad. The only problem is you have no control over the ingredients in the dog food and you will never know what goes into the dog food, no matter whats written on the label
  2. Avoid Raw Meat – Raw meat is good for dogs. The only problem is that the source. There have been a lot of cases where Raw dog food has certain bacteria including salmonella , e coli . when your dog is already diagnosed with cancer, you need to be extra careful about what you feed him to avoid any further complication. Meat which is microwaved for 5 minutes or Boiled till fully cooked should be good for your dog .
  3. Go light – Heavy meals are not recommended for dogs with cancer. Control the portion your dog eats. Give them smaller meals frequently. Add more vegetables to the diet. Pumpkin, is good for your dog and dogs love the sweet taste. Add other fruits and vegetables your dog loves. Its better if the food is cooked and raw.

Is cancer common in Beagles?

No. This is not true. Cancer is not common in beagles. Its not a condition which is breed oriented. Most beagles live up to a good age and die a naturally or due to organ failure (due to old age). Beagles can have cancer just as much as any dogs. The reasons too are common , just like all other dogs. But one of the most common form of cancer in beagles are lymphoma.

All Natural Relief from Cancer. No side effects. eases pain and helps slow cancer.

How long does a dog live with cancer?

This is one question which most pet owners will ask once the pet is diagnosed with the condition. Only a vet can give you the right answer. Some form of cancer grows rapidly. Lymphoma , for one could spread rapidly and be fatal in as little as 2 months while Skin cancer and Bone related cancer spreads relatively slowly. With treatment, you could expect your dog to live a year and a half to 2 years. Without treatment, most pet owners will be looking at anywhere between a few months to a year on the higher side. Cancer is fatal. Its unfortunate that in most cases, treatment will leave your pet weak and hurt. Chances of your getting back is dependent on his age and care. Older dogs find it a lot harder to cope up with treatment and veterinarians do recommend that you stop treatment at some point of time.

The best person to answer that question is your vet and it depends on the type of cancer, the age of your dog and his health conditions.

Should you treat your Beagle for Cancer?

The answer is a simple Yes. You need to treat your beagle for cancer. Any form of cancer should be treated. Without treatment you are shortening the life of your dog. The course of treatment will be recommended by your vet and your options will be radiation, Surgical removal of the cancer tumor or both. Treatment costs for chemotherapy could be anywhere between $3500-$4000. The overall cost could go up to $10000.

All Natural Relief from Cancer. No side effects. eases pain and helps slow cancer.

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